QB Nick Foles, Jacksonville Jaguars

HT: 6-5, WT: 243, Born: 1-20-1989, College: Arizona, Drafted: Round 3

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2014 Projections

David Dodds15.0363.0535.042808.
Bob Henry16.0326.0510.041208.
Jason Wood16.0341.0540.041257.629.013.055.02504.52.0346
Maurile Tremblay16.0320.0511.040728.

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Overall: C Johnson (58), J Bell (59), Nick Foles (60), B Sankey (61), T Hilton (62)
Position: A Luck (42-QB5), T Brady (55-QB6), Nick Foles (60 - QB7), M Ryan (66-QB8), C Newton (67-QB9)
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2014 Schedule

1at Philadelphia Eagles
2at Washington Redskins
3 Indianapolis Colts
4at San Diego Chargers
5 Pittsburgh Steelers
6at Tennessee Titans
7 Cleveland Browns
8 Miami Dolphins
9at Cincinnati Bengals
10 Dallas Cowboys
Bye week
12at Indianapolis Colts
13 New York Giants
14 Houston Texans
15at Baltimore Ravens
16 Tennessee Titans
17at Houston Texans

2013 Game Summaries

Week 4 - Foles came in the game when it was clear that it was over as far as the score goes and made the most of his time. He threw the ball quickly and well for 3 completions and 49 yards and a touchdown. The difference between Foles and Vick is that Foles can get the ball out quick and appears to have a better vision of the plays downfield.

Week 5 - Foles came into the game with just over a minute left in the 1st half and the ball on the Eagles 6 yard line. What he did was used McCoy as his safety net to help move the ball with the screen game and get away from his own endzone. Threw a nice ball to Jackson with 4 seconds left in the half and set up the Eagles for a FG to go into the locker room. On a 3rd and 10 he threw a bullet pass to McCoy on the sidelines for a big 1st down catch. Foles looked very comfortable running the offense and seemed to have the time on most plays to trust his offensive line and go over all his progressions on the field and allowing him to make the safe throw to the open receiver. Even when the Giants retook the lead in the game at 21-19, Foles came in and looked very poised and looked to welcome the pressure. Even when there wasn’t a play to be made on the field Foles would get the ball out and throw it away or secure it and take the sack. He threw a perfect 25 yard TD pass to Celek at the back of the endzone putting the ball only where Celek could catch it. On the next series on offense Foles threw a perfect pass to DeSean Jackson for his second touchdown of the game. Foles looked very comfortable in this offense today, moving the ball well and connecting on big plays.

Week 6 - Got off to a very smart and conservative start taking what the defense gave to him and continued to do so throughout the game. Nick Foles took a QB draw into the endzone and showed that even though he doesn't have the athletic skills that Michael Vick has, that he can still be utilized in the Chip Kelly offense when he needs to. His arm was his biggest strength today as he delivered on quick, concise passes without hesitation. Foles used his offensive line very effectively by only hanging onto the ball as long as he had to and taking fewer hits and sacks that Michael Vick has in the past. He was sacked once but secured the ball and didn't let it faze him as he continued to trust his offensive line to give him passing lanes and when the pressure did come was able to get rid of the ball. He found DeSean Jackson at the back of the endzone for his first TD pass of the game and looked calm and confident in getting him the ball. Foles threw a perfect pass in stride to Riley Cooper and led him into the endzone for his 2nd TD pass of the game. Showing that he can use the short passing game but also has the ability to hit his WR on a deep ball. In the 4th quarter he used a quick screen pass to Riley Cooper and Cooper took the ball down the sideline for a 44 yard gain. On the next play he went deep once again and this time hit DeSean Jackson in stride in the endzone for a touchdown.

Week 7 - Foles opened the game with a 1st down screen pass to LeSean McCoy and then followed that by taking a sack and later being flushed out of the pocket and being forced to throw the ball away and taking an intentional grounding penalty. He saw pressure all day from the Cowboys defense and it started right from the start of the game and never really let up. He made a nice pass to Cooper deep inside Eagles territory to pick up a first down and give the offense some breathing room. On the ground Foles showed that he is lacking in speed but he did try to make the most of it and managed to pick up a first down when a play broke down in the 1st quarter as he rushed the ball to the outside and tucked it out of bounce. Foles overthrew Bryce Brown down the left sideline where he could have laid in a nice pass for easy positive yards but failed to do so. On the Eagles next series, Foles threw a similar pass to McCoy in the same spot and it was also overthrown. On a key third down in the 1st quarter as a play broke down, Foles had some open space to run and took off and showed that his speed is limited as he was dragged down prior to picking up the 1st down. Foles checked the ball down on multiply occasions in the game as he could never seem to find an open receiver down the field. He did have an opportunity to throw the ball deep and missed an open Brent Celek as he badly overthrew the ball. He took a big hit from the Cowboys defense as he delivered a nice pass to DeSean Jackson for a first down throw. Foles was feeling the pressure all game and relied on short passing plays when he did get positive yards and when he tried to go downfield he often overthrew his WRs on the day and was just inconsistent and inaccurate the whole game. On his best throw of the game he nearly missed on a touchdown to DeSean Jackson at the back of the endzone but even then placed the ball on the wrong side of Jackson allowing for the defender to knock the ball away. A couple of plays later he had a wide open Jason Avant in the endzone and under threw the ball and missed on a sure touchdown. He left the game in the 4th quarter with a head injury.

