WR Julian Edelman, New England Patriots

HT: 6-0, WT: 198, Born: 5-22-1986, College: Kent State, Drafted: Round 7

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2014 Projections

David Dodds15.02.0105.00.081.085110.55.0116
Bob Henry16.03.0155.00.080.085010.65.0117
Jason Wood16.
Maurile Tremblay16.

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0 0.0 296 0.4

Average draft position

Current as of August 25th. [Full ADP list]

Overall: M Ryan (66), C Newton (67), Julian Edelman (68), J Maclin (69), R Griffin III (70)
Position: T Hilton (62-WR23), T Smith (63-WR24), Julian Edelman (68 - WR25), J Maclin (69-WR26), E Sanders (71-WR27)
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Overall: T Hilton (55), C Johnson (56), Julian Edelman (57), V Davis (58), B Sankey (59)
Position: D Jackson (54-WR22), T Hilton (55-WR23), Julian Edelman (57 - WR24), T Smith (61-WR25), K Wright (68-WR26)
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Edelman signed a new four-year deal after notching his first 1,000 yard season—an astounding 821 yard increase over his 2012 totals. While Edelman has had some injury issues, he was healthy for the entirety of 2013 and we expect the same this year. However, whereas Edelman was almost the last man standing last season, he has more healthy—and more experienced— receivers around him now. As the team moves towards more three-wide sets (per ESPN Boston), Edelman will see some of his targets fall. We don't expect the 105 catch season of 2013 to replicate itself. That will limit his impact a little, though we still see him as productive enough to warrant consideration as a WR3.

2014 Schedule

1at Miami Dolphins
2at Minnesota Vikings
3 Oakland Raiders
4at Kansas City Chiefs
5 Cincinnati Bengals
6at Buffalo Bills
7 New York Jets
8 Chicago Bears
9 Denver Broncos
Bye week
11at Indianapolis Colts
12 Detroit Lions
13at Green Bay Packers
14at San Diego Chargers
15 Miami Dolphins
16at New York Jets
17 Buffalo Bills
Bye week
19 Baltimore Ravens
20 Indianapolis Colts
21 Seattle Seahawks

2013 Game Summaries

Week 1 - Brady’s clearcut number two option in the passing game on this day, Edelman played a very solid game that saw his stats boosted by his solid touchdown grabs. Most of Edelman’s catches were of the extremely short variety, although he did handily beat a cornerback on a seam route and broke a tackle for a gain of 35 yards that would have been about a 20 yarder had he not broken said tackle. Edelman’s first touchdown grab was a great vertical leaping grab in the back of the endzone. Edelman did well to keep both feet in bounds and secure the catch. His second touchdown catch of the game had him finding a soft spot in the back of the endzone between three zone defenders, and he was about as open as a wide receiver can be for a touchdown. All in all, Edelman was targeted about four or five times in the endzone, a number which will surely come down once Rob Gronkowski returns. Edelman also narrowly missed a third touchdown catch on an incredibly tough leaping grab, but did have a third down drop in the second half that was catchable from this point of view. Having logged the most time with Brady of the receiving corps showed up in spades today, as Edelman had one of his most productive games as a pro.

Week 2 - Julian Edelman was probably the only bright spot for any offensive skill player on the Patriots in Week 2. He routinely beat coverage and got open nearly at will, and took several hits and popped right back up. Edelman also had a missed opportunity or two thanks to Tom Brady overthrows or missed passes. For the most part, Edelman was forced to run quicker underneath routes thanks to him being the only reliable target, as evidenced by his yards per catch number as well as his sheer catch volume. Edelman did have two near touchdowns – one was a Brady overthrow on a long route, the other was triple coverage that might have been a touchdown had Brady seen him earlier.

Week 3 - It was a typical Edelman game against Tampa Bay this week. He caught all of his targets and very few were more than a handful of yards down the field. Edelman was integral to moving the chains, especially when New England struggled on offense, but did not make any plays after the catch. Edelman was more of the moveable receiver than Thompkins or Dobson as he was consistently in-motion before the snap and used as a blocker on occasion at the end of the offensive line on running plays. Edelman played savvy football despite his limitations to make the big play.

Week 4 - Julian Edelman once again had a huge day for the Patriots, coming up with timely receptions and a couple solid grabs in traffic. His big play was a 44 yard catch with open field on a route that simply toasted his defensive back. Edelman also had several grabs off play action, a theme on the night for the Patriots passing game. It's also notable that several of Edelman's catches were further downfield than his traditional short routes, as the Patriots pass protection afforded the offense the time to run developed routes.

Week 5 - Though it wasn’t a terrible game, this wasn’t Julian Edelman’s best game of the season by any stretch of the imagination. The two highlights on the day were good and bad. Edelman’s best grab was a leaping, juggling catch for a first down that any wide receiver would have been proud to snag. Edelman also dropped a touchdown on a fade route, though the defender’s superb coverage deserves credit as well. Edelman also had another drop late in the game, but it was likely because of the pouring rain.

Week 6 - Julian Edelman played a solid game against the Saints, but did have some uncharacteristic drops. He was hobbled at multiple points in the game, which could have been a contributing factor to some of these errors. His highlight play was a snag of a laser on the game’s final drive that went for 23 yards despite getting rocked by the safety as he caught the pass. He did drop a pass at the 1 yard line with about 25 seconds left to go in the game, but he seemed out of sorts as if the injury was clearly bothering him. Edelman also missed a touchdown on an overthrow by Tom Brady, and had several other tough catches as we’re becoming accustomed to seeing.

