TE Tyler Eifert, Cincinnati Bengals

HT: 6-6, WT: 250, Born: 9-8-1990, College: Notre Dame, Drafted: Round 1, Pick 21

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David Dodds15.047.051210.94.075
Bob Henry16.050.056011.25.086
Jason Wood16.058.068511.85.099
Maurile Tremblay16.049.052910.84.077

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Overall: M Lee (174), D Baldwin (175), Tyler Eifert (176), T Kelce (177), M Jones (178)
Position: E Ebron (154-TE17), D Walker (172-TE18), Tyler Eifert (176 - TE19), T Kelce (177-TE20), D Allen (183-TE21)
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Overall: D Baldwin (175), Tyler Eifert (177), A Dobson (178), M Jones (179)
Position: T Kelce (170-TE19), D Allen (172-TE20), Tyler Eifert (177 - TE21), J Cook (182-TE22), C Fleener (192-TE23)
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Tyler Eifert was drafted in last yearís first round. A dynamic receiving threat in college, Eifert showed brief flashes of that ability last season. His place in this offense Ė along with that of fellow tight end Jermaine Gresham Ė remains to be seen as the teamís new offensive coordinator Hue Jackson is a run-first type of coach. However, a broken foot to Marvin Jones could leave Eifert as the de facto second receiver in the offense early in the season, particularly in the red zone.

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Jaguars | Tyler Eifert ends up in the end zone (Sun Nov 29, 09:58 PM) - Jacksonville Jaguars TE Tyler Eifert ended up with three receptions for 16 yards and a touchdown on four targets in Week 12 against the Cleveland Browns.

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Jaguars | Jacksonville's injury report for Week 12 (Fri Nov 27, 03:35 PM) - Jacksonville Jaguars WR DJ Chark Jr. (ribs), CB Sidney Jones (Achilles) and OG Andrew Norwell (forearm) did not practice all week and have been ruled out for Week 12 against the Cleveland Browns. WR Chris Conley (hip) did not practice Friday, Nov. 27, and has also been ruled out. LB Aaron Lynch (shoulder) was added to the injury report and limited in practice Friday; he has also been ruled out as well. QB Gardner Minshew (thumb) was limited in practice all week, while RB Dare Ogunbowale (hand) was added to the injury report despite practicing in full Friday; both players are listed as questionable. LB Dakota Allen (ankle) was limited in practice all week but was taken off the injury report. TE Tyler Eifert (concussion), TE James O'Shaughnessy (knee, non-injury), OL Cam Robinson (illness), WR Laviska Shenault Jr. (hamstring) and S Jarrod Wilson (shoulder) practiced in full Friday and no longer appear on the injury report.

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Jaguars | Jacksonville's Thursday practice report (Thu Nov 26, 05:28 PM) - Jacksonville Jaguars WR DJ Chark Jr. (ribs), CB Chris Claybrooks (core), CB Sidney Jones (Achilles), OG Andrew Norwell (forearm) and TE James O'Shaughnessy (knee, non-injury) did not participate in practice Thursday, Nov. 26. LB Dakota Allen (ankle), WR Chris Conley (hip), QB Gardner Minshew (thumb), WR Laviska Shenault Jr. (hamstring) and S Jarrod Wilson (shoulder) were limited. TE Tyler Eifert (concussion) and OL Cam Robinson (illness) practiced in full.

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Jaguars | Wednesday injuries from J-Ville (Wed Nov 25, 07:09 PM) - Jacksonville Jaguars CB Sidney Jones IR (Achilles), CB Chris Claybrooks (core), OL Andrew Norwell (forearm), WR Chris Conley (hip) and OL Cam Robinson (illness) didn't practice Wednesday, Nov. 25. TE James O'Shaughnessy (knee), TE Tyler Eifert (concussion), S Jarrod Wilson (shoulder), LB Dakota Allen (ankle), LB Shaquille Quarterman (knee) and DT Abry Jones (ankle) were limited.

