RB Reggie Bush, Free agent

HT: 6-0, WT: 200, Born: 3-2-1985, College: USC, Drafted: Round 1, Pick 2

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2014 Projections

David Dodds14.0195.08394.35.050.04509.02.0171
Bob Henry15.0200.09004.55.055.04808.73.0186
Jason Wood15.0200.08804.45.050.050010.02.0180
Maurile Tremblay16.0177.07814.44.056.04928.82.0163

Average draft position

Current as of August 25th. [Full ADP list]

Overall: R Gronkowski (30), A Ellington (31), Reggie Bush (32), V Jackson (33), K Allen (34)
Position: Z Stacy (27-RB14), A Ellington (31-RB15), Reggie Bush (32 - RB16), C Spiller (36-RB17), R Mathews (41-RB18)
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Overall: A Morris (30), Z Stacy (31), Reggie Bush (32), K Allen (33), V Jackson (34)
Position: A Morris (30-RB14), Z Stacy (31-RB15), Reggie Bush (32 - RB16), C Spiller (37-RB17), S Vereen (43-RB18)
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Best Case

Bush put up career best numbers in his first season with Detroit, and he didn’t even play a full 16 game season. Expect more of the same with Bush contributing even more in the passing game as the Lions shift to the same style of play that Bush had back in New Orleans. While 1500 yards is probably the most that you can expect from him at this point in his career, with Calvin Johnson and Golden Tate clearning out the defense, Bush will be able to use his playmaking ability to turn short passes into big plays. Another top 10 fantasy performance is very possible.

Worst Case

After his rookie season, Bush was nothing more than a mid-tier running back when he was with the Saints. He may have caught a lot of passes, but it never translated into big numbers on the field. He missed a lot of games due to injury as well. Bush is entering his ninth season and the miles are starting to catch up to him. The Lions have a tough schedule down the stretch and Bush will be facing some tough defenses at a time when you need him the most. An average season with reduced production toward the end of the season.


Bush thrived in Detroit last season because he was able to work the ball into the open field where his speed and elusiveness made him a dangerous weapon. He broke the 1000 yard rushing mark for the second time in his career, and his 500 receiving yards gave him his best stats as an NFL player. But Bush still wasn’t able to finish a full 16 game season. Expecting him to eclipse last year’s numbers at this point in his career maybe too much to ask. Look for a solid, yet unspectacular season from Bush again this year with stats somewhere in the RB2 range. If he can stay healthy, or get into the end zone a couple more times, he could have some RB1 games.

2014 Schedule


2013 Game Summaries

Week 1 - It was a breakout debut for Reggie Bush as he outplayed Adrian Peterson in the matchup with Minnesota. Much like his use in the preseason, Bush was a centerpiece of the Detroit offense in the passing game. He lined up as a receiver quite a bit, being used on screen passes with regularity. Bush was successful when a big opening presented itself between the tackles in the run game, but was hesitant at times without a clearly defined hole. Bush had one of the highlight plays of the game, breaking a screen pass for a long touchdown in the second half. Without having to make a defender miss at the second level, it was all speed for Bush to get into the end zone. In the red zone, Bush struggled on the day. He dropped a third down target that stalled a promising early game drive and a potential touchdown run at the goal line was ruled down at the one-yard-line late in the game. On an injury front, Bush favored his thumb on multiple occasions in the first half and limped off the field later in the game, but did not appear to miss any time as a result of either injury.

Week 2 - It was a tough game against Arizona for Bush. He was dinged up for the second week in a row, this time taking a shot to his knee in the mid-second quarter. Prior to that, Bush had ten touches for around 60 total yards as the centerpiece of the Lions offense. He was active in the passing game, being split out on multiple occasions, beating defenders on slant and circle routes. On one of those big gains as a receiver is when Bush injured his knee and limped off the field. He returned for a single carry in the final minute of the first half where he was stuffed at the line of scrimmage on the play. Bush was back on the field to open the second half, but fumbled on his lone carry inside the Detroit 20-yard-line on the play. That was the last time Bush saw the field. It was unclear if his injury or fumble was the primary concern. Joique Bell saw exclusive work when Bush was on the sidelines.

