WR T.Y. Hilton, Indianapolis Colts

HT: 5-10, WT: 183, Born: 11-14-1989, College: Florida International, Drafted: Round 3

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David Dodds16.
Bob Henry16.02.0105.00.062.088014.26.0125
Jason Wood16.
Maurile Tremblay16.

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Overall: N Foles (60), B Sankey (61), T.Y. Hilton (62), T Smith (63), T Richardson (64)
Position: D Jackson (52-WR21), M Floyd (56-WR22), T.Y. Hilton (62 - WR23), T Smith (63-WR24), J Edelman (68-WR25)
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Overall: J Bell (53), D Jackson (54), T.Y. Hilton (55), C Johnson (56), J Edelman (57)
Position: M Floyd (50-WR21), D Jackson (54-WR22), T.Y. Hilton (55 - WR23), J Edelman (57-WR24), T Smith (61-WR25)
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T.Y. Hilton is an emerging wide receiver in the league and one of Andrew Luck's top targets. Last year Hilton took over as the go-to receiving threat once Reggie Wayne (knee) was lost for the year. Hilton was successful out of the slot, but also out wide. He made plays over the middle, on deep routes and outside the numbers. He dominated targets by a wide margin, despite defenses knowing that it was coming. He took the opportunity by the teeth and ran with it culminating in a Top 20 finish with 82 receptions for 1,083 yards and 5 touchdowns. This year, Reggie Wayne will return to the field and command a lot of targets, likely minimizing the number of plays to Hilton. The combination of both receivers making plays should be a positive for both. The sheer number of targets may drop for Hilton, but he is expected to be a threat, making due on the opportunities that come his way. He is an emerging receiver and budding star, who is showing improvement each year he has been in the league. The presence of Andrew Luck makes his future in the league even brighter.

2014 Schedule

1at Denver Broncos
2 Philadelphia Eagles
3at Jacksonville Jaguars
4 Tennessee Titans
5 Baltimore Ravens
6at Houston Texans
7 Cincinnati Bengals
8at Pittsburgh Steelers
9at New York Giants
Bye week
11 New England Patriots
12 Jacksonville Jaguars
13 Washington Redskins
14at Cleveland Browns
15 Houston Texans
16at Dallas Cowboys
17at Tennessee Titans
18 Cincinnati Bengals
19at Denver Broncos
20at New England Patriots

2013 Game Summaries

Week 1 - Few players had a hype train with more momentum than TY Hilton at points in this offseason; but as week one approached it became obvious that hype was more so hope for overly optimistic Hilton fans. He came in exclusively on 3-wide sets and was the starting punt returner. While TY only had 3 catches on his 5 targets, the 2 non-catches were deep balls thrown by Luck, both were guarded nicely by the defenders. It's a positive sign however because that's where TY is going to get his numbers, on deep bombs from Andrew Luck, and to see that the Colts still have that idea in their gameplan is a positive step moving forward.

Week 2 - It was said all week that the Colts were going to try and get Hilton the ball more than they did last week- fantasy owners everywhere were rejoiced when they heard this, and even more happy after they game when they saw that this was all true. TY exploded for 6/140 this game and amassed some 12 targets in total. His first catch came off a DHB bobble, it was one of those right place/right time kind of situations, but that started off his day on the right foot. He was thrown to early and often- bubble screens, quick outs, and also his long of the day- a greatly touched 47 yard bomb in which TY went up for at the top point, and came down with it like it was nothing, flashing his raw athleticism while going up and grabbing it. He still was out there as the starting punt returner, but had nothing to show for that. One Žconcern', if it can even be called that, is that he was shut out in the second half, not hauling in a single catch. However, Darius Heyward-Bey suffered a rib/shoulder injury late in the first half and if he is out any amount of time, he probably isn't going to see the 2-wide spot again. All TY needed was a legit chance, 140 yards and an injury to the man ahead of him on the depth chart later, and you can surely say he'll now have that moving forward.

Week 3 - About the only positive you could take out of this game for Hilton is that he didnít hurt himself with the way he played, although he didnít make much of a mark overall. With the Colts getting a lead early and playing safe football, it didnít bode well for Hilton from the get-go. He had one target in the second half on a bubble screen. With Heyward-Bey being the bigger, more physical wideout, he was favoured as the Colts went to the ground game to salt the contest away. For Hilton owners, these games are going to happen when a game script unfolds like this.

Week 4 - With this game being in control practically the whole time, there wasn't need for TY's big play, stretch the field skills that he so often displays- Hilton was used far more in crossing routes and quick under the secondary passes, as his 9.6 YPC would show. He was targeted early on as he had three catches before the first quarter even ended. Second on the team in targets as well shows he was a part of the gameplan, just not in the way he's became known for. He did muff a punt once, however was quick to fall on it before any defenders could. Hilton's up and down statistical season continued today but it's worth noting that Luck is looking his way on the shorter routes, the ones that DHB was taking from him earlier in the season.