Week 9 - Foles showed some great poise on the day and used his patience to his ability and took what was given to him on the field. He had a fantastic first drive in the game where he used all of his receivers and just moved the ball with ease and eventually found Brent Celek in the endzone for his first touchdown of the day. He even ran for a 9 yard first down as he just had no one opened and just tucked the ball down and ran the ball for a first down in the open field. Foles threw a great 17 yard touchdown pass to Riley Cooper once again showing his confidence in the Eagles recievers. On the next series Foles looked for Cooper right away again and tossed up another perfect pass to Cooper over the middle and Cooper did the rest making the catch and running the ball in to the endzone. Foles continued to show some great patience and showed that on his touchdown pass to Zach Ertz where he found him wide open. Foles used all of his receivers today and made sure to scan the field and rely on his great line protection all day long. He used that to his advantage on his screen pass to McCoy for his 5th touchdown on the day. On the next drive Foles continued to just play with this Raiders defense and went for the long ball to speedy DeSean Jackson for a 46 yard touchdown pass. On the next series he continued to look downfield and threw a deep ball to Jackson for a big 59 yard gain. After a LeSean McCoy run, Foles went back to the air again and found Riley Cooper at the back corner of the endzone for his NFL record tying seventh touchdown pass. It was a day to remember for Foles and one that showed he can run a fast paced Eagles offense and can be trusted in doing so.

Week 10 - Foles looked pretty comfortable in the pocket today and although he was pressured at various times in the game he showed great awareness and patience and only took what the defense was giving him. He had a couple of quick passes to Celek and Jackson to start out the game, helping to get his timing down. He then faked a hand off to LeSean McCoy on a third and one and kept the ball and took off and ran for a first down. On Foles first touchdown pass he threw a poor ball deep in the middle of the field in DeSean Jackson's area and two Packers defenders ran into each other trying to make a play but ended up popping the ball up into the air and allowing for an easy Jackson walk in touchdown as a result. Although it was an initially poorly thrown ball by Foles, it showed that he has confidence in his receivers and is willing to go downfield and get them the ball. Foles had pressure coming his way most of the day and took 3 sacks but also secured the ball on those plays and when he had to throw it away he did and he also tucked the ball and ran for positive yards when he had to. It seemed he had more chances to run today and had 8 carries on the day for minimal gains. He found Jackson on a quick pass near the end of the 1st half for a first down and moved the ball into Green Bay territory. On his second touchdown pass of the game he threw a deep ball to Riley Cooper that Cooper had to make a good catch to secure the ball without it hitting the ground. Foles continues to trust Cooper and is not afraid to look in his direction when the team needs a big play. Late in the 3rd quarter Foles ran a solid drive, passing to Avant along the way and then on a free play running the ball and sliding for a 16 yard gain. Although he doesn't have the break away speed he has the football smarts to see the open field and to take what is given to him. To end the drive Foles found Riley Cooper for his third passing touchdown on the day and he was wide open. The only miscue from Foles today was a fumble in the 4th quarter that resulted in great field position for the Packers offense. Foles iced the game with a 1st down run for a first down and it allowed him to take a knee and finish up the game.

Week 11 - On the first series for the Eagles, Foles couldn't connect for any big plays as he had a couple of deep passes to Riley Cooper that were both off the course. He did have a quick pass to DeSean Jackson for a first down on third down to keep the drive going early. On the next possession he set up the drive perfectly with hitting another quick pass and this time to rookie TE Zach Ertz for a first down and then on the very next play found McCoy for a big gain of 49 yards on a screen pass down the right side lines. Foles had a great fake to LeSean McCoy inside the Washington 5 yard line and ended up tucking the ball away and running it in himself for a 4 yard touchdown. On the next drive Foles started it off with a smart decision as no one was open and pressure was coming so he decided to tuck the ball and run and ended up picking up the first down on a 14 yard run. He continues to trust his offensive line and makes smart decisions with the time he is given. Foles had another fantastic drive in the middle of the second quarter where he found both Cooper, Jackson, and Brown for big first down throws and put together a nice drive which resulted into an Eagles field goal. In the third quarter he put together another nice long drive for the Eagles setting up plays and finding DeSean Jackson and Riley Cooper for big first down throw and once again using McCoy on screen play to get the ball close to the goal line. On the next play he threw to Cooper right at the endzone and was stopped short at the 1 yard line with what looked like a touchdown. So with both the Celek and Cooper stops at the 1 yard line Foles very well could have had 2 passing touchdowns to go along with his rushing touchdown.