Week 7 - Julian Edelman had a fairly typical day at the office, though he wasn't targeted nearly as much as normal thanks to the return of Rob Gronkowski. All his plays except one went for single digit yardage. His most critical play of the day was a sliding 19 yard catch with less than a minute to play to set up a game tying field goal to end regulation. Edelman also had a nice 38 yard punt return, showing three amazing jump cuts and juking several Jets defenders out of their shoes.

Week 8 - Edelman’s 2 targets and 7 total yards had more to do with Tom Brady’s struggles than anything else. It’s worth noting Brady looked towards Aaron Dobson more on the day than Edelman.

Week 11 - Edelman’s game was typical of the last several weeks. He ran shorter routes, caught a few passes here and there, and is behind several people at this point in the passing game pecking order. He needs injuries to be truly fantasy relevant again.

Week 12 - Your receiving star of the day wasn’t Rob Gronkowski. It wasn’t Danny Amendola. Nor was it Kenbrell Thompkins, Aaron Dobson or even Shane Vereen. Week 12 against the Broncos belonged to Julian Edelman, who had what most will consider the best day of his career. Edelman consistently beat coverage, turned short passes into big chunks, and returned punts with the same elusiveness we’ve seem time and time again. Four passing plays in particular stood out for Edelman. His first touchdown of the day was a solid diving grab by him, but an even better throw by Tom Brady from 5 yards out, placing the ball over a defender where only Edelman could snag it. His second touchdown of the day was a quick toss about a yard from the line of scrimmage where Edelman proceeded to completely juke a defender then blow by two more and leap into the endzone for the score. The third standout play by Edelman was a 43 yard deep toss where Edelman ran down the seam, faked in then cut out, leaving two defenders completely thrown for a loop. He was about as wide open as you can be that far down the field as a result. Edelman also had a critical 18 yard crossing route in overtime, though the Patriots would score on the possession after that one to end the game. Brady also narrowly missed Edelman on a third touchdown with a slight overthrow in the endzone.

Week 13 - As we saw with the Denver game, Edelman has re-established himself as Tom Brady’s trusted target not named Rob Gronkowski. He made tough grab after tough grab, running a variety of routes and beating both zone and man coverage alike. He displayed his typical elusiveness. On one particular play, a screen was thrown to him immediately, and he simply juked his defender for a gain of 10 yards. Edelman and Brady also narrowly missed a deep connection for about 50 yards, as the ball glanced off Edelman’s fingertips. Edelman converted more intermediate and chunk plays than normal, a sign that as Gronkowski opens up part of the field, he may have a greater option of routes to work with.

Week 14 - Though not as big a part of the gameplan as the last couple weeks, Edelman still had a productive day. His touchdown was from two yards out, catching a ball in traffic with a defender close by. His day would have been much bigger had Tom Brady not narrowly overthrown two deep balls that glanced off Edelman’s fingertips on both occasions. Had those been catches, his 6/64/1 line could have easily been 8/130/1. With Rob Gronkowski down, Edelman is definitely a starter in all fantasy leagues down the stretch.

Week 15 - Another day at the office for Julian Edelman, who made tough grab after tough grab. Edelman had short routes, intermediate routes, and did a fine job in almost all of them. His touchdown grab was a zig zagging route that saw him elude several defenders, highlighting his quickness and elusiveness. He did have a couple drops on the day, notably one near the goal line that would have set the Patriots up for a great touchdown chance. However, on many catches, he took big hits, and as usual, held onto the ball. Edelman's gain of 22 yards early in the game was a newer route that isn't often run by the Patriots, where Edelman cut out and then up for a quicker pass play.

Week 16 - As usual, Julian Edelman was Tom Brady’s go-to guy, as he was on the receiving end of 11 targets on only 26 total pass attempts by Brady. Edelman rolled lucky 7s with a 7 catch 77 yard day, displaying his trademark solid route running and tough catching skills. One one particular catch, Edelman ran an in route in the middle of the field, leaped for the ball, got blasted by a defender, yet still hung onto the ball. Edelman was also interfered with on a play that could have been a 35 yard touchdown. His only blemish of the day was a dropped screen pass that would have likely gone for 10 or so yards.

Week 17 - As usual, without Rob Gronkowski, Julian Edelman was the target and reception hog for the New England Patriots passing offense. He appeared a bit more out of sync than normal with Tom Brady, and the weather certainly factored into his yardage count, as most of his passes were screens, swings and shorter routes. Many of his screens should have gone for little or no yardage, but he managed to constantly elude defenders and display solid vision, and picked up at least 25 of his 65 yards by himself after the catch on screens. His blemish was a muffed punt which the Patriots recovered, something that you’ll almost never see from the sure handed receiving stalwart.

Week 19 - Edelman is the clear first option in the passing game, and he is doing nothing to discourage that trend from continuing through the postseason and maybe well into the New England offense's future. He made things happen after the catch and looked like Brady's first option on third down for most of the game. He worked the field on short crossing patterns, and made catches between the hashes with no fear. Edelman made key catches in tight coverage on third down, and he also drew a pass interference on third down in the red zone when he couldn't make the catch. He is making himself a lot of money in the upcoming free agency period.

Week 20 - Arguably the only good part of the Patriots offense against Denver, Edelman was again a target hog with 15 targets on Tom Brady's 38 pass attempts, doing what he always does. Edelman got open on shorter routes, eluded defenders, took tough hits. Tom Brady also overthrew Edelman on what would have been an easy 70+ yard touchdown, and the blame was squarely on the QB's shoulders. Brady overthrew Edelman on a touchdown later in the game, but came right back to him on a nice read into zone coverage for a short score. Edelman enters 2014 as a free agent, and it'd be extremely wise for the Patriots to bring him back, as he was clearly their most consistent offensive player this season.