TE Zach Ertz, Philadelphia Eagles

HT: 6-5, WT: 249, Born: 11-10-1990, College: Stanford, Drafted: Round 2

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2014 Projections

David Dodds16.057.070712.46.0107
Bob Henry16.051.066513.07.0109
Jason Wood16.054.067012.47.0109
Maurile Tremblay16.046.059312.95.089

Average draft position

Current as of August 25th. [Full ADP list]

Overall: P Rivers (99), B Pierce (100), Zach Ertz (101), K Moreno (102),
Position: J Reed (89-TE9), D Pitta (90-TE10), Zach Ertz (101 - TE11), M Bennett (112-TE12), C Clay (135-TE13)
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PPR Average draft position

Current as of August 25th. [Full PPR ADP list]

Overall: S Jackson (97), K Benjamin (98), Zach Ertz (99), R Wilson (100), P Rivers (101)
Position: K Rudolph (84-TE9), D Pitta (88-TE10), Zach Ertz (99 - TE11), M Bennett (112-TE12), L Green (129-TE13)
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Chip Kelly knew what he was getting with Zach Ertz, having coached against him in the Pac-12. Ertz provided glimpses of his potential last year, but wasn't consistent enough to be a high confidence fantasy breakout candidate this year. At issue is more Chip Kelly's coaching tendencies than any flaw in Ertz' game. Ertz played 41% of the snaps last year, as Kelly likes to use different personnel groupings to create mismatches. With the additions of Darren Sproles and Jordan Matthews, it's unclear whether there are more snaps available for Ertz this year. Ertz isn't much of pass blocker, but proved an able run blocker last season. If you assume Ertz is on the field for roughly 50% of the snaps, he can project as a low end TE1 at best. More likely, Ertz will be a reliable fantasy TE2 for use during bye weeks or as an injury fallback.

2014 Schedule

1 Jacksonville Jaguars
2at Indianapolis Colts
3 Washington Redskins
4at San Francisco 49ers
5 St. Louis Rams
6 New York Giants
Bye week
8at Arizona Cardinals
9at Houston Texans
10 Carolina Panthers
11at Green Bay Packers
12 Tennessee Titans
13at Dallas Cowboys
14 Seattle Seahawks
15 Dallas Cowboys
16at Washington Redskins
17at New York Giants

2013 Game Summaries

Week 1 - Vick threw him a nice pass over the middle that would have been a nice gain, but Ertz dropped it as he showed a lack of concentration. Vick then went back to him again on 3rd down and as Ertz rolled over to make the catch the ball hit the ground. The opportunities were there early for the rookie but he could not secure the ball. He did make an 11 yard grab later in the quarter that helped the Eagles pick up a first down as he made sure he made the catch by bringing it in to his body.

Week 2 - Ertz starting to show some ability to make plays downfield and gained the trust of QB Michael Vick as the game went on. He caught both of his targets of 31 and 27 yards and showed nice hands and run after the catch ability. On the 31 yarder, Ertz was great after the catch, taking the ball in stride and picking up some big yards after the catch. He looks to be a viable offensive weapon that can add some help for Michael Vick and the offense and is continuing to gain confidence and chemistry each week.

Week 3 - Ertz was on the field very little in this game and had a minimal impact. His only catch was a short catch underneath that picked up a first down against soft coverage. Ertz had his biggest catch, against prevent defense, called back because of a holding penalty. The team needed the tight end to help in pass protection more than normal and they clearly trusted Celek more in that role.

Week 4 - Ertz had a drop early in the game and then made a great catch and run for 38 yards in the 4th quarter but it was when it really didnít matter at that point. It was still nice to see and hopefully could be one of those plays that help his confidence going forward.

Week 5 - Had a nice effort on a diving catch opportunity that he just missed on early in the game. The effort was there as he stretched out his body in mid air with defenders nearby looking to make the big hit and actually taking one that resulted in a personal foul and helped give the Eagles 15 yards. Ertz made a great diving catch at the Giants 7 yard line showing more confidence than he has all season. He had another first down catch at the end of the half as Nick Foles entered the game and looks to be gaining the confidence of both Eagles QBs.

