TE Jermichael Finley, Free agent

HT: 6-4, WT: 243, Born: 3-26-1987, College: Texas, Drafted: Round 3

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2014 Projections


Average draft position

Current as of August 25th. [Full ADP list]

Overall: B Celek (224), S Johnson (225), Jermichael Finley (226), S Taylor (228)
Position: A Seferian-Jenkins (221-TE25), B Celek (224-TE26), Jermichael Finley (226 - TE27), T Wright (231-TE28), A Quarless (246-TE29)
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PPR Average draft position

Current as of August 25th. [Full PPR ADP list]

Overall: B Bortles (225), B Celek (226), Jermichael Finley (227), S Taylor (228),
Position: A Seferian-Jenkins (215-TE25), B Celek (226-TE26), Jermichael Finley (227 - TE27), T Wright (230-TE28), A Quarless (240-TE29)
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2013 Game Summaries

Week 1 - Finley had a very good day, with one huge error which almost spoiled it. After two catches on short passes which Finley was able to turn into long gains, Finley gave away an interception. On the play, Finley had a step on linebacker Patrick Willis, the sort of mismatch the Packers love to see and take advantage of. Aaron Rodgers hit Finley perfectly in stride, right on the hands. However, Finley was unable to secure the ball, bobbled it and then sent it sailing to rookie safety Eric Reid. The Packers didn't give up on Finley though and he later rewarded them with a touchdown reception to tie the game at the end of the first half. On the play, Finley ran a quick out route and Rodgers tossed him a short pass. 49ers cornerback Perrish Cox was right there to make the tackle, but Finley slipped the tackle and stayed on his feet. Strong Safety Donte Whitner came over to knock Finley out of bounds, but the tight end kept his balance and dove for the end zone to score. Finley consistently turned short passes into long gains throughout the day as Rodgers would look for him on quick routes and clearly believed Finley would get the extra yards the offense needed. If Finley can eliminate the errors like the bump-set interception, he could be in for a huge season.

Week 2 - Jermichael Finley carried over the momentum from his Week 1 and had a very good day against Washington, catching all but one of his targets. On his touchdown catch in the middle of the second quarter, Finley ran his route to the mouth of the end zone. As quarterback Aaron Rodgers drifted to his side of the field, Finley slipped to the back of the end zone. Under pressure, Rodgers spotted his tight end and threw a bullet, which Finley jumped up and grabbed for the touchdown. As with several of the Packers receivers, Finley was able to gain positive yardage after the catch as well. For example, with just over 10 minutes to go in the third quarter, Finley ran a short out to the left of the formation and turned upfield. Finley shed one would-be tackler and then ran over a second as he moved up the sideline. He proceeded to truck a third defender before being dragged down by two more players. The play showed a tremendous amount of effort from Finley, who has at times been criticized for a lack of will and toughness. He showed on Sunday that he still retains the talent which made him a huge weapon in his early years in Green Bay.

Week 3 - Finley was targeted just once, on a deep route down the middle of the field where he made the catch and then was hammered by Bengals safety George Iloka. It was a clean hit, as Iloka was trying to hit with his shoulder, Finley was just too low and caught the blow with his head. It snapped back and the result was a concussion. Finley left the game and his status going forward is unknown.

Week 5 - Anxious to get back in the lineup after leaving Week 3’s game early with a concussion, Jermichael Finley ran hard on his routes and made every attempt to gain an extra yard or two on every play. He was met with varying degrees of success as sometimes the defenders hit him immediately after he caught the ball. Other times he was a punishing runner, such as during his second catch of the day, a catch on a three yard out which he turned into a ten yard gain. On the play, Finley ran his short route, caught the ball and then ran towards the sideline. He dodged one defender, though the player did slow him down enough for linebacker DeAndre Levy to reach him. Finley dragged Levy past the first down marker and another three yards to boot. Two of his next three catches were for first downs as well and featured him carrying players forward as he fought for some extra yards. It was a solid returning game for Finley and he looks to be just as involved in the offense as he was prior to his injury.

Week 6 - Finley made some excellent attempts on some throws which weren’t easy to haul in. Late in the first, Aaron Rodgers threw a laser beam past the defender and Finley extended himself to get it but just couldn’t hold on. For most of the day, Finley was blanketed by coverage, but he got free on two key plays late in the game. The first was a 19 yard reception for a first down where he—in fact all of the receivers—were smothered in coverage. As Rodgers slid out of the pocket looking for someone to break free, Finley spun around in a tight circle, losing Ravens linebacker Terrell Suggs in the process. Rodgers saw him and threw the ball. Finley made the catch and turned upfield for a key first down. The second one was one where Finley broke up the middle on his route and got inside on safety Matt Elam who dove for the ball instead of staying with Finley. Once he caught the ball (and Elam was prone on the ground) Finley turned upfield. There was a huge gap between where Finley and Elam were and the rest of the secondary and Finley had a tremendous amount of room to run, turning what might have been a big gain into a huge one and just about ended the game.

Week 7 - Jermichael Finley was well on his way to a monster day when he went down with a frightening head/neck injury near the start of the fourth quarter. In fact, Finley was a perfect five for five receiving and willed his way to a touchdown to cap the first Graan Bay drive. On the play, Rodgers hit Finley on a short out route. Finley turned upfield, juked the first defender, steamrolled two more and then spun his way into the end zone. In what was probably his best game of the year—maybe in several years—Finley had great success using his size and strength to overpower any Browns trying to cover him and his athleticism was causing huge problems for their linebackers when having to cover him. The injury to Finley occurred near the start of the fourth quarter on a simple slant pass. After the catch, Finley could see defensive back Tashaun Gipson closing in on him and lowered his head (he might have been in the process of being tackled to the ground by another defender). Gipson hit Finley’s head with his shoulder pad and Finley collapsed to the turf. He had to be placed on a stretched and removed from the field via cart. Currently, he has been reported as having been walking a little after having been in an ICU overnight. Hopefully Finley can recover quickly and to full health, regardless of whether he takes the field again.