TE Scott Chandler, Free agent

HT: 6-7, WT: 260, Born: 7-23-1985, College: Iowa, Drafted: Round 4

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2014 Projections

David Dodds15.034.038411.32.050
Bob Henry16.038.045011.83.063
Jason Wood16.028.02759.83.046
Maurile Tremblay16.030.034111.42.046


The Buffalo Bills signed Scott Chandler to a two-year contract, but there was no guaranteed money, so you can look at it as a one-year "prove it" deal for Chandler. Last year he caught 53 catchesóa career highóbut dropped from six touchdowns to just two as the offense faltered. Chandler is just a red zone option although at his size, Chandler could be a good target in the middle of the field as well. With Mike Williams a potential big-body target and Sammy Watkins arriving with his ability to add yards after the catch, Chandler's fantasy value is low. He's a TE4 and is really no more than a shaky bye week filler.

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2013 Game Summaries

Week 1 - Chandler tied with a team-high six targets, catching four including a long of 19 yards. Running down the seam, Chandler made a nice catch on the play despite taking a massive hit. Like Johnson, one of Chandlerís biggest plays was a missed opportunity. Chandler was able to get behind the coverage on 1st down and Manuel delivered a beautiful touch pass over the defense, but Chandler couldnít make the catch.

Week 2 - Chandler caught three of six targets for a paltry 10 yards. Chandlerís most relevant play was probably on the Bills opening drive where Manuel badly missed the TE on what more than likely would have been a TD if the throw had been accurate. Chandler was used as a release in the flat and just doesnít possess enough athleticism to turn those into bigger gains.

Week 3 - With only six targets, Chandler was second on the team with five targets and caught the teamís lone TD. Manuelís safety valve the majority of the time, Chandler finally found some space on what appeared to be blown coverage by the Jets. Working off the line of scrimmage, Chandler worked outside the LB who appeared to expect safety help. Manuel recognized the lapse as Chandler ran free and easily completed the pass. With no defender near, Chandler simply turned and took a couple steps before diving into the end zone. Manuel found his TE on another nice connection on the Bills final threatening drive of the game. Chandler ran a deep out and with the defender trailing; Manuel threw a perfect toss just over the coverage and into Chandlerís fingertips. The play went for 17 yards and turned a 3rd and 24 into a much more manageable 4th down.

Week 5 - Chandler was second on the team in every receiving category, including six targets. Like the rest of the receiving group, there wasnít much in the passing game for the tight end. Chandlerís longest catch came on a pass that he wasnít even targeted on as the pass was meant for Johnson. Johnson could only deflect it as did the defender behind Johnson before Chandler made a spectacular juggling catch on the play. The ball was ultimately behind him, but Chandler managed to tip the ball out in front of himself and eventually haul it in for a 20-yard pickup. Chandler also drew a pass interference penalty in the end zone on Buffaloís final TD drive of the game.

Week 6 - Chandler did a nice job with his four targets, including two very important catches. Trailing by 14 in the 4th quarter, Chandler was gifted a matchup with DE Carlos Dunlap as he ran down the seam on 4th down. Leaving Dunlap in his wake, Chandler made the easy catch just outside the end zone and easily walked in without being touched. Later, as the Bills were driving to tie the game, Chandler again took advantage of another mistake in coverage. With forever in the pocket, Lewis was able to scan and rescan the field. Finally, Chandler flashed across the middle uncovered and picked up 20 yards on the reception. A mere one play later, the Bills sent the game to OT.

Week 7 - Chandler was only targeted three times, converting two into catches with a long of 12 yards. A really tough catch, Chandler was turned around by the errant throw as he ran an out. Chandler did a nice job of readjusting to pick up the 1st down on the 3rd down pass. Like most of the pass catchers on Sunday, Chandlerís other catch was a quick, safe throw for six yards.

Week 8 - Chandler was targeted 11 times in the passing game, catching seven passes including a long of 22 yards on his first catch. Chandler didnít really have much of an impact until Johnsonís groin injury and caught his first pass the play following Johnsonís exit. Running an out from the slot, Chandler was able to catch the short throw from Lewis and turn up field for a 22-yard gain. Lewis went right back to Chandler on his next throw and the TE turned another short toss into a 15-yard gain. Malcolm Jenkins actually brought Chandler down after nine yards, but as Chandler spun down he literally sat on Jenkins chest. The play still live, Chandler smartly stood up and picked up six more yards. Chandler just missed a TD a couple plays later as he nearly pulled in an absolute circus catch. Targeted as he reached the goal line, Chandler juggled whist battling the DB through the end zone before the two finally hit the ground and the ball fell incomplete. Chandler caught four more balls, with each coming on the same out route and none more than 11 yards. Chandler also had two huge plays attempting to block for Lewis and the passing game. While protecting Lewisí blind side, Chandler completely whiffed trying to block Junior Galette and his QB paid the price. Galette destroyed Lewis and forced a fumble on the play. Later, Lewis and Graham connected on a 55-yard touchdown, but a holding call on Chandler as he tried to seal the edge wiped the play out.

