WR Pierre Garcon, Free agent

HT: 5-11, WT: 210, Born: 8-8-1986, College: Mount Union, Drafted: Round 6

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David Dodds15.02.0126.00.086.0106612.46.0144
Bob Henry15.02.0157.50.090.0110012.26.0148
Jason Wood16.
Maurile Tremblay16.

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Overall: L Fitzgerald (37), A Johnson (38), Pierre Garcon (39), V Cruz (40), R Mathews (41)
Position: L Fitzgerald (37-WR13), A Johnson (38-WR14), Pierre Garcon (39 - WR15), V Cruz (40-WR16), R White (43-WR17)
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Overall: V Jackson (34), A Johnson (35), Pierre Garcon (36), C Spiller (37), L Fitzgerald (38)
Position: V Jackson (34-WR12), A Johnson (35-WR13), Pierre Garcon (36 - WR14), L Fitzgerald (38-WR15), V Cruz (39-WR16)
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Foot injuries turned Pierre Garcon's first season in Washington into a disappointment. He was only able to play for 10 games, and was ineffectual for many of those. Garcon mustered just 44 receptions and 633 yards. Uncertainty surrounded Garcon's foot yet again in the 2013 preseason, but he insisted he would be able to play through the pain. And play through the pain he did; to the tune of an NFL-leading 113 receptions. Garcon was the lone bright spot in an otherwise forgettable offensive attack. This year, with Robert Griffin healthy and Jay Gruden calling the shots, there's every reason to think Garcon's outlook remains bright. The addition of DeSean Jackson assuredly means Garcon is unlikely to match last year's reception total, but the fact that Garcon will no longer be the sole focus of opposing team's top cornerbacks could mean more scoring opportunities. A fair trade off.

2014 Schedule


2013 Game Summaries

Week 1 - Unexpectedly, Garcon led all Redskins receivers in targets with eleven, and seemed to show no ill effects from the torn ligaments in his foot he suffered in last season's road opener against New Orleans. Garcon did not rip off any eye-popping touchdowns like he did in Week One of 2012, but he remains the Redskins' most dominant wide receiver. Washington leaned on Garcon heavily in the screen game to counter the Eagles' constant blitzing, and Garcon responded with several tough, physical runs after the catch. There were times, however, Garcon and his quarterback were not on the same page, with Griffin sailing the ball over Garcon's head once on a sideline go route - which would have easily gone for a big gain, if not a touchdown - and Griffin also over threw Garcon in the end zone. Garcon was also the intended receiver on a pass that Robert Griffin underthrew and got picked off by newly-minted Eagles cornerback Cary williams. Unfortunately, the blame goes to Griffin, who did not step into the throw and sailed the ball Garcon's way, with Williams cutting off the receiver's route and snatching the ball out of the air. Though Garcon did not quite stuff the stat sheet, his 2013 debut was full of promise. With an offseason to recover from injury, Garcon seems to have his speed back, and obviously lost none of the toughness he had from previous seasons. He should dazzle in future contests as the Redskins' clear-cut WR1.

Week 2 - The Redskins' sputtering offense seems to only be able to support one receiver at the moment, and Garcon is it. Dwarfing all other Washington pass-catchers in targets and receptions, Garcon man-handled a serviceable Green Bay secondary at Lambeau Field. He started off the game getting forty-four yards on a screen pass, using his linemen to lead the way before getting tackled short of the Green Bay red zone, and Garcon hardly looked back from there. Relatively held in check against Philadelphia, Garcon would tally an additional ninety-nine yards against the Packers running the entire route tree while serving as Griffin's major deep threat. Garcon put the Redskins on the board in the third quarter, taking a six-yard pass from Griffin to the end zone. Initially ruled down at the Packers' one-yard-line, Replay Assistant indicated Garcon broke the plane and scored.

Week 3 - Garcon continued his hard-playing, heavily targeted ways against the Lions. He actually got the Redskins going on the ground initially, taking an end-around up the right side of the field for ten yards and a first down. Through the air, he reined in eight of thirteen targets, averaging over nine yards per catch. Garcon ran all manner of routes and displayed fantastic athleticism, particularly on a seventeen-yard gain on a corner route with coverage looming, and again on a short four-yard completion where Robert Griffin III threw the ball nearly out of Garcon's reach. Garcon snagged the pass and earned an unnecessaary roughness penalty on Rashean Mathis for a hit on a defenseless receiver. Garcon was the target of Griffin's solo interception against the Lions, only because he was in the area of the pass. Griffin scrambled around the field to extend the play, only to throw the pass into the diving hands of cornerback Chris Houston. Garcon only made it through the first quarter of the 2012 season before missing a number of games due to a foot injury. He has finished three so far, and if he remains healthy, he should continue to see the lion's share of Redskins targets.

