WR Ted Ginn, New Orleans Saints

HT: 5-11, WT: 185, Born: 4-12-1985, College: Ohio State, Drafted: Round 1, Pick 9

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2014 Projections

David Dodds16.03.0206.70.020.027213.61.035
Bob Henry16.02.02010.00.014.018012.90.020
Jason Wood16.
Maurile Tremblay16.02.0126.00.017.023914.12.037

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685 0.2 264 0.3


Heading into his eighth year in the league, Ted Ginn joins his fourth NFL team, landing in Arizona to take over the slot position vacated by Andre Roberts. Ginn has top-notch speed and is a talented runner in the open field, but those qualities have generally served him better as a return man than as a wide receiver thus far in his career. Ginn did become an important part of the Panthers' offense last season, however, and may be finding his groove as a receiver. Andre Roberts had some big games on occasion as the Cardinals' third receiver, and Ginn may have some as well. The problem is that any big games are likely to be significantly outnumbered by duds, making Ginn an unattractive fantasy prospect even as a flex option. Take a flyer on him at the end of the draft if you like, but don't expect him to crack your starting lineup.

2014 Schedule

1at Atlanta Falcons
2at Cleveland Browns
3 Minnesota Vikings
4at Dallas Cowboys
5 Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Bye week
7at Detroit Lions
8 Green Bay Packers
9at Carolina Panthers
10 San Francisco 49ers
11 Cincinnati Bengals
12 Baltimore Ravens
13at Pittsburgh Steelers
14 Carolina Panthers
15at Chicago Bears
16 Atlanta Falcons
17at Tampa Bay Buccaneers

2013 Game Summaries

Week 1 - Newly-acquired speedster and former first round draft pick Ted Ginn Jr. came up with only one catch against Seattle, albeit an impressive one, as he dove low to reel in a low Cam Newton pass for a first down. Ginn was the third receiver in the Carolina pecking order in this contest, but Domenik Hixon's return from injury should relegate his use to three- and four-wide sets and return duties exclusively. With Cam Newton taking what Seattle gave him for the majority of this close-to-the-vest clash resulting in short to intermediate completions - Ginn was not utilized as a deep threat.

Week 2 - Ted Ginn started off his day, and the game, with a solid return, taking it up the middle to set his team up at their own 28. Ginnís second kickoff return of the game also happened to set up the Panthers at the 28, with Ginn doing a nice job zigzagging his way up the right sideline. Ginn was targeted on a deep vertical up the sideline, falling incomplete on yet another failed connection on a Cam Newton deep ball. Ginnís first catch came up the right sideline, picking up fourteen yards and moving the ball to Carolinaís own 47 with about 1:30 left in the half. Ginn caught an eight yard pass up the right sideline for eight yards, but failed to get out of bounds with just over 40 seconds left in the half. On a forty yard touchdown with 6:52 left in the third, Ginn ran by his man, CB Justin Rogers, showing he still has speed, and hauling in the bomb. On the following Panther series, Ginn was slammed down at his own ten yard line. Ginn is the proverbial one-threat wonder, providing value stretching the field and on special teams. A few missed connections on deep balls dampened his stat total, but Ginn is fine for what the Panthers rely on him for. His forty yard vertical touchdown is exactly that.

Week 3 - Speed demon Ted Ginn Jr. has carved a nice niche for himself in this offense. Relied on mainly as a kick and punt returner, Ginn shone when called upon as a pass-catcher against the hapless Giants. After a poorly-run deep comeback route by Brandon LaFell resulted in a Cam Newton interception early on, Ginn showed his teammate how it is done, running a crisp route and smartly coming back to the football in the two-minute drill, which Newton delivered accurately and on time. Ginn raced down the sideline on a streak pattern in the first half, but the trailing cornerback stayed with him stride for stride, and Ginn lacked awareness when the football was in his vicinity, perhaps unable to locate it with the sun blazing above. After a reverse that netted 10 yards, Ginn produced his second long touchdown reception in as many weeks. Taking advantage of confusion in the Giants secondary - the cornerback on Ginn believed he had safety help over the top in Cover 3, only to find the deep third safety biting on an underneath crossing pattern - Ginn blazed past his man and ran underneath a picture-perfect pass from his quarterback.

