QB Chad Henne, Kansas City Chiefs

HT: 6-2, WT: 230, Born: 7-2-1985, College: Michigan, Drafted: Round 2

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2014 Projections

David Dodds13.0210.0365.023146.314.012.022.0622.81.0172
Bob Henry10.0119.0200.013506.
Jason Wood7.0133.0220.013005.
Maurile Tremblay10.0182.0301.019836.


The past two years in Jacksonville, Chad Henne has been a nice alternative to Blaine Gabbert. Now that Gabbert is out of the picture in Jacksonville, Henne now has an additional road block in the way with the Jaguars drafting Blake Bortles with the third overall pick in the draft. Henne has a shot at starting out the season as the starting quarterback but if the Jaguars struggle it will be Bortles taking over after the first few weeks. Henne put up some decent numbers last year with 3,241 yards passing and 13 touchdowns, even in a year that was slow moving on offense for the Jaguars. It should be an open competition at the quarterback spot this year and that is something that is getting familiar with Henne throughout his NFL career. Henne has potential to be productive short term, but long term things are looking minimal in Jacksonville.

Latest News

Chiefs | Kansas City advances to championship game (Sun Jan 17, 06:31 PM) - Kansas City Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes (concussion) went 21-for-30 for 255 yards and one touchdown against the Cleveland Browns in the Divisional Round playoff game before leaving with a concussion. He also rushed for 14 yards and one touchdown on three carries. QB Chad Henne went 6-for-8 for 66 yards, zero touchdowns and one interception in relief. RB Darrel Williams rushed for 78 yards on 13 carries. WR Tyreek Hill caught eight passes for 110 yards on 10 targets, TE Travis Kelce caught eight passes for 109 yards and one touchdown on 11 targets and WR Mecole Hardman caught four passes for 58 yards on four targets.

Our View: The Chiefs had to win this game to advance without superstar QB Patrick Mahomes to finish the game as he was concussed. Some bold plays by veteran backup QB Chad Henne helped the Chiefs get the win. They iced the game with a fourth-down pass play to WR Tyreek Hill. The Chiefs will see if Mahomes can get through the concussion protocol next week as they prepare to face the Bills at home in the AFC Championship Game.
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2014 Schedule

1 Tennessee Titans
2at Denver Broncos
3at Miami Dolphins
4 New England Patriots
5at San Francisco 49ers
Bye week
7at San Diego Chargers
8 St. Louis Rams
9 New York Jets
10at Buffalo Bills
11 Seattle Seahawks
12at Oakland Raiders
13 Denver Broncos
14at Arizona Cardinals
15 Oakland Raiders
16at Pittsburgh Steelers
17 San Diego Chargers

2013 Game Summaries

Week 1 - Henne came in late in the fourth quarter and immediately completed a pass in the flat to his back. Henne completed a 24 yard pass to Cecil Shorts on a nice backshoulder throw down the sideline. The offense stalled at that point, as Henne couldn't connect with his receivers. He didn't play enough to supplant Gabbert.

Week 2 - This was the performance that neither fantasy owners or Jaguars fans wanted. It was supposed to be simple, could Henne outperform Blaine Gabbert and become a legitimate starting quarterback? Instead, Henne played poorly for the first three and a half quarters, before making some really impressive throws late in the game. Whether it was by design from the offensive coordinator or Henne's tentativeness/limited vision, it was notable that he was constantly checking the ball down even in third and long situations. This didn't stop until the fourth quarter touchdown drive when Henne repeatedly threw accurate passes down the field. The highlight of his day was a perfectly placed touchdown pass to Clay Harbor, but the final play of the game was more fitting of his performance, a six yard curl route that ran the clock out when they needed to throw to the endzone. Henne showed enough late in the fourth quarter to suggest he should start ahead of Gabbert, but he needed to show that for four quarters. It's a frustrating performance to read because it still leaves an air of ambiguity surrounding the Jaguars' quarterback position.