Week 4 - One has to wonder how much longer Garcon has on a bad foot, but through four games, he seems to have plenty of juice left - making up in toughness what he appears to have lost in speed. Washington did not have Robert Griffin III take many downfield shots with Garcon against Oakland, electing to get its best receiver in space on short and intermediate passing plays. Garcon found the end zone on a quick slant route at third-and-three at Oakland's five-yard-line in the third quarter, but his more impressive play saw him pushed out of bounds just short of the stripe. With the Redskins facing third-and-eighteen at the Oakland eighteen-yard-line, Garcon ran a quick drag route and caught the pass from Griffin to take Washington to the Raiders' two-yard line, coming just short of a touchdown. Garcon should continue to lead all Redskins receivers in all relevant statistical categories until his foot presumably falls off.

Week 6 - Absolutely peppered with fifteen targets from Robert Griffin III, Garcon could only managed to reel in half of them against Cowboys cornerback Brandon Carr and the rest of the Dallas secondary. Interestingly enough, most of Garcon's targets came on short and intermediate routes. Despite press coverage from Carr, Griffin elected not to exploit Garcon's big-play ability. It remains to be seen if Garcon is not one hundred percent based on his injured foot, and that is why Griffin did not dial up many deep balls Garcon's way.

Week 7 - For the first time this season, Garcon did not have to shoulder the load in the passing game as the Redskins held their own against the visiting Bears. Garcon missed double-digit targets for only the second time this season. He remained the receiver Robert Griffin III leaned on when he was flushed out of the pocket and on the run. Garcon made a handful of key grabs to move the chains for the Redskins, though he had drops in the first half that kept stalling the offense - uncharacteristic for a receiver who transitioned from being a deep threat to a do-it-all WR1. It was surprising that Garcon did not have a bigger game against a reeling Bears defense, but Chicago elected to focus its defensive efforts on the run and stopping the Redskins' wide receivers, which allowed Jordan Reed to have a big day. Garcon stands to rebound in Week Eight against a Denver defense that is thrown on a gret deal.

Week 8 - On second-and-nine at the Washington forty-eight yard line, Griffin sailed a pass over Garcon's head. Garcon managed to extend an arm out and get maximum extension to reel in the pass, like an outfielder robbing a home run at the top of the ballpark fence. It was a mammoth play for Garcon that went for a miniscule eight yards and proved to be the highlight of Garcon's day against Denver's generous pass offense. Targeted elevent times, Garcon managed seven catches and generally underwhelmed. He ran several go routes that the Redskins attempted deep shots on, but with no success. washington's passing game was, in general, a mess against Denver, and Garcon struggling with it should come as no surprise. Twice Garcon was the intended receiver on interceptions thrown by Redskins quarterbacks - once on a short route where he fell down, and another on a route Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie anticipated, jumped, and won the fight for the ball.

Week 9 - Garcon shouldered a majority of the the receiving load for the Redskins against the visiting Chargers, hauling in seven of his eleven targets for a whopping one hundred and seventy-two receiving yards. It appeared the Chargers had practically no interest in covering Garcon, who was wide open on four plays for gains of twenty-five yards or more. Not only did Garcon achieve easy separation from the Chargers defense, he also showcased some sure hands on a couple highlight-reel grabs. Garcon left his feet to snag a fifteen-yard pass at the end of the first half, then caught a pass in the crook of his elbow - while falling down - on the Redskins' eighth drive. Touchdowns were hard to come by as Washington felt suited to punch the ball in on the ground, but Garcon found great success facing the Chargers. It should surprise no one he led the team with eleven targets and tripled the next-closest Redskins receiver in receiving yardage.

Week 10 - Perhaps no quarterback/wide receiver combination benefits from the play-action passing game as do Pierre Garcon and Robert Griffin III. With Griffin selling the run effectively against Minnesota, Garcon was free to roam the deep middle of the field on post routes while the Vikings focused on stopping the Redskins' ground game. Garcon's fourth through seventh targets resulted in pass plays of fifteen-plus yards, all in the middle of the field, including an absolutely angry catch-and-run of twenty-five yards. Washington also involved Garcon heavily on quick screens, one of which resulted in an eight-yard score, and the other a gain of twenty yards. Though he topped the century mark through the air for the second game in a row, Garcon might have had an even bigger game on Thursday night. Robert Griffin III targeted him in the end zone three times, but to no avail. The Vikings were surprisingly stout in their own end zone.

Week 11 - Targeted ten times, Garcon turned in an underwhelming box score appearance in a very favorable meeting against an Eagles secondary. Washington did not call Garcon's number on as many high-percentage plays - screens and slants - as it typically does, and Robert Griffin III elected to Garcon on intermediate and deep routes with mixed results. Garcon was the intended receiver on Griffin's game-ending interception, though he was not in a position to make a play on the ball, with multiple Eagles defenders in the area and Eagles cornerback Brandon Boykin in a much better position to make a play.

