WR Larry Fitzgerald, Arizona Cardinals

HT: 6-3, WT: 223, Born: 8-31-1983, College: Pittsburgh, Drafted: Round 1, Pick 3

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2014 Projections

David Dodds16.
Bob Henry16.02.0105.00.081.092011.48.0141
Jason Wood16.
Maurile Tremblay16.

Average draft position

Current as of August 25th. [Full ADP list]

Overall: M Stafford (35), C Spiller (36), Larry Fitzgerald (37), A Johnson (38), P Garcon (39)
Position: V Jackson (33-WR11), K Allen (34-WR12), Larry Fitzgerald (37 - WR13), A Johnson (38-WR14), P Garcon (39-WR15)
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PPR Average draft position

Current as of August 25th. [Full PPR ADP list]

Overall: P Garcon (36), C Spiller (37), Larry Fitzgerald (38), V Cruz (39), R White (40)
Position: A Johnson (35-WR13), P Garcon (36-WR14), Larry Fitzgerald (38 - WR15), V Cruz (39-WR16), R White (40-WR17)
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2014 Schedule

1 San Diego Chargers
2at New York Giants
3 San Francisco 49ers
Bye week
5at Denver Broncos
6 Washington Redskins
7at Oakland Raiders
8 Philadelphia Eagles
9at Dallas Cowboys
10 St. Louis Rams
11 Detroit Lions
12at Seattle Seahawks
13at Atlanta Falcons
14 Kansas City Chiefs
15at St. Louis Rams
16 Seattle Seahawks
17at San Francisco 49ers
18at Carolina Panthers

2013 Game Summaries

Week 1 - With the emergence of Carson Palmer comes the reemergence of Larry Fitzgerald as one of the game’s best wide receivers. Fitzgerald hauled in both of the team’s two offensive touchdowns, the first coming off a simple 4-yard fade to the back of the end zone, and the second on a 24-yard fly in which he was able to quickly get behind the cornerback with a little stutter-step move at the line of scrimmage. In addition to the touchdowns, Fitzgerald was Palmer’s most frequent target, catching 8 of the 14 balls thrown his way. Crystallizing what has been discussed all off-season, the changes in offensive scheme and the upgraded Quarterback play should have Cardinals fans and fantasy owners rejoicing as Larry Fitzgerald appears back in top form.

Week 2 - Fitzgerald was severely hampered by a hamstring injury suffered Wednesday during practice, forcing the star WR to sit out the majority of the 3rd, and all of the 4th quarter. Fitzgerald admirably gutted it out early and was able to draw an important pass interference penalty in the 3rd quarter, but after the game Fitzgerald was quoted saying he was “less than 80%” entering the game and it was obvious to anyone watching. While never the fastest guy on the field, Fitzgerald’s injury left him unable to accelerate through his breaks, never allowing him to gain much separation from his defender. Already adamant he’ll be on the field next week when the Cardinals travel to New Orleans, Fitzgerald’s injury must be monitored closely. Until he’s practicing fully again, Fitzgerald might need to be a “prove-it” player for fantasy owners.

Week 3 - Fitzgerald for the most part appeared healthy, once again leading the team in targets, receptions and yards, but did not appear as the game-changing talent we’re accustom to seeing. How much of that was due to his hamstring and not the lackluster performance of both his quarterback and offensive line is difficult to discern, but both Cardinals fans and fantasy football owners must be happy that Fitzgerald didn’t suffer any setbacks and was able to finish the game.

Week 4 - After not being targeted once through the entire first half, Fitzgerald caught the Cardinals lone touchdown of the day, on a 13 yard option route in which he beautifully set up CB Darrelle Revis faking outside before cutting in to haul in a Carson Palmer strike. Fitzgerald’s lopsided performance was a microcosm of the Cardinals offense as a whole and going forward the team must find better ways to involve the all-pro playmaker much earlier. Fitzgerald does appear fully recovered from his early season hamstring injury which should benefit both the team and fantasy owners going forward.

