RB Shonn Greene, Free agent

HT: 6-0, WT: 227, Born: 8-21-1985, College: Iowa, Drafted: Round 3

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2014 Projections

David Dodds15.0135.05203.95.011.0787.10.090
Bob Henry16.0175.06603.87.010.0707.00.0115
Jason Wood16.0180.07204.06.010.0606.00.0114
Maurile Tremblay16.0119.04673.94.05.0397.80.075

Average draft position

Current as of August 25th. [Full ADP list]

Overall: B Hartline (160), J Manziel (161), Shonn Greene (162), T Mason (163),
Position: J Stewart (157-RB51), A Bradshaw (159-RB52), Shonn Greene (162 - RB53), T Mason (163-RB54), K Davis (167-RB55)
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PPR Average draft position

Current as of August 25th. [Full PPR ADP list]

Overall: D Allen (172), Shonn Greene (174), D Baldwin (175),
Position: J White (166-RB56), D McCluster (168-RB57), Shonn Greene (174 - RB58), J Starks (183-RB59), R Hillman (189-RB60)
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Shonn Greene should be a viable fantasy option next season, but it's unclear just how valuable he will be. Greene could potentially keep the starting role if Bishop Sankey fails to adapt during his first preseason in the NFL. Outside of Sankey, only undrafted rookie Antonio Andrews should be able to compete for a greater share of the carries at the running back spot. If he doesn't win the starting job, Greene should see time as a complementary piece and goal line back because he is more talented than Jackie Battle.

2014 Schedule


2013 Game Summaries

Week 1 - Greene had a handful of carries in the first half as he spelled Johnson. He made good reads behind some good blocking to get as much as he could out of each play. However, Greene went out with a right knee injury early on and gave way to Jackie Battle.

Week 7 - Greene was the third back into the game and he had his first carry on second and long. He took the ball from the shotgun for a short gain off right tackle.

Week 9 - Greene came in at the end of the first drive to steal a touchdown away from Chris Johnson. He took the ball out of the shotgun and followed his blocking before an extra effort pushed him into the endzone. On the following drive, Greene caught a pass out of the backfield and showed outstanding speed to escape down the sideline for a 28 yard gain. Greene came in again in the third quarter to convert a third and very short. Greene was making big plays every time he got the ball. Later in the third quarter, he broke up the middle for 15 yards to start a drive. Four more yards followed on the next play as he dived forward outside right tackle. The Rams finally stopped him on the next play, but not until Greene avoided two tackles behind the line of scrimmage. Greene got a few more carries early in the fourth quarter, as he added eight or so more yards.

Week 10 - Greene came in for the Titans' third series and got the ball on every down. However, he was stopped short of the first down marker after catching the ball underneath on third down. Greene stayed on the field for the next two drives, but didn't do enough to prevent Johnson from returning in the second quarter. Greene and Johson split the workload in the first half, but Johnson was the primary option again in the second. He didn't run as well as he has in previous games, but he had a respectable showing.

Week 11 - Greene had just three carries for 10 yards as the Titans gave Johnson a heavy load. At worst, he continued to be the short-yardage back and was reliable if not overly impressive like he has been in previous games. Greene's big chance to take from Johnson's workload came against the Jaguars last week and he didn't take it. He'll be fortunate to get another opportunity it seems.

Week 12 - Greene had just four carries in the game, but he featured as the primary option on a number of drives. He remains just a complementary piece to Johnson.

Week 13 - Greene continued to run very well in a limited role, but his day was tainted by a personal foul penalty in the third quarter. After an impressive eight yard run on first and 10, Greene taunted former teammate LaRon Landry and was punished 15 yards.

Week 14 - Greene came in as soon as the Titans were at the goal line. He scored a touchdown with his first carry by staying alive with a good second effort. Greene received the majority of the carries in the second quarter, as his running style seemed to fit better against the Broncos' defense. Greene broke off a big touchdown run by escaping off left tackle and outrunning a defensive back to the pylon. Greene showed up better than Johnson, but not dramatically.

Week 15 - As has become custom this season, Greene came in during the second quarter for his series in place of Chris Johnson. He had one particularly nice run but he was mostly just a complement to the passing offense as the Titans looked to avoid running at the Cardinals' greatest strength.

Week 16 - Greene and Johnson shared the load in the first half and neither player could make much of an impact. In the third quarter, Johnson had a number of nice runs to the second level before Greene came in to rip off a big gain that brought the offense to the goal line. Once there, the Titans didn't risk giving the ball to Fitzpatrick. Instead, Greene took two carries to score the touchdown. He was stopped initially on a pile for his first carry, before his second saw him cutback and onto the goal line. When the Titans wanted to kill the clock late in the fourth quarter, they turned to Greene. His first few carries were impressive, before he was stopped to set up a third and seven. Chris Johnson came in then and converted with a very impressive run. After that, Johnson and Greene both got carries, but couldn't move the chains before the Titans punted the ball back to the Jaguars.

Week 17 - Greene had six carries for 10 yards. He never made much of an impact when he was on the field, but he did at least get the yardage that his offensive line gave him. With Chris Johnson excelling, Greene stepped further into his shadow during this game.