Week 12 - Garcon broke the seventy-catch mark this season against visiting san Francisco and continued his run as a featured wide receiver. The Redskins' hyper-conservative playcalling, heavy on quick screens and short slants to force San Francisco to ease up on their blitzing, produced minimal opportunities for Garcon, who almost never got the ball in space. Garcon looked notably slower against San Francisco than in weeks past, likely the result of the ankle injury he sustained in Philadelphia last week - not to mention the foot injury that sidelined him most of 2012. Garcon remains a capable, dangerous receiver, but cannot succeed in the current Redskins offense that struggles to move the ball down the field.

Week 13 - Garcon looked sluggish and out-of-shape against a Giants team that planned to prevent him from ripping off big gains in the passing game. New York routinely played off coverage to allow Garcon to catch the ball in space, a defender Garcon could not shake appeared immediately after the catch. Perhaps the number of short hitches and sit routes Garcon ran did not do him any favors - he is far more lethal on slants and crosses when given a running start - but the veteran receiver could not generate yards after the catch. Garcon also appeared checked out mentally on Sunday Night Football - once kicking the ball into the stands after an incompletion, and on the final play of the night, allowing an easy strip by Giants safety Will Hill to ice the game for New York. The Redskins also used Garcon as a pitchback on option plays, though he did not record any carries. He remains on pace to break Art Monk's single season receptions record for the Redskins, likely the only record a Redskin will chase this season.

Week 14 - Garcon got twice as many targets as Aldrick Robinson, the Redskins' leading receiver, though he was unable to do much with them. In fairness to Garcon, many of his targets were under or over-thrown by Griffin and Cousins. Kansas City gameplanned to take Garcon away from Griffin, pressing him in short passing situations and bracketing him in longer ones. On the Redskins' second offensive series, Garcon was the intended receiver on a pass Chiefs linebacker Derrick Johnson read perfectly, picked off, and returned for forty yards.

Week 15 - Against a forgiving Falcons secondary, Garcon had a banner day in Atlanta. Getting fed the ball as always, Garcon torched the Falcons for his fourth game of one-hundred plus yards receiving. Garcon accumulated the majority of his yardage on a fifty-three yard touchdown pass from Kirk Cousins, slipping by the secondary on a graceful catch-and-run. Overall, Garcon exhibited a terrific knack for getting open, appearing almost quicker than ever this year. He was the intended receiver on a slightly underthrown pass that Falcons cornerback Desmond Trufant jumped perfectly and played well - he was also the intended receiver on an unusual call by the Redskins. Washington elected go for a two point conversion down one with seconds left on the clock, rather than kick an extra point and go into overtime. Quarterback Kirk Cousins was unable to connect with Garcon for the score and the Redskins fell to the Falcons.

Week 16 - Garcon turned in an absolutely dominant performance against the Cowboys in Week Sixteen, soaking up eighteen of the Redskins' thirty-five passing game targets. He broke Art Monk's single-season record for catches by a Redskins receiver, a mark that stood for twenty-nine years. Garcon and Kirk Cousins sought to exploit the matchup whenever Garcon lined up against Cowboys cornerback Brandon Carr, who did not practice early in the week due to an illness. Garcon roasted the reeling Carr through three quarters of play, to the tune of eleven catches for one-hundred and forty-four yards - including an eight-yard slant route touchdown reception where he was not even covered. The Cowboys adjusted in the fourth quarter and assigned Orlando Scandrick to Garcon, who was then held without a catch. Before that defensive switch, Garcon ran roughshod all over Dallas on all manner of routes. Kirk Cousins fed Garcon the ball repeatedly, as Garcon got open on nearly every route he ran with seemingly no effort. Garcon, who felt the effects of a foot injury throughout most of 2012 - an injury that seems to have affected his speed in 2013 - did not appear any faster in the contest against the Cowboys, but did run routes with a decidedly smooth gait. If Cousins continues to pepper Garcon with targets in Week Seventeen against the Giants, Garcon stands to hold on to his lead as the league's leader in receptions.

Week 17 - Garcon's six catches for fifty six yards assured him of the league lead for receptions in a single season, making him the first Redskin since Art Monk in 1984 to lead the NFL. Garcon finished the afternoon with ten targets, marking the fourteenth game where he received double-digit targets. He caught the Redskins' longest pass play of the afternoon at twenty-one yards. Garcon actually encountered some difficulty getting open against the Giants, with coverage from the Giants' secondary - particularly that of cornerback Prince Amukamara - being particularly tight.