RB Jamaal Charles, Free agent

HT: 5-11, WT: 200, Born: 12-27-1986, College: Texas, Drafted: Round 3

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2014 Projections

David Dodds15.0250.012134.911.058.04708.13.0252
Bob Henry16.0245.012305.010.065.05909.13.0260
Jason Wood16.0285.014004.911.075.06508.75.0301
Maurile Tremblay16.0257.011874.69.070.06279.05.0265

Average draft position

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Overall: Jamaal Charles (1), L McCoy (2), A Peterson (3)
Position: Jamaal Charles (1 - RB1), L McCoy (2-RB2), A Peterson (3-RB3)
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Overall: Jamaal Charles (1), L McCoy (2), A Peterson (3)
Position: Jamaal Charles (1 - RB1), L McCoy (2-RB2), A Peterson (3-RB3)
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Charles put together what may have been his best all-around season in 2013, setting career highs in receptions (70), receiving yards (693) and touchdowns (19). After three out of four seasons as a fantasy RB1, Charles finished 2013 as THE RB1 with 382 PPR fantasy points. That's more fantasy points than any running back has scored since Arian Foster in 2010, and Charles sat out week 17 with a playoff spot secured. Charles actually saw his carries slightly decrease in 2013, but he saw a huge uptick in the passing game. He was targeted 104 times, 40 more than he'd ever seen before. Maybe more importantly, Charles was unleashed in the red zone. All but 5 of his 19 touchdowns came from inside the 10 yard line. In fact, he had more red zone touchdowns (15) last season than he had in career coming into 2013 (14). Charles is a rare all-purpose back that should continue to see high usage in both the running and passing game while also being featured close to the goal line.

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2013 Game Summaries

Week 1 - Charles' 100 total yards were but a fraction of what he could have racked up if not for a couple of unfortunate happenings. The first was completely under his control as he dropped three swing passes in the first half alone, really limiting his receiving yardage. Then he left the game in the third quarter with what was later described as a quad injury. He was checked for a concussion because he landed on his head on the play, but the damage was apparently incurred on his quad. For the first two and half quarters, Charles looked like his old self. Charles had four runs of seven yard or more in the first half and showed great burst and quick decisive cuts. He could have walked into the end zone on his two yard touchdown as the line blew open a huge hole. He started the second half with two runs for 21 yards, exhibiting great vision and following excellent blocking. Charles injury was not thought to be serious as of Sunday evening.

Week 2 - After a week one when he struggled catching the ball, Charles saw virtually all of his success through the air. Charles was severely limited over the first 3 ½ quarters as he was given very little room to run by the defense and very few opportunities to run by his coach. To make up for that he caught everything thrown his way. His touchdown catch was a great design, and he made a nice grab in traffic and bounced off a tackler to get in from two yards out. On the Chiefs second touchdown drive, Charles caught a pass in the flat and absolutely trucked Morris Claiborne on his way to an 11 yard gain. While Charles was completely bottled up in the run game for the first 56 minutes, he left his mark in the last four minutes. Charles’ last 8 carries went for 47 yards as he ground out the clock. He showed beautiful vision and decisive cuts as his line finally began to give him a little bit of room. He looked way too fresh for the worn down Cowboys’ defenders. The only area that Charles really struggled in was pass protection, where he was not good at all.

Week 3 - Charles was very involved in the passing game but once again saw his carries limited until the fourth quarter. Charles showed good patience on his first carry, following his blockers for a ten yard gain, and then great burst on a 2nd and 3 to pick up a first down. He was stuffed on a third and one early in the game and Andy Reid was not happy with his star running back. From that point until the 4th quarter, Charles was essentially a receiver lining up in the backfield. He eluded three tacklers on a 13 yard reception in the flats and turned a 7 yard pass into a 21 yard gain with a shifty run after the catch. Charles had just nine carries for 21 yards entering the 4th quarter and then he went to work. Charles picked up 7 yards on a stretch right, on his first carry of the 4th quarter then the Chiefs went off tackle left and Charles takes it all the way to the 3 for an 18 yard gain. On the very next play they went back to the stretch right and Charles took it in for the score on a very well blocked play. Charles was very difficult to bring down in the 4th quarter, until he got to the 1 yard line where he was stuffed with just under 3 minutes to go in the game.