Week 13 - The first 4 plays of the game were passes thrown to both Eagles TE's, Brent Celek and Zach Ertz. Foles threw 3 straight quick throws to Celek and picked up a good chunk of yards doing so. On his fourth throw of the game it was out of the shot gun on the 6 yard line and found Zach Ertz at the side of the endzone for a touchdown. On the second possession he started at the 50 yard line and took a 7 yard sack but made sure to secure the ball. Later on third down he tried to take off running but only picked up a minimal gain and showed very little quickness in doing so. He threw a high pass over the middle that showed he trusted his TE Zach Ertz to go up and make a play on the ball and he did so for a big first down. Foles once again showed a lot of patience in the pocket and you could tell that he was confident in his offensive line in giving him the time to make his quick decisions down the field. When the Eagles were backed up on their own goal line, Foles once again showed his poise and took his time as he made plays to McCoy and then to DeSean Jackson and gave the offense some much needed breathing room. Mid way through the 2nd quarter Foles found a wide open Jason Avant for a 20 yard pass, helping to move the offense into field goal range. Foles is playing very well in the Eagles system and is taking what is given to him and is refusing to turn the ball over which has been one of the major keys to his success. With just over 2 minutes left in the 2nd quarter Foles threw a perfect 25 yard pass to DeSean Jackson down the sidelines and allowed him to get out of bounds and stop the clock. On his second touchdown of the game he threw a perfect pass to Celek as he raced across the goal line. The third touchdown of the game was a pass to Zach Ertz over the middle and right at the goal line as Foles continues to find the open man while being patient in the pocket doing so.

Week 14 - Foles started the game with a very conservative throw to Celek for a 2 yard gain as he was clearly testing the weather conditions early on. His first incompletion came on a 3rd and 9 as he threw a perfect pass to Riley Cooper that bounced off his hands for what would have been a 1st down. Even with the snow covering the field he still remained calm and collective as he dropped back to make throws. He missed connecting with Cooper once again as he threw a nice ball to him but Cooper couldn't hang on to it as he hit the ground. On the very next Eagles possession, Foles made his worst decision of the year and threw a pass in the area of no Eagles receiver and the ball was intercepted by the Lions. When the Eagles got the ball back Foles took the snap and bobbled it but in the end he fell on the ball and secured possession. Foles made a pinpoint sideline pass to DeSean Jackson and picked up a big first down near the end of the first half to keep the drive alive. Foles lead an impressive drive to end the first half but came up just short as they went for a 4th down play that was thrown to the endzone to Riley Cooper. On the Eagles first scoring drive Foles found Jackson for a first down pass and catch to start things out and then went down field over the middle and hit Riley Cooper for a 44 yard gain. As Foles was flushed out of the pocket he found a wide open Jackson for a 19 yard touchdown. Foles followed that scoring drive up by coming back with a nice throw to Cooper for a first down and then threw a deep ball to DeSean Jackson over the middle of the field that he had him wide open on but just over threw him. Foles had a 20 yard run and later followed the same drive up with a 1 yard quarterback sneak for a touchdown and to help the Eagles take an 8 point lead in the game. Foles iced the game with a 4th down pass to Brent Celek for what would have been another touchdown but Celek smartly slid and helped the Eagles just kneel the ball down and kill the clock for the win.

