WR DeAndre Hopkins, Houston Texans

HT: 6-1, WT: 214, Born: 6-6-1992, College: Clemson, Drafted: Round 1, Pick 27

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2014 Projections

David Dodds16.
Bob Henry16.
Jason Wood16.
Maurile Tremblay16.

Average draft position

Current as of August 25th. [Full ADP list]

Overall: D Freeman (116), DeAndre Hopkins (118), T West (119), T Austin (120)
Position: D Bowe (109-WR40), M Evans (111-WR41), DeAndre Hopkins (118 - WR42), T Austin (120-WR43), J Hunter (121-WR44)
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PPR Average draft position

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Overall: T Austin (114), B Roethlisberger (115), DeAndre Hopkins (116), D McFadden (117),
Position: R Randle (111-WR43), T Austin (114-WR44), DeAndre Hopkins (116 - WR45), A Boldin (120-WR46), C Shorts (122-WR47)
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Expectations were somewhat high for DeAndre Hopkins last year, even though it was his rookie season. The former Clemson Tigers standout was the second wide receiver selected in the 2013 draft, behind only Tavon Austin. Hopkins season wasn't a disappointment though, as he did manage 52 receptions for 802 yards, which is above average for a rookie receiver. His lack of touchdowns scored (2) is a concern, because his red zone play is supposed to be one of his strengths. Hopkins has the ability and pedigree to be molded into a WR1 for Houston, but his full potential as a fantasy threat may not be fully unveiled until veteran receiver Andre Johnson parts ways with the team. Looking ahead to 2014, Hopkins should again be a key contributor on offense but the iffy quarterback situation could stunt his development as a breakout receiver. If Johnson is traded, look for Hopkins to see an uptick in production and be the team's primary receiving option.

Latest News

Cardinals | DeAndre Hopkins fined (Sun Jan 10, 08:16 AM) - Arizona Cardinals WR DeAndre Hopkins was fined $28,075 by the National Football League for unsportsmanlike conduct in Week 17's game against the Los Angeles Rams. He was also flagged for yelling at officials about an offensive pass interference call.

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2014 Schedule

1 Washington Redskins
2at Oakland Raiders
3at New York Giants
4 Buffalo Bills
5at Dallas Cowboys
6 Indianapolis Colts
7at Pittsburgh Steelers
8at Tennessee Titans
9 Philadelphia Eagles
Bye week
11at Cleveland Browns
12 Cincinnati Bengals
13 Tennessee Titans
14at Jacksonville Jaguars
15at Indianapolis Colts
16 Baltimore Ravens
17 Jacksonville Jaguars

2013 Game Summaries

Week 1 - DeAndre Hopkins' first reception came in the second quarter on a screen play that was blown up by outside linebacker Jarrett Johnson. Hopkins wasn't involved on offense much. His next target was a reception, but it came with five minutes left in the third quarter. He caught the ball underneath before running downfield for a first down. Hopkins most impressive play of the game to that point came with two minutes left in the third quarter. He ran an out route 12 yards down the field. Schaub threw him a slightly high pass that Hopkins snatched out of the air while absorbing a low hit from a defensive back. A few plays later, he bettered that play when Matt Schaub underthrew him. Hopkins beat the defense deep and could have had a touchdown, but instead he was forced to reroute back to the football and make an exceptional diving reception with his hands extended. Hopkins added a 12 yard reception off of play action as he was left wide open in the flat. He caught the ball before quickly turning to run down the sideline.