Week 4 - Charles was once again severely limited on the ground for the first three quarters as he totaled just 23 rushing yards on 10 attempts before the fourth. While he made up for that through the air, he also cost his team by dropping three passes in the passing game. When Charles did catch the ball, he was electric. His 31 yard gain in the second quarter was a thing of beauty, especially the broken tackle and scamper that came after. In the third quarter he made two defenders miss on a swing pass and picked up 15 yards. Finally, as he has all year, Charles broke a big run in the 4th quarter. After great blocking at the line, Charles made two defenders miss at the second level to pick up more than 1/3 of his rushing production on one play. His reception in the end zone was very similar to the touchdown he scored against Dallas. It was a simple play action reverse to McCluster with Charles sneaking out of the backfield for the 2 yard catch.

Week 5 - Charles saw a lot more work in the running game early than he had recently and had limited success, mostly when he ran around the left end. His first two carries around the left edge went for a combined 26 yards. Charles showed great acceleration as his offensive line set the edge. Any time Charles was given even a chance he gained positive yardage including an eight yard gain that ended with a fumble. On the play Charles was bent back over his knee and seemed to give the ball up because of concern for his knee, but he was up immediately and seemed fine. Charles again had great life in his legs and picked up 50 total yards and his only score in the fourth quarter. His touchdown was a one yard run, again to the left side, where he just followed good push into the end zone. Charles wasn't as involved in the passing game as he had been in past games, but he also avoided the bad drops we've seen earlier this year. He saw one red zone target but the ball was deflected at the line.

Week 6 - Charles ground out another impressive performance against a defense that was crowding the box all day. After getting stuffed on the first two drives, Charles found room on the third drive and took advantage. He had two catches in the left flats and picked up 34 yards on the two without any protest from the Raiders defense. Both catches came wide open with blockers in front of him. Charles also picks up 9 yards on a toss right that was well blocked but required patience, with Charles staying behind his blockers to make the play work. Charles showed brilliant work on a screen pass of manipulating his blockers for a 14 yard gain on a screen pass just before the two minute warning. That sparked the Chiefs first touchdown drive that ended with a seven yard Charles touchdown run. The touchdown came on an inside draw and Charles broke three arm tackles on his way to the end zone. Charles' second touchdown came on a dive right from the two yard line. He was initially stuffed at the one, but a second effort got him in for the score. Unlike past weeks, Charles fourth quarter was pretty uneventful with the line unable to ever fully gain the advantage. He did have an 11 yard sweep that was well blocked, but it was one of the few times the line was able to set the edge.

Week 7 - The Chiefs continued to feed Jamaal Charles, and he continued to make them look smart for doing so. After being stuffed on his first two carries, Charles had a magical run on the Chiefs second drive. He spun off a tackle in the backfield, juked a defender at the edge and outran a linebacker for a 14 yard gain. Three minutes later he took a handoff off left tackle for an easy (and well blocked) one yard touchdown run. Charles' first carry of the second quarter was an 11 yard burst up the middle. The play was well-blocked at the point of attack but it was Charles breaking the tackle of a Texans' linebacker that made it a big gain. Charles caught two screen passes for a total of 16 yards on the Chiefs' second touchdown drive. The first was completely blown up and saw Charles reverse field to pick up nine yards and a first down. The second saw Charles in a one-on-one situation with Ed Reed and Charles blazing speed got him to the edge, and the first down marker. Charles had a rough start to the third quarter. His first four carries of the quarter went for seven yards and he lost a fumble. He did catch a 21 yard pass on a wide open crossing pattern. Charles finished the quarter with two carries for 24 yards on the back of great blocking from his offensive line. Charles was stuffed at the goal line later in the drive with three Texans in the backfield when he received the handoff. The fourth quarter was not as kind to Charles against the Texans determined defense but it was still another stellar outing.

