WR Riley Cooper, Free agent

HT: 6-4, WT: 222, Born: 9-9-1987, College: Florida, Drafted: Round 5

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2014 Projections

David Dodds16.
Bob Henry16.
Jason Wood16.
Maurile Tremblay16.

Average draft position

Current as of August 25th. [Full ADP list]

Overall: A Dalton (104), Riley Cooper (105), K Benjamin (107)
Position: B Cooks (95-WR36), W Welker (98-WR37), Riley Cooper (105 - WR38), K Benjamin (107-WR39), D Bowe (109-WR40)
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PPR Average draft position

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Overall: T West (107), C Hyde (108), Riley Cooper (109), J Hunter (110), R Randle (111)
Position: D Bowe (103-WR39), M Evans (105-WR40), Riley Cooper (109 - WR41), J Hunter (110-WR42), R Randle (111-WR43)
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You couldn't have written Riley Cooper's story if you were a best-selling novelist. A year ago, Cooper seemed to be on the roster fringe and that was before racially offensive remarks surfaced on the internet. When the Eagles sent Cooper home on leave, it seemed a formality that he would be released. Yet, support from some of his teammates and a torn ACL to starter Jeremy Maclin gave Cooper another chance. Fast forward to a year later and Cooper not only made the most of his second chance, he's now a starter with a new 5-year, $23mm deal including $10mm guaranteed. Only in America. What fantasy owners need to decide is just how good Cooper can be, and if he's consistent enough to trust in weekly lineups. For all his accolades, Cooper only finished as WR24 last season and caught just 47 passes. Will he win as many jump balls as he did last year? If not, he may be overdrafted by fantasy owners hoping for another significant step forward.

2014 Schedule


2013 Game Summaries

Week 1 - Had a quick reception to start the game with a 6 yard gain, and then had another quick 8 yard strike late in the first quarter as his only 2 catches on the game. He was targeted 6 times total but only happened to reel in 2 short grabs.

Week 2 - Cooper was looked at in the redzone and converted for a nice grab on a touchdown pass that Vick zipped into him.

Week 3 - Cooper had a miserable evening with Sean Smith locked in on him in man coverage. One of the few times he beat Smith came early in the game on a post corner but the ball bounced off his fingertips. He also dropped a 30 yard pass on left sidelines Vick scrambled out of the pocket. Cooper's biggest gain came on a deep hitch when Sean Smith cramped up in the middle of the route.

Week 4 - Cooper had a couple of targets and made the best of both of them catching them both. He used his good hands to make the best of his opportunities.

Week 5 - Cooper only saw 1 target on the day and it was an overthrown ball from Nick Foles in the endzone. He is not one of the main offensive weapons on this team even without Jeremy Maclin sidelined for the season.

Week 6 - He looked very energized in this game and had a nice connection with Foles. On his first catch after he made the catch he aggressively lowered his head and drove the pile forward for some additional yards. Cooper made a great catch over the middle picking up a first down and showing that he is willing to do whatever it takes in making a catch and that he can be a trusted WR for the Eagles QBs. He had a great 47 yard TD catch that he used his body to help separate from the defender and made the catch as he entered the endzone. He later took a quick screen pass and used his legs to break some initial tackles and head down the sidelines for a 44 yard gain.

Week 7 - He was effective today picking up chunks of yards on his 6 receptions. On the Eagles second drive he had a nice catch and run for a first down and has starting gaining the Eagles trust as their WR2. Cooper made a nice catch on a short pass and took the ball up field and bounced of a Cowboys defender and picked up the first down. The effort on that particular play was a big confidence boost to Cooper as the Eagles continued to look his way throughout the game. Cooper had a nice catch that he took for 9 yards and would have had the first down but danced backwards to try to swing the play for even more yards. On the next play he dropped the pass thrown to him. He made a few catches in garbage time once Barkley entered the game.

Week 8 - Cooper made a nice leaping 7 yard catch over the middle of the field helping rookie QB Matt Barkley find some open space. Barkley over threw him on back to back plays in the 4th quarter and was never given a chance to make a play on either ball. He made a first down catch with less than 7 minutes left in the game, helping to keep the drive alive.

Week 9 - Cooper showed a huge burst on the third offensive play of the game taking a short pass to the out side and raced down the sidelines for a 42 yard gain. He gained some separation as he raced into the endzone and stretched out to make a 17 yard touchdown reception. On the very next series when the Eagles got the ball back, Foles looked for Cooper again and showed his trust in him as he launched up a pass and Cooper went up and got the ball then did the rest with his legs and raced the ball into the endzone. Cooper showed his increasingly consistent hands throughout the day as he secured 5 of his 6 targets and showed that he can gain the separation that he needs to succeed in this league.