Week 5 - It was always anticipated- when would TY's breakout game happen? However not many believed it would come against this Seattle secondary. Well it did. Hilton exploded for a statline of 5/140/2, excelling on deep ball plays down the field where he can utilize his speed. He was used all over the field in this game, and both of his TD catches came when he was lined up outside, not in his slot position; on his first TD catch of 73 yards he was actually being guarded by Richard Sherman- Hilton came all the way across the field and with a perfectly placed pass by Luck, Hilton caught it on the sideline and took it straight up it for 6, tip toeing at points but keeping his feet in bounds the whole time. With the second one being from 29 yards out, Hilton went right down the sideline, and again with a great ball from Luck he secured it in the endzone for 6. And that one was on Brandon Browner so it shows you how much TY was scared of this Seattle secondary. For the first time all season, Luck's go-to man was not Wayne, it was Hilton- 3rd downs, Luck would look Hilton's way. He only took chances when throwing it to TY; and even after that second TD catch, when Richard Sherman was tasked with the duty of guarding Hilton, TY still caught passes on him. It was Hilton's day to shine and he made the best of it- hopefully for fantasy owners this is a sign of things to come.

Week 6 - Potentially the lone bright spot for this Colts offense this game was the usage of TY Hilton. Fantasy owners everywhere were hoping after last week's huge performance he'd finally etched a place for himself in this offense, and after this game it seems as if that is the case. Tying Reggie Wayne for the team high in targets (8) and receptions (5), Hilton was running routes all over the field, not just his usual stretch the field deep ball routes- Luck found him mostly on under crossing routes, where 4 of Hilton's catches came that way for first downs. Hilton was finding himself with space most of the night from the Chargers DBs and when Luck would get it to him, Hilton was out there making plays to get himself to the ball. He had one drop that would've extended a drive late but other than that, TY's game was pretty on and coaches will surely recognize that, and hopefully his upward trend continues next week when the Broncos come to town in what will surely be a heavily passed game.

Week 7 - Leading the team in targets, it's a strong indication that Hilton's role in the offense isn't going anywhere. Only catching 2 of his 11 targets however, TY was blanketed most of the night by Chris Harris, a rather underrated corner. TY did haul in an 11 yard grab that extended a drive that ultimately led to a TD to close out the half, putting the Colts up two scores. In a sad way, the best news to Hilton's outlook came this morning when it was confirmed the Colts will be without Reggie Wayne for the remainder of the season with a torn ACL. One would think Hilton will not longer just be a 3-wide set WR, and the team will lean on him more than ever. This seems to be a task TY is more than up for seeing as how when given the chance, the young speedster has normally delivered.

Week 9 - It (unfortunately) took a Reggie Wayne season-ending injury to do it, but Hilton finally broke out in a BIG way- a 7/120/3 big way. The only Colts receiver to reach double digit targets, it looks like Luck realized that this offense has now got to go thru Hilton if they're going to have success throwing the ball. Hilton was quiet in the first half, however so was the whole Colts offense. It was not until the final seconds of the third quarter that TY started taking over as he caught a corner route TD from 10 yards out where the DB never got the chance to turn and look for the ball. Then the targets started coming- he was all over the field, catching balls over the middle, outside the numbers, and everywhere in between. Then his second TD catch came- a 58 yard bomb that Luck launched up there and let TY get under, as Hilton blew passed the safety and trotted into the endzone. Finally Hilton made his TD hat trick happen on the lead-taking TD as he did a quick out route at the goaline, made a defender miss and easily got in. Moving forward, it's clear who Luck's go-to guy is going to be- and it seems like TY realizes that and the idea of these two connecting for the second half of the season should make Hilton owners very happy people.

Week 10 - Statistically Hilton's game was the only bright spot for the Colts in this one. Before everything hit the fan with the Luck sack/stripped/score, they were getting Hilton involved early, getting him 2 quick catches. He was finding himself open across the middle on most of his catches as the Rams were allowing Luck to throw under all game. TY could've potentially added a TD to his game as he caught a 65 yarder down the sideline, from a nicely led pass by Luck, TY had about 15 yards to go and just one defender to worry about when he tripped up over his own feet. In the Colts ugliest game of the season, from a fantasy perspective it was a rather solid day for Hilton; which shows that he is the focal point of this offense at all times.

