WR Josh Gordon, New England Patriots

HT: 6-3, WT: 225, Born: 4-13-1991, College: Baylor, Drafted: Round 2

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2014 Projections


Average draft position

Current as of August 25th. [Full ADP list]

Overall: C Palmer (137), L Green (138), Josh Gordon (139), C Michael (141)
Position: A Boldin (129-WR48), D Amendola (132-WR49), Josh Gordon (139 - WR50), G Jennings (142-WR51), K Stills (143-WR52)
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PPR Average draft position

Current as of August 25th. [Full PPR ADP list]

Overall: K Robinson (131), Josh Gordon (133), C Palmer (134), K Stills (135)
Position: H Nicks (126-WR48), D Amendola (128-WR49), Josh Gordon (133 - WR50), K Stills (135-WR51), G Jennings (140-WR52)
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Josh Gordon was looking to build on a breakout season that saw him lead the NFL in receiving yards despite missing two games due to suspension and playing with three different (and quite average-at-best) quarterbacks. However, a second failed drug test (the first led to last seasons suspension) has resulted in a year-long suspension. Gordon appealed, but the suspension was upheld. After his breakout 2013, it was very difficult to imagine Gordon's off-field problems ever being a more significant force that his on-field talent. However, this latest issue leaves Gordon's NFL future in doubt. A year is a long time to be suspended, and there's no guaranteeing that Gordon keeps his nose clean in a year without the structure of football activities.

Latest News

Seahawks | Josh Gordon let go (Thu Mar 4, 04:33 PM) - Seattle Seahawks WR Josh Gordon was released Thursday, March 4.

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NFL | Josh Gordon joins Fan Controlled Football league (Sat Feb 27, 04:07 PM) - Free-agent WR Josh Gordon (Seahawks) will play for the Zappers of the Fan Controlled Football league, according to team owner Bob Menery Saturday, Feb. 27.

Our View: Gordon is joining Johnny Manziel in that league. It's a new brand of football and certainly has been pushed on social networking as a fun option for the offseason.
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2014 Schedule

1at Miami Dolphins
2at Minnesota Vikings
3 Oakland Raiders
4at Kansas City Chiefs
5 Cincinnati Bengals
6at Buffalo Bills
7 New York Jets
8 Chicago Bears
9 Denver Broncos
Bye week
11at Indianapolis Colts
12 Detroit Lions
13at Green Bay Packers
14at San Diego Chargers
15 Miami Dolphins
16at New York Jets
17 Buffalo Bills
Bye week
19 Baltimore Ravens
20 Indianapolis Colts
21 Seattle Seahawks

2013 Game Summaries

Week 3 - Josh Gordon played brilliantly, displaying that he is truly an elite receiver in the NFL at such a young age. Gordon got it all started on the Browns' second drive, executing an extremely fluid double move that left cornerback AJ Jefferson in the dust. On the next drive, Gordon switched from fluidity to strength as he caught a screen pass and eluded multiple defenders before stiff-arming his way to a 30-yard gain. Later in the drive, Gordon flashed his running vision, following blockers brilliantly on a reverse for 22 yards. Gordon showed all facets of an elite receiver, fluid motion to gain separation, strength to break through tackles, vision to gain yards after the catch on just on his first three touches. On at least three occasions, Gordon used his large frame to shield the cornerback on a slant or comeback to catch the ball. The size-speed combination that Gordon possesses cannot be taught. He looked truly dominant on Sunday. Granted, Gordon was matched against AJ Jefferson and then Marcus Sherels - far from elite cornerbacks. Gordon faced communication problems with Brian Hoyer, running a go route as Hoyer anticipated that Gordon would break off his route into a comeback. Altogether, these negatives cannot take away from the spectacular performance that Gordon put forth on Sunday.

