QB Jason Campbell, Free agent

HT: 6-5, WT: 228, Born: 12-31-1981, College: Auburn, Drafted: Round 1, Pick 25

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David Dodds5.06.010.0666.
Bob Henry4.06.010.0707.
Maurile Tremblay1.011.020.01326.

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2013 Game Summaries

Week 2 - Jason Campbell relieved Brandon Weeden after Weeden left the game with an injured thumb. He did nothing to show that he deserves to start next week if in fact Brandon Weeden cannot play. Campbell's first throw was into double coverage and nearly intercepted. Campbell was unable to find an open receiver on any of his few other throws. The Ravens flushed Campbell out of the pocket multiple times and he looked uncomfortable while on the run. Campbell's only completion was a dump off pass to Jordan Cameron on fourth down.

Week 8 - Jason Campbell provided competence at the quarterback position on Sunday, which is all Browns fans could have asked for after two straight weeks of below-average performances by Brandon Weeden. Campbell led two touchdowns drives, the first to Josh Gordon and the second to running back Fozzy Whittaker. Campbell's first touchdown came on a flea-flicker, and while he under threw Josh Gordon on a deep pattern, the ball was delivered on time and was deep enough for Gordon to waltz into the end zone for a 37-yard touchdown. The second touchdown came in the third quarter, as Campbell hit Whittaker directly in stride on a wheel route as Whittaker sped past the defense into the end zone for a 17-yard touchdown. The pinpoint accuracy shown on that pass was not representative of Campbell's entire game, as he struggled from time to time with accuracy. In fact, Campbell's lack of accuracy stalled the Browns' final drive of the first half. Campbell threw behind an open Davone Bess and launched two near interceptions down the sideline. It is a wonder that the Chiefs did not intercept at least one pass on Sunday, as multiple deep passes of Campbell's were heavily contested. Save for Josh Gordon's touchdown, Campbell's deep pass accuracy was spotty. That was made up for by his quick decision-making on short passes, which really kept the offense moving. Campbell played with great pace, and while his quick decisions were not necessarily good decisions (the Browns started with three three-and-outs), they kept the Browns from accruing negative plays with frequency. Along with quick decision-making, Campbell was very mobile and aware within the pocket for his size. On multiple occasions, Campbell escaped the pocket for greener pastures. Specifically on a 4-yard gain, Campbell eluded an arm-tackle from Dontari Poe, one of the strongest defensive linemen in the league. Overall, while not blowing anyone with his play, Jason Campbell played well enough to earn the start next week against the Baltimore Ravens.

Week 9 - Jason Campbell consistently put the Browns in a position to win on Sunday, and when it mattered most, he came through with huge plays. One facet of Jason Campbell's game that is invaluable is his mobility, and it was certainly on display against the Ravens. On numerous occasions, Campbell evaded pass rushers to extend plays, even when his otherwise solid offensive line broke down. Campbell can remind one of Ben Roethlisberger with his combination of size and mobility. Specifically, on fourth and two during the 4th quarter, Jason Campbell evaded a pass rusher, rolled out of the pocket, and found Davone Bess for a first down to keep the Browns in the game. That was not the first time that Campbell found Bess on Sunday, as Bess' two other catches were both touchdowns. On the Browns second drive, Campbell delivered a perfect strike to Bess off his back foot with Elvis Dumervil in his face. His second touchdown pass to Davone Bess was a short slant that Davone Bess manufactured into a touchdown by himself. In addition, Campbell threw a third touchdown, a short three-yard dump off to Gary Barnidge who was by himself in the flat. Campbell was able to succeed with these short throws while decreasing the chance for mistakes down the field. Campbell reduced his downfield strikes to only when necessary or when the opportunity presented itself, which is evident given his lack of interceptions. He did not force any throws down the field, something that negatively affected the opposing quarterback - Joe Flacco - on Sunday. When throwing down the field, Campbell did overthrow twice while placing the ball behind his receivers more than a few times. However, when the Browns needed a big drive late in the game, Campbell delivered like a true veteran. Campbell was responsible for four first downs on the Browns final drive, increasing the Browns' lead to six points while milking the clock down to 17 seconds. With five touchdowns and no interceptions in his past two starts, the Browns have found temporary stability at the quarterback position going into the bye week.