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Jaguars | Tyler Eifert targeted five times (Sun Nov 22, 10:48 PM) - Jacksonville Jaguars TE Tyler Eifert ended up with two catches for 32 yards on five targets in Week 11 against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

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2014 Schedule

1at Baltimore Ravens
2 Atlanta Falcons
3 Tennessee Titans
Bye week
5at New England Patriots
6 Carolina Panthers
7at Indianapolis Colts
8 Baltimore Ravens
9 Jacksonville Jaguars
10 Cleveland Browns
11at New Orleans Saints
12at Houston Texans
13at Tampa Bay Buccaneers
14 Pittsburgh Steelers
15at Cleveland Browns
16 Denver Broncos
17at Pittsburgh Steelers
18at Indianapolis Colts

2013 Game Summaries

Week 1 - Eifert showed a ton of promise in this one. With Dalton spreading it around, Eifert seemed to get the ball in space a couple times. He got the first reception of the game on a quick 3 yard short pass. But after that, he was able to get open. Later in the first quarter, Eifert flared out toward the sideline on a play-action pass, took the throw from Dalton and burst upfield for 17 yards. Eifert has very surprising speed for a man of his size and obvious strength. Then later in the first half, Dalton hit Eifert across the middle, and Eifert turned ahead and charged through a couple defenders for a 14 yard gain. Then in the third quarter, Dalton hit Eifert on a quick out and Eifert ran for 8 on this one. The impressive thing about Eifert was his speed and physicality after the catch. We know he will eventually get redzone looks and show the benefits of his leaping ability and height, as he did so often in college. But for now it was impressive to see him as such a big part of the game plan, in his first career start.

Week 2 - Eifertís big 61 yard touchdown was a big moment for Dalton and the Bengals early in this game. As for Eifert, however, he was just the recipient of a very easy throw and catch. He basically just took off upfield, found himself wide open, caught the ball and ran as far as he could. Eifert was never really a threat to score on the play, as he wasnít going to outrun two members of the Steelerís secondary, but 61 yards was good enough!

The Bengals tried to get Eifert the ball early, but Dalton missed him twice on throws that sailed way over Eifertís head. Yes, heís tall Andy, but not that tall!

Eifert also had a good night blocking, and this is the part of the game that could end up giving him the nod over Gresham sooner, rather than later. He was touted as the complete package coming out of Notre Dame, and at a position that traditionally takes a little time to learn, Eifert has had two very solid games to start his career.

Although Eifertís 61 yard rumble has been seen on all the highlights, he was really unable to do much else, and as we mentioned, there wasnít a whole lot of difficulty in that route. At this point, Eifert is still learning the offense, and still working on building a connection with Andy Dalton. Right now, Gresham is the better route runner, and seems to be getting more looks. When the Bengals do throw to Eifert, it usually looks like they are making an effort to get him the ball, which is traditionally what happens when rookies are integrating themselves into the playbook. Expect that to change in coming weeks, however, as Eifert grows into his role.

Week 3 - Eifert had one seven yard slant pass, and that was it. At this point the 2 TE offense is not being utilized as much as it perhaps could. But how well does Eifert know the offense? When he does get the ball itís either a play designed to go to him, or a breakdown by the defense, as in his long 60+ reception last week. Marvin Jones and Mohamed Sanu are both playing very well, and if that continues, it will naturally eat into the amount of snaps that Eifert gets. The Bengals have a lot of flexibility, as they can go 2 TE or 3 WR and they have the horses to pull off either one. But at this point, owning Tyler Eifert is just as risky as owning Marvin Jones. If the gameplan swings the other way, one of the two just wonít see the field.

Week 4 - Eifert had two short receptions for minimal yardage, but was finally able to make an impact in the second half. Eifert lined up wide, and faked in for the slant and then continued straight up the field. Dalton hit him in stride, and Eifert picked up a big 29 yard gain. Although it wonít show up on the stat sheet, he made another play which shows his tremendous ability. Dalton rolled out to the right and tried to hit Eifert on a long sideline route. The pass was thrown high and out of bounds, but Eifert leaped into the air and made an amazing catch, albeit out of bounds. The leaping ability of Eifert is something we havenít quite seen yet, especially in the red-zone, but that will likely show up in the future.

Week 5 - Eifert has more play-making ability than Gresham, but is obviously still learning the position. The Bengals made a concerted effort to get the ball in his hands early on. A quick slant pass to Eifert was caught, and Eifert carried a defender down to the first down marker, picking up 11. Then, on play-action, Eifert broke down the middle of the field and Dalton hit him for a 22 yard gainer. Eifert showed that he has solid speed and showed his potential to be a force at the position. Eifert had 3 other receptions, all of them of the short variety. However, it was clear that the gameplan was to get both tight ends involved, and for the first time in a few weeks, Eifert was obviously a big part of the gameplan.

