RB Knile Davis, Free agent

HT: 6-0, WT: 227, Born: 10-5-1991, College: Arkansas, Drafted: Round 3

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2014 Projections

David Dodds16.090.03834.32.016.01147.11.068
Bob Henry15.0120.05154.35.015.01157.70.093
Jason Wood16.055.02053.72.08.0455.60.037
Maurile Tremblay16.079.03144.03.015.01127.50.061

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441 0.1 0 0.0

Average draft position

Current as of August 25th. [Full ADP list]

Overall: K Britt (166), Knile Davis (167), J Starks (169)
Position: S Greene (162-RB53), T Mason (163-RB54), Knile Davis (167 - RB55), J Starks (169-RB56), J White (170-RB57)
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PPR Average draft position

Current as of August 25th. [Full PPR ADP list]

Overall: J Manziel (163), L Dunbar (164), Knile Davis (165), J White (166), M Lee (167)
Position: L Blount (161-RB53), L Dunbar (164-RB54), Knile Davis (165 - RB55), J White (166-RB56), D McCluster (168-RB57)
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Knile Davis fell to the Chiefs last year because of concerns over his injury history and propensity to fumble. Both issues reared their head in 2013, but that didn't prevent him from generating some excitement in the process. Davis saw limited action early but finished with a scoring flurry. Through the first 11 weeks of the season he had 21 carries, 4 receptions and 3 kickoff returns. From week 12 through the Chiefs playoff loss he received 88 touches and converted them into 7 touchdowns. Davis flashed his blazing top speed on a 108 yard touchdown return in week 12 but all too often failed to reach top speed as evidenced by his 3.5 yards per carry (starter Jamaal Charles averaged 5.0). Concerns over Davis' hands proved to be accurate as he fumbled 3 times in 88 touches, and he fractured his fibula in the playoff loss to the Colts. Davis has recovered from his injury but the question remains whether he'll be durable enough to handle the load if Jamaal Charles is lost for a long period.

2014 Schedule


2013 Game Summaries

Week 1 - Davis was absent in the first half from the offense and the team went to Cyrus Gray when they needed to spell Jamaal Charles early. When he did get in in the second half, Davis looked very concerned with ball protection which seemed to limit how hard he hit the hole. The team doesn't look like they fully trust him yet.

Week 2 - Davis was in on one kick return and muffed the kickoff forward before fortunately recovering just before the kick team arrived. This will further fuel the teamís concerns regarding his hands.

Week 3 - Davis looks like he's back in the good graces of Andy Reid, receiving the RB2 duties in week three against the Eagles. His longest run was a 12 yard run in the second quarter. Davis showed elusiveness on the run but still looked very intent on protecting the football. While he was still in for very few snaps, Davis showed good leg drive and didn't fumble so he's probably safe in this role for now. Anthony Sherman- Sherman saw a major reduction in his targets, but on the one he did get he did a good job of sitting down underneath the zone and picking up a big first down. Sherman had a lot more blocking assignments this week and very few routes run.

Week 4 - Davis didnít get a touch until the 4th quarter and even then it was only a two yard run. He did come in to spell Charles in the second quarter and did a nice job in pass protection.

Week 5 - Though Davis was the only back to get work behind Charles, he was limited to one carry and it was fairly unimpressive.

Week 6 - Davis saw only one touch in the offense and his fumbling concerns surfaced again. On a swing pass in the right flats Davis was cut down for a loss of one and lost the ball. Fortunately for the Chiefs the ball was fumbled out of bounds.

Week 7 - Davis was back in there to spell Charles and saw more action than he did last week. His two carries for five yards were fairly unimpressive, but he did have two hands on the ball, and very little creativity.

Week 8 - Davis saw action on the Chiefs first drive and had a very impressive first carry. He showed good burst through the hole and juked a linebacker for a nine yard gain. The excitement quickly waned when he was stuffed on 2nd and 2 after choosing the wrong hole. Davis played sparingly after that until Jamaal Charles had to miss a series with a knee injury. He caught a 12 yard pass on what looked like a broken play, with Alex Smith throwing all the way across the field to find Davis.

Week 11 - Davis saw almost all of his action in the second quarter. He looked serviceable running the ball, although still highly preoccupied with not fumbling. He made an easy grab on a screen pass in the red zone and nearly barreled his way into the end zone.

Week 12 - Davis saw very little action and only one carry on the day. That play was a read option and Davis plowed straight into the pile with two arms in the ball for a three yard gain.

Week 13 - Davis had an outstanding day which included a 108 yard kickoff return for a score. He showed the speed that's kept him in the game plan despite ball security issues and broke two tackles on his way to the end zone. Davis had only one carry one the day, but he made the most of the draw, showing good patience to follow his blockers then running over a safety for a 20 yard gain. Davis was also targeted on back-to-back screens in the 4th quarter and caught both, showing good balance to pick up a first down on 3rd and 5. One would expect after his performance this week that he earned a little more trust as the team considers the impact this year's workload has had on Jamaal Charles.

Week 14 - Davis saw an extended look with Charles resting for the final quarter. For the most part he looked mediocre, running into the line and not showing the same elusiveness as Charles. His 17 yard touchdown run was one of two exceptions. On that play he took a run that was supposed to go right, cut back, hurdled a blocker and ran over a safety before sprinting in to the end zone. He also looked impressive a swing pass from Daniel, catching it in the left flat and breaking a tackle in the open field before picking up 18 yards and a first down.

Week 15 - Davis saw more snaps early in the game but didn't get real involved in the game plan until Jamaal Charles retired at the end of the third quarter. Davis' 17 yard touchdown run involved 3 broken tackles before he drug a 4th defender 3 yards into the end zone. Outside of that run Davis faced a lot of 8 man fronts and showed good leg drive in the little room he was given to carry the ball.

Week 16 - Davis saw only one carry, an inside draw, and fumbled after running into his own lineman. Davis also fumbled on a kickoff return but it was covered by his team. When the Chiefs rested Charles late in the 4th quarter, Davis wasn't the back to get the call.

Week 17 - Davis came out of the booth running hard against a Chargers defense that looked like it expected the Chiefs second team to lie down. He picked up 77 of his 81 yards on the ground before halftime. Davis was running hard, but both of his touchdowns came as a result of his offensive line manhandling the Chargers up front. His 17 yard touchdown run in the first quarter came through a gaping hole up the middle and Davis was barely touched. He wasn't touched at all on his two yard touchdown run in the second quarter. Davis refused to go down at first contact early on and ran through several arm tackles. He also made a beautiful cutback at the line on his 18 yard run in the second quarter that ended with him running over a safety. The Chargers defense came out inspired in the second half and had their way with the Chiefs line. Davis was hit immediately on several carries and totaled only 4 yards on 12 carries after halftime. Davis showed that he can succeed behind good blocking and flashed his elite speed on more than one occasion. More importantly, he touched the ball 29 times and didn't fumble it once.

Week 18 - Davis saw extended action due to the Charles injury. He showed good leg drive and determination but a clear lack of the vision and ability to cut of Charles. Davis was stuffed on two first quarter goal line carries but later scored from four yards out behind a wall of blockers. Davis showed excellent awareness on his 10 yard touchdown reception, breaking off his route and finding an open area as Alex Smith scrambled right at him. Davis' most impressive carry was a 13 yard gain in the red zone where he ran through an arm tackle at the line then trucked a safety at the five yard line. He also showed his elite speed to get the edge on a 7 yard run around the left edge. Davis himself left the game with a leg injury with ten minutes remaining and did not return.