Week 4 - While he did not play like a superstar, Josh Gordon showed his elite receiving tools at times on Sunday. His first reception was a 32-yarder that Brian Hoyer underthrew. However, this was no problem for Gordon, as he jumped, reached in front of Pacman Jones, and snagged the ball from the defender in front of him. That played displayed Gordon's freakish athleticism, and is truly a skill that coaches cannot teach. Gordon also used his size to his advantage on Sunday, using his body to shield defenders on two different occasions on slant routes. Whereas a Jordan Cameron back shoulder throw is nearly indefensible, so is a Josh Gordon throw on a slant route. He is much too big and fluid for even the best cornerbacks to contain. Gordon utilizes his long strides to beat the cornerback to the spot, and uses his 6'3 frame to shield the defender from the ball. Gordon truly is developing into an elite receiver, and he has all the tools to become what Julio Jones is the Falcons and what Dez Bryant is to the Cowboys.

Week 5 - The return of Brandon Weeden will only help Josh Gordon. The Browns now feature one of the deadliest deep threat combos in recent history with Brandon Weeden and Josh Gordon. While Gordon recorded only four catches, his presence opens up so much for the Browns' offense that he does not need to catch the ball to make a mark on the game. Gordon's concentration varied on Thursday, as he dropped two passes, including one that he could have easily taken to the house. That being said, Gordon came up clutch multiple times for the Browns. The first instance was on his 37-yard touchdown catch. Gordon raced up the sideline and sped past cornerback Aaron Williams to corral Brandon Weeden's deep pass. Gordon bobbled the ball but got control out of it before heading out of the back of the end zone. Gordon also came up big on the Browns final scoring drive, collecting an 18-yard catch on 3rd and 18 to extend the Browns' drive. Gordon was fluid in his cuts, and is absolutely devastating when breaking off his routes. His speed gives him a large cushion to work with, and he utilizes that threat to the fullest of his potential.

Week 6 - Josh Gordon's presence alone opened up the Browns first touchdown, as three defenders followed Gordon on a crossing route in the end zone. This opened up the flat for Chris Ogbonnaya, who waltzed into the end zone for a 4-yard touchdown. Gordon made tough athletic catches throughout the game, his most impressive coming in the second quarter on an out route. Gordon corralled Brandon Weeden's pass near the sideline, keeping his feet in bounds while being shoved out of bounds by Louis Delmas. Gordon's triad of size, fluidity and strength were all on display during that play. Gordon looked fast after the catch, gaining around 20 yards after the catch on a second half catch after breaking Chris Houston's tackle on a crossing pattern. However, despite the positives that Gordon showed on Sunday, his concentration lapsed from time to time. Gordon dropped his first target on a short post in the middle of the field, although Gordon was forced to extend his arms to corral the pass. Late in the second quarter, Gordon shook past the Lions secondary with a beautiful double move but let a deep Brandon Weeden pass glance off his finger tips. That play may have set up a touchdown if completed. Altogether, Gordon showed his elite-level skills but also showed that as Ryan Burns put best: "Josh Gordon is the world's most talented concentration lapse."

Week 7 - The physicality of the Packers' cornerbacks bothered Josh Gordon on Sunday. On multiple occasions, Gordon looked frustrated while also looking for flags that did not come flying. As for his play, Gordon disappeared from the game, failing to record a catch until the fourth quarter. Gordon looked disinterested, and lacked concentration, especially on a first half drop that eventually became a first down due to a penalty. It was shown on the CBS broadcast that Gordon slipped and fell on multiple occasions while coming out of his stance, eliminating him from the play. Only twice was Brandon Weeden allotted enough time to attempt a pass to Gordon deep down field, and on both occasions, the Packers corners on their way to a pass defense roughed up Gordon. On 4th and 15 in the fourth quarter, Gordon jumped too early for a deep pass, which limited his use of his size and allowed the Packers secondary to break up the pass. Overall, Josh Gordon played like the receiver we saw coming out of Baylor, not the emerging NFL star that we have seen over the past month.