Week 11 - TY was kept in check this game as the Titans underrated secondary made it a point not to let him beat them. He ended up second on the team in targets and catches and was used mostly across the middle as his speed got him enough separation on practically anyone who was guarding him. It was a quiet game, but even in a quiet game he was a main option for Luck which continues to bode well for TY's rest of season outlook.

Week 12 - TY got the Patrick Peterson treatment and you can chalk this one up to the DB as he kept Hilton in check all afternoon. Hilton led the team in targets but that didn't show for much in the boxscore as his longest catch went for 12 yards. Luck tried him deep a couple times but Peterson was right there making sure TY never came down with the ball. TY's catches mostly came in between the hash marks as his crossing patterns in the slot led him there. The Cardinals outmatched Indy in every aspect of this game, and when it came to TY, it wasn't much different. TY lands a stingy Titans secondary next week.

Week 13 - A rather quiet game for TY as the Titans presumably have a defense dialed up that prevents TY from going off against him as this was his second down game against Tennessee on this season. Hilton was barely targeted in the first half until the final three plays of the half for Indy where Hilton snagged two balls, one being a catch that put them in FG range to close out the half. The Colts passing game didn't have much going today so not much should be read into this one as Hilton still managed to see seven targets despite his personal matchup.

Week 14 - Teams have gotten the memo on TY and how he's a gamechanger when he gets his hands on the ball so teams have made it a point to prevent that from happening, practically at all costs as Hilton posted his third straight dud of a game. With only two catches, totaling seven yards, Hilton was a non factor in this one as it was obvious Cincy was going to make their other, far less proven wide receivers beat them- and they didn't. However with the emergence of Da'Rick Rodgers, Hilton owners might have a light at the end of the tunnel as that can be someone that takes attention off of Hilton in the coming weeks.

Week 15 - TY was active early catching three passes on the first drive. Screens and quick slants being the routes he's been used on that's where he found his success. Leading the team pretty handily in targets (12), Hilton's biggest catch came on a deep pass of 41 yards where Luck laid it out there perfectly for Hilton to catch up and get under. The #1 passing option in this offense, Hilton has carried the load pretty well as this game was a nice bounce back from the inconsistencies of the past few weeks.

Week 16 - Hilton was active early on in the game, catching passes in the flat, a couple moved the chains- but for the most part the Chiefs secondary kept him bottled up. Second on the team in targets and catches, Hilton had an opportunity for a huge play as he was the beneficiary to blown coverage down the sideline- however Luck terribly underthrew him, making Hilton dive forward just to catch the ball; he got up and ran for a chunk of yards and it ended up being a 31 yard gain however if placed on the hands, there's no reason why TY couldn't have gotten into the endzone on that one- a real missed opportunity.

Week 17 - Catching the most passes he has on the season (11), TY was targeted a whopping 15 times in this game. Active early, Hilton caught four balls on the first possession and that set the tempo for his game. He was getting open on what seemed like every passing play; and his YAC was up there as he caught his passes in stride and would show off his speed after. Only helping the matters was Luck being on with his passes making this combo of pitch and easier even easier. With 24 catches over his last three games, Hilton has hit his stride at the perfect time for this Colts team and hopefully for all parties involved it keeps up during the playoffs.

Week 18 - Wow is probably the best way to describe the game Hilton played. A massive 18 targets, Hilton caught 13 of them, averaging just over 17 a catch en route to a 2 TD game where he basically did whatever he wanted. You knew it was going to be a TY day when the first three plays from scrimmage ended up being passes caught by him- his fourth catch on that drive ended up going for 6. Seemed like he was always open on the passes he caught, getting himself space at ease. His lone mistake in this one was letting the ball get wrestled away from him, resulting in a Luck INT; but besides that, TY did no wrong. Mastering the sidelines as his area of catching the ball, he was always there for Luck when he needed a play made- including the biggest one of the game- being a 64 yard bomb that he got behind the secondary on rather easy, scoring the touchdown that gave Indy itís first lead of the game. THIS is the kind of game that letís the world know youíve taken that next step as a receiver as this goes down as one of the best receiver games in NFL playoff history.

Week 19 - Belichick is infamous for taking the opponentís top threat out of the game, as weíve seen it done time and time again- and like history has shown, this gameplan was no different. Limiting TY to just four catches on the night, six targets in total, Hilton was bottled up from the get go. Shadowed by Talib all game, Hilton was never able to get space in between him and the defender; and while he reached the century mark in receiving yards, it didnít do much damage. His catches themselves were very impressive as he had to make some acrobatic moves to snag a couple of them. Hilton finishes off a season where, when he was given the opportunity, he shined brighter than some imagined he could, finally taking that step to the next level. With Reggie Wayne returning next year and Hilton carving himself a spot in the offense, he should be able to build off his 2013 campaign and be a potentially even bigger force.