WR Andrew Hawkins, Free agent

HT: 5-7, WT: 175, Born: 3-10-1986, College: Toledo, Drafted: ---

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2014 Projections

David Dodds15.
Bob Henry16.02.0105.00.068.082012.13.0101
Jason Wood16.
Maurile Tremblay16.02.0168.00.049.069414.25.0101

Average draft position

Current as of August 25th. [Full ADP list]

Overall: M Jones (178), Andrew Hawkins (180), L Dunbar (182)
Position: D Baldwin (175-WR61), M Jones (178-WR62), Andrew Hawkins (180 - WR63), M Austin (186-WR64), A Dobson (187-WR65)
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PPR Average draft position

Current as of August 25th. [Full PPR ADP list]

Overall: J Cook (182), J Starks (183), Andrew Hawkins (184), J McCown (185),
Position: A Dobson (178-WR62), M Jones (179-WR63), Andrew Hawkins (184 - WR64), H Douglas (187-WR65), K Thompkins (193-WR66)
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Andrew Hawkins joins Cleveland after an injury-shortened 2013 that was preceded by a very strong 2012. Hawkins was very effective in the slot with 51 catches, four of them going for touchdowns. With Josh Gordonís suspension, Hawkins will have to contribute as a chain mover if Cleveland is going to sustain offense. Heíll share seam duties with Jordan Cameron.

2014 Schedule


2013 Game Summaries

Week 9 - Hawkins had two balls thrown his way. On the first, he took an outlet pass, and used his speed to get a 10 yard gain at the end of the first half. Then later in the game he dropped a screen pass. How Hawkins will fit in this year is a big question mark. There are a lot of options in the passing game that will likely keep Hawkins from doing much. But he should provide another threat in the short passing game that the Bengals can exploit as they try and figure out how to get him on the field more.

Week 11 - Hawkins got one look deep downfield, but the communication between Dalton and Hawkins wasn't there and it sailed over his head. His return to the lineup has been hardly noticed by defenses.

Week 13 - Hawkins is being used in the game-plan more and more. In the first half, he took an end-around and went for 6 yards. Then in the second half, a screen to Hawkins resulted in an 11 yard gain. He really showed his speed on that play. But his big play was a 50 yard gain on a deep slant route. Dalton fired a strike and Hawkins caught the ball and outran the defender down the right sideline for a huge gain. Hawkins injury really put him behind, due to the fact that so many offensive weapons were around him. But he has quickly put himself into a position to possibly be considered the number 2 receiver in Cincy. Aside from Marvin Jones one huge game, the consistency for Jones and Sanu hasnít been there. Whether Hawkins can build on this and become a legitimate week-to-week weapon is a question that will be answered over the next few weeks

Week 14 - A week after it looked like Hawkins was going to seriously threaten the production of Sanu and Jones, he failed to make any significant impact in this one. Hawkins caught one pass on a screen, and made some nice moves to get 7 yards. But aside from that, he was invisible for most of the game.

Week 16 - Early on Hawkins had a 16 yard gain on a screen pass wiped out by a holding penalty. Hawkins had 2 very short catches after that, but then made an impact with a beautiful catch in the 2nd half. Dalton threw up a deep lob to Hawkins for 34 yards and Hawkins somehow came up with the ball despite being blanketed by 2 receivers. It took a tremendous amount of concentration for Hawkins, as he doesnít have the size to jump up and fight defenders for the ball. He had to wait until the ball passed through the outstretched arms of the defenders, hold onto the ball and then keep it in his hands as he went sliding into the grass. Hawkins is an embarrassment of riches for Dalton, as heís much better than the number 4 WR that other teams can put out there.

Week 17 - Hawkins has been getting more and more involved in this offense. With Eifert and Gresham out, he had a chance to have a solid game and get more looks. On one screen pass, he took the ball, headed for the sideline, then exploded back upfield and picked up 16. Bengals are very smart to get him in space. After then making a 14 yard reception across the middle, Hawkins showed his tremendous ability late in the game. Dalton hit Hawkins across the middle on a medium route. Hawkins caught the ball and made an immediate quick juke to the left, freezing the defender. He then took off upfield and picked up 38 yards. At this point, the optimal 3 WR set has to be Green, Jones and Hawkins. With Bernard in the backfield, this is a very explosive group of playmakers, one that perhaps could be considered the best group of players in the league. Hawkins isnít going to get enough targets to be a consistent fantasy option, as there just arenít enough balls to go around. But he has tons of talent, and could grow into a top slot receiver if the right situation opens up in the future.

Week 18 - Hawkins wasnít a part of the gameplan until late in the game. The Bengals adjusted to the pass rush and Dalton threw 3 short passes to Hawkins in an attempt to get the ball out of Daltonís hands and into the hands of his playmakers.