Week 8 - Gordon lacked hustle on a deep pass during the Browns' opening possession, letting up before the ball reached the ground a few yards in front of him. However, he made up for his lack of hustle by faking out cornerback Sean Smith on a flea flicker and blowing by him for a 39-yard touchdown. Gordon's longest catch came on a pick play where Gordon came running across the field while Davone Bess obstructed Chiefs cornerback Sean Smith, who was covering Gordon man-to-man. With that separation, Gordon took the short pass and blew right through the entire Chiefs secondary for 47 yards. Even when confronted with a defensive back who can counter his size (Sean Smith 6'3 218 lbs), Gordon is able to use his elite speed to dismantle one of the better secondaries in the league. That speed forces defensive backs to play off the line of scrimmage, which subsequently sets up screen passes where Gordon can display his agility and quickness while eluding defenders. Cornerbacks that play physical with Gordon must also be quick, because Gordon will often neutralize physicality at the line of scrimmage by cutting past cornerbacks. On Gordon's 23-yard completion in the second half, he cuts past Brandon Flowers to get inside position and corral a slightly underthrown pass. The combination of size, speed and agility can be a nightmare for opposing defenses. Josh Gordon proved on Sunday that no matter the opposing defense or quarterback situation, he could produce at an elite level.

Week 9 - Josh Gordon looked like his usual fluid and athletic self against the Ravens, but did not make a huge impact on the game. On a few occasions, Gordon failed to gain separation on defensive backs and ended up heavily covered or tackled for short gains. It did not look like Gordon was giving it 100% effort on Sunday, but that may be due to his long running style. This style of running is similar to Terrelle Pryor, whose sprints look like he is jogging due to having such long strides.

Week 11 - Jason Campbell only looked for Gordon deep down field twice on Sunday and was 1-2, with the one completion going for a big 74-yard touchdown completion. Gordon sped past Dre Kirkpatrick along the sideline and corralled a perfect pass from Campbell on his way to his fourth touchdown of the season. Gordon also made a few other big athletic catches on Sunday, including a 13-yard slant in which defenders cannot even begin to try to stop. Josh Gordon a slant is one of the surest positive gains there is in football, and it is a travesty that he does not get more targets. Nevertheless, despite his positive performance, Gordon still dropped two passes including one in the end zone late in the game. However, most Browns fans will take that lack of concentration given that Gordon can be a productive deep option in the Browns offense.

Week 12 - Josh Gordon set Cleveland Browns records on Sunday in both receptions and receiving yards. When asked about those records, Gordon stated, "After taking a loss like that, it means nothing. To me, it's great and everything for me as a young wide receiver to get that experience, but if we can't go out there and win, I don't really care about it." This is a huge leap for Gordon, as that type of humility is atypical of him. Before delving into his play, let it be known that much of Josh Gordon's production (seven catches, 158 yards, TD) came during garbage time. No matter what part of the field Josh Gordon is occupying, he is a huge threat. With four receptions of 20 yards of more, Josh Gordon is obviously a deep threat. However, Gordon sometimes compiles these long gains from short crossing routes where Gordon outruns either zone or man coverage as he makes his way across the field and up the sideline. Gordon is incredibly hard to bring down on these plays, as defenders will usually be either tackling him by the shoes or pushing him out of bounds. Gordon's elite combination of speed and strength make him a weapon when not closely guarded by a defender. Gordon runs with gazelle-like grace on his entire route tree, with fluidity not usually seen out of receiver his size. This allows him to shield defenders from making plays on the ball when they press, which admittedly is not often given the cushion that Gordon is given in man-to man coverage. Josh Gordon is rapidly developing into a top-5 wide receiver in the NFL and the only the thing that can stop Josh Gordon right now is himself.

Week 13 - Despite missing most of the third quarter due to an illegal hit to a defenseless receiver, Josh Gordon set a franchise record for the second straight week for receiving yards. Josh Gordon exhibits every tool one expects to see in an elite-level NFL receiver. Flash Gordon was able to run past the Jaguars' secondary all day on Sunday, gaining separation on almost all deep routes. The fear of being beat deep by Gordon opens up the entire field for comeback routes and shorter, more reactionary routes. This concept was exemplified through two plays. On Josh Gordon's 31-yard touchdown catch in the second quarter, Gordon sped past Will Blackmon along the sideline and eventually hung on for six points. The fear of speed opened up the middle of the field for Josh Gordon in the fourth quarter, where he got a short pass and shielded off the over anxious safety from an interception and bolted 95 yards to the house for a touchdown. Had the safety played a few steps closer to the line of scrimmage, it may have been an easy interception. However, the cushion that defensive backs give Gordon make his job much easier and make him even more of a weapon within the Browns offense. In addition to his speed and quickness, Gordon is able to use his size to shield defenders from defending pass attempts even when they can keep up with him. That combination is truly lethal regarding wide receivers. Gordon completely tore up the Jags' youthful secondary on Sunday while becoming the first NFL wide receiver to have 200+ receiving yards in back-to-back games.

