QB Ryan Fitzpatrick, Miami Dolphins

HT: 6-2, WT: 221, Born: 11-24-1982, College: Harvard, Drafted: Round 7

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2014 Projections

David Dodds14.0279.0448.032267.
Bob Henry14.0289.0475.032806.916.014.044.02004.52.0246
Jason Wood7.0128.0225.014506.
Maurile Tremblay11.0229.0373.024776.611.012.031.01575.11.0178

Average draft position

Current as of August 25th. [Full ADP list]

Overall: S Taylor (228), Ryan Fitzpatrick (229), T Wright (231)
Position: T Bridgewater (219-QB27), G Smith (220-QB28), Ryan Fitzpatrick (229 - QB29), B Bortles (235-QB30), M Schaub (236-QB31)
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The newly acquired Ryan Fitzpatrick is expected to be the week one starting quarterback for the Houston Texans, who don't have any better alternatives. In his nine years in the league, Fitzpatrick has started at least three games in seven seasons. Never once has he finished a season with a winning record. From a fantasy perspective, Fitzpatrick is capable of putting up decent touchdown numbers. In the last three seasons where he was starter entering week one, he totaled 23, 24 and 24 touchdowns with at least 250 yards rushing in each of those seasons. He quietly finished inside the Top 17 among quarterbacks, including a Top 12 finish in 2011 with the Bills. He doesn't have a rocket arm and he isn't one to rack up the passing yardage, but he has a future Hall of Fame wide receiver in Andre Johnson who made David Carr look respectable. Waiting in the wings at quarterback for the Texans are Case Keenum and rookie Tom Savage. The job appears to be in the grasp for the journeyman veteran, but if things go south early on, there could be an outcry for a replacement.

2014 Schedule

1 New England Patriots
2at Buffalo Bills
3 Kansas City Chiefs
4at Oakland Raiders
Bye week
6 Green Bay Packers
7at Chicago Bears
8at Jacksonville Jaguars
9 San Diego Chargers
10at Detroit Lions
11 Buffalo Bills
12at Denver Broncos
13at New York Jets
14 Baltimore Ravens
15at New England Patriots
16 Minnesota Vikings
17 New York Jets

2013 Game Summaries

Week 4 - Fitzpatrick came in for Jake Locker in the third quarter after he suffered a hip injury. Fitzpatrick immediately faced a third and 13, which he converted by throwing a precise pass to Kendall Wright over the middle of the field. That throw was the highlight of Fitzpatrick's day however. He repeatedly missed receivers before completing a 77 yard touchdown pass to Nate Washington. While he threw the 77 yard pass, Washington deserves the credit for the play because he initially came free and was forced to work back to an underthrown pass. There was a notable drop off between Fitzpatrick and Locker.

Week 5 - Fitzpatrick made horrible throw after horrible throw before he should have been intercepted by Eric Berry early in the second quarter. As he had done earlier in the game, Fitzpatrick forced the ball into a very tight window over the middle against a Cover-2 coverage. On the first occasion he couldn't get the ball to Kendall Wright, but Brandon Flowers had to stretch to tip it away. On the second occasion, he forced it to Delanie Walker, instead throwing the ball into Eric Berry's chest. Fitzpatrick continued to play poorly, but he had a big play with his feet when he scrambled at the start of the third quarter. A few plays later, Fitzpatrick evaded a sack with a quick shovel pass to Chris Johnson in the flat. It was a good play, but Johnson did all the work to turn it into a 49 yard touchdown pass. Fitzpatrick did find Kenny Britt with an excellent throw in the endzone later in the third quarter, but Britt dropped the ball. On the next drive, Fitzpatrick should have been intercepted again, but Berry dropped it again and was unfairly penalized for pass interference. Eventually, the Titans found their way to the goalline and Locker was able to scramble in for a touchdown. A staple of the Titans 2013 season so far has been deep comeback routes to Nate Washington. Locker has consistently thrown them with great accuracy and velocity, when Fitzpatrick attempted a deep sideline route to Washington late in the fourth quarter, he was intercepted. Fitzpatrick's throw was inaccurate and it came at a critical point of the game as the Chiefs had just taken a three point lead. The Chiefs scored a field goal off that turnover and Fitzpatrick threw another interception on the next drive to seal the loss.

