TE Coby Fleener, Free agent

HT: 6-6, WT: 247, Born: 9-20-1988, College: Stanford, Drafted: Round 2

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David Dodds15.044.050211.44.074
Bob Henry16.044.050011.44.074
Jason Wood16.048.055511.64.080
Maurile Tremblay16.040.043110.84.067

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Overall: D Brown (191), Coby Fleener (193), R Helu (195)
Position: D Allen (183-TE21), J Cook (190-TE22), Coby Fleener (193 - TE23), G Graham (212-TE24), A Seferian-Jenkins (221-TE25)
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Overall: R Helu (191), Coby Fleener (192), K Thompkins (193),
Position: T Eifert (177-TE21), J Cook (182-TE22), Coby Fleener (192 - TE23), G Graham (207-TE24), A Seferian-Jenkins (215-TE25)
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Coby Fleneer's second year in the league was much better than his first, doubling his reception totals and nearly tripling his yardage totals. He finished with 52 receptions for 608 yards and 4 touchdowns, which was second most on the team behind only T.Y. Hilton. The Colts offense of 2014 will be much different than 2013 squad, which isn't exactly good news for Fleener or his fantasy outlook. Veteran wide receiver and potential Hall of Famer, Reggie Wayne will be returning as will Dwayne Allen. Hakeem Nicks also joins the fold and will be another offensive mouth to feed. Fleener is best when he can receive the ball in space and use his athletic ability to gain yards, especially after the catch. The return of Dwayne Allen to the in-line tight end role will give Fleener this opportunity. There is potential for him to exceed his 2013 numbers, simply due to experience and increased success on the offensive side of the ball, but forecasting similar numbers to his 15th ranking in 2013 may be more optimistic.

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2013 Game Summaries

Week 1 - Fleener caught his lone target, a safety valve dump off by a heavily pressured Luck. Both TEs seemed to have etched a place in this offense based off last season and during this offseason, with that being said, Sunday's game definitely didn't echo that notion. We'll chalk this up to the flow of the game being as to why Luck didn't get his tight ends more involved.

Week 2 - With no Dwayne Allen, it was going to be Coby Fleener's show at TE regardless, however he made a case for the whole game to be about him. The Dolphins, who gave up a lot to Jordan Cameron last week, didn't play much bump and run on Fleener at the line, and with an athletic TE like Fleener, letting him break out of his stance and just go, he's a hard guy to keep up with as it showed on his first catch- a 40 yard seam route that he was pretty open for, gaining handfuls of YAC while doing so. In the 2nd quarter, Fleener found himself in paydirt after a three yard TD pass from Luck where he out routed to the corner of the endzone, securing his first TD of the season. Luck was looking his way often, specifically on the designed rollout plays, Fleener would be right there for Luck to dump off to in the flats. Fleener actually had a second TD snag, a nice routed 15 yard TD, that was called back due to an illegal shift on the offensive line. Fleener finished with just as many targets as Reggie Wayne did (8), and it's something to say that he finally looked healthy and on the same page with his QB. With Dwayne Allen's nagging injury hampering him from being on the field, Fleener looked really good in his expanded role and should have Colts fans now excited about his outlook on the rest of the season, avenging his one catch performance last week.

Week 3 - With San Francisco's stellar linebacker corps, Fleener couldn’t have been expected to do much - and that proved to be the case. He caught both of his targets, however, one of which set up Trent Richardson's touchdown run. With Dwayne Allen, the blocking tight end, out for the season, it was on Fleener to stay in-line and block. He fared rather well, sealing off the edge on a few of Bradshaw’s runs. In a game where no one on the Colts offense was fantasy relevant, not much should be read into Fleener's disappointing box score totals.

