RB Toby Gerhart, Free agent

HT: 6-0, WT: 231, Born: 3-28-1987, College: Stanford, Drafted: Round 2

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2014 Projections

David Dodds15.0225.09234.17.038.02777.31.0168
Bob Henry16.0235.010004.36.040.03208.01.0174
Jason Wood16.0260.010103.97.043.03257.61.0182
Maurile Tremblay16.0255.08863.58.036.02286.31.0165

Average draft position

Current as of August 25th. [Full ADP list]

Overall: A Luck (42), R White (43), Toby Gerhart (44), M Crabtree (45), F Gore (46)
Position: C Spiller (36-RB17), R Mathews (41-RB18), Toby Gerhart (44 - RB19), F Gore (46-RB20), R Jennings (48-RB21)
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Overall: M Crabtree (42), S Vereen (43), Toby Gerhart (44), R Mathews (45), A Luck (46)
Position: C Spiller (37-RB17), S Vereen (43-RB18), Toby Gerhart (44 - RB19), R Mathews (45-RB20), R Jennings (47-RB21)
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Life as Adrian Peterson's backup is officially over for Toby Gerhart. He gets a fresh start in Jacksonville to be the all purpose back in coach Gus Bradley's 2nd year. The Jaguars and coach Bradley are more or less cleaning up the mess that they were left with two years ago and trying to give the team an identity. That identity is going to start with running the football and Gerhart is going to see a lot of touches right out of the gate. If you look at his 4 years in Minnesota as a total, he had some really nice production with 276 carries for 1,305 rushing yards and 5 touchdowns. He also was very good in the passing game putting up 77 receptions, 600 receiving yards and 3 touchdowns. He should see a big workload in Jacksonville and should have no problems with wear and tear as he has a lot of miles left after serving as Adrian Peterson's backup for the past 4 years.

2014 Schedule


2013 Game Summaries

Week 2 - Getting little action (Toby Gerhart was on the field for just ten snaps or 16% of the offensive plays), the former Stanford standout was the target of a poor Christian Ponder shovel pass in the second quarter and then was absent until the third when he spelled Adrian Peterson for a few plays. On the two plays directly involving him, Gerhart barreled ahead for five yards and made a nice catch while being hit by linebacker Lance Briggs a few plays later. Overall Gerhart seems like just an OK back and isn't terribly involved as long as Peterson is healthy.

Week 6 - Toby Gerhart was on the field for 25 snaps (40% of the offensive snaps), mostly as a blocker on passing downs. He ran the ball just once on a delayed handoff where he had a huge hole and some room after the line, but he was just too slow getting there and settled for six yards when he might have had a lot more. He also dropped a well thrown pass a little later on in the fourth.

Week 7 - Used mostly as a blocker, Toby Gerhart was actually targeted three times in this game, hauling in two for positive gains when Josh Freeman needed to check the ball down. As is the case each week, his only real chance of getting on the field is when Adrian Peterson needs a breather or if Peterson was hurt. This week saw a bit of an odd gameplan, as Peterson carried the ball very few times and Gerhart’s targets were his highest this year. We’ll have to see if the bizarre play selection holds a second week, but even if the three targets becomes a regular thing, Gerhart just isn’t much of a factor.

Week 8 - Adrian Peterson came out of the game late in the fourth quarter, giving Toby Gerhart some work to close out the game. Gerhart made a nice catch on a swing pass to the left for a big gain, then ran up the gut for 13 yards and a touchdown. It’s hard to get too excited about Gerhart though. Aside from being behind Peterson, Gerhart saw a lot of soft coverage and prevent defense from the Packers, making it easier to find room on the few chances he got.

Week 9 - There’s very little for Toby Gerhart to do with Adrian Peterson running the way he has been—and Gerhart’s snap count has shrunk a little as the Vikings have put Peterson in more third down and passing situations than he has been in on in the past. Gerhart only sees the field a handful of times, some of which is also on special teams.

Week 10 - As has been the case all season, Gerhart was not involved much in the offensive gameplan Thursday. He is largely a blocker and a check down option for passing downs.

Week 11 - Though it looks as though Toby Gerhart had a much more productive day than Adrian Peterson, he really didn’t get many carries when the game was on the line, rather coming in for the last little bit of the fourth quarter when the game was already, for all intents and purposes, over. His biggest gain came with 9:31 left in the fourth quarter. On the play, the offensive line did a nice job opening a rushing lane for him. The Seahawks were a bit overaggressive and so when Gerhart popped out in the second level, he had a lot of open space to run in. Although he looked good, Seattle had its backups in, so it’s not as if he was facing the same players Peterson was.

Week 12 - The Vikings running backs gashed the Packers front line all day and Gerhart in particular was able to take advantage of a gassed defense when he started getting carries in the third quarter. The thought process had been that Gerhart would see more carries early since Adrian Peterson was battling a groin injury but that never really happened. Still, Gerhart did quite a bit with his few carries, averaging an impressive 11.4 yards per carry. Gerhart showed good speed and elusiveness in the open field as well as the ability to break some tackles when met at the line of scrimmage. He also showed off some nice vision, adjusting to the defenders and moving to the hole that was open, not just blindly running into holes that weren’t there. One example of this was an 12-yard in overtime. On the play it looked like Gerhart was meant to follow some blockers to the right side of the line, but the lane was clogged. A lane did open up to his left, so Gerhart changed his direction and burst through the hole for a big gain. While he had a very good game, Gerhart continues to be a back-up to Adrian Peterson and no more.

Week 13 - As is commonplace for running back Toby Gerhart—firmly entrenched in the #2 spot behind Adrian Peterson—he saw only a teeny bit of action. His two carries were basically how the Vikings burned off the tail end of the first half and he was split out wide in the fourth quarter on a first-and-ten screen pass where he was able to gain four yards after the catch. Gerhart is a solid runner with decent hands who can fill in for Peterson when needed—he’s just rarely needed.

Week 14 - The day didn’t get off to a good start for running back Toby Gerhart with his first run negated by a holding call followed by him losing the ball on the second. The ball looked like it may have come out after Gerhart’s knee hit the ground but the ruling was confirmed by booth review. Baltimore recovered the fumble and Gerhart didn’t see another snap before Adrian Peterson was injured and he took over the main amount of carries. As was the case with Peterson, the early portions of Gerhart’s game was slow-going. The snow and treacherous footing made it hard for him to cut and avoid tacklers and the Ravens did a good job clogging up running lanes. After halftime, the snow let up and the field was much neater, so Gerhart had a little better luck. The offensive line did a more thorough job in run blocking as well. On his very first carry of the half, Gerhart had a solid running lane, hit the hole quickly and delivered a big hit at the end of the run, which netted a first down. Gerhart began to break some tackles as well, slipping through the grasps of defensive linemen at the line of scrimmage and getting to the second level several times. Gerhart’s biggest play came late in the fourth quarter, during a deluge of points scored by both sides. Trailing the Ravens 15-12, the Vikings were driving down the field and spread out their formation with four receivers and Gerhart the only back. The pass rush came hard, but the offensive line did a tremendous job, opening a huge hole off the left guard. Gerhart flew through the hole and was in the second level before the defense could react. The first defenders to even touch him were the safeties, both of whom missed the tackle. Gerhart kept his feet and ran for the touchdown, stiff-arming another defender and dragging a fourth one for the score. Gerhart is a solid back when given the chance, but lacks the speed and playmaking ability Peterson has. He’ll be a decent fill-in for Peterson but the offense will absolutely take a step back.