WR Michael Floyd, Baltimore Ravens

HT: 6-3, WT: 220, Born: 11-27-1989, College: Notre Dame, Drafted: Round 1, Pick 13

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2014 Projections

David Dodds16.
Bob Henry16.
Jason Wood16.
Maurile Tremblay16.

Average draft position

Current as of August 25th. [Full ADP list]

Overall: J Cameron (54), T Brady (55), Michael Floyd (56), B Tate (57), C Johnson (58)
Position: P Harvin (50-WR20), D Jackson (52-WR21), Michael Floyd (56 - WR22), T Hilton (62-WR23), T Smith (63-WR24)
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Overall: C Patterson (48), P Harvin (49), Michael Floyd (50), J Cameron (51), R Rice (52)
Position: C Patterson (48-WR19), P Harvin (49-WR20), Michael Floyd (50 - WR21), D Jackson (54-WR22), T Hilton (55-WR23)
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2014 Schedule

1 Cincinnati Bengals
2 Pittsburgh Steelers
3at Cleveland Browns
4 Carolina Panthers
5at Indianapolis Colts
6at Tampa Bay Buccaneers
7 Atlanta Falcons
8at Cincinnati Bengals
9at Pittsburgh Steelers
10 Tennessee Titans
Bye week
12at New Orleans Saints
13 San Diego Chargers
14at Miami Dolphins
15 Jacksonville Jaguars
16at Houston Texans
17 Cleveland Browns
18at Pittsburgh Steelers
19at New England Patriots

2013 Game Summaries

Week 1 - As advertised all off-season, Floyd’s big play ability was immediately on display in week 1. A “top-10” worthy one-handed catch on a 44-yard bomb was the highlight of Floyd’s afternoon, but the 38 yards Floyd managed on his 3 additional catches nicely displayed his ability to help move the chains and provide Palmer with a big, consistent target opposite Fitzgerald. Already an integral part of the passing attack, Floyd’s targets should continue to grow as more and more teams shade additional coverage over to Fitzgerald’s side.

Week 2 - Floyd was the quietest receiver on Sunday, catching 3 of his 7 targets for an almost insignificant 22 yards. Floyd converted a crucial third-down during the team’s go-ahead drive in the fourth, but left little mark otherwise. Fitzgerald’s injury should lead to more targets as well as defensive attention for the 2nd year wideout, and his ability to elevate his game during this stretch will be important to his maturation process within the team, as well as solidifying himself as a viable fantasy starter.

Week 3 - Floyd appeared an early focal point of the game plan, displaying his strong hands and large radius to make the game’s opening catch. Much like the Cardinals passing game as a whole, Floyd was unable to continue his early success. While Sunday’s game is now the second sub-par performance from Floyd this season after starting out so well week 1, it’s important to note a few positives going forward. Floyd was tied along with Larry Fitzgerald and Andre Ellington for 6 targets, including one of Palmer’s few deep throws. His output has been down, but Floyd is still very much a focal point of the offense, and one of Palmers favorite deep-ball targets and nothing about Sunday’s game would indicate that changing anytime soon.

Week 4 - While fellow WR Larry Fitzgerald will get much of the fanfare for catching the game-tying touchdown, it was Michael Floyd who shined most on the offensive side of the ball Sunday. Floyd was targeted a team-high 10 times, catching 5 of the passes for 87 yards. His 35 yards after the catch helped move the chains for an otherwise stagnant offense, also playing a key role in the battle for field position late in the game. Poor pass protection has often prevented the Cardinals from throwing deep and limited some of what Floyd does best, but game’s like this show his ability to be a complete wide receiver, helping the passing game in all facets.

Week 5 - Floyd faired best of the receiving group on Sunday, but when your Quarterback throws for less than 200 yards and a 1:3 touchdown to interception ratio, you’re not going to be seeing very prolific receiving stats. But Floyd was Palmer’s most consistent target, and took advantage of the extra coverage shaded Fitzgerald’s way. Coach Arians’ placed the blame on Floyd for Palmer’s first interception of the day, believing it to be a “jump ball” in which the much bigger receiver should at the very least knock the ball down to prevent the turnover. While that is true, Floyd had beat his defender by two steps and the pass should have never been a jump ball in the first place. A better throw leads to an easy deep touchdown and a much gaudier stat line for Floyd.

Week 6 - Floyd put together another solid outing, scoring a touchdown and catching 5 of the 6 passes thrown his way, and was a slightly questionable (albeit, likely correct) offensive pass interference call away from having a huge day.  Its clear how much Floyd benefits when Fitzgerald is having success on the other side, but it also appears Floyd is being featured in a wider array of routes than he was earlier this season.  While still refining many of the smaller elements of his craft, Floyd has grown into the receiver the Cardinals envisioned when selecting him in the first round.  

