RB Peyton Hillis, Free agent

HT: 6-0, WT: 240, Born: 1-21-1986, College: Arkansas, Drafted: Round 7

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2014 Projections

Bob Henry15.026.0853.32.05.0408.00.025
Jason Wood16.035.01203.42.020.01306.50.037
Maurile Tremblay16.024.0954.01.08.0577.10.021

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2013 Game Summaries

Week 7 - Peyton Hillis did not have great success rushing the ball in his debut for the Giants but played a nice well rounded role also as a receiver out of the backfield too. Hillis was a nice checkdown option for Manning when he got pressured in the pocket. Hillis showed a nice soft pair of hands, hanging onto a lot of tough passes that left him exposed after the catch. Hillis did have a fumble early in the game on a carry inside but was fortunate enough to quickly recover it to prevent a disaster. Hillis was able to score for the Giants on back to back dive plays at the goal line. Hillis simply powered over the defensive line to get the necessary yardage and help secure the win for his team. Hillis showed terrific toughness and gritty determination late in the game as he out fought two defenders to ensure he picked up the first down. Hillis clearly had the bigger role in this offense and will likely keep the #1 running back spot until David Wilson returns. Hillis also got the goal line work in this game, which is not surprising considering his powerful running style. If the Giants can get back to form offensively, Hillis could be a low end running back #2 if he is able to score touchdowns on the goal line.

Week 8 - Peyton Hillis ran hard against the Eagles but did not have his best game from a production point of view. Hillis was mainly used up the middle against the Eagles to convert 3rd and short situations, which he did very well. Hillis consistently pushed back defenders at the line of scrimmage and managed to gain positive yards on almost every play. Hillis was also a small factor in the passing game, despite one drop on a screen play. Hillis was a dependable target to get open and looked for the ball out of the backfield for Manning in times of pressure. He did struggle at times when the Eagles defense got penetration into the backfield and were able to swarm up the power running back before he could get going. Hillis was still very strong in short yardage situations and did not get tackled easily. Hillis ploughed his way to the 1 yard line of PHI in the first half but a penalty erased the gain and the Giants had to kick a field goal. Hillis would have very likely been given the ball again on the 1 yard line had this not occurred. Hillis was used finally as a battering ram to chew clock and convert first downs to kill the game and pick up the Giants second win.

Week 10 - Peyton Hillis' days as the feature running back in New York may be over already. Hillis was used only to spell teammate running back Brown and was ineffective in the few carries he received. Brown was far more productive and the Giants continued to feed him the ball while mostly ignoring Hillis as an option. Hillis had poor ball security early in the game also, which did not help him in the eyes of the Giants coaches. Hillis had the ball knocked out of his grasp on a carry outside and he could not recoup the football quickly enough. Hillis was given basic dive plays for the most part with some carries to the outside. He was not very productive with this carries but the workload was simply far too small to be considered. The Giants could afford to run the ball a lot of this time and Hillis still was rarely used which is not a good sign for the running back. The bulk of the goal line work was also given to Brown. Barring another injury to Andre Brown, Hillis will very likely remain the number two back in this offense with very little upside.

Week 13 - Peyton Hillis had a far smaller workload than teammate Brown but actually ran for more yards on the ground, though he wasn't able to get into the endzone. Hillis was featured slightly more than usual in this game, mostly to spell teammate Brown and keep him fresh however. Hillis did have several decent plays, including an explosive burst on the outside as he bulldozed his way down the sideline over defenders. Hillis did not get as much redzone work however, which clearly hurt his fantasy production. Hillis is unlikely to be very productive as Andre Brown is the #1 running back in this offense but is a decent handcuff option as Brown has been somewhat injury prone recently.

Week 14 - Peyton Hillis accomplished very little on Sunday as he only had 4 carries in total. Hillis struggled to get anything going and had too few carries to be a productive fantasy running back. He did score a touchdown late in the game however. Hillis came into the game to replace Brown as the Giants were in the redzone and Hillis simply powered over the defensive front for the score. The Giants seem to favour Hillis as a goal line option in the redzone and use him more often than Brown in that situation. Hillis may vulture touchdowns from Brown from time to time but he will rarely get many carries, especially when the Giants struggle on offense with the passing game also.

Week 15 - Peyton Hillis was ineffective on the ground and was given very few carries to work with on Sunday. The Giants struggled mightily with turnovers and could not establish any kind of a running game. Hillis got the ball very sparingly and only to relieve Brown when he needed a break. Hillis had some nice catch and run plays out of the backfield, as he was able to pick up first downs. Hillis also had a nice run for a first down, as he met defenders at the first down marker and ran over them to ensure the conversion. He had no help from his team however and simply did not see the field enough. Hillis has been somewhat effective as a goal line back in the redzone but the Giants rarely saw the redzone due to the large number of turnovers from their quarterback.

Week 17 - Peyton Hillis became the feature running back in this game for the Giants instead of Andre Brown. Hillis was used as a bulldozer for New York and had many plays on simple dive carries up the middle. Hillis excelled in this role and picked up many key first downs this way. Hillis did a good job of pushing the pile when he hit the line of scrimmage and rarely fell backwards; instead he fought for as many yards as were available. Hillis ran stretches off tackle and managed to pick up a decent gain on the ground as the defense underestimated his speed. Hillis was somewhat of a one trick pony however who was rarely utilized in the passing game. Hillis had one drop on a checkdown pass and he cannot be relied upon in this fashion. Regardless, he did a solid job in his role as a hammer for New York and deserved a touchdown in this game. The Giants struggled a lot in the redzone however and both of their touchdowns came on big plays which prevented redzone opportunities for guys like Hillis. Hillis would need a lot of redzone and goal line touches in order to be productive as a fantasy player with the Giants.