WR Harry Douglas, Free agent

HT: 5-11, WT: 176, Born: 9-16-1985, College: Louisville, Drafted: Round 3

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David Dodds16.
Bob Henry16.
Jason Wood16.
Maurile Tremblay16.

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Overall: O Beckham (204), Harry Douglas (205), J Locker (207)
Position: K Thompkins (198-WR66), O Beckham (204-WR67), Harry Douglas (205 - WR68), R Streater (209-WR69), B LaFell (213-WR70)
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Overall: J McCown (185), Harry Douglas (187), R Hillman (189)
Position: M Jones (179-WR63), A Hawkins (184-WR64), Harry Douglas (187 - WR65), K Thompkins (193-WR66), M Austin (196-WR67)
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Harry Douglas is a solid #3 wide receiver, and proved last season he can step into the starting lineup and produce respectable numbers (132 targets for 85/1,067/2 receiving in relief of Jones and White last year). With legendary tight end Tony Gonzalez now in retirement, Douglas and his compatriots at wide receiver - Roddy White and Julio Jones - are likely to see even more opportunities to catch the football during the upcoming NFL season. Even as Douglas returns to the #3 wide receiver role he's filled when White and Jones are both healthy, he'll likely produce more than he did prior to 2013 (generally around 40 receptions and 400-500 yards receiving with a TD while teamed with Jones and White during 2011 and 2012) as the wide receivers will inherit some of the 120-130 targets and 80-90 receptions that Gonzalez handled annually while with the Falcons.

2014 Schedule


2013 Game Summaries

Week 1 - The Falcons' third receiver led the offense with 93 yards, including a 52-yard gain on an intermediate cross. Matt Ryan read the blitz up the middle, found Douglas crossing both hash marks and hit the receiver wide-open in the opposite flat in stride. Douglas did the rest, gaining most of the yards up the sideline. Douglas also made some key plays in the second half, including a reception in a tight window with just over a minute left to get Atlanta inside the Saints' 10. Douglas should continue to earn quality targets in the passing game until Roddy White demonstrates his high ankle sprain isn't limiting him.

Week 2 - Douglas was effective if not especially productive this week. He caught a quick slant for a first down after Cortland Finnegan gave the receiver too much cushion in the slot and bit on an outside move before the inside break. He then beat Finnegan again on a dig route for 15 yards. Once again Finnegan gave too much cushion, but the Falcons smartly put Douglas outside but tight to Tony Gonzalez to force more some of that cushion. Douglas was targeted on a deep seam route but the Rams' safety picked it up and did a fine job of covering Douglas on the deep half of the route. While he had two additional catches - one on a shallow cross and the other on a hook - Douglas was not the same factor was he was early in the game. One of the reasons was an increased use of Roddy White during the two-minute offenses of each half.

Week 3 - The slot receiver and punt returner had an up-and-down game. Douglas made two nice moves for a 23-yard gain on a punt return in the first quarter and also had a nice play on a quick screen to get inside the Miami 10 late in the first half. However, he dropped a 2nd-and-13 crossing route in the middle of the third quarter, allowing the ball to bounce off his mitts. He also lost a fumble on a late-third quarter punt return when hit hard while working up the right flat. this put Miami on the Atlanta 20 and led to a game-tying touchdown. Douglas did earn a red zone target in the game on a pass play designed to lure the defensive backs to Julio Jones on a wide receiver screen while Douglas ran a corner route from the same side. The defensive back wasn't fooled and forced Ryan to make a tight throw to the boundary and Douglas could not make the catch and get both feet inbounds.

Week 4 - Douglas had a 40-yard gain on a crossing route versus a Patriots' blitz up the middle with 5:30 in the game to get into Patriots' territory. Otherwise his production was minor, yet consequential. He had a play action flat route for five yards in the first series. He also caught a crossing route, broke a tackle, and earned a first down up the left sideline. He also caught a second cross for seven yards in the fourth quarter and then a screen pass for a first down with 4:00 left.

Week 7 - Douglas had his best game as a pro and all but one catch came in the first half. The Falcons did a good job of using Douglas as the single receiver opposite trips alignments to earn one-on-one opportunities against rookie corer Johnathan Banks. Douglas didn't face Darrelle Revis much in this game. The one notable target came on a crossing route versus Douglas who was playing off-man against an intermediate crossing route for a 27-yard gain. Most of Douglas' work came on crossers, seams, and in-cuts. The only other time Douglas faced Revis was on a third and long where the corner blanketed the receiver, but the Buccaneers were called for roughing the passer. Douglas' best plays came on seam routes. He had a good, back-shoulder catch that his quarterback threw on the run and forced defensive back Leonard Johnson to react too early on the target. Douglas' 37-yard score was against the rookie Jonathan Banks on a double move complemented nicely by a Matt Ryan shoulder fake. Douglas waited on the ball after getting a lot of separation with the move.

Week 8 - Douglas was the focus of the offense in this game and the majority of his targets came within five yards of the line of scrimmage. Atlanta used quick passing in an attempt to counteract the Cardinals' A-gap pressure. There was a series where Douglas was the target of a quick throw-out within a couple of yards at the line of scrimmage on three of four straight plays. While these quick throws, smash screens, and drag routes on the trips side of formations were good for Douglas' fantasy owners, he was the only player consistently moving the chains in a game where they needed chunk plays and not nickel and dime targets.