Week 4 - After missing Week three with an injury, Bush was back as the main cog in the offense against Chicago. As the Lions passing game struggled for most of the game, it was Bush that fueled Detroit’s early scoring drives. This was the first time in Bush’s career he has gained at least 100 rushing yards in the first half of a game. He was patient at the point of attack in the run game as he found room to make defenders miss at the second level of the defense. Bush’s stutter step and spin moves were effective as he was rarely tackled by the first free defender. In addition to a red zone drop in the passing game, Bush’s most glaring mistake came as he fumbled on a second quarter carry. Detroit recovered the fumble and Bush made his best run of the day on the very next snap. The offensive line opened a huge hole, Bush hurdled a defender down the field, and then it was off to the races. Bush outran the defense to the end zone for a highlight long touchdown. Compared to the first half, Bush was relatively quiet over the final 30 minutes. He had two bigger gains as Detroit was very conservative on offense with a big lead and Chicago turning the ball over with regularity.

Week 5 - It was tough going for Bush against a Green Bay defense that did not need to account for Calvin Johnson down the field. On the ground, Bush found few glaring holes on the interior and when he bounced a run outside, he was tracked down by linebackers and defensive backs that set the edge well. His biggest impact, relatively speaking, was in the passing game. Detroit was without Johnson and Nate Burleson, leaving a lackluster group of targets for Mathew Stafford. Bush lined up as a receiver for a handful of targets and was used on a reverse, his biggest gain of the day. It was clear that Detroit was searching for another to successfully move the ball at points. Instead of Joique Bell serving as a backup running back, it is worth noting that Bell lined up as a fullback or H-back to Bush’s traditional running back alignment on a number of snaps as Detroit tried to get their best players on the field more often.

Week 6 - Bush looked to be healthy once again and the centerpiece of the Detroit offense with 22 touches. On the ground it was tough sledding against the Cleveland front seven. Outside of a well-blocked draw play or two, Bush was corralled quickly between the tackles for a minimal gain. Where he made his greatest impact was as a receiver out of the backfield and split out wide. When Bush is in space, he is one of the most dynamic runners in the league. He read the defense like a punt returner on a slot screen in the red zone. After the catch Bush dissected the second-level of the defense and finished off the touchdown by lowering his shoulder through a defender at the goal line. At the end of the game, Bush displayed the savvy play of a veteran as he slid down in-bounds after breaking to the outside on a reception. With three minutes to play and up by seven points, it was a tremendous play to keep the clock moving.

Week 7 - Despite 23 touches against Cincinnati, it was a disappointing day for Bush, especially on the ground. The Bengals defensive front did an excellent job filling the running lanes and Bush looked hesitant on many occasions when trying to find a room for a big gain. In the passing game, Bush saw more space, but only once did he get into the open field. There were no red zone opportunities for Bush this week as he was held in check.

Week 8 - Bush saw 29 touches against Dallas, his highest total since Week one of 2012, as the centerpiece of the offense. Bush was dangerous when getting past the initial level of the defense, making linebackers and defensive backs miss in one-on-one situations with regularity. With there was no clear hole created by the offensive line, Bush showed patience before breaking to the outside with his speed. His ability to control his speed when there is a need to throttle down or accelerate through a hole is impressive. After getting stuffed on two goal line carries early in the game, Bush converted one for a score with three minutes to go as Detroit closed the gap to just a field goal. In addition to his quality plays, Bush also dropped an easy slant route target when split out wide. After bouncing outside on a big gain on the ground, Bush lost a fumble, killing a Detroit drive already in field goal range. Bush carried the ball loosely as the tackler went straight for the strip as the pair headed towards the sidelines. After a hard hit that concluded an outlet reception, Bush headed to the sidelines with his shoulder hanging. He did not appear to miss any playing time due to the hit.

Week 10 - It was a slow start for Bush against Chicago as he gained just 16 rushing yards in the first half. Every yard was a battle as he lowered his shoulder between the tackles to move the pile on his most successful runs over that stretch. Bush did fumble a handoff, which he recovered, and dropped a screen pass with plenty of room in front of him in the first half as he left production on the field. In the second half, Bush found his groove on the ground. A huge hole got Bush matched up with the safety, where he juked for a big gain in the red zone. Three other big gains in the second half fueled most of his yardage for the game as Bush was not his usual dynamic self in the passing game.

Week 11 - Bush