Week 11 - Luckily, the brown pants that donned the backside of Jason Campbell hid the stains of his embarrassing quarterback on Sunday. Campbell looked hesitant and ancy in the pocket all day, consistently pump faking and half committing to passes. It looked as if Jason Campbell was playing not to make mistakes, and ironically playing that way will only lead to more mistakes. While the Bengals did display some tight coverage on Sunday, there were multiple times that open receivers were displayed on CBS' broadcast cam and Campbell simply did not throw the ball. Campbell had an open Jordan Cameron in the end zone on the Browns' first drive but was hesitant and ended up throwing the ball away. Being a quick quarterback not only helps a quarterback avoid sacks, but it leads to success in basic pass completion. In addition to Campbell's hesitancy, he also was consistently inaccurate at all levels. On numerous occasions, Campbell completely missed receivers, even on short passes! Campbell's second interception came when he sailed a pass seven to eight yards over the head of Greg Little for an interception. Campbell reminded many Browns fans of the days of Captain Checkdown himself, Brady Quinn. Campbell seemed to refuse to look downfield for options, leading to numerous short pass attempts to his running backs. While Campbell reminded Browns fans of Brady Quinn with his checkdowns, he reminded Browns fans of Brandon Weeden with his flat passes. Flat passes led to a Michael Johnson deflection of a for sure touchdown pass on the goal line to Greg Little. Jason Campbell's first interception was due to a flat pass on a quick curl to Josh Gordon, which was deflected and intercepted by James Harrison. The only positive of the entire day came on Campbell's deep touchdown pass to Josh Gordon in the third quarter. The pass beautiful, as Campbell looked off the safety and delivered a perfect deep pass to Gordon along the sideline. The question remains however, why was that play the antithesis of the rest of Jason Campbell's play on Sunday?

Week 12 - Jason Campbell has lost the poise and ability that led the Browns in his first two starts. The mobility that Campbell possessed earlier in the season is not there anymore Campbell seems like a sitting duck in the pocket. The inability to extend plays with one's legs severely limits chances for success when Jason Campbell's throwing ability is already marginal at best. Jason Campbell failed to keep his eyes down field for much of the game on Sunday, save for a few attempts to Cameron and Gordon in the first half. Campbell's lack of willingness to even attempt deep passes is concerning. Overall, Campbell's accuracy was average on Sunday no obvious mistakes yet no outstanding displays of precision. In the third quarter, Jason Campbell was knocked out of the game due to a questionable hit from Steelers cornerback William Gay. As of this writing, it has been reported that Campbell is in a concussion program and will likely miss next week's game against Jacksonville.

Week 14 - Jason Campbell played a stellar game, showing good decision making and outplaying his counterpart Tom Brady in most phases of the game. The pass protection was rock solid, only allowing one sack of Campbell, and his rapport with Josh Gordon and Jordan Cameron was on full display, as they made up 272 of his 391 passing yards and two of his three touchdowns. Campbell's touchdowns all came in the second half, as the score was 6-0 Browns at halftime. His first score was a 40 yard toss to Gary Barnidge which was mostly Barnidge creating run after the catch combined with defensive missteps and bad angles. Campbell's second touchdown of the day was all Josh Gordon, who turned a routine catch into an 80 yard touchdown, displaying a great second gear and stiff arming Aqib Talib out of his way. His third touchdown was a short 4 yarder to Jordan Cameron, an easy play action fake that saw Cameron wide open as defender Jamie Collins misdiagnosed the play. Campbell made solid reads and went through his progressions, dumping off and throwing the ball away when need be and taking appropriate shots when need be as well. Campbell's 44 pass attempts compared to the 25 total rushing attempts by the Browns despite being up almost all game showed the coaching staff's trust in him.