Week 6 - Fitzpatrick almost led a 90+ yard scoring drive in the first quarter. However, as is typical of him, he overthrew Damian Williams in the end zone. On the next drive, he immediately overthrew Nate Washington for his first interception of the day. Fitzpatrick was connecting well with Williams after missing him early and he made some nice plays with his feet. However, he should have been intercepted again late in the second quarter when he threw the ball straight to an underneath defender. Early in the fourth quarter, Fitzpatrick underthrew a deep pass down the sideline straight to Richard Sherman. This was something Fitzpatrick regularly did with the Buffalo Bills. His day was encapsulated on a play late in the fourth quarter, when he fumbled the ball by simply trying to go through his throwing motion.

Week 10 - Fitzpatrick came in late in the second quarter. Fitzpatrick was eased into the game with screen passes and throws underneath before he found Taylor Thompson wide open in the end zone for his first touchdown. Thompson was open after play-action while Fitzpatrick ran into the flat on a bootleg. Fitzpatrick kept the Titans offense on track for the most part, but he should have been intercepted deep in Jaguars territory after throwing the ball straight to Alan Ball. Ball dropped the pass however. Down by nine late in the fourth quarter, Fitzpatrick completed some underneath throws that turned into big gains because of his receivers before he scrambled into the end zone for a touchdown. After that touchdown, Fitzpatrick panicked on the next drive as his eyes dropped against a blitz and he fumbled the ball. The Jaguars returned it for a touchdown that sealed their victory. Fitzpatrick did lead a touchdown drive after, but the Jaguars recovered an onside kick to end the game.

Week 11 - Fitzpatrick's performance against the Colts was his best since his Buffalo days. He continued to be a limited quarterback, as his eyes repeatedly dropped too quickly when he left the pocket and his deep ball is still essentially non-existent, but he did enough to keep the offense ticking over without Jake Locker. Fitzpatrick was primarily able to keep the offense on track because the Chris Johnson was very effective running the ball and the Colts couldn't match up to Delanie Walker or Kendall Wright over the middle of the field. Nate Washington and Justin Hunter were barely involved because they were working more down the sidelines. Fitzpatrick's only touchdown of the game went to Walker as he was wide open running towards the pylon in the end zone.

Week 12 - Fitzpatrick converted many third and longs during the first quarter with precise throws. His most impressive was a seeam route to Kendall Wright that he fit between two defenders. Fitzpatrick played well in the first half. He still ran too often but at least he didn't make any costly mistakes. To begin the third quarter, he made an excellent throw to Kendall Wright before he found Justin Hunter for a touchdown. Hunter did most of the work, but the throw from Fitzpatrick was on point. Fitzpatrick's best throw of the game came late in the fourth quarter, as he found Kendall Wright down the field on a perfect throw while under pressure. He dealt with a lot of pressure during the game. Often he ran and didn't pull the trigger like he did on this play however. On a drive that lasted six minutes, Fitzpatrick showed good poise and made smart decisions before finding Wright for the game winning touchdown at the goal line. The backup quarterback is still limited in certain areas, but this was a very impressive display overall.

Week 13 - Ryan Fitzpatrick underthrew his first pass to Kendall Wright, before he overthrew Nate Washington down the sideline in the first quarter. Washington made a great catch to save the reception, but Fitzpatrick's ball placement cost them an immediate touchdown. Nonetheless, the drive continued down the field and Fitzpatrick made two plays with his feet to set up and score the Titans' first touchdown. On third and 14 in the second quarter, Fitzpatrick should have been intercepted when he forced a ball over the middle of the field and completely missed Kendall Wright. Fitzpatrick wasn't throwing the ball accurately throughout the first half so it was no surprise that he ended the half with a terrible interception. In the third quarter, Fitzpatrick did little to bring the Titans to the end zone, but made a smart pass to Chris Johnson on fourth and one after rolling out of the pocket for the touchdown. After taking over excellent field position in the third quarter, when the Titans were winning by two points, Fitzpatrick showed no situational awareness as he tried to escape a sack and make a throw that turned into a fumble. The Colts took the ball down the sideline to set up a field goal of their own. On the ensuing drive, Fitzpatrick forced a pass over the middle of the field that was intercepted. Fittingly, Fitzpatrick threw another bad interception to end the game. He was the difference between a convincing victory and a close loss in this game.