Week 4 - With the TE being a focal point in this offense, and with no Dwayne Allen for the rest of the season, Fleener is seeing a lot of action- as a receiver but also as a blocker. For someone who wasn't touted out of college as a solid blocker, he's making the best of efforts to prove that wrong as Trent Richardson's successful runs came on outside runs, most of the time to Fleener's side where he was holding his own on the edge. What he's really known for is his athleticism and his hands, both of which were shown off in this game; Luck was looking his way early and often as a check down option when all else failed. Fleener did haul in a TD pass- a 31 yarder off a play fake from Luck that because the fake was sold so well, Fleener was left to run open and when he caught it, there wasn't a defender anywhere near him to make his trot to the end zone difficult. Coby also had a great third down conversion catch that got the Colts inside the 5 and ultimately led to the take-the-first-team-out clinching TD.

Week 5 - With only three targets this game, and the run game needing an extra blocker to pick up the pressure the defense was bringing, there weren't many opportunities for Fleener to make plays. Both of his catches were first down catches however but there wasn't much else to his game. This seems to be happening more times than not now as the Colts are really trying to get Trent going, plus the loss of Dwayne Allen and them not having another TE to go to, it's Fleener who now has to line up inside and stick the LB on run plays. Once Trent gets his motor going, expect more chances for Fleener in the passing game.

Week 6 - If Darrius Heyward-Bey had the worst game out of Colts pass catchers, Fleener surely locked himself into that second spot. Fleener is called upon now to play a lot of snaps as the inline TE with no Dwayne Allen, and the Colts are well aware of his lacking ability to sustain blocking, and in this game it showed as he was beaten multiple times, leading to TFL in the backfield. He did see 6 targets this game, however there was two drops out of them- one being an impactful one as Luck found him in the seam around their 20, Fleener possesses it, looks up field too quick and loses it. Would've been a big gainer, potentially leading to a TD, and in a game where the Colts were sputtering, that drop was one they'll look back on and wonder ěwhat ifÖî. As mentioned with the 6 targets, Luck didn't go away from Fleener and he did have a few first down catches, but outside of that drop he had where he broke open, he was contained pretty well all night. Fleener shows flashes, and then he has disappointing games- it's beginning to seem like inconsistent is going to be the way the describe Fleener's play this season.

Week 7 - Catching all five of his targets this game, Fleener finally made something of the chances he received. A season-high in catches, in the biggest game of the season, says something about how he raises his game when the stage calls for it. He even found the endzone on a well drawn out playaction fake by Andrew Luck, as he found Fleener down by the goaline and they connected from 8 yards just before the half ended. It was a crucial TD that put Indy up two scores and really set the tone for the rest of the game. With the news coming in about the Colts losing WR Reggie Wayne for the season, one would think those targets have to go somewhere, as Luck will now be leaning on what he trusts most- and who would you trust more than the TE you've been throwing to for 4 years now? If Fleener can take advantage of the opportunities he's about to have, his second half to the season can be a very promising one.

Week 9 - After catching a big 40+ yard pass early on in the 4th, Fleener didn't make much noise after that as he only caught two more passes. Had a crucial drive-ending drop in the third that could've sparked the offense, showing that he still isn't quite there yet as a reliable TE option for Luck. He'll keep getting his opportunities however as the Colts will need any sort of passing options they can with Wayne sidelined for the season- you just wish Fleener could start to play like the tight end it seems he can be.

Week 10 - Down 21 real fast and with the offense just playing from behind, Fleener led the team in targets (10), only catching 4 however. Most of those catches came on dumpoffs after Luck's initial go-to option wasn't there. Fleener wasn't able much to make plays after the catch, breaking no tackles on the day. In a game where it was out of hand early, not much can be taken away from this game when it comes to Fleener as the on-paper statline of 4/33 sums up the performance pretty well.

Week 11 - This is the kind of game Colts fans hoped to see from Fleener from time to time- dominated in single coverage, the ability to shed tackles, AND he was a formidable edge blocker; Fleener led the team in catches and was the lone Luck receiver to net double digit targets. He had a 39 yard catch which he found himself breaking free on a crossing pattern and then used his deceiving speed to get to the edge to peel off some YAC. Fleener looked like the real deal this game and hopefully it can spark his rest of season as he hasn't been as active as the Colts would prefer him to be.

Week 12 - Fleener continues to find himself as he scored, yet again, in this one- Luck found him streaking into the endzone and gave him a perfect pass as Fleener secured it. It was the Colts lone touchdown of this game so it was the only real takeaway from this one. It now seems as if Fleener has found himself in this offense as Luck is finding him on a consistent, week to week basis and it's much needed as the Colts outside of him and Hilton have no one they can rely on.

Week 13 - Leading the team in receiving yards, Fleener continued to deliver when the team is relying on him to do so. Two of his three catches came early in the first quarter, back to back actually, as he was finding holes in the secondary. Unfortunately you'd have to fast forward to late in the 4th to find Fleener's next catch which ultimately could've gone for six as Luck found him down inside the 5 but the pass was off just enough to bring Fleener down in the process of catching it; if it's a well thrown ball Fleener sees paydirt on it. A missed opportunity for Fleener as a TD along with his 3/50 would've made for a much better box score. But this is Fleener's fourth straight game where he's been productive in the pass game and for a team who needs all the help they can get from their receiving core, Fleener will continue to have plenty of opportunities to keep putting numbers up.

Week 14 - Tied for the team high in targets (9), only about 6 of them were catchable as when Luck did decide to be inaccurate, it was usually on passes towards Coby. It was a rather quiet outing for him as most of his catches were small ones over the middle. This is how his statline has been as of late so this isn't exactly shocking- however in a game where they needed points, you'd of been hopeful that Luck would've leaned on his safety valve more than he did.

Week 15 - One target. That's all you'll see in Fleener's box score as he was practically invisible in this one. Coverage wasn't exactly lock down on him, Luck just wasn't looking his way throughout this one. The rollercoaster ride of Fleener's season hit it's low in this one and OC Pep Hamilton surely will make sure blank performances like this don't happen in the future.

Week 16 - Coby Fleener continues to frustrate as he only had two catches on a lonely three targets in this one; there isn't any burst from the tight end and he rarely gets separation so Luck can't really get him the ball. His two catches totaled eight yards- so to say Fleener had little impact in this game's results might actually be doing him more justice than he deserves.

Week 17 - A pass by the end zone that could’ve been brought in would’ve made this game a whole lot better for Fleener- however it was slightly off target and Fleener just couldn’t adjust. Only catching one pass, however, with that one grab alone he amassed his receiving yards in each of his last two games. A rather disappointing second half of the season for Fleener as he just hasn’t been getting the same number of looks- and when he does, he just doesn’t deliver.

Week 18 - Finally breaking out of his funk, Fleener became a weapon in this one rather than just a decoy/blocker. Second on the team in targets (7), Fleener was able to get space on the defenders guarding him as he caught 5 in this contest. Lining him up on the outside a few times, they opened up their gameplan with Coby and needless to say it was successful; successful to the point of him snagging a TD in the end zone on a seam route that once he broke on it, Luck released the ball and placed it on the money for Fleener and his rather shaky hands weren’t going to let go of this one as he caught it for 6. Fleener, who’s been quiet as of late, needed this game to get out of a funk and to make teams start to respect him going forward- I think that latter part was accomplished in this game.

Week 19 - After disappearing from the offense closing out the regular season, Fleener showed his ability in the postseason as he posted another solid statline in this one; leading the team in receptions and targets, he lined up outside more this game than usual, trying to force mismatches for the Pats’ secondary. He got one crack at a TD when he lined up wide on the goaline and Luck gave him a lob, Coby just couldn’t make a play on the pass. Colts fans hope that Fleener’s postseason is a sign of things to come, and with Dwayne Allen returning next year Indy will be able to run plays out of their two-tight end sets more comfortably- a solid year can be in the works next year, as long as Fleener’s hands don’t let him, or the team, down.