Week 3 - Henne started out with a bobbled snap. It got better from there...slightly. Henne did little to impress, but there was little he could do in reality. It was obvious that the Jaguars offense was overwhelmed by the quality of the Seahawks defense. Henne and the offense had an impressive drive at the end of the second quarter, but Henne probably should have been intercepted on a pass down the sideline to Cecil Shorts. The ball hit Shorts in the endzone, but Sherman appeared to fall down awkwardly. He was intercepted immediately after, as he forced a pass to a covered Maurice Jones-Drew. The pass hit the helmet of an offensive lineman, before Bobby Wagner caught it out of the air. Henne bounced back relatively well from that play. The pass offense continued to be limited, but when the Seahawks brought in their second options on defense, he began to create some chemistry with his receivers, Cecil Shorts in particular. However, he missed Alen Reisner wide open in the endzone on one drive before throwing an interception to Kam Chancellor on the next drive.

Week 5 - Chad Henne came in midway through the third quarter and immediately found Justin Blackmon down the sideline. Henne played markedly better than Blaine Gabbert, but he still wasn't overly impressive. He threw a touchdown to Cecil Shorts in the redzone, but Shorts was forced to make an impressive catch becuase of Henne's poor ball placement. Henne completely missed Shorts down the sideline on fourth and one on the next drive. An accurate pass could have resulted in a huge touchdown for the receiver. Henne is better than Gabbert, but it's easy to see why there is no rush to start him in Jacksonville.

Week 6 - Many people will have watched this game without watching any other Jaguars games this year. If they did, they may be fooled into thinking that Henne has played competent football all season long. He played well for the most part, his first interception came when his arm was hit during the throw and his second was tipped at the line, but the reality is that this performance was likely his peak. Henne hasn't looked good this year, so he'll need a second display like this one next week to breathe any confidence into this team. It must be noted that the play-calling was very good this week. It's been difficult to judge the offensive coordinator in Jacksonville this year because of the porous play of some of his players.

Week 7 - Henne started the game by overthrowing Cecil Shorts on a deep pass when he was under pressure in the pocket. He followed that up with a perfect pass to Marcedes Lewis to convert a third down, before two sacks took the offense out of field goal range to end the first drive. Henne is an inconsistent quarterback, but he is inconsistent from game to game rather than play to play. There isn't really a 'Good Chad Henne' and a 'Bad Chad Henne', but rather a 'Better Chad Henne' and a 'Worse Chad Henne'. Against the Chargers, it was definitely 'Better Chad Henne'. Henne should have had his first touchdown pass in the third quarter, but Justin Blackmon failed to drag his feet after a perfect throw. Henne made a number of good throws and played well for the most part, but overthrew his receiver over the middle of the field for an interception in the fourth quarter. Henne was forcing the play as the Jaguars played with an 18 point deficit. Henne had a second dropped touchdown in the fourth quarter, as Cecil Shorts was wide open but couldn't catch a well thrown pass.

Week 8 - Henne played solid football on an offense that was overwhelmed all over the field in the first half. He had two poor throws in the third quarter however, as he missed Mike Brown when he was wide open in the endzone and he should have been intercepted when trying to find Justin Blackmon on a comeback route. Henne rebounded two plays later when he threw a touchdown pass to Mike Brown wide open in the endzone. Henne could potentially have had another big play in the fourth quarter but he missed a wide open Maurice Jones-Drew down the sideline. Maybe a reflection of his day, Henne threw to a covered Maurice Jones-Drew on fourth and goal in the fourth quarter when he was short of the goalline. It basically reflected the whole offense on the day.

Week 10 - Although the Jaguars ran the ball exclusively on their touchdown drive, Henne threw the ball relatively well during the first half. That is, he did until he threw a horrendous interception midway through the second quarter. Henne threw the ball straight into the chest of a linebacker underneath. Early in the fourth quarter, Henne threw his second pick as he forced a backshoulder throw to Cecil Shorts that was never open. Alterraun Verner had an easy interception deep in Jaguars territory. Henne didn't play well in this game, he was fortunate to be on the winning side rather than being a reason why his team won.

Week 11 - Henne's second pass went for a touchdown, as Danny Noble was wide open after play-action on 4th-and-1 early in the first quarter. The Jaguars offense only asks Henne to throw simple passes for the most part, but even with those he wasn't consistent enough. He should have been intercepted in the fourth quarter, when he forced the ball into double coverage trying to find Marcedes Lewis. He was intercepted soon after that when he threw a wild slant pass to Jerraud Powers. Henne threw his second interception in the last two minutes of the fourth quarter as he forced it into the middle of the field.

