TE Dallas Clark, Free agent

HT: 6-3, WT: 257, Born: 6-12-1979, College: Iowa, Drafted: Round 1, Pick 24

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2013 Game Summaries

Week 1 - Dallas Clark needs to be upgraded as soon as possible as he is little more than a target black hole. Clark didnít stand out positively at all during the regular season opener. Clark looked sluggish, dropped passes, couldnít block anyone and fumbled the football. It is worth noting Clark was wide open in the end zone on Vonta Leachís touchdown, and the Ravens lack an outside receiving threat in the red zone. This means Clark could become the top red zone threat by default if he isnít replaced or benched. Later in the game Clark dropped an easy touchdown pass.

Week 2 - Dallas Clark only got one target which he converted into a first down.

Week 3 - Dallas Clark played a good game and provided Flacco with a solid second weapon for moving the chains. With Marlon Brown failing to get separation Flacco turned to Clark who was efficient and smart. Clark caught four passes and moved the chains on three of them. Clark still looked slow but he understands coverages and was a reliable player against the Texans.

Week 4 - Dallas Clark is still slow and incompetent as a blocker. However, he and Flacco are starting to build chemistry. Clark has turned into a reliable chain moving pass catching option.

Week 5 - Dallas Clark was a non-factor in the passing game.

Week 6 - Dallas Clark made the tough plays he hasnít previously for the Ravens. Clark had a big gain on a shallow cross that he turned up the sideline for a 30 yard gain. The Packers took poor angles and a missed tackle sprung Clark free. Clark beat man coverage and moved the chains on an out route run from the slot. Clark beat man coverage on a seam route and made a beautiful one handed catch for a touchdown. If Clark can continue to replace some of the lost production from Dennis Pitta it will be a huge boost to the Ravensí offense.

Week 7 - Dallas Clark wasnít heavily targeted but caught a touchdown late in the game.

Week 9 - Dallas Clark had one catch for a first down on a broken play.

Week 10 - Dallas Clark was barely involved in the offense. He had 2 targets the whole game. One was an early dropped pass. The other was a great improvisational play by him and Flacco for a touchdown.

Week 11 - Dallas Clark made a catch early for a nice gain. Clarkís next target was intercepted by Bostic as he ran down the seam. Bostic had perfect coverage on the play. Clark wasnít targeted again until 4th and 4 nearing the end of regulation when he made a great one handed catch and picked up the first down.