TE Rob Gronkowski, New England Patriots

HT: 6-6, WT: 264, Born: 5-14-1989, College: Arizona, Drafted: Round 2

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2014 Projections

David Dodds14.072.0101514.111.0168
Bob Henry12.060.088014.710.0148
Jason Wood15.075.095012.710.0155
Maurile Tremblay15.062.078212.68.0126

Average draft position

Current as of August 25th. [Full ADP list]

Overall: R Cobb (28), J Thomas (29), Rob Gronkowski (30), A Ellington (31), R Bush (32)
Position: J Graham (8-TE1), J Thomas (29-TE2), Rob Gronkowski (30 - TE3), V Davis (47-TE4), J Cameron (54-TE5)
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PPR Average draft position

Current as of August 25th. [Full PPR ADP list]

Overall: D Martin (25), R Cobb (26), Rob Gronkowski (27), A Ellington (28), J Thomas (29)
Position: J Graham (8-TE1), Rob Gronkowski (27 - TE2), J Thomas (29-TE3), J Cameron (51-TE4)
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Finally, reports have Rob Gronkowski ready to go Week 1, which will make fantasy owners and Patriot fans breathe a sigh of relief. The Patriots wanted to make sure he was 110% before clearing him and it seems they have finally hit that mark. the litany of injuries over the last few years might make some owners hesitate to roll the dice on Gronk come draft day, but keep in mind most of his issues were freak injuries, not the sort of nagging conditioning issues which worry fantasy owners. As long as he is healthy he is Tom Brady's go-to guy here in the offense and he should have a tremendous season.

2014 Schedule

1at Miami Dolphins
2at Minnesota Vikings
3 Oakland Raiders
4at Kansas City Chiefs
5 Cincinnati Bengals
6at Buffalo Bills
7 New York Jets
8 Chicago Bears
9 Denver Broncos
Bye week
11at Indianapolis Colts
12 Detroit Lions
13at Green Bay Packers
14at San Diego Chargers
15 Miami Dolphins
16at New York Jets
17 Buffalo Bills
Bye week
19 Baltimore Ravens
20 Indianapolis Colts
21 Seattle Seahawks

2013 Game Summaries

Week 7 - In what was one of the most discussed stories in the NFL for weeks, if not months, Rob Gronkowski made his season debut against the Jets. It was clear the Jets gameplanned for him specifically, as he was constantly bracketed. It was also clear that Tom Brady's reliance on him was evident, as he was targeted way more than any other Patriots skill player and it wasn't close. Given that he was supposed to be rusty, Gronk had a solid game. He had one notable 'drop', but it was a one handed grab that would have made highlight reels everywhere. Gronk also drew a significant pass interference penalty to set up a Patriots rushing touchdown. His redzone targets weren't anything of substance, as they were either Brady throwaways or double and triple teamed. Gronk also lined up all over the formation, and made a crucial block on Brandon Bolden's one yard touchdown run. It will take time to work off some of the rust, but it's clear the Patriots best skill player is still Rob Gronkowski.

Week 8 - Though Tom Brady looked his way several times, Gronkowski’s box score was highly underwhelming. However, it could have been a lot better, and should be in the coming weeks. Gronk drew a huge pass interference penalty on a questionable call, and made the critical block on Brandon Bolden’s one yard touchdown run. He also reeled in a 40 yard touchdown catch that was called back by an iffy holding call on the offensive line, which would have made his day at the office much more palatable for fantasy owners. Gronk also dropped a hail mary type pass in triple coverage that he should have probably caught. His route tree was varied as it was last week, and he played in roughly half the Patriots offensive snaps.

Week 9 - For anyone questioning whether Gronkowski would look rusty today, the answer was a resounding, beastly, huge 'no'. This was one of Gronk's best games as a pro, setting a career high in receptions and simply manhandling anyone covering him. Even when he wasn't catching balls, Gronk was drawing crucial holding and interference penalties to keep the offense rolling. Gronk's touchdown was a simple seam type route with a mismatch in coverage, as a pass rushing linebacker should never be covering the NFL's best tight end. Gronkowski made tough catch after tough catch and took a few licks in the process. He also caught a pass that got him within inches of the goal line, and drew a memorable pass interference penalty in the end zone to set up a Stevan Ridley touchdown. By halftime, Gronkowski had 7 catches, 119 yards and a touchdown. He could do no wrong against the Steelers.

Week 11 - It was another day at the office for Gronkowski until the final play of the game. Gronk split out wide on numerous occasions, blocked well, and generally played well as he continues to round into peak form. His touchdown saw him drag 3 defenders 3 yards and reach into the endzone, a display of pure physicality and strength. The windy conditions likely played a small factor in his reception total, as the deeper passing game didn’t even seem like an option as a result.

Week 12 - Rob Gronkowski played a full complement of snaps, indicating that he’s at or near peak health. He blocked very well, boxed out defenders on passing plays, and made tough catch after tough catch despite getting beat up constantly at the line and on tackles. Gronk’s touchdown was a ‘made it look easy’ type of catch, as he simply boxed out his defender in the endzone for a score. Gronk also nearly dragged several defenders into the endzone, getting to about the 1 inch line. The Patriots could have likely challenged and Gronk would have been rewarded with a score for barely breaking the plane, but they scored a couple plays afterwards anyways. Gronkowski ran a couple successful wheel routes, completing one for 33 yards, and narrowly missing a touchdown on another after some questionable contact by a defender to throw off his timing. Regardless, he operated as the 1b type option in the passing game alongside Julian Edelman, and he’s likely going to be the best tight in football for 2013 as long as he stays healthy.

Week 13 - Rob Gronkowski was a beast once again, dominating defenders and treating grown men like small children on the football field. His touchdown catch was a thing of beauty, as he snagged a low pass off his shoelaces and waltzed into the endzone. He also had his patended once per game ‘dragging of the defenders’, this time coming on a seam route as he caught a deep pass then dragged two members of the secondary an extra 8 or so yards til he went out of bounds. Gronk did come up limping on one play, but it didn’t seem to bother him much. Gronkowski also help set up the touchdown toss to Shane Vereen, as the triple coverage on him caused the defense to completely forget about Vereen, who walked into the endzone on a simple route out of the backfield.

Week 14 - You’ve seen the story by now, but the takeaway for Rob Gronkowski is that his season is done. Gronkowski caught a seam pass and was tackled right on the knee by T.J. Ward. His knee buckled in an awful way, and right away the crowd knew this was a serious injury. It turns out Gronk has a torn ACL and MCL, and the storyline to monitor is if he’ll be ready for Week 1 of 2014 or not. On the day, Gronk was bottled up fairly well til then as the Patriots offense wasn’t getting much going while he was in the game.