TE Brent Celek, Free agent

HT: 6-4, WT: 250, Born: 1-25-1985, College: Cincinnati, Drafted: Round 5

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2014 Projections

David Dodds16.024.031012.92.043
Bob Henry16.030.041013.73.059
Jason Wood16.022.024511.12.037
Maurile Tremblay16.016.021713.62.034

Average draft position

Current as of August 25th. [Full ADP list]

Overall: B Cunningham (223), Brent Celek (224), S Johnson (225), J Finley (226)
Position: G Graham (212-TE24), A Seferian-Jenkins (221-TE25), Brent Celek (224 - TE26), J Finley (226-TE27), T Wright (231-TE28)
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Overall: B Bortles (225), Brent Celek (226), J Finley (227), S Taylor (228)
Position: G Graham (207-TE24), A Seferian-Jenkins (215-TE25), Brent Celek (226 - TE26), J Finley (227-TE27), T Wright (230-TE28)
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Reports of Brent Celek's demise were greatly exaggerated. With Chip Kelly taking over and the team drafting Zach Ertz as well as signing James Casey, many wondered if Celek's time in Philadelphia was numbered. Yet Celek found a role primarily as a chain mover and red zone threat. Celek's receptions were cut in half (32) but he scored six touchdowns. Celek's days as a fantasy relevant tight end are likely over, but he maintains value in real NFL terms, and is an important piece to Nick Foles' success as both a pass protector and the aforementioned red zone role.

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2013 Game Summaries

Week 1 - Made a nice catch to start out the game and had a tough demeanor as he broke tackles downfield. Then on a couple of plays later he missed on a pass near the sidelines that he could have put some more effort in to get to the ball. Celek had a nice 28 yard touchdown that he went in between 3 defenders to make and busted a tackle to walk it in the endzone.

Week 2 - Celek was only targeted once all day and was used more as a blocker as Zach Ertz was shifting downfield to make plays.

Week 3 - Celek's first catch came in the two minute drill, a decent route over the middle. Celek was in for over 90% of the snaps, but Vick just didn't target his tight ends much in this game. Later in the game Celek was asked to stay in and help block several times because of the team's inability to stop Kansas City's pass rush.

Week 4 - Michael Vick was using Celek as one of his favorite targets on the day targeting him 6 times as he made 3 catches. He made a nice catch and run on the Eagles second drive to get the ball down to the Broncos 35 yard line. Later in that same drive Celek dropped a bullet pass from Vick inside the 5 yard line on third down that would have kept the drive going and gave the Eagles a shot at a new set of downs to punch the ball in for a touchdown but instead had to settle for a field goal and lost a little bit of their momentum. Celek had a big 27 yard catch in the 4th quarter but it was when the score was 42-13 for the Broncos and his drop earlier in the redzone was a much bigger deal.

Week 5 - Celek made a catch in the middle of the field early in the 3rd quarter and he ran into some Giants defenders and lost his helmet as he is never afraid to take a hit. Celek made an incredible 25 yard TD catch at the back of the endzone, stretching out and diving for the ball.

Week 6 - Celek was only targeted one time and made the most of it picking up 10 yards on a screen pass across the middle.

Week 7 - Celek was wide open on his only target of the game but Foles overthrew him and missed out on a chance at a big play. On the next play Foles threw into Celek’s direction again on the opposite side of the field but Celek was held by the defender and resulted in a penalty and a first down for the offense.

Week 8 - On the third play of the game Michael Vick threw a bad pass in the direction of Celek that was picked off and Celek had no chance of catching. When Matt Barkley entered the game he looked to Brent Celek on back to back plays and Celek made the catch both times and immediately turned and ran through defenders picking up additional yards.

Week 9 - On his first target on the day he took a quick pass from Foles and ran it in for a quick 2 yard touchdown. Celek's most impressive play on the day was his 24 yard reception where he took a short pass and rumbled down the field inside the redzone and knocked over defenders as he went. He is very strong after the catch and never shys away from contact.

Week 10 - Celek was used today mainly for helping to block close to the offensive line, adding extra protection for Nick Foles. He caught one pass on the day and it was on the very first offensive play of the game for the Eagles.

Week 11 - On Celek's only target in the game he took a Foles screen pass and took off running for a 42 yard gain which looked to be a touchdown at the time but after review was ruled down at the 1 yard line. Celek is no longer one of the offensive threats that he once was with pass catching rookie TE Zach Ertz now on the team, but a play like his 42 yard catch shows you that he can still be counted on in the offense if he is given the opportunity.

Week 13 - From the first offensive play of the game, the Eagles were set to use both the TE's to their advantage and Celek was thrown a 3 yard pass to start things out. On the very next play he was targeted again and couldn't make the catch. Then on the third play on offense, Foles again looked in Celek's direction and threw a nice pass over the middle to pick up the first down and Celek steam rolled forward picking up additional yards while dragging defenders with him. Celek caught a 1 yard touchdown from Foles at the end of the first half as he ran a crossing route at the goal line and freed himself up from any Cardinal defenders.

Week 14 - Celek caught the first throw from Foles on the day for a modest 2 yard gain. It was only proper for Celek to have the key play to ice the game as he took a 4th down pass from Foles for a wide first down and a would be touchdown but being the ultimate team player and sportsman, cleverly slid in the snow to help keep the clock running. It was a play that was similar to what Brian Westbrook did a few years back falling down at the 1 yard line to help the Eagles secure the win.

Week 15 - Celek's only catch of the game was a short one that he ended up doing all his damage after the catch picking up 25 yards and getting ball inside the Vikings 5 yard line.

Week 16 - Celek got into the offensive action on the Eagles third possession and made a fantastic 24 yard catch on a low thrown ball from Foles that he had to get both hands under before it hit the ground. On the same drive it was Celek who ended it with a catch and run that he took into the endzone to help put the Eagles up 21-0. He had another big catch for 24 yards but at the end of the play was hit and the ball popped out and Celek lost the fumble.

Week 17 - Celek really came alive offensively for the Eagles in this game and he started his offensive play late close to halftime as he made a remarkable leaping 35 yard catch where he showed some good hands in mid air securing the ball. One the very next play Foles went back to Celek and he raced it into the endzone on the right side. Celek made all three of his catched matter as he either picked up a first down or a touchdown on each of them. Although he is used more for a blocker this year he still has shown that he can be counted on to make offensive plays.

Week 18 - When giving the opportunity Celek seems to find a seam in the defense and he did that on his 24 yard catch from Foles. Although Celek doesn't have the speed of a receiver after the catch, he has some muscle and often picks up some big yards after the catch. On Celek's only other catch of the game he was tackled in the backfield for a loss that put the Eagles in a 2nd and long opportunity.