Week 15 - Foles started off the game with a quick WR screen to Riley Cooper that was immediately sniffed out and ended up going for a 2 yard loss. Then 2 plays later on third and long he threw a short pass over the middle to his TE Zach Ertz that was over his head. Foles had a lot of time on a throw downfield to Jason Avant but Avant didn't have the speed to catch up to the ball. On a 1st and 20 Foles took off running for a 9 yard gain and then after a miss to Chris Polk on a screen pass he took off for the longest run of his career for 21 yards. He looked awkward trying to slid at the end of his runs but did his best to not take any additional contact. After the runs it set up the screen game and Foles found McCoy for a big gain of 24 yards down the right sideline. He ran a third time on the drive for a 6 yard gain on first down taking the ball down to the Vikings 14 yard line with another awkward looking slide. Later on third down as the pocket broke down Foles tried to run once again but was sacked this time due to his lack of elusiveness outside of the pocket. On Foles first throw to Jackson he over threw him for what would have been a 1st down. On the very next play Foles went back to Jackson and this time found him for an open first down catch. He again followed up that play with another pass to Jackson for another first down. After a few short passes in a row Foles then threw a very nice 40 yard pass that was close to the endzone for Riley Cooper. Cooper made the catch but didn't get both feet in bounds. After back to back short gains while running the Eagles were in a 4th and short situation close to the Vikings endzone and did a double end around that Foles was flagged for an illegal block for what would have been a touchdown. Foles led a quick field goal drive to end the first half as he found both Cooper and Jackson for a couple of catches a piece and finished up the drive with a screen pass to McCoy. Foles under threw Jackson on a deep ball and it was intercepted, and was one of the rare times that Foles tried to force a throw. Foles badly over threw Avant deep in the middle of the field and then eventually found him a couple of plays later for a first down. A few plays later he threw a perfect pass to DeSean Jackson for a 30 yard touchdown. After only having to settle for 3 field goals in the first half, Foles had to get the Eagles into the endzone and start scoring touchdowns and that is what he did in the 3rd quarter. He threw a 3 yard strike to Zach Ertz for a touchdown and showed that even when the Eagles are down in the game that he doesn't show it on the field and he stays calm and helps move the ball very well. Foles continued to fight to the end and put together his 3rd touchdown drive of the 2nd half with a bullet pass to a wide open Jason Avant in the corner of the endzone. He followed that up with a 2 point conversion pass to Riley Cooper in traffic close to the same spot in the endzone.

Week 16 - His first pass of the game was a screen pass to McCoy to help get his feet wet. Foles ran for a first down as he read the defense perfectly and even though he is not the fastest runner he is smart in finding his running space. He later rolled out of the pocket and found Riley Cooper at the back of the endzone for a touchdown. Off of a play action play Foles rolled out to the right and found Zach Ertz for a 27 yard catch and got the Eagles back into the redzone. Foles continued to play with a high level of confidence and was reading the defense very well right from the start of the game and in doing so was always able to find his open man. He had his second touchdown of the game in the first quarter on a pass to Brent Celek, who ended up rumbling in for the score. Foles had a nice pump fake that he then passed to Jason Avant for a 17 yard reception. He is finding additional ways to create space for himself. Foles made a great throw to Cooper for a big 32 yard play that helped set up a 1 yard McCoy touchdown.

Week 17 - The Cowboys brought the heat on defense all game long and Foles had to be alert and careful with the football throughout the game. He made a nice screen pass out to Chris Polk that Polk raced to the outside for a big gain to help ease him into the game. On the same drive he made a tough throw to Riley Cooper in traffic over the middle of the field to help set up the Eagles for a field goal. On the next drive he looked comfortable in the pocket and starting things off with a throws to Ertz, Cooper and then back to Ertz once again. Foles was charged with an intentional grounding penalty and was not fazed by it as on the very next play he threw a bullet pass to DeSean Jackson for 20 yards and got the penalty yards back. He was then pressured once again by the Dallas defensive line and some how got the ball off high downfield and Jason Avant leaped up and made a remarkable 22 yard catch to get the Eagles inside the Cowboys 5 yard line. He followed that up with a smart screen pass to LeSean McCoy to the right side where McCoy just walked the ball into the endzone for the Eagles first touchdown. Foles went down field to once again and ended up throwing a jump ball for Brent Celek for a 35 yard gain. Foles then went right back to Celek and found him for a 14 yard touchdown on a play where Celek was wide open. Foles had a nice roll out pass to the right side where he eventually found Zach Ertz for a first down. The Cowboys opened up the 2nd half with a mad pass rush and continued to get to Foles and eventually got Foles to cough up a fumble for his only turnover of the night. Foles had a 4th and goal run from the 1 yard line and could not get the ball over the goal line.

Week 18 - Foles started the Eagles first drive with an over throw to DeSean Jackson and two plays later made a nice read and found an open Zach Ertz for a first down over the middle. On the next set of downs Foles had a check down to Avant for 2 yards and then a miscommunication with McCoy where they couldn't connect on a screen pass. Foles continued to keep it simple as the game started as he had his only run of the game for a 3 yard gain and then followed that up with a screen pass to McCoy for a minimal gain. To end the first quarter Foles had time to throw the ball but just hung onto the ball for too long and ended up taking an 11 yard sack that pushed the Eagles into a long field goal try which they went on to miss. On the Eagles first touchdown drive it was all Nick Foles in making sure the Eagles got the touchdown. He had completions to Cooper, Avant, and Ertz before he threw a perfect pass to Cooper who was crossing in the endzone for the touchdown. Foles was flushed out the pocket on his 40 yard throw to DeSean Jackson at the end of the third quarter. It was a tough throw for Foles to make on the run but he put the ball where Jackson could make a play on it and come down with the catch. One of Foles best qualities is his poise and calmness he shows late in games where every play matters. With the Eagles trailing 23-17 in the 4th quarter Foles took the team down the field mistake free and ended up finding rookie TE Zach Ertz for a touchdown giving the Eagles a 1 point lead.