Week 8 - Though Charles still saw 23 touches, his snaps were down partially because of the Chiefs game plan and partially because of a minor knee injury he sustained in the second quarter. His only real success on the first drive came on a perfectly timed screen pass on 3rd and 9. Charles caught the ball with nothing but blockers in his path and raced 24 yards into Browns territory. Charles had a seven yard carry on third and three later in the quarter that was a product of great patience and good blocking. He also picked up 7 to end the first quarter on a play that looked like it should be stopped for a loss, but he darted through a hole that opened just briefly. On the final drive of the half Charles had carries of 14 and 17 yards to put the Chiefs in position for their second touchdown. On one of those shifty runs he hurt his knee, and was on the bike to start the second half. Charles saw only one carry in the third quarter, but he returned in the 4th and looked healthy. He picked up 31 total yards in the final quarter. If anything was missing it was explosiveness, but there was no noticeable limp. His best play came on a 3rd and 9 with 5:48 remaining. Charles caught a screen and made two defenders miss, picking up 11 yards and a huge first down.

Week 9 - For most of the first half Charles was completely bottled up and underused. His best run of the half came on a toss right where he showed outstanding patience to let the blocking develop and then scampered forward for a ten yard gain. His only real success in the passing game came on a swing pass in the right flat that required great footwork to stay in bounds and pick up six yards and the first down. Charles started to get going in the third quarter with a 12 yard run straight up the middle. He snuck through a sliver of a hole and then destroyed a safety at the second level. On the very next play he picked up five, but was tripped up by the ankle or he could have had a huge gain. Due to the Chiefs defense scoring two touchdowns, Charles didn't see much action until the fourth quarter. In the final 10:23 of game action Charles had 9 carries for 52 yards. He had all kinds of room, especially on the left side of the line and twice went untouched for ten yards. The Chiefs reliance on the pass in the first half and their defensive dominance in the second resulted in a weird game script that saw Charles largely uninvolved for the first three quarters, but he was once again the focal point of the offense in the fourth quarter.

Week 11 - The Broncos did an outstanding job of bottling Charles up for most of the game. He had very little room to run early in the game, and when he did find a sliver the team made good tackles at the second level. Charles ran hard and showcased his elite vision to pick up three several times when a lesser back would have had zero. His first real positive gain came on a very shifty nine yard run up the middle towards the end of the first quarter. Charles dropped two would be touchdowns in the second quarter, one in the end zone and another on a screen at the five. He bounced back on the next drive with a 35 yard run on a counter that again showcased his vision and his speed. Had he not lost his balance on the sideline he may have had a chance to take it to the house. That drive ended with Charles getting stuffed twice inside the two. Charles had just 5 carries for 16 yards the rest of the way as the Chiefs spent much of the second half playing catch up. His only two catches came on the final drive with less than a minute left and both went for a loss.

Week 12 - Unlike past games a large portion of Charles success came running up the middle. Early in the game, his only success came in the passing game, as he caught two passes in a row lined up wide as a receiver. Charles got going on the ground in the second quarter, starting with a zone read that was well blocked and Charles beat the only man that had a chance to tackle him to the sideline for a 12 yard gain. Charles first touchdown came at the end of the second quarter from the seven yard line. The play was very well blocked and Charles ran through an Eric Weddle arm tackle at the one yard line for the score. Charles dropped a sure touchdown in the third quarter, but ended up running it in from the one yard line two plays later. As has often been the case this year, Charles did some of his best work in the 4th quarter. On his 46 yard carry he made Manti Teo miss in the backfield then sprinted across the field, following his blockers all the way to the Chargers 8 yard line. He again came up big on the Chiefs final touchdown drive. He caught a screen pass wide open on second and ten and did a masterful job of manipulating his lone blocker for a 19 yard gain to move the Chiefs into the red zone. Charles made a day of slicing through paper-thin holes in the line and making one man miss at the second level. His carry total was down because of the game script, but he was active in both the ground and air attack.