Week 6 - Missed a high pass from Foles right along the goal line but showed that he has gained confidence and is not afraid to go up in traffic to try to make the hard catch. Ertz caught back to back passes later in the 1st quarter and looked to be the TE that the Eagles are going to be using more and more going forward. Foles trusted him and targeted him on 6 different occasions. He looked to be overtaking Brent Celek's role in the passing game and gives the Eagles QBs more of an athletic receiver down field that can go up and make the catch.

Week 7 - Foles over threw him on his first target on a short pass over the middle. Ertz looks to be continuing to get more and more targets each week and is staying on the field in key moments in the game and being shown that he can be trusted. On his first catch it was for minimal gain as it came on 3rd down and long and the Cowboys basically let him have the short catch and then just tackled him immediately. When Barkley entered the game Ertz made a couple of nice catches.

Week 8 - On his first target Vick tried to force a pass into him on third down but Ertz could not come up with the catch. He was overthrown by Matt Barkley at the end of the first half and could never seem to get in sync with either QB today.

Week 9 - Ertz was one of the many trusted receivers on the day and he took his first pass thrown in his direction down in the redzone and hustled his way towards the goal line and remained just shy of a touchdown. Ertz finally had his breakout game and it was one that if you have watched the past few Eagles game you knew it was only a matter of time. He is finding ways to get open all over the field and give the Eagles QBs a solid target to get the ball to. He got some separation at the end of the second half and worked his way to the corner of the endzone and snagged a Nick Foles pass for a touchdown. He caught two additional passes from Matt Barkley in garbage time but showed that he will continue to play hard no matter the score.

Week 11 - Ertz once again is being involved in the Eagles offense and is catching passes in key moments in the game. He caught a first down pass from Foles in the first quarter to start out the Eagles first touchdown drive. He started off the second half with a drop over the middle on a pass that he should have had and then on the very next pass for a first down as he showed his strength and dragged along a few Washington defenders as he picked up some additional yards.

Week 13 - Zach Ertz first catch of the game was a 6 yard touchdown were he beat the defender to the corner of the endzone and showed off his sure hands and made the catch. He later had a fantastic catch over the middle of the field as he went straight up with his hands and scooped the ball out of the air, showing a nice catching ability and being a target that Foles can start to trust in the offense. On a third and long Foles threw a screen pass to Ertz for a short gain and came up short and were forced to punt. The nice thing about the play was that they trusted Ertz in a key situation and he is slowly becoming one of the key targets in the passing game. Ertz had another big catch in coverage and showed some power as he took some hits and picked up a few extra yards. In Ertz's biggest game of his rookie season he picked up his second touchdown of the day reeling in a 24 yard Foles pass across the goal line. He showed some sure hands today and that he is a pass catching TE that has a lot of potential going forward.

Week 14 - Ertz went back to reality this week as he was only targeted once and was slightly overthrown.

Week 15 - On his first target Foles over threw him for what would have been a short gain in the middle of the field. Ertz was again targeted on a similar pass from his first time and this time made the catch for 4 yards. Ertz was thrown another pass over the middle that he made a 9 yard catch on. Ertz continued to be the tight end that Foles was looking for and he made a catch late in the 3rd quarter to keep the chains moving. On the same drive Foles found Ertz for a 3 yard touchdown pass that Ertz made a remarkable one handed grab in mid air. The catch showed how versatile Ertz is in this offense and that he can be a major asset for Foles in the Eagles future. Although Ertz numbers were very good his final two catches came at the end of the game when it really didn't matter.

Week 16 - Ertz had one catch on the day and it came on the Eagles 2nd drive and was a big 27 yard reception that he had to find separation down the field.

Week 17 - On the Eagles first touchdown drive Ertz was a key member at getting open and helping Foles out of trouble and had two catches in the open field. He is once again showing great hands and that he can be trusted by Nick Foles. Ertz had his third catch of the game and picked up a first down for the Eagles.

Week 18 - On the Eagles opening drive Zach Ertz got involved early with a quick catch over the middle of the field to pick up a first down on a 3rd and 7. He continues to show good chemistry with Foles under center and has become a trusted receiver in the Eagles high paced offense. Ertz had his 2nd catch of the game on the Eagles first touchdown drive, it was for minimal gain but it once again reinforced the confidence that Foles has shown in him. On the same drive Foles tossed him a ball in the corner of the endzone that went off his fingertips for what would have been a touchdown. Ertz later found the endzone to help give the Eagles a 24-23 point lead with under 5 minutes to play. He kept moving his feet and found a way to get open and Foles eventually found him in the endzone.