Week 2 - Hopkins first target came in the first quarter on third and five. He lined up in the slot before running into space for an easy reception and a first down. Hopkins didn't see another target until late in the second quarter, when Schaub threw the ball out of bounds trying to find him down the sideline. Hopkins next target came early in the third quarter, as he smartly settled down over the middle of the field against zone coverage for a first down reception. Schaub tried to find Hopkins by the sideline to start the fourth quarter, but Alterraun Verner made an excellent play to knock it away at the last moment. Hopkins was the target on Schaub's fourth quarter interception that was returned for a touchdown. There was a miscommunication between the pair, something that Schaub took the blame for after the game. The play itself suggests that it was Schaub who made the wrong decision also, so it doesn't seem to be a quarterback just taking the blame for his receiver. Schaub looked to Hopkins on a slant route straight after, but the quarterback threw the ball out of his reach. On the very next play, Schaub overthrew Hopkins at the sideline deep down the field. Hopkins and Schaub finally connected again on the next drive when he ran a post route before absorbing a big hit from an incoming safety. Schaub went straight back to Hopkins underneath, before he carried the ball forward for a first down. The Texans quarterback was now focusing in on Hopkins in the way he has done with Andre Johnson over the years. The next play saw Schaub put the ball up for Hopkins to go and get down the sideline. Hopkins obliged with a lovely play over the defensive back. Schaub didn't go back to Hopkins again until overtime, when he put the ball in the air for the receiver to beat the defensive back down the sideline again. It was an exceptional play from Hopkins that set his team up at the goalline. At the goalline, Schaub looked for Hopkins on a jump ball, but the receiver couldn't bring it down as he hung in the air. He made up for that on the very next play, as he made an outstanding reception against a cornerback in the endzone for the game winning touchdown.

Week 3 - Hopkins saw Lardarius Webb to start the game, so the ball went elsewhere. On his first target, on the first drive of the game, he drew a penalty when he worked against Jimmy Smith for the first time. Hopkins' second target didn't come until the dying seconds of the first half, when he caught a deep post route in tight coverage for a big gain and a first down. He followed that up by beating Jimmy Smith on a deep comeback route before getting out of bounds. On the Texans' first drive of the third quarter, Hopkins ran an in route with a defender on his back and one incoming. Hopkins extended fully to catch a slightly overthrown pass before absorbing the contact and getting to the ground with the ball. Hopkins adjusted well to a pass underneath on a curl route for a five yard reception late in the third quarter. With Andre Johnson out of the game, Schaub threw up a deep ball to Hopkins without even looking at him. Hopkins was working against Lardarius Webb, an elite cover cornerback, who was in better position to play the ball. On a critical third and four with eight minutes left in the fourth quarter, Hopkins caught a quick in route for a first down. He followed that up with another in route for seven yards.

Week 4 - Hopkins wasn't targeted until the final minute of the second quarter. He was running side to side with Brandon Browner, but the pass was overthrown over the sideline. With around 30 seconds left in the game, the football finally found Hopkins. On second and 20, Hopkins came free on a deep in route for a 17 yard gain. Hopkins caught a sliding out route by the sideline for a first down on the Texans' second drive in overtime.

Week 5 - Hopkins didn't see the ball come his way until the two minute mark in the second quarter. Schaub underthrew a deep pass to him down the sideline and Hopkins was penalized for pass interference as he climbed over the defender. Schaub went straight back to him on the next play as he worked back well to catch a 12 yard pass on first and long. For the third straight play, Schaub tried to find Hopkins on a deep out route but he overthrew him. Early in the third quarter, Hopkins ran a post route and caught a deep pass when he beat the cornerback in man coverage.

Week 6 - Hopkins' first reception came on the Texans' second drive as he came free over the middle of the field for a big gain. Soon after, Hopkins caught his second pass, this time on a shallow crossing route. However, he also fumbled the ball as he was tackled by a defender. Schaub went straight back to Hopkins to start the next drive as he caught a deep curl for a first down. Schaub did the same thing on the next drive, but Hopkins couldn't catch a pass when the defender flashed infront of him on a deep curl.

Week 7 - Hopkins wasn't targeted in the first quarter, but he immediately made a big play to start the second. On Case Keenum's second big deep ball of the day, Hopkins ran right by the cornerback down the sideline for a touchdown that the duo made look very simple. Later in the second quarter, Hopkins adjusted well to catch a pass after running an out route to the sideline. Keenum looked for Hopkins again in the end zone in the third quarter, but the receiver couldn't keep hold of the ball as Marcus Cooper hit his hands. Hopkins caught another deep pass down the sideline when the Texans were backed up in their own end zone. Hopkins was wide open but kept his concentration to make a firm hands catch.