Week 13 - Charles had an outstanding day against a defense that was clearly keying on him. He did a great job getting skinny at the line and then sprinting up the field and looked as determined as he has all season. He had his longest catch and his longest run on back-to-back plays in the first quarter. The catch came with Charles lining up wide left and beating a corner on a quick slant. On the next play he took a toss left and looked like he was running out of bounds after 8 yards only to show great balance to stay in bounds and turn it into a 15 yard gain. Charles had another 15 yard run in the 4th quarter, breaking one tackle in the process. Charles' 11 yard reception later in the drive came on a screen pass where he broke three tackles and willed his way past the marker. He finished that drive off with a one yard touchdown run that involved him leaping over the pile from the three yard line. The Broncos had the run stuffed and he wouldn't have scored if he'd stayed on his feet.

Week 14 - Charles looked outstanding and was only stopped by the snow early on. His first two carries went for 21 yards combined behind the left tackle and each was stopped only by the slippery surface. Even so, his footing seemed to be much better than that of the Redskins. Charles ended the second drive with a two yard touchdown on an inside draw, powering through a tackle at the goal line. Charles touched the ball on four straight plays to end the Chiefs third touchdown drive. The second touch was a toss right that was well blocked, and Charles made a linebacker miss at the second level to pick up 13. He finished that drive lining up wide right and catching a wide receiver screen. After catching the ball he only needed to follow excellent blocking 5 yards into the end zone. Charles was done scoring at that point, but some of his best runs were still to come. His 35 yard run in the middle of the 3rd quarter included three broken tackles. The play started on a toss right but was tackled 35 yards later on the left sideline. Charles never even reached top speed on the play because he was so busy negotiating downfield blocking and avoiding tacklers. His day ended a few minutes later with a 33 yard run, again off right tackle that included 4 more broken tackles. Charles took advantage of a very poor tackling team to rack up a huge day in only three quarters of work.

Week 15 - Jamaal Charles deserves all the accolades he received for his five touchdown day, but his offensive line should get a huge portion of the credit as well. His 49 yard touchdown reception to start the game required only that Charles hurdle one defender along the sideline before sprinting down the sideline into the end zone. His second touchdown was more impressive if only because of the one hand grab he made to bring the ball in. His 1 yard touchdown run off left tackle came immediately after he was tackled at the Ω yard line on a dig route, and he showed good elusiveness to miss the one defender that got into the backfield. After another touchdown on a screen where Charles danced artfully behind near perfect blocking the Chiefs decided to change it up. On 3rd and 1 from their own 29 the Chiefs sent Charles on a wheel route. He caught a perfectly placed ball down the right sideline, sidestepped the safety and once again had a clear path all the way to the end zone. Charles had only 8 carries in the game and only one of real substance. That shifty 8 yard gain in the first quarter, illustrated his vision as well as the three screens he scored on. Once again Charles put together a phenomenal performance in only 3 quarters of work.

Week 16 - The game script really cut down on Charles carries, but he was outstanding on the carries he did get. It really seemed like early on he could get four yards whenever he wanted it, and he got much more on his second carry of the game. The run off right tackle was well blocked at the point of attack and Charles made one man miss at the second level. He then followed great downfield blocking 31 yards into the end zone. Charles wasn't exactly bottled up after that run, as he gained 29 yards on his next 7 carriesÖbut the Chiefs inability to convert a third down meant Charles couldn't stay on the field. The Chiefs only had the ball for 10 minutes in the second and third quarter combined. The team got back to the run in the 4th quarter, and Charles started the quarter with a shifty 13 yard run off right tackle. In the end, Charles had a really good day even with being stifled by the game script.

Week 18 - Charles left the game after three productive carries with a concussion.