WR Marques Colston, Free agent

HT: 6-4, WT: 223, Born: 6-5-1983, College: Hofstra, Drafted: Round 7

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David Dodds15.
Bob Henry16.
Jason Wood16.
Maurile Tremblay16.

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Overall: R Griffin III (70), E Sanders (71), Marques Colston (72), M Wallace (73), C Kaepernick (74)
Position: J Maclin (69-WR26), E Sanders (71-WR27), Marques Colston (72 - WR28), M Wallace (73-WR29), K Wright (77-WR30)
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Overall: J Maclin (69), E Sanders (70), Marques Colston (71), M Wallace (72), P Thomas (73)
Position: J Maclin (69-WR27), E Sanders (70-WR28), Marques Colston (71 - WR29), M Wallace (72-WR30), G Tate (77-WR31)
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2013 Game Summaries

Week 1 - Marques Colston was targeted only once in the first half, but made that target count. He had gotten slightly behind the coverage and Brees led him toward the back of the end zone. Colston was able to extend and make a really nice catch for the 25-yard touchdown. That reception was his 533rd of his career and set the Saints all-time career record for receptions. Colston was used more frequently in the second half, with five targets and four receptions. He displayed good hands and toughness. Colston absorbed very hard hits immediately after the catch on two of his second half grabs. The only pass that Colston did not catch on the day was the interception where Brees threw the pass slightly behind him.

Week 2 - Marques Colston started the game off hot with two catches on three targets on the Saints opening drive, but he was mostly silent the rest of the game, giving way to an unstoppable Jimmy Graham. Colston was targeted deep on a rare flea-flicker in the second quarter, but he was covered tightly by a healthy Revis who looks like he hasn't lost any of his speed recovering from his ACL injury. Colston appeared to be third in the pecking order for targets behind Graham and Sproles, but he came up with the biggest catch of the game with the Saints trailing by one point late in the fourth quarter. Colston lined up in slot right, blew past CB Leonard Johnson in single man coverage, and caught a Brees dart that set up the game winning field goal from Garrett Hartley.

Week 3 - WR Marques Colston was wide open on a come-back route and gained 13 yards for a second straight first down. He later worked the sideline and got open for a 19-yard gain when Brees was able to nimbly step up and avoid the sack. Colston again worked underneath and made a nice catch for nine yards to convert a 3rd and six to go. Colston has five receptions on eight targets for 71 yards.

Week 4 - Colston caught his first pass on the Saintsí first play of the second half, gaining nine yards. He got open on a come-back route in the short middle a couple of plays later catching a rocket from Brees for a gain of 14 yards and a first down. After a short run, Colston caught his third pass of the drive for another first down. Colston caught another pair of passes in the next drive, the first one for 19-yards and a first down, but the next one failed to convert a long third down play.

Week 5 - Marques Colston made his first catch on a 3rd down and 7 play, gaining six yards and being the third Saint offensive player to slip down. He tried to crawl forward for the first down but did not make it. He was targeted once more early in the third quar

Week 6 - Marques Colston made his first catch on an in route that gained 11 yards and gave the Saints a first and goal to go at the three. He was targeted on the next play, but the pass was off target. He had another target later in the game, but it also fell incomplete.

Week 8 - Marques Colston caught his first target on a quick out for 6 yards. His next target came on the next play, but it appeared that Colston misread the coverage and failed to get to the correct spot for the back shoulder throw from Brees. Colston was the most targeted receiver for the Saints with 6 targets, but totaled only 18 yards on three catches.

Week 10 - Colston had two targets on the initial drive, catching a turn-in pattern for a gain of 6 yards and a first down and just barely failing to bring in a long pass. He was targeted three times in the second possession and caught all three passes, converting first downs on the first two and scoring a TD on the third. The first catch on this drive was a hook pattern for a gain of 6 yards. On the second catch, the cornerback moved up on Sproles leaving Colston open deep for a gain of 21 yards. On the last reception, he was hit at the four-yard line, but ran through the tackle attempt for the Saints' first TD of the game. Colston also caught one pass on each of the Saints final two scoring drives of the first half, for 20 and 19 yards. He consistently found openings deep down the field in the first half, gaining 94 yards on 6 catches in the first half. Colston caught only one pass in the second half on a short pattern that he carried for 9 additional yards breaking a tackle on the 13 yard reception for a first down. He led the team with 7 catches for 107 yards and a TD.

Week 11 - Marques Colston made his first catch on a button hook pattern just beyond the marker, gaining 13 yards and an important first down, converting a 3rd down and 12 to go. Colston made another excellent catch stretching to his full length and bobbling, but holding on even as the pass bounced softly off his helmet for a gain of 26 yards to give the Saints a goal to go situation. Colston had a huge role in the late 4th quarter come-back. He made plays on all three scoring drives. On the first one, he made an excellent catch on a pass that he bobbled as he fell to the ground for a gain of 26 yards and a first down. The next drive, he caught two passes for 20 yards and converting a first down. The final drive, he caught a deep pass for a gain of 20 yards and a first down.

Week 12 - In the first half, Brees targeted Colston three straight times in the red zone. The first was a skinny post that Brees threw into tight coverage and rookie corner Desmond Trufant should have picked off. The second was a post to Colston that the receiver caught inside the Falcons' five. The third was a crossing route to the left flat where Atlanta stuffed the receiver inside the five. Other than this series and a comeback route off play action, Colston didn't see much work until the second half. He earned 12 yards on a short slant on a hot read, issuing a nice stiff arm on the cornerback McClain for the first down. He then dropped a 2nd-and-six crossing route late in the third quarter after he tried to back hand the ball and bring it to his body rather than use both hands on this throw just ahead of Sean Weatherspoon in tight coverage.