Week 5 - Boasting a yards-per-catch total of 20.1, the former first round pick Ted Ginn Jr. continues to impress in Carolina colours. Offensive coordinator Mike Shula has steadily integrated him into three-wide sets as a dangerous option for defenses to account for in the slot. In the two-minute drill, Cam Newton fired a pass between the hash marks to Ginn, who turned on the jets and seemed to surprise the Cardinals defense with his change of gear. Ginn was also able to break a nice 15-yard gain on a wide receiver screen pass. With a convoy of blockers ahead - and the Cardinals bringing interior pressure on third down - the play call was perfect and Ginn took full advantage. An underthrown pass down the sideline to Ginn in the third quarter fell harmlessly short as he and Newton seemed to be on different wavelengths Ů Newton perhaps expecting his receiver to run a fade-type pattern. The chemistry between the pair is building nicely, but Ginn has some refinement to do on his route-running before he can overtake Brandon LaFell.

Week 6 - Still only featuring in three- and four-wide sets, Ted Ginn Jr's biggest contribution was on Brandon LaFell's 79-yard touchdown. Ginn, lined up wide, drew the attention of his defender as he ran a skinny post route. LaFell ran his pattern from the slot and the pair bamboozled the Minnesota cornerbacks to spring LaFell wide open down the sideline. Ginn delivered a punishing block on a pursuing Viking to eliminate him from the play and allow LaFell to waltz in to the end zone. Cam Newton connected with Ginn late on a slant route which was zipped between the one and nine of Ginn's jersey as he toppled to the turf. Ginn featured on a jet sweep, but poor blocking and good Minnesota pursuit stopped the play in its tracks. Newton targeted Ginn on his favourite Žnine' route in the second quarter, but threw the pass too far to the outside for Ginn to reel in.

Week 7 - Ted Ginn continues to be relied upon in three-wide sets for the most part, but his speed and open field playmaking ability mean he gets featured in the game plan every week. He showed off these attributes on a well blocked wide receiver tunnel screen and later took advantage of some lax Rams' defensive back play to come within inches of scoring a touchdown. However, the game script dictated that the Panthers stuck to a lot of two tight-end and two-back sets, limiting Ginn's role. However, he has an important niche carved out in Mike Shula's offense and will be a fixture moving forward.

Week 8 - The leading receiver for the Panthers with five catches, Ted Ginn continued to show his value to the offense with another solid, if error-blighted, performance. Ginn allowed a perfect deep pass from Newton go through his hands as he streaked down the sideline past rookie cornerback Johnthan Banks. Ginn seemed to lose concentration, but a catch would have resulted in a 70+ yard score. Ginn made up for his mistake, contributing in the two-minute drill at the end of the half as he found space over the middle. Newton locked in on Ginn and his receiver delivered, turning on his short-area quickness and moving the chains. Out of a bunch set in the second quarter, where Ginn is particularly dangerous, he made a tackler miss on a drag route and exploded down the sideline for 35 yards. Granted, two Tampa Bay tacklers had a shot at him, but Ginn's speed in space is a skill the Panthers will continue to exploit. Ginn is benefiting from the attention other receivers - and indeed, Cam Newton Ů are getting, with defensive backs often playing off coverage. Newton's improved accuracy has allowed Ginn to run onto the football at full speed and make the most of every catch - and his role looks certain to grow if his level of play remains consistent.

Week 9 - Compared to previous weeks where he was more involved in the offense, albeit mainly in three- and four-wide receiver sets, Ted Ginn was quiet against Atlanta. Newton attempted to get the football in Ginn's hands on a wide-out screen in the first half, but the play resulted in an incompletion as Atlanta pass rush forced a quick decision from Newton. However, with Carolina taking control as the game wore on, they leaned on the run, limiting Ginn's touches. In this run-first offense Ginn's role will continue to be capped, especially with the return of Jonathan Stewart to bolster the backfield depth.

Week 10 - Ted Ginn Jr. was worked into the offense against his former employers, lining up out wide and contributing with some nice pitch-and-catch completions from Newton. Ginn took advantage of the San Francisco cornerbacks' off coverage, running comebacks and hitch routes to good effect. With both passing offenses sputtering throughout, however, Ginn was not able to make his usual impact on the game, although a 23-yard weaving run on a punt return set the Panthers up for what would be the game-winning field goal.