Week 14 - There's a case to be made that Josh Gordon has quickly become the second best wide receiver in the entire NFL, and against the Patriots, he displayed why, breaking records and again setting the fantasy world on fire. Remarkably, Gordon's first catch didn't come until about 5 minutes remaining in the second quarter, yet he ended up with over 150 yards yet again. Gordon's best play by far was his 80 yard touchdown catch in which he completely dominated Aqib Talib on a short pattern. Gordon caught the ball, accelerated past Talib and stiff armed him away as he ran down the field with defenders trailing. Gordon also displayed his versatility by taking an end around 34 yards, eluding defenders and tiptoeing down the sideline for an extra 15 or so yards. Whether high pointing the ball or running short or deep routes, Gordon was an animal, catching 7 of his 10 targets. It's clear that Gordon's dominance is no fluke, and at this point, all signs point to him being a first or second round pick in 2014 fantasy drafts.

Week 15 - It is astounding that despite having communication issues with his quarterback all day, Josh Gordon was still able to put up 69 yards and a touchdown. Jason Campbell flat out missed Josh Gordon four times on Sunday, throws achievable by a competent quarterback. Given good QB play, it is plausible to assume Josh Gordon would have been over 120 yards receiving. Even when the throws were completed, two of his three receptions were either late or behind Gordon, negating any yards after catch opportunities. This frustration was visible in Gordon's body language in the 4th quarter. After Tim Jennings broke up a pass on third and 10 in the fourth, Gordon signaled for a flag to be thrown while arching his head backwards and walking slowly to the bench. Even when Gordon scored his touchdown, a deep streak where he beat Jennings and was too fast for Chris Conte to help, Gordon did not celebrate the touchdown and merely walked back to the bench. Given his recent quotes in the media on his will to win, along with his frustration towards his quarterback, one can derive that Josh Gordon's character is not as big of an issue as many make it to be. All he wants to do is win.

Week 16 - Despite leading the team in receptions and yards on Sunday, Josh Gordon did not play at Pro Bowl level. One area where Josh Gordon does not excel is in the redzone. That showed against Dee Milliner in the second quarter. Campbell went to Gordon on third and fourth down and both times Gordon dropped the ball. It was surely a rough sequence, but Gordon is not yet a redzone threat. Redzone dominance is what separates him from receivers like Calvin Johnson and Dez Bryant. On other occasions, Gordon and Campbell just were not on the same page. Gordon saw 16 targets on Sunday, yet his numbers did not echo his high usage. To be an elite receiver, Josh Gordon must produce when given such a high volume of targets against a soft passing defense.

Week 17 - Josh Gordon led the Browns in targets; however, that is only because of high usage in garbage time. When the Browns had a chance to win on Sunday, quarterback Jason Campbell targeted Gordon sparingly. His first downfield target came with 40 seconds left in the 3rd quarter much too late for such a talented receiver. Gordon did have a possible touchdown catch broken up by Ike Taylor in the fourth quarter, and on that play it Taylor should have been flagged for pass interference because he never turned around for the ball. With 3:38 left in the game, on third and three, Gordon caught a quick slant for a 1st down. Gordon shielded his defender with his huge frame, and came down with the ball with ease. That route is one of the most unstoppable plays in all of football, yet the Browns seem unable to recognize that and use it to their advantage consistently. Like many other players on the Browns roster, it seems like the Browns are not exactly sure how to use Josh Gordon yet.