Week 13 - Marques Colston caught a short turn-in for a 4-yard gain and a first down in the Saints first scoring drive. He was targeted downfield on a long sideline route, but Richard Sherman was up to the task and tipped the ball away. Like most of the Saints offense, Colston was ineffective.

Week 14 - Marques Colston got easily off the line and crossed the field behind the linebackers to make his first catch, a gain of 21 yards which converted the Saints initial first down. Colston worked his way open as Brees' second option for his first TD reception. Colston caught three passes on the next scoring drive, but one was brought back due to offensive holding. He continued to get open in the middle of the field and went high for his second TD reception of the game on a 5-yard play. Colston again got wide open on the Saints third scoring drive of the second quarter, going for 19 yards and a first down. Colston gained 15 yards and another first down as the Saints drove for a field goal in the 3rd quarter. Two plays later Colston got open across the middle and stretched for the end zone after being hit at the 2-yard line. What was initially called a TD, his 3rd of the game was overturned on review and the Saints settled for the field goal three plays later. Colston played a big role in the Saints TD drive in the 4th quarter, first drawing a pass interference call for a first down and later catching a nice back shoulder throw from Brees for a gain of 18 yards and a first down. Colston seemed to be open all night and made 9 catches on 13 targets for 125 yards and 2 TDs to lead the team.

Week 15 - Marques Colston caught a quick in on the Saints second possession for a gain of 15 yards and a first down. He worked the middle of the field later in the second quarter for a gain of 12 yards and another first down. In that same drive, Colston caught a quick pass over the middle for a gain of 7 yards and another first down. He was targeted on the Saints final play of their last drive in the first half in the end zone, but the pass was well covered. It appeared that he should have continued the route a little deeper in the end zone, but he hesitated and the pass was slightly high and fell incomplete. Colston made a nice catch dragging his toes as he went out of bounds. The play was initially ruled incomplete, but was overturned on review. Later in that same drive, Colston ran an excellent route on a crossing pattern and caught a rare deep completion today for a gain of 23 yards and a first down. Colston made a great catch on 4th down, sustaining a hard hit just as the ball arrived, but holding on for a gain of 7 yards and the first down. Colston made two catches on the Saints final scoring drive, the first as Brees escaped pressure and threw to an open Colston for a gain of 12 yards and a first down. Colston also got open in the end zone making a nice catch for the 5-yard TD, the only passing TD by Brees in the game. Colston was the most effective Saints receiver on the game as he caught 8 passes for 92 total yards and a TD.

Week 16 - Colston caught a quick in on the first drive for a gain of 9 yards. He was targeted again later in that same drive, but had great difficulty getting off the line of scrimmage and the pass fell incomplete. He caught a pass on a crossing pattern two plays later for a gain of 3 yards and a first down. Colston beat the coverage and caught a deep crossing pattern down the middle of the field for the Saints only deep completion of the first half and added nice yardage after the catch for a gain of 35 yards and a first down. He caught another crossing pattern to gain 9 yards three plays later to set up the Saints for their first score, a 40 yard field goal. Shortly after the Saints recovered the onsides kick, Colston caught a sideline pattern for a gain of 8 yards and another first down. He was targeted once more in the 1st half, but he again failed to get free off the line of scrimmage and Brees made an ill-advised throw into double coverage and the pass fell incomplete. Colston was targeted early in the 3rd quarter and appeared to make the catch on the low pass, but it was ruled incomplete. The Saints challenged the ruling, but it was upheld. He was targeted again late in the 4th quarter, but the pass was short and low and fell incomplete. His last target came on a deep pattern on the Saints final possession, but Colston was well covered by two defenders and the Saints were lucky that the pass was not picked off.

Week 17 - Drew Brees spread the wealth throughout his receiving core on Sunday. No one player had an exceptional day, but everyone got their licks. Colston turned in a 100% catch rate on the day, snagging all six of his targets for receptions. Colston was used exclusively in intermediate routes. While most of the Saints touchdowns came on deep balls or Jimmy Graham end zone targets, Colston worked the field between the twenties. He ran out routes, posts, slants, hitches, and comebacks to rack up his 60+ yards receiving. Colston lacked the speed to separate from defenders down field on the few fly routes he ran. He settled for racking up receptions in a possession receiver type role throughout the day.

Week 18 - Marques Colston had only two targets in the game, but caught both. The first reception was in the first half on a short pattern over the middle. Colston fought for extra yardage, gaining 10 yards and a first down. His other reception came on the Saints game winning drive. It was another short route and he caught the quick in pattern for a gain of 6 yards, giving the Saints a 3rd down and 1 to go play that they converted and then ran the ball killing the clock for the game winning field goal.

Week 19 - Marques Colston was easily the Saints most effective receiver on the day. He was always open in the middle of the field and produced well on his 16 targets, making 11 catches for 144 yards and the Saints only receiving TD. Colston made his first catch on his first target on a crossing pattern early in the 2nd quarter for a gain of 9 yards. He had another target on that drive, but the back shoulder throw toward the sideline fell incomplete. His next catch was a drag route across the middle for a gain of 16 yards and a first down. He would run this pattern several more times during the game. His next target was thrown about ten yards short, possibly after miscommunication between himself and Brees. He caught two passes on the Saints first scoring drive, the second on a deep crossing pattern that gained 25 yards and a first down. He caught two more passes on the next possession picking up another first down on the second catch. He had his most production on the Saints next to last drive. Colston had four targets on the drive and caught all four, converting three first downs with the final catch going for 9 yards and the Saints only passing TD on the game. Colston followed up his TD catch by recovering the on-sides kick to give the Saints one final chance. He caught Brees' final pass on the game's last play and gained 13 yards, but was called for throwing an illegal forward pass that ended the game.