Week 11 - Ted Ginn Jr's lone reception of the day proved to be the most important one from a Carolina perspective. With time ticking in the game's final moments, Ginn ran a simple hook route, coming back to the football for his quarterback. Newton fired the pass between Ginn's numbers and the receiver, with a spring in his step and a burst of speed, ran around the despairing cornerback's tackle and bounded towards pay dirt, converting for the game-winning touchdown. The pass from Newton was deadly accurate and allowed Ginn to run after the catch.

Week 12 - Speedster Ted Ginn provided a welcome boost for Carolina in the return game, breaking off a 41-yard weaving run in the first half. However, he was left wanting as a receiver, reeling in only three catches on a day he could have done much more. Cam Newton targeted Ginn twice on Ž9' routes, one of which hit Ginn's hands but fell harmlessly to the turf. The other was a decent attempt by Newton, but Ginn was blanketed well over the top by the free safety, who was in a position to break up the pass. It was unsurprising to see the former Dolphin struggle with the Panthers passing attack limited by a strong Miami front that forced quick releases.

Week 13 - Ted Ginn contributed once again in more of a cameo role for Carolina, featuring on only 26 snaps. However, he made his time on the field count, executing a beautiful stop-and-go route on Darrelle Revis, burning the veteran cornerback for a touchdown. Ginn set up the move precisely with a hard cut. Revis, thinking he could jump the hitch route that he thought Ginn would run, drove downhill, only to watch Ginn blaze past him. With Carolina controlling the game for the most part, three- and four-wide sets were rarely deployed, limiting Ginn's involvement.

Week 14 - Although deployed in four-wide sets as the game got out of hand, Ted Ginn failed to make an impact as Cam Newton looked mostly to Greg Olsen, Steve Smith and the backs out of the backfield to dump the football off to against a relentless Saints pass rush. Ginn was targeted on a wide receiver screen, but the Saints played it well and snuffed out the danger immediately. Ginn was the target of a hitch route, but he failed to come back to the football and the play could have resulted in an interception, as Saints cornerback Keenan Lewis jumped it.

Week 15 - Ted Ginn was only used on offense during the third quarter. Early on, Carolina called a designed run off left tackle and Ginn took the shotgun snap and ran for 14 yards. During the same drive, Ginn converted a critical 3rd-and-9 play for 10 yards.

Week 16 - With Steve Smith injured in the first quarter, Ted Ginn stepped into the starting line-up and performed well in his limited action. The offense struggled to generate any momentum and was unable to convert third down. Ginn was the early target of a Newton pass in the red zone, but the pass was delivered too high. It bounced off Ginn's hands and landed in the arms of a Saints defender. Later, Ginn got free on the sideline between the Cover 2 cornerback and safety and flew up the sideline for positive yards. However, Ginn struggled to get off press coverage and Newton looked lost in the pocket at times waiting for his receivers to come open. On the final drive Ginn caught the bullet Newton pass to take the team into field goal range. Running a deep crossing pattern, Ginn shot his hands up to meet the pass and instantly turned upfield for 37 yards. Smith's injury should open the door for Ginn to have more opportunities against Atlanta next week.

Week 17 - In a two-catch performance on a day the Panthers offense spluttered over the line to secure a first-round bye, Ted Ginn Jr. did not have the targets to make a telling impact. When under pressure, Cam Newton's first option would be Greg Olsen, followed by a check down pass or to simply take off himself. As a result Ginn did not figure prominently into the game plan. However, Ginn was on the receiving end of Newton's first touchdown pass of the game. Lined up in the slot left, Ginn ran a shallow crossing route. The cornerback in coverage was Žpicked' by another receiver's route and Ginn found himself free for Newton. Ginn looked dynamic as always in the return game and may recoup his place in the passing attack when Steve Smith returns.

Week 19 - Ted Ginn was a weapon the 49ers defense paid extra attention to in order to prevent the explosive downfield routes from hurting them. Ginn almost beat cornerback Tramaine Brock for a 48-yard touchdown on such a deep pattern, but Brock was penalised for defensive holding as Ginn tried to run past him. The pass landed a few feet ahead of Ginn and, had he not been held, would likely have been able to run under it for a score. As the Panthers were forced to play from behind, Ginn caught a few short passes as the 49ers guarded against a vertical strike. A 59-yard catch and run in the final seconds was his final contribution in a game where he was the leading receiver in terms of yardage. However, with the Niners' defense so disciplined, he failed to make the kind of difference-making play that he is capable of.