Week 9 - Hopkins was wide open for his first target, but Keenum threw it behind him as he ran an in route underneath. Hopkins didn't have his first catch until the fourth quarter, when he grabbed the ball out of the air above the defensive back who was covering him tightly down the sideline. On the next drive, Hopkins worked back to the football on a curl route for a first down. Hopkins caught a deep in route for a first down as the Texans rushed to come from behind late in the fourth quarter.

Week 10 - Hopkins' first reception came in the second quarter. He made a nice hands catch with a defender arriving over the middle of the field. Hopkins' second reception was fortunate, but it also showed off his concentration. The opportunity should never have come to him but Daryl Washington tipped the ball into the air instead of catching it, the ball went straight to Hopkins over the middle of the field. Two plays later, Hopkins caught a quick pass as he ran a shallow in route. Hopkins caught a curl route underneath for a first down when he settled between two defenders. Hopkins caught another curl pass for a first down soon after, but this time it was much deeper down the sideline. Late in the fourth quarter, Hopkins caught a comeback route against tight coverage for a first down.

Week 11 - Hopkins first target came in the fourth quarter. Matt Schaub underthrew him on a shallow curl route. Hopkins caught his first pass late in the fourth quarter as he ran a quick curl route by the sideline. He was benched during the game and it is unknown whether he'll get fewer opportunities going forward.

Week 12 - Hopkins caught a pass on a crossing route for his first catch of the game. He initially bobbled the ball before bringing it in to his body. Hopkins saw a number of targets, but he was rarely given a chance because of Keenum's inaccuracy. On the final drive of the game, Hopkins failed to bring in a pass down the sideline as he appeared to misjudge the flight of the ball.

Week 13 - Hopkins' first reception came on a shallow crossing route. He caught the ball with a defender tight to his back before skipping out of a tackle for a first down. Hopkins' next target came in the fourth quarter, when he got in behind Kyle Arrington for a huge gain down the sideline.

Week 14 - Hopkins caught Keenum's first pass of the game on a deep crossing route for a first down. Hopkins should have had a touchdown in the third quarter, but Case Keenum overthrew him in the end zone. When Matt Schaub came in late in the third quarter, Hopkins caught a deep in route before running downfield with the ball. In the fourth quarter, Hopkins caught a post route for a first down.

Week 15 - As has been the case too often this season, Hopkins had to wait a long time before the football went his way. On third and long in the second quarter, Keenum checked down to him underneath. Another long stretch passed before Hopkins got his second target late in the third quarter. Hopkins has a huge amount of talent, he showed it off on a jump ball late in the fourth quarter, but so long as the Texans have problems at the quarterback position it's hard to see how he can be productive.

Week 16 - Hopkins was one of the most exciting rookie receivers to come out of college in recent seasons. Not only is he a very talented player, but he came out with a certain level of polish that should have allowed him to excel during his first season as a professional. Unfortunately, for most of this season Hopkins has looked like a break-dancer in a poorly-choreographed ballet. He simply wasn't ever in a position to succeed because too often he was an afterthought when it came to distributing the football, while that distribution was often of the unsalvagable kind. This game was very similar to how most of his outings this season have gone.

Week 17 - Hopkins saw his first target very early in the game. On the very first drive, Matt Schaub slightly underthrew a screen pass to him but he made a nice adjustment to bring it in. From there, he evaded an incoming defender to escape for a first down. Hopkins had his second reception soon after, as he ran behind the line of scrimmage to come free in the flat after play-action. In the second quarter, Hopkins had his longest reception of the day as he found space on a deep in route against zone coverage for a 19 yard gain. This was the kind of target Hopkins should have seen more of throughout the season, but alas this was another game where he went underused. He did have one deep shot late in the fourth quarter. He dropped the ball, but drew pass interference deep down the field.