Week 7 - For as bad as the offense played, Floyd once again was able to display his impressive skill-set.  Floyd's first catch of the night highlighted his excellent hands, and while not the fastest guy, Floyd showed power when running after the catch.  An inability to connect on any deep balls, considering his strength, was more to do with shoddy protection and QB play, than anything Floyd could have controlled.  Floyd's season has been very much under the radar due to the offense’s overall struggles, but he's grown nicely as an NFL receiver, and continues to get better each week. 

Week 8 - While Palmer and Floyd have struggled to connect on the deep plays both are said to excel at, Floyd continues to grow each week and show value in the other areas of his game. On only three catches Floyd was able to showcase his excellent hands, increased understanding of coverage, and big frame in the red-zone to score the team’s final touchdown. Additionally, Floyd had a key block sealing the edge to spring Andre Ellington’s 80-yard touchdown run. Without an improved line and better QB play, Floyd’s box score numbers will rarely blow anyone away, but those watching weekly can see the consistent growth and star-potential still bubbling under the surface.

Week 10 - Floyd looked good again early, catching two quick passes from Palmer, but left the game in the first quarter with an apparent shoulder injury. In his postgame press conference Head Coach Bruce Arians said he hopes to have Floyd back next week, but this is definitely something for fantasy owners to monitor.

Week 11 - The impressiveness of Floyd’s game on Sunday cannot be overstated. Playing with a partially separated shoulder, Floyd started off sluggish dropping two balls before coming to life with an incredible, acrobatic 22-yard sideline catch. The play seemed to wake Floyd up, who then went on to catch 5 more passes including his 91 yard catch and run showing his impressive combination of speed and strength by both running through and past defenders. At times he still rounds off his routes a little too much, but his massive catch radius can often makes up for it. When he’s running crisp routes, he can appear nearly un-guardable.

Week 12 - Floyd's performance was overshadowed by Fitzgerald's milestone and two touchdown day, but that should take nothing away from an absolutely dominant performance.  Leading the team with 7 receptions (on 7 targets) and yards, Floyd's physical presence was simply too much for any Colt cornerback.  Floyd was a big reason for the Cardinals' exceptional 50% 3rd-down conversion ratio, often coming back to aid Palmer and using his big frame to overpower defenders. Floyd has developed into the counterpart for Fitzgerald the team has lacked since Anquan Boldin's departure and his chemistry with Palmer is clear.  Its a pick-your-poision situation right now between Fitzgerald and Floyd, and on Sunday both players took turns delivering deadly doses. 

Week 13 - With extra attention continually sent Fitzgerald’s way, Michael Floyd is quietly flourishing. Once again on Sunday he appeared simply un-guardable, being targeted 10 times and amassing just under 100 yards with a score. Floyds’ day could have been much bigger as he easily beat his defender deep on what turned out to be Palmer’s first interception of the afternoon instead of the 50+ yard touchdown a better throw would have resulted in. He clearly has developed a nice chemistry with Palmer, and his massive catch radius is often reminiscent of Fitzgerald’s. On occasion Floyd still rounds-off his routes, something he’ll have to always work on as a bigger bodied WR, but his progress this season gives Cardinals fans a lot of hope for the future and someone for fantasy players to target next year.

Week 14 - After several strong weeks persevering through multiple injuries, Sunday Floyd finally struggled. He still was able to extend his streak, now 22 straight catches resulting in either first downs or touchdowns, but Floyd was clearly bothered by the ankle injury suffered last week against the Eagles, and the shoulder injury which has bothered him for half the season. Coach Arians has pushed Floyd hard in practice, but rest might be necessary as the Cardinals will need more out of their number-2 receiver as they continue on in their, albeit unlikely, playoff push.

Week 15 - Floyd is clearly struggling to play through his ankle and shoulder injuries, but gutted through another performance, picking up a few crucial first downs as well as breaking up a potential interception. Coach Arians’ continues to push the second-year WR hard, imparting the importance of practicing through the week if he is to play on Sundays, so while his numbers have fallen a bit the past few weeks, he must be credited for his gutsy effort in simply suiting up.

Week 16 - Michael Floyd managed only one catch on the afternoon, despite tying Fitzgerald for a team-high 5 targets, but it’d be an understatement to say Floyd made sure his one catch counted. With the team trailing by 1 late in the 4th quarter, Floyd beat his defender in a one-on-one situation down the left sideline for an incredible 31-yard touchdown catch, requiring exceptional concentration and equally impressive hands. A highlight worthy catch, to cap off an incredible win as the Cardinals reach double-digit wins and continue fighting for their slim chance of a playoff bid.

Week 17 - Floyd struggled with drops early in the game, failing to convert a first down which directly led to a Jay Feely missed FG, but the second year WR came on strong in the second half, amassing 91 yards and out-jumping two defenders for a 44-yard “jump ball” catch while eclipsing 1000 receiving yards on the season. The future is bright for Floyd, who continues to become a more refined route runner, and now has a much firmer grasp of Arians’ complex offense. With some likely upgrades to the offense around him, Floyd is primed to explode statistically in 2014. He should be targeted as a high-WR2 in any fantasy league.