Week 5 - Fitzgerald, always the diplomat, struggled to contain his frustration with the offense in his post-game press conference. It’s understandable, as the star receiver has spent half of his prime playing in one of the most anemic offenses each year. It can be looked at as a sign of improvement that Fitzgerald was at least targeted in the first half, unlike last week in Tampa, but with two interceptions in an effort to force the ball Fitzgerald’s way, the outcome wasn’t much better. Bracketed most of the game, Fitzgerald was often better used as a decoy on Sunday, but did have a few important chain-moving catches to put the Cardinals in scoring position.

Week 6 - Its a shame that Fitzgerald's best game of the season also featured his most costly play, but at least concerns over his hamstring were further put to bed.  Fitzgerald was back to being the team's highest targeted player. His first quarter, 75-yard touchdown was oddly reminiscent of his famous Super Bowl score, but in the end it was Fitzgerald's costly third quarter fumble that was the turning point on Sunday.  Down by only two, Fitzgerald fumbled deep in San Francisco territory.  After a 49ers recovery and subsequent 18-play drive, San Francisco had opened up a two-score lead and taken momentum back.  Fitzgerald finished the day with his best numbers since Week 1, a good sign for both his hamstring and the often hamstrung offense, but it requires a clean game to beat a superior team, and Fitzgerald's fumble was anything but. 

Week 7 - Fitzgerald's hamstring injuries are clearly affecting his performance, he seems unable to gain much separation nor run many deep routes.  The Seahawks did an excellent job mixing coverage on Fitzgerald, often bracketing him with a linebacker or safety, but when healthy Fitzgerald still possesses the ability to beat that coverage. Fitzgerald did make his impact on the game in another area providing two crushing blocks on Seattle CBs.  With ample rest time over the next few weeks, hopefully the second half of the season will see the Larry Fitzgerald we're all accustomed to. 

Week 8 - Quite a noteworthy day for the star receiver. Fitzgerald started the day as the biggest name mentioned by Adam Schefter in potential trade rumors, and ended the day as the youngest player in NFL history to reach 800 career receptions. Despite fairly pedestrian numbers Sunday, Fitzgerald looked as healthy as he has since the injury, and with the bye week rest should be close to 100% for the second half of the season. Look for more consistent production from Fitzgerald going forward.

Week 10 - Fitzgerald was almost entirely a non-factor in Sunday’s game, catching just three passes on six targets for a measly 23 yards. Some of QB Carson Palmer’s early season struggles were pinned on attempting to force the ball to Fitzgerald, and while this didn’t appear to be an overcorrection, it is simply unacceptable. There were of course extenuating circumstances at play. Fellow WR Michael Floyd left the game in the first quarter allowing the Texans’ defense to focus more on Fitzgerald. Additionally, the added attention opened up some plays for the tight ends, leading to the best game of TE Rob Housler’s career. This, however, is not a sustainable model of success going forward, and the Cardinals’ coaches must find a better balance between not forcing the ball to Fitzgerald, and making sure he’s heavily involved.

Week 11 - Fitzgerald played a solid game Sunday scoring the team’s first touchdown, and contributing with a few important 3rd-down converting catches. It seems odd Fitzgerald only amassed 61 yards on a day in which his quarterback threw for over 400, but is more a statement on Michael Floyd’s monster day and Palmer’s ability to spread the ball than any damnation on Fitz. He often has looked a little less explosive than the past, not separating quite as well, so one does have to wonder in his hamstring injury is still nagging him, or if it’s possible that Fitzgerald is starting to slow down.

