WR Jerricho Cotchery, Free agent

HT: 6-0, WT: 207, Born: 6-16-1982, College: North Carolina State, Drafted: Round 4

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David Dodds15.
Bob Henry16.
Jason Wood16.
Maurile Tremblay16.

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Current as of August 25th. [Full ADP list]

Overall: M Schaub (236), M Lattimore (237), Jerricho Cotchery (238), R Woods (239), J Blackmon (240)
Position: C Latimer (233-WR74), D Thomas (234-WR75), Jerricho Cotchery (238 - WR76), R Woods (239-WR77), J Blackmon (240-WR78)
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Overall: M Lattimore (232), Jerricho Cotchery (234), J Blackmon (235), C Sims (236)
Position: E Royal (223-WR75), D Thomas (231-WR76), Jerricho Cotchery (234 - WR77), J Blackmon (235-WR78), M Sanu (239-WR79)
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Ancient Jerricho Cotchery (he'll be 32 when regular season starts) is currently on top of the Panthers' depth chart at wide receiver. Cotchery did grab a career-high 10 TDs for Pittsburgh last season (76 targets for 46/602/10) but he had a grand total of two receiving TDs during his prior two seasons with the Steelers. Entering his 11th NFL season, Cotchery has amassed more than 1,000 yards receiving exactly once (way back in 2007 when he handled 127 targets for 82/1,130/2 receiving), and his career high in receptions is 82, achieved twice (during 2006 and 2007). As you can see, Cotchery's best seasons are far behind him, for the most part.

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2013 Game Summaries

Week 1 - Despite the excitement surrounding rookie Markus Wheaton, it was Jericho Cotchery who came on the field as the Steelers' third receiver. Cotchery immediately caught a curl pass over the middle at the first down marker. Cotchery caught another pass soon after for a first down at the marker when he ran an out route. Roethlisberger looked Cotchery's way on third down again in the third quarter, but the quarterback threw the ball into the ground, not giving his receiver a chance. Roethlisberger tried to find Cotchery down the sideline, but he couldn't make a very difficult one handed reception. Cotchery caught another first down pass late in the fourth quarter as he worked over the middle at the first down marker. Cotchery was not only the Steelers' best receiver on the day, he was also their best player. Fittingly, he got their touchdown as he came free underneath at the goalline.

Week 2 - Unusually for Cotchery, he dropped his first target as Roethlisberger threw it to him on a short crossing route. Roethlisberger looked for Cotchery deep down the field on the next drive, but overthrew him as he wheeled towards the sideline. Inexplicably, the Steelers used Cotchery in an end-around. Cotchery is an excellent possession receiver, but he doesn't have the speed to run end arounds. He was tackled for a big loss. On the following play, Cotchery was wide open for what would be a first down, but Roethlisberger completely overthrew him again. Cotchery ran a fake screen to catch his next pass in the fourth quarter. Roethlisberger found him down the sideline for a first down. On second and 10, Cotchery came free over the middle before making a good extended catch for a first down. With the Steelers driving, Cotchery came free on a crossing route, but Roethlisberger threw the ball high and behind him leading to a tipped pass and interception. Cotchery caught a deep pass in the dying seconds of the game as the Steelers scrambled to get back in a game that was already over.

Week 3 - Cotchery was targeted on Roethlisberger's early interception, but he really wasn't at fault. Roethlisberger didn't come back to him until the third quarter when he found him down the sideline on a fake screen. Roethlisberger went back to Cotchery on third and two, when the receiver was initially held up short on an in route. A combination of he and David DeCastro allowed him to push over for the first down though. With the game decided by Julius Peppers' touchdown, Cotchery caught a deep pass down the seam.

Week 4 - Cotchery didn't have a target in the first half, but he caught a quick pass down the seam after play action for a first down early in the third quarter. Cotchery caught a 10 yard pass up the seam early in the fourth quarter on second and 14. Cotchery caught a touchdown later on the same drive when he ran a crossing route at the goal line. Cotchery has never been a speedster, but his understanding of when to sit down in his route allowed him to gain 27 yards down the mddle of the field in the fourth quarter. Down by seven with less than two minutes to go, Cotchery again settled down in the right spot to catch a pass from Roethlisberger before running unopposed down the sideline for a huge gain.