Week 6 - As the number two tight end, Eifertís production has been pretty low for most of the season. He had a nice 10 yard slant pass and another short reception in this one, but that was it. Dalton did look his way on a deep pass down the sideline, but Dalton just threw it out of bounds. It was good to see Dalton make that throw, as they need to get Eifert involved in more jump ball scenarios. But until Eifert takes over Greshamís job, the production just isnít going to be there.

Week 7 - The Bengals finally gave Eifert a shot to make a play downfield, as Dalton launched a ball high in the air, and Eifert boxed out his man, jumped in the air and pulled down the TD. Eifert needs more jump balls, as that is where he really made a name for himself in college. His ability to catch the ball at the highest point of his jump makes him a tremendous weapon.

Despite the TD, however, Eifert still isnít on the verge of becoming a consistent weapon, as Gresham still gets a lot of playing time, and a lot of looks. At this point in his career, Eifert is one of many weapons, and not a consistent target of Daltonís passes.

Week 8 - Dalton made an effort to get Eifert the ball early. He hit him on a short out for 7 yards on the first drive, then on a quick slant that went for 16 on the 2nd drive. Most of the throws to Eifert seem designed, as heís still working his way into the offense. Eifert also got thrown a quick slant in the endzone, but was unable to come up with the laser from Dalton. Eifert still doesnít seem to be comfortable in this offense, but you can only imagine how dangerous they will be when he finally ďgets itĒ. The light hasnít come on yet, but the physical tools are apparent in his size, speed and jumping ability.

Week 9 - Eifert was of little value in this game, just taking a couple of short outlet passes for minimal gain. Eifert still hasnít become a big option in this offense, as Gresham remains the primary TE. Eifert seems to have a lot of potential, but at this point isnít really running the usual routes you see from tight ends. Everything to Eifert in this game was short, and he was unable to make anything happen with the ball.

Week 10 - With Jermaine Gresham out of the game with an injury, this was Eifertís time to show his potential. On a couple early occasions, Dalton completely threw it over his head. On another occasion, Eifert got open in the middle of the field, and Dalton threw it right into his outstretched hands, but Eifert dropped it. A safety was heading right for him, so that possibly would have had an effect. Eifertís play of the day was a 40 yard rumble. Eifert caught a simple short pass from Dalton, and broke through two physical tackles at the point of the reception, and then streaked downfield for the 40 yard gain. Eifert and Dalton still donít really appear to be on the same page yet, but Dalton wasnít on the same page with anyone. If Eifert continues to get targeted 10 times a game, he should start coming up with more receptions.

Week 11 - Eifert's lone reception was on a bootleg rollout by Dalton. Eifert followed Dalton, hauled in the pass and ran for 15 yards. So smooth and quick with the ball, it's only a matter of time before Eifert becomes a star. But for now, he's just not getting the looks, and the lack of snaps keeps his numbers low.

Week 13 - Eifert didnít have much success, catching a short pass and heading down the left sideline for a 9 yard gain. The Bengals arenít using their first round pick very often. Heís shown to have jumping ability and speed, so itís quite surprising he isnít being given more opportunities.

Week 14 - Eifert had a chance on a deep lob down the right sideline. Dalton hung it out there where Eifert could run under it, but Eifert failed to come down with the ball. It was likely thrown just a bit too far, but Eifert was drafted to make big plays, something he hasnít done much of this season. He caught a few short passes in this game, but the numbers on his box score do not match the production that the Bengals hoped for when they drafted him in the first round.

Week 15 - The Bengals finally threw it up to Eifert in the endzone. This is why they drafted him, right? Eifert matched up against the safety, Dalton lobbed it high in the air, and Eifert easily outjumped the safety for a touchdown. These are the types of plays that Eifert needs to be making. He should always be in the game in the redzone, specifically for this ability. Eifert also caught a short pass late in the game, broke a tackle, and turned upfield for a gain of 19. Eifert hasnít been able to surpass Gresham so far in 2013. But much like the Bernard/BJGE battle, Eifert clearly has the superior physical skills. It might be time to take the training wheels off and see what he can do.

Week 16 - A week after showing what he could do in the redzone, Eifert was barely a blip on the stat sheet. He caught one short pass for 6 yards, but couldnít get into the game otherwise. Maybe Gresham will get involved more in the offense in 2014. But so far this year, he just hasnít been able to break through and earn consistent targets.

Week 18 - Another quiet game for Eifert, who didnít end up making much of an impact in his first season. Eifert was the intended receiver on Daltonís second INT, running a short out and having no chance to catch the ball that was thrown right to the defender.