Week 9 - Douglas dropped a 3rd and four flat route after contact inside Atlanta's own 20 in the first half, which forced a punt. Later he caught an intermediate crossing route that Matt Ryan led with good touch past defensive back Captain Munnerlyn. This allowed Douglas to gain another 15-20 yards after the catch up the right sideline once he turned the corner on the defender. He also came back to the ball on an underthrown go route that could have passed for a back-shoulder fade in the third quarter. However, Ryan overthrew Douglas on a cross on the next play, which Douglas tipped with one hand and Carolina's linebacker Thomas Davis made the interception. These two plays came in the third quarter and by the time Douglas earned his next target, the Falcons were down by 24 and there was only 21 seconds left in the game.

Week 10 - Douglas got blown up behind the line of scrimmage on a WR screen in the first half and didn't see a target until the second half. On that target, Douglas caught a crossing route, got the corner on the defense, and worked up the right flat. However, Seattle stripped the ball from Douglas' grip at the end of the gain of 31 yards, and the receiver lost the fumble. This fumble ended one of only two possessions Atlanta had between the start of the third quarter and the two-minute warning. Despite earning seven grabs in this game, six of those catches earned him 18 yards.

Week 11 - Douglas scored on an 80-yard pass in the fourth quarter when he beat rookie CB Johnathan Banks over the middle and ran through a tackle attempt I could best describe as a tap without a wrap and earned most of the 80-yard touchdown up the middle untouched. Douglas had five other catches in this game, but most were slants, crossing routes, and a comeback in the short zone. One intermediate zone target was a back shoulder play where Matt Ryan made the throw under pressure and the target fell shy even with Douglas diving for it.

Week 12 - Matt Ryan targeted Douglas deep on a streak up the left sideline to begin the game, but it was overthrown. The rest of the game, Ryan found Douglas on a variety of crossing routes and screens. None of these catchds were particularly noteworthy beyond the fact that Douglas is the quickest receiver who knows his role best and makes plays where the defense is allowing Atlanta's passing game to function.

Week 13 - With Roddy White healthy enough to beat single coverage beyond the shallow zone, Douglas was even more dangerous as an offensive weapon even if his stats weren't more than that of a fantasy WR2 (6-73). Douglas had more open lanes on crossing routes and seam routes because of the White-Gonzalez combination and the threat of the run game and the young receiver took advantage of them. He also nearly scored on a slant late in the half where he bounced off a hit by the DB, spun outside the defender and if not for his knee hitting the turf inside the one, he would have scored. Ryan wasn't afraid to target Douglas on a deep sideline fade in the fourth quarter despite Leodis McKelvin plastering Douglas at the boundary. Douglas drew a penalty late in the game that granted a spot of the ball at the Falcons' one and setup Steven Jackson's game-tying touchdown. Although Douglas dropped a crossing route that bounced off his hands in tight coverage inside the Bills' 20, he had a 20-yard screen pass where he got down hill fast thanks to a nice block from Roddy White to get inside the Bills' 23 in overtime and set up the game-winning field goal. Douglas should continue to draw single coverage and perhaps more intermediate and deep opportunities with a revitalized White forcing opposing defenses to respect the Atlanta passing attack.

Week 14 - Due to the success of the run game, short fields during the first half, and the success of Roddy White, Douglas didn't earn a target until the fourth quarter. The first target was a comeback in the mid-fourth quarter for a first down and then a four-yard gain on a 2nd and 6 crossing route on the same drive. Douglas earned the final target of the game, a 25-yard out where Matt Ryan tried to force the ball with 11 seconds left and down by a point and Green Bay's duo of Sam Shields and Jarrett Bush undercut. Bush earned the interception to seal the game.

Week 15 - Douglas saw his usual meal of crossing routes, jerk routes, and screen passes in this game. The longest target Douglas earned was a seam route that Matt Ryan overthrew due to pressure in the passing lane and the result was an interception. Douglas was also stuffed on a short screen just outside the tackle box. Otherwise, Douglas remains a high-target, low-yardage option with the occasional big-play in the open field on a crossing route.

Week 16 - Douglas and his typical outing as a slot receiver, making important plays to the team but not doing much for fantasy owners. Douglas' best play in the first half was a crossing route from left to right on third down where he cut inside a Tony Gonzalez block and burst past the free defenders for the first down for an 11-yard gain. The most important play Douglas made wasn't a positive one: a short in-cut versus an all-out blitz late in the fourth quarter inside the 49ers 10. DB Trumaine Brock anticipated the route, came over top to deliver a hit as Douglas got his hands on the target, and the blow knocked the ball skyward for Navorro Bowman to rebound at the 49ers 11. Bowman returned the interception 89 yards for a game-sealing play. Douglas continues to provide a solid underneath presence with burst and decent hands, but he's not earning deeper routes. One reason was due to a lack of quality pass protection, but Douglas also lacks the top-end speed to win versus anything but play action.

Week 17 - Douglas continued to feast on crossing routes during this game. He broke the wrong way on a perimeter route on a pass deep in Atlanta's own territory and the result was a Melvin White interception for a touchdown. Douglas also dropped a short in-cut, but Carolina delivered a low hit to Matt Ryan's knees in the pocket to nullify the mistake. However on the next play, Douglas made a fingertip grab on a crossing route for a nice gain nullified by the right guard's holding penalty. Douglas is good for occasional big plays in the passing game when he can run through an open zone on crossing routes or earn a mismatch on a play action pass deep. However, expecting Douglas to develop into a primary option as Roddy White ages is too optimistic.