Week 15 - Jason Campbell continued in his inconsistent ways on Sunday, failing to play well enough to put the Browns in a position to win the game. Campbell looked as if the game was happening to fast for him - frequently checking down even when routes had developed down the field. Many Browns fans forgot about this side of Jason Campbell. Despite having two premier downfield receivers in Josh Gordon and Jordan Cameron, Campbell did not find them on any sort of consistent basis. Campbell's decision-making was in question as well, failing to find receivers downfield on third and long situations and instead sticking with short passes. In addition, both of Campbell's interceptions were due to poor decisions while throwing into heavy coverage. Campbell's accuracy can be described as bad at best, frequently missing open receivers - especially Josh Gordon. Campbell missed Josh Gordon 4 times on Sunday, whether it was one hopping it or failing to hit his Gordon in stride. While the Bears did bring a fair amount of pressure on Sunday, in no way is this performance a derivative of the Bears defense. If not for the Browns defense, this game would have been much uglier. Campbell's best pass was his final pass, a 43-yard strike to Josh Gordon that was thrown in stride between the corner and the safety. However, Campbell's stats before the garbage time drive (18/34, 193 yards, 0 TD, 2 INT) are much more indicative of his performance than his final line.

Week 16 - Jason Campbell did not look comfortable on Sunday despite playing in balmy 67-degree weather. Both of his interceptions were his fault, a result of poor decision-making and poor footwork. It seems as if Campbell has lost all confidence in his ability and is losing his grasp of fundamentals. Campbell overall lacked accuracy - at one point missing a wide-open Josh Cooper only a few yards in front of him. Rich Gannon put it best: You've got to make this throw,'' Gannon said. No one is even around Cooper. Look how wide-open he is. He goes in there; he sits down against off-coverage. You've got to be able to hit them when you have them that wide-open.'' Campbell was facing one of the NFL's softest pass defenses yet could only manage 4.5 yards/attempt while not throwing a touchdown. However, a touchdown pass dropped of the hands of Greg Little on the Brown's second drive of the game - surely not Campbell's fault. Campbell's supporting cast did not support him as they should have or are capable of doing. Even Josh Gordon struggled at times against cornerback Dee Milliner. With little to play for next week, Josh Campbell must prove to the Browns coaching staff that he deserves a spot on the team for the 2014 season.

Week 17 - With nothing to play for on Sunday, Jason Campbell did little to prove that he belongs on the 2014 Cleveland Browns roster. Campbell seemed afraid to throw the ball downfield, frequently checking down if his primary read was not immediately open. This habit is destructive in a Norv Turner offense because many of the advanced pass plays take a lot of time to progress. Campbell's first downfield pass to Josh Gordon, one of the NFL's best receivers, came with 40 seconds left in the third quarter. By this time, the game seemed well out of hand. Campbell's indecisive downfield throwing was shown specifically on a 3rd and 2 in the second quarter. The Steelers were playing Cover 0 with man-to-man coverage on Josh Gordon outside. As Gordon began his streak downfield, Campbell checked off immediately as if he expected Gordon to outrun Ike Taylor in the first 10 yards of his route. This led to a check down to Chris Ogbonnaya for no gain, which the entire Steelers defense saw coming as multiple defenders swarmed Obi. As for accuracy, Campbell frequently threw at his receiver's feet even on completed passes. Very few throws were on target and often times the ball wobbled in the air. This may have been due to wet weather conditions in Pittsburgh on Sunday, as well as the fact that Campbell does not wear a glove on his throwing hand. In the pocket, Campbell looked indecisive. On numerous occasions, Campbell pump faked and resorted to either throwing the ball away or throwing a short pass. This even happened on a 3rd and 21, where instead of taking a shot at a first down, Campbell simply dumped it off to a covered Jordan Cameron for 4 yards, leading to a punt. The Browns pass protection was superb on Sunday, so it was not as if Campbell was rushed into make poor decisions. Campbell fumbled in the first quarter, something he is susceptible to. Campbell does not have a great grip on the ball around pass rushers. His interception marked the last offensive play for the 2013 Browns, and it was not his fault. A short pass bounced off Fozzy Whittaker's hands and into the hands of Lawrence Timmons. Campbell's only touchdown drive came in garbage time, resulting in a touchdown pass to Fozzy Whittaker. Campbell made an accurate throw to Whittaker over the middle as Fozzy outran Lawrence Timmons along the sideline and into the end zone.