Week 9 - Chandler led the team in targets with nine, but he only managed to catch one more (three) than he dropped (two). Chandlerís first drop came on the teamís opening drive, on 3rd down and couldnít have been an easier catch. Running his favorite route, the out, Chandler was open and would have easily picked up the 1st down if he hadnít played the part of Dikembe Mutombo and swatted the pass down. The tight end dropped another pass, this time on the Billís final drive as he ran an out. Chandler continued to dominate the out, as all three of his catches came on the same route, with none picking up more than 10 yards. Chandler did get one target in the end zone, but Tuel was incredibly late on the throw. Despite the tardiness, Chandler was able to draw a pass interference penalty. Chandler was also targeted on Tuelís 1st INT, but the throw was well over his head.

Week 10 - Chandler caught all three of his targets with a long of eight yards. With the offense struggling mightily there just wasnít much for the TE as Chandler only had one catch whilst the game was still in question and racked up the other two as the Steelers sat in prevent on the final drive of the game.

Week 11 - Chandler only caught two of his three targets, including an important 31-yard catch on the Bills final scoring drive. Running a crosser, Chandler was able to break the initial (very weak) attempted tackle from Ed Reed in the open field. With no defender in sight, Chandler was able to turn up field for 19 more yards on the play. Chandlerís other catch went for nine yards as he played safety valve sitting in the zone in the middle of the field.

Week 13 - Chandler led the team in receiving yards and was second in targets/catches, but like Johnson he had a backbreaking fumble in OT on the Bills opening possession of the extra period. Working mostly the shorter routes, Chandler wasnít able to get downfield until his 3rd catch. Dragging on a shallow route across the middle, Manuel was able to hit his TE in stride. The trailing coverage fell down and Chandler turned up field on his way to 23 yards. At the time, the play was massive as it came on 3rd down and put the Bills at midfield with ample time to move into FG range. Chandler worked the seam on his final catch and appeared to again moving the offense towards midfield before disaster struck. A tremendous throw from Manuel to beat the tight coverage, Chandler snatched the throw out of the air but like Johnson wasnít able to secure the ball as the defender wrapped up. As William Moore went for the tackle, he was able to punch the ball out and again Atlanta recovered.

Week 14 - Chandler was only targeted three times on Sunday, catching two passes with a long of 15 yards on the 2nd possession of the game. The catch took the offense deep into Tampa territory, but the offense was unable to capitalize. Chandlerís only other catch came in the 2nd half and only went for nine yards as he sat down in a zone pocket in the middle of the field. A bit of bad luck, but as Chandler attempted to get down field on Stevie Johnsonís 31-yard catch he actually ran into the WR and appeared to limit what could have been a much bigger play.

Week 15 - Chandler tied for the team lead in catches and was second in targets with five. The TEís long went for 27 yards as he initially worked outside before breaking back to the middle of the field and Manuel easily connected with the wide-open TE. After the big gain, Chandler worked the shorter routes and never gained more than eight yards on any of his four other catches.

Week 16 - Chandler was only targeted three times, but was 2nd on the team in receiving yards including a long of 16 yards on the Bills lone TD drive. Facing a 3rd and four, Chandler was able to get inside the coverage on the shallow crossing route. Lewis delivered a perfect ball and the TE was able to make the catch and turn up field. Later, Lewis hit Chandler on a quick pop pass off a play fake. Chandler picked up 15 yards on the play.

Week 17 - Chandler caught three of four targets, but like Graham was plagued by a bad drop at an inopportune time to kill what looked like a promising drive. His first target coming inside New England territory and on 3rd down, Chandler dragged across the middle of the field. Well beyond the marker, Lewis put the throw on the TEís hands but he was unable to adjust properly and the throw skipped off his arms incomplete forcing a punt when the Bills should have still been driving. Like Graham, Chandler finally got in the stat sheet in the 2nd half. Working the middle of the field, the TE was able to haul in the soft throw from Lewis for a 27-yard gain. Later, with the game well in hand, Chandler opened a drive with a short nine-yard catch. The following drive, Chandler hauled in a 16-yard target as he did a nice job to get both feet in bounds just before going stepping out. Lewis delivered an absolute laser right on his hands, but given the inclement weather Chandler made the tough catch look easy.