Week 12 - Sunday was a milestone day for Fitzgerald, becoming the youngest player ever to reach 11,000 receiving yards.  He also looked like the vintage Fitzgerald that had been missing much of the season, due to an unstable offense and an early hamstring injury.  Leading the team with 11 targets, Fitz hauled in both of teams passing touchdowns, the first capping off a dominant opening drive, with the second coming on a beautiful double-move to beat double coverage.  Vontae Davis simply could not contain him, and when the Colts opted to bracket Fitz, Palmer found the open man.  The emergence of Michael Floyd and awakening of Rob Housler no doubt have taken some pressure off the future Hall of Famer, and Fitz is always one to take advantage.  Already having doubled his touchdown total from last season, Larry is back in peak form, and there is no sweeter sentence for Cardinals fans and fantasy owners alike.  

Week 13 - Fitzgerald put together a solid effort Sunday, but seemed to go long stretches without making much of an impact. This was of course due to the bracketed coverage he saw all afternoon. Fitzgerald scored the Cardinals’ first touchdown of the day, making an impressive catch in traffic, bouncing off two defenders before running in for the score. Fitzgerald was also featured a little more heavily in the wide receiver screen game, a clear effort to get the ball in the hands of a playmaker, but one that doesn’t really play to the star’s strengths. While not as prolific a game as the previous week against the Colts, Fitzgerald continues to find the end zone keeping him firmly entrenched as a fantasy football WR1.

Week 14 - Its been an interesting season for Fitzgerald. Hampered by a hamstring injury early in the year, trade rumors swirling near the deadline, and constant double-teams had all caused many to doubt the veteran superstar. Yesterday, Fitzgerald was in vintage form, catching all 12 balls thrown his way, scoring another touchdown to bring his season total to 10. With that, Fitzgerald became the 9th player in NFL history to have at least 10 receiving touchdowns in five separate seasons. Fitzgerald’s constant double-teams has played a major role in the emergence of Michael Floyd, but Sunday the Rams oddly chose to single-cover Fitzgerald most of the game, proving to be an incredibly costly scheme error. Not only was Floyd badly hobbled by an ankle injury, preventing him from making much of an impact on the game, but quit simply the Rams do not posses a cornerback capable of containing Fitzgerald. Anytime the Rams were able to stay close in coverage, Fitzgerald showed off his hall of fame hands, making some incredible catches look utterly routine.

Week 15 - Fitzgerald had a solid afternoon for a passing game that focused more on efficiency than explosiveness, converting multiple first downs and setting up Rashard Mendenhall’s second touchdown of the day. Fitzgerald nicely displayed his understanding of the Titans’ coverage schemes, continually sitting down in the open area of the Titans’ zones. Most worrisome for fantasy owners and of course the Cardinals themselves was the concussion Fitzgerald sustained attempting to secure an onside kick late in the fourth quarter. Fitzgerald looked noticeably out of it on the sidelines, and did not play in overtime. He will go through the league’s concussion protocol this week and his status for Sunday against the Seahawks is definitely in doubt.

Week 16 - Fitzgerald had a better day than his stats show, simply by virtue of penalty yardage. Fitzgerald was able to draw two pass interference calls against Richard Sherman worth roughly 50 yards, putting the Cardinals in scoring positions that sadly were wasted on interceptions. Fitzgerald however, was partially at fault for one himself, getting off the line about 2 seconds late and disrupting the timing of a pass that was easily picked off. By all other accounts Fitzgerald had an awful day, catching only 3 balls for less than 20 yards, but again when your offense turns the ball over 4 times and you play a top-tier defense, strong statistics are not to be expected.

Week 17 - While Fitzgerald wasn’t able to find the end zone in his final game of the season, he did eclipse 100 yards for only the second time all year. Despite falling just short of 1000 yards on the season, Fitzgerald had 10 touchdowns and a considerably better season then the year previous. Fitzgerald’s long of the day came on a 49-yard pass beautifully dropped into his hands by QB Carson Palmer while running in stride. Fitzgerald was also the victim of a few uncalled, obvious, pass interference penalties, but was still able to have an incredibly effective day. The tandem of Floyd and Fitzgerald worked well again Sunday, and considering Fitzgerald played much of the season with a nagging hamstring injury, his season was all that much more successful.