Week 10 - Cooper dropped his first target thrown his direction as it was a quick pass over the middle in traffic and he let up at the last second as defenders were closing in. Cooper made his first catch of the game late in the 2nd quarter and continued to gain the Eagles trust with his good hands and his yards after the catch ability. He is becoming a very good second receiver in this offense opposite of DeSean Jackson. He continues to make catches and is opening up the field for Foles, McCoy and Jackson. Cooper made a great catch for a 45 yard touchdown as he dove across the goal line to help secure the football and roll into the endzone for the touchdown. On Cooper's second touchdown he found a way to break free and be wide open for a walk in 32 yard touchdown.

Week 11 - On the Eagles first series Foles just missed Cooper for a big play as Cooper was trying to shed a defender downfield close to the sidelines. On Cooper's first catch he picked up a 23 yard gain over the middle and helped get the Eagles off of their own goal line. Although he didn't have the big game with Foles again this week, only catching 3 passes on his 7 targets, he was just off and could have had a much bigger day if he made that deep pass early in the game. He still has a great rapport with Foles and is a trusted receiver in the passing game and looks to have built a confidence as well. Cooper just missed a touchdown in the endzone as he was held going to the endzone which resulted in him missing a perfectly thrown ball from Foles that he placed in the corner of the endzone. He had a nice first down catch at the side lines in the 3rd quarter to pick up a first down and keep the chains moving for the Eagles. He had a 1st down catch in the 4th quarter as well as Foles continues to look for him in key opportunities.

Week 13 - Cooper made a spectacular one handed catch on a ball that looked like Foles just over threw him on. He jumped up in the air and grabbed it with one hand and secured it as he landed and headed up field and picked up a big gain in yards. He made a quick catch for a 8 yard gain on a 3rd and 10 play but couldn't turn up field and pick up the first down. Foles threw a pass in the endzone to Cooper and the defender interfered with him which gave the Eagles the ball at the Cardinals 1 yard line. On Cooper's third catch of the game it was over the middle of the field and was a first down. Cooper continues to make tough catches in coverage and is becoming a trusted weapon in this offense.

Week 14 - Cooper was hit right in the hands with a would have been 1st down catch early on as the weather affected his ability to make an easy catch early in the game. With Cooper's second target Foles threw him a nice pass over the middle and he had to go up to make the catch and looked to do so but when he came down the ground knocked the ball away. On Cooper's third target of the game it was in the Lions endzone and once again he couldn't reel in the pass as it hit him in the hands. He did get his first catch of the game on a quick screen pass that he fell short of the first down, and then was targeted once again on 4th down at the back corner of the endzone and couldn't secure the catch as it was slightly over his head. Cooper made a great over the shoulder catch on a deep ball from Foles and picked up 44 yards on the play. On the next offensive series Cooper made another great catch and this time had a solid run after it picking up positive yards. Cooper had an impressive catch on a two point conversion play at the back of the endzone. After struggling to start the game, Cooper came back with a very impressive 2nd half.

Week 15 - Cooper started the game catching a quick screen pass from Foles that ended up being a 2 yard loss as he couldn't find any room after the catch. Cooper had an opportunity to make a big play as Foles looked for him deep for about a 40 yard pass and Cooper made the catch but didn't get his second foot in bounds after the catch. Cooper's second and third catchs came back to back but were both short catches with little after the catch. On Cooper's 4th and final catch of the game he picked up a first down. Cooper caught a 2 point conversion on the Eagles final touchdown making a very athletic catch across the back of the endzone.

Week 16 - Cooper caught a 5 yard touchdown as he ran freely in the back of the Bears endzone and once again showed a very nice rapport with QB Nick Foles. On his second catch of the game he found some space in the middle of the field and showed some good hands in making the catch. Cooper once again found a way to get open for a big 32 yard catch in the middle of the field.

Week 17 - Cooper's first action of the game saw him make a tough catch over the middle in traffic on third down that helped the Eagles get into field goal range. Cooper caught a short pass late in the 1st quarter but he couldn't do anything after the catch as he was tackled immediately. Cooper had another 1st down catch in the fourth quarter which came on a pass over the middle.

Week 18 - Cooper's first grab of the game was a 6 yard pass where he was tackled immediately after the catch. Foles found Cooper over the middle of the field near the end of the first half for a 20+ yard gain and to help get the Eagles into scoring range. Cooper made a leaping catch in the endzone and showed some sure hands in securing the ball for the Eagles first touchdown of the game. He continues to have good chemistry with Nick Foles. On a key third and four play in the third quarter Foles found Cooper for a wide open catch and run where Cooper would have had plenty of open space to run after the catch. Cooper dropped the wide open pass as he was looking too far ahead on the play and it ended up being a costly drop as the Eagles were forced to punt and the Saints ended up scoring a touchdown on their next possession. Cooper had back to back first down catches in the 4th quarter as the Eagles were battling to put points on the board, and ended up settling for a field goal.