Week 7 - Early in the first quarter, Cotchery caught a 19-yard pass over the middle from Roethlisberger. His quarterback found him over the middle again on the very next play as Cotchery kept working late in the play. Cotchery caught a 10 yard pass over the middle on second and long. Late in the fourth quarter, Cotchery caught a quick pass over the middle for seven yards on a first down.

Week 8 - Cotchery caught a crossing route underneath on first and 10. He did well to snatch the ball out of the air before making his way downfield for a first down. On another crossing route, Cotchery got 10 yards and a first down when he stretched for the marker. Late in the fourth quarter, Cotchery fought off tight coverage before breaking a tackle for a 20 yard gain on second and 20.

Week 9 - Late in the first quarter, Cotchery gained 15 yards after catching the ball on a shallow crossing route. Early in the third quarter, Cotchery caught his first touchdown pass as he adjusted brilliantly to a backshoulder throw on a seam route. For his second touchdown in the third quarter, Cotchery adjusted well again to a slightly underthrown pass from Roethlisberger. On the next drive, Cotchery caught a deep out route by the sideline for a first down. Cotchery caught a deep curl route for a first down over the middle of the field. A few plays later, he caught a shallow crossing route before turning upfield for a first down. Cotchery's third touchdown was his easiest, as he ran a crossing route in space against linebacker Brandon Spikes. Spikes initially held him up, but Cotchery kept working to get around him for the wide open reception.

Week 10 - Cotchery had the Steelers' first reception of the day, as he came free on a crossing route before avoiding a tackle and escaping down the sideline. Cotchery caught a touchdown pass in the second quarter. At the goal-line, he ran an outstanding route as he initially set up as a blocker before seaping past Stephon Gilmore when the cornerback looked in the backfield.

Week 11 - Cotchery's first catch of the game came in the third quarter. He caught a quick pass in the flat before turning upfield for nine yards. On 2nd-and-10 in the fourth quarter, Cotchery turned a short curl route into a first down with his quickness. Cotchery had a simple touchdown reception later in the fourth quarter after the Steelers ran a fake screen.

Week 13 - Cotchery caught his first pass as he ran behind the line of scrimmage and took a short pass for a first down underneath. Cotchery struggled with the targets he received during the game, but caught a late touchdown when the Ravens blew a coverage at the goal line.

Week 14 - On first and 20 in the second quarter, Cotchery got his first catch. He beat a defender from the slot before absorbing a big hit from a safety over the middle of the field. He gained 12 yards. Cotchery caught a shallow crossing route for four yards on third and eight in the second quarter. Cotchery caught a first down pass over the middle of the field between two defenders in the third quarter. To start the fourth quarter, Cotchery caught a touchdown pass over the middle of the field between two defenders. Midway through the fourth quarter, Cotchery caught a deep crossing route against tight coverage for a first down. Soon after, on second and 14, Cotchery caught a bubble screen for a first down, but the play was negated by a penalty.

Week 15 - Cotchery's first reception came behind the line of scrimmage as he caught a shovel pass before absorbing a huge hit from a linebacker. Cotchery was injured on that play and left the field. James Harrison, the player who hit him, also left with a concussion. He did return, but he didn't have another catch.

Week 16 - Cotchery has enjoyed a fantastic season, but he has rarely been heavily involved on offense. Today was a typical day. His first target and reception came late in the second quarter and was stopped short of a first down. Two plays later, he dropped a pass as he absorbed a hit from a defender on an out route.

Week 17 - Cotchery should have had a touchdown pass on the very first drive of the game, but he couldn't drag his feet on a pass to the back of the end zone. That missed opportunity set up a third and long that Cotchery was able to convert over the middle of the field. In turn, Cotchery then made up for his earlier mistake by catching a pass in the flat before diving into the end zone for a touchdown. It may have taken three more receptions than it should have, but he eventually got the score. Cotchery didn't have another catch again until the third quarter. He was targeted on Roethlisberger's interception on the Steelers' second drive, but the ball never got near the receiver. He opened the third quarter with a reception that was stopped short of a first down on third and five. Cotchery has been adept at getting open in the end zone this season and he nearly had his second touchdown of the day in the third quarter. He couldn't make a diving interception over the middle of the field and he suffered a shoulder injury as he landed.