Week 12 - Henne played very cautious football and did just enough to run a competent offense by servicing his receivers with underneath throws. He should have been intercepted in the third quarter, when DJ Swearinger couldn't make a tough reception on a bubble screen, before he fumbled in the pocket when trying to pump fake. Those plays led to a blocked field goal that the Texans returned into Jaguars territory. Henne was consistent outside of those two plays. He was able to find receivers over and over to keep the chains moving even though they didn't score a touchdown after the first drive of the game.

Week 13 - Henne made some very questionable throws early in the game. One in particular nearly got Maurice Jones-Drew concussed as he led him into a blind hit in the flat. Soon after that however, witht he aid of a penalty on another errant throw, Henne found Clay Harbor with an accurate pass to the sideline for a touchdown. Henne looked nervous on his next drive, as he twice failed to find a receiver with time in the pocket, before he opened the next drive with a badly underthrown interception down the sideline. Although he struggled a lot, Henne was almost perfect on the final drive of the game. He threw one perfect pass to Ace Sanders down the sideline before perfectly executing the fake and pass to Shorts for the game-winning touchdown.

Week 14 - Henne started the game hot as he threw multiple very good passes on the first drive of the game. He capped it off with a jump ball to Marcedes Lewis for a one yard touchdown. Henne's second touchdown came in the second quarter, but this time he made an outstanding throw under pressure in the pocket. He found Cecil Shorts by the pylon with a perfectly placed pass. Late in the second quarter, Henne slightly overthrew a wide open Shorts down the center of the field for what would have been an easy touchdown.

Week 15 - Henne's second pass of the game was intercepted as he badly underthrew a pass to tight end Marcedes Lewis. Henne didn't look comfortable early on. He threw one big play to Lewis before his interception, but that was a simple throw. He blew a timeout to start the next drive before holding the ball too long to take a sack after the timeout. Henne was nearly sacked for a safety soon after, but that was largely his offensive line's fault. The Jaguars relied on the running game and gave Henne some easy throws to settle the offense down. One of those easy throws turned into a touchdown on the first play of the second quarter. The Jaguars kept the offense simple for Henne for the rest of the game. Most of their success came from big plays by those around him. In the fourth quarter when the Jaguars were driving to tie the game, Henne should have been intercepted on a pass to Mike Brown, before he was intercepted on the following pass by Stephon Gilmore. It appeared that Henne was trying to throw the ball away and he underthrew it.

Week 16 - Henne was sharp early on. He found Marcedes Lewis with two good, not great throws that Lewis came down with to score the Jaguars' first touchdown of the game. Working with Lewis was easy because Henne just put the ball up for him to win, but on the following drive he had two bad plays that led to a turnover on downs. On a read-option run, he made the wrong decision and was stopped for no gain. On the following fourth down, he slightly underthrew Clay Harbor and his tight end couldn't beat the defender for the football. Henne led a touchdown drive before the end of the first half, but a number of inaccurate throws marred his individual display before Mike Brown brought a screen pass into the end zone. Henne's accuracy continued to be inconsistent throughout the four quarters of this game. He appeared tentative more than once and he was happy to settle for underneath, safe passes instead of pushing the ball down the field. That is what he did on the final drive of the game, when he threw a bad interception to George Wilson with less than a minute remaining. It sealed the victory for the Titans.

Week 17 - Maybe it was an evaluation exercise or maybe it was simply because the game got away from them, but there is no sensible motivation behind asking Chad Henne to throw the ball 51 times in a single game. Maurice Jones-Drew did fumble very early in the game, but he's not the type of back you ignore because of one fumble. From that point onwards, the whole offense didn't seem to function. Offensive coordinator Jedd Fisch appeared to initially abandon the run and the passing offense wasn't based off of screen passes or easier throws for Henne. As a result, Henne never really got in any kind of rhthym before he eventually threw a bad interception late in the second quarter. Henne forced a pass down the sideline despite not seeing his receiver running to the spot or coming free. It was a display that Jaguars fans have become accustomed to with their veteran quarterback. He made some impressive throws, but mostly his accuracy was a major problem.