WR T.J. Graham, Free agent

HT: 5-11, WT: 188, Born: 7-27-1989, College: North Carolina State, Drafted: Round 3

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David Dodds15.
Bob Henry16.
Jason Wood16.

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Graham needs a huge summer to survive roster cuts. He's a deep threat with not much going on otherwise. There's not much fantasy relevance with Graham if he even makes the roster.

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2013 Game Summaries

Week 2 - Graham was only targeted three times, catching one of them for eight yards. It was an underneath throw on 3rd and long, but Graham was able to (luckily) get a questionable facemask penalty to give the Bills a new set of downs. It should also be noted Graham again (as he did frequently in the preseason) was able to get behind the coverage on a deep route, but Manuel badly underthrew him and the ball was nearly intercepted.

Week 3 - Much like they did in 2012, the Bills continue to try and use Grahamís speed to get behind the coverage. Just as they struggled then, they continue to struggle now. Graham received five targets Sunday, it is safe to say only two were catchable. One went for five yards and the other Graham had a really poor drop on as he ran down the sideline. Manuel underthrew the pass and Graham did a nice job turning to the ball, but ultimately did a poor job of trying to catch with his body and couldnít hold on. While it doesnít necessarily show up in stat lines, Graham did draw two more pass interference penalties with one leading directly to Buffalo points.

Week 4 - Flashing his speed and change of direction on a shallow crossing pattern that he turned into a 26-yard gain, TJ Graham was only a factor in three-wide sets as the Bills looked to get the football out of Manuel's hands quickly in such down and distance situations. With Stevie Johnson well marshalled by the Baltimore secondary, Graham was able to take advantage of the opportunity, although he recorded only two catches and is not a primary target of Manuel in key situations.

Week 5 - Graham was targeted five times in the passing game, catching two and even attempted a pass on the gameís opening play. Coming in motion on an end around, Graham took the handoff and targeted Johnson in the end zone. Perhaps not the smartest of throws, Graham nearly completed the throw as Johnson just missed a spectacular one-handed grab. Later, Grahamís long of 12 yards came on an out as he did a nice job attacking the tackler and picked up extra yards because of it. Graham had a pretty nine-yard catch on a wide throw from Tuel where he was forced to readjust and fully extend, but also had a deep ball bounce of his hands on a ball he should have caught.

Week 6 - Graham had his best game of the season, leading the Bills in every receiving category, including six targets. Of course 47 of Grahamís yards came on the third play of the game as he bested Adam Jones on the play. Jones was pressed up on Graham on the 3rd down play and the 2nd year wide receiver did a tremendous job getting off the line without a jam. Once behind the coverage, Graham just had to ensure he held on to the perfect pass from Lewis. Graham did have another bad drop (second week in a row) as he didnít adjust well to the wide throw and the ball clanked off his hands.

Week 7 - Graham only received two targets, but he caught both including the offenseís longest play of the day. Graham ran a corner route and Lewis dropped a perfectly thrown ball in-between the safety and cornerback. Graham fought the ball and came a bit too close ruining the pretty throw by juggling it as he fell out of bounds. Grahamís other catch only went for six yards as he ran a shallow crosser and Lewis checked down to the safe throw.

Week 8 - Graham was only officially targeted four times, catching two balls for 19 yards. However, it was his fifth target that was wiped out by penalty that easily would have been his biggest play. Going vertical, Graham was able to get behind the coverage on a play action fake. Lewis put just the right amount of loft under the throw and the DB badly misread the ball and whiffed on it as he attempted to break the play up. Graham caught the pass and with no one between him and the end zone, easily walked in for what would have been a 55-yard TD grab. Unfortunately, Scott Chandler was flagged for holding and the play was called back.

Week 9 - Graham had a forgettable day to say the least as he was clearly outperformed by fellow speedster Goodwin. Graham only registered one catch and was only relevant in that he promptly fumbled the ball and Kansas City tacked on their 2nd defensive TD of the day. Graham had an opportunity at a big play just prior to Goodwinís TD catch, but Graham was forced to come back to the pass and he just isnít very good at making contested catches. By no means an easy catch, Graham had the ball bounce off his hands and fall incomplete.

Week 11 - Graham was only targeted four times as he caught two including a long of 40 yards. Grahamís first catch was exactly what the offense needed and really changed the dynamic of the game. Facing rookie CB Dee Milliner, Graham looked to run a deep fade on 3rd down. Throwing into the wind and having not set his feet, Manuel lobbed a pass to the WR that was clearly underthrown. Graham made a great adjustment on the questionable pass as Milliner, whose back was to the play, reacted too slowly. Coming back to the throw, Graham centerfielded the ball and only need to make one cut inside before walking into the end zone with a 34-yard TD catch. Needing another big play, Manuel went back to Graham against the same coverage with the same throw midway through the 3rd quarter. This time the throw was much better and Graham was able to haul it in for a 40-yard gain despite decent coverage from Milliner. Graham never looks quite as natural catching the ball, but the big play allowed Buffalo to get outside the shadows of their own goalposts just as New York was attempting to flip the momentum. Like Goodwin, Graham received one carry on an end around, but his was much less successful as he lost three yards on the play.

Week 15 - Graham didnít register a catch on Sunday, but was targeted three times and also drew a key defensive pass interference penalty on 3rd down on the Bills first TD of the game.

Week 16 - With Stevie Johnson out and Marquise Goodwin ailing on the bench, Graham was tied for the team lead in targets and 2nd amongst WRs in terms of catches and yards. Grahamís first catch came just before halftime as he curled up for 13 yards. With the coverage slacking off fearing the deep ball, Graham had plenty of space as he turned and Lewis made the easy completion. Just out of halftime, Graham picked up his final catch as he worked a deep out for 15 yards. The 2nd year WR did receive one red zone target, but like all of his contested jump balls this season, looked completely and utterly lost attempting to adjust to the throw. Safe to say Graham is not an ideal jump ball candidate. Graham also received one carry, but the Dolphins were all over him and he lost two yards on the carry.

Week 17 - A rare leader receiving yards, Graham also was the lone TD recipient, but it was his drop late it the 4th quarter that may have had the biggest impact. Whilst Graham was targeted once in the 1st half, he didnít register his first catch until the 2nd half. Running vertically down the sideline, Graham was on the backend of a beautiful deep ball from Thad Lewis. Able to get behind the coverage, all Graham had to do was stretch his arms out as the ball fell right into his hands. The 2nd-year WR would ultimately finish the drive off, catching a 12-yard TD pass where he and QB manufactured nicely on a broken play. With Lewis escaping the pocket, Graham looked initially to block before slipping behind the coverage as it converged on Lewis. With no one near him, Graham easily pulled in the soft toss for a touchdown. Graham caught one more short pass for nine yards on the following drive before his brutal drop unofficially ended whatever slim hopes the Bills had. Facing a 4th and one, Lewis did a nice job to look the coverage off and Graham worked a quick slant inside. The coverage followed the QBís eyes, leaving Graham wide open and Lewis delivered a perfect ball to the WR. Graham tried to cradle the throw with his body instead of catching it and the pass bounced straight up in the air and ultimately fell incomplete. An easy catch by any standards, Graham proved yet again to be more track star than WR.