Week 14 - Fitzpatrick hit his first two throws. The first converted a third down, while the second was a big play to Justin Hunter that brought them to the goal line. Fitzpatrick had little else to do in the first half, but he missed a few pass attempts to receivers down the field. In the third quarter, he was too relaxed in the pocket and eventually threw an interception as Von Miller tipped a pass in front of his face. The Broncos scored on the ensuing drive, but Fitzpatrick rebounded. He found a wide open Justin Hunter down the middle of the field for a big touchdown. Hunter was wide open, which allowed Fitzpatrick to hang it in the air for him to go and get. Fitzpatrick again proved in this game why he is still just a backup quarterback.

Week 15 - Fitzpatrick completed his first few passes to move the chains in the first quarter. He was able to set up a field goal, but he was also fortunate not to turn the ball over. After dropping his eyes too early in the pocket, something he has done throughout the season, Fitzpatrick scrambled and had the ball punched free by a defender from behind. Fortunately for the veteran quarterback it went straight to a teammate. On the ensuing drive, Fitzpatrick's weakness benefited him. He initially dropped his eyes in the pocket and made to scramble. For whatever reason, he bounced backwards instead of continuing upfield and spotted Chris Johnson open out wide. Fitzpatrick threw a perfect pass to him that he carried into the end zone. His second touchdown came in the third quarter, but it overshadowed a number of bad throws he made in between. Kendall Wright's excellence and a number of penalties allowed the drive to continue, before Fitzpatrick found a wide open Delanie Walker for a touchdown. That didn't stop Fitzpatrick from continually missing receivers. Their next drive stalled because of his inacurracy, before he was lucky not to be intercepted by Daryl Washington in the fourth quarter. Fitzpatrick was intercepted on the next drive, as he made a bad decision trying to find Nate Washington. That combined with bad ball placement gave Antoine Cason an easy pick-six. At the very least, Fitzpatrick rebounded by driving his offense down the field before throwing a touchdown pass to Michael Preston. He followed that up with a number of impressive throws to set up a field goal and score a touchdown before the end of the fourth quarter, but again he fell apart in overtime. He cost Nate Washington a chance at a long-range touchdown to win the game with poor ball placement, before throwing the interception that proved to be the nail in the coffin.

Week 16 - The first drive of this game showed off what we have come to know about Ryan Fitzpatrick. He threw two very accurate, impressive passes to Nate Washington to big plays, before he made it easy on the defense on third and one. Fitzpatrick ran a bootleg but dropped his eyes immediately instead of looking for a receiver downfield. That decision forced the Titans to settle for a field goal, but a similar one on the next drive forced them to settle for a punt. It was a bad start for the former backup quarterback. Things didn't get much better as the game went on. Fitzpatrick missed Justin Hunter down the field before checking down too quickly to backs deep in the red zone. He overthrew Delanie Walker after play action from the one yard line for a turnover on downs. Incredibly, Fitzpatrick tried to find Kendall Wright between three defenders to start a drive in the second quarter. He was lucky not to be intercepted. Ironically, Fitzpatrick's luck turned immediately after half time. He slightly overthrew Delanie Walker, but Walker should have made a reception on a deep crossing route. Instead he tipped the ball into the air for an easy interception. After that, the Titans focused on the running game. The Titans ran it in for a touchdown before Fitzpatrick found Washington wide open for their first touchdown of the fourth quarter off of play-action. Fitzpatrick has the tools, but again, this game was another example of his inability to play the quarterback position.

Week 17 - This game gave us the overwhelming negatives of Ryan Fitzpatrick's play, without any of the rare positives. His inaccuracy as a passer is simply incredible for a professional and it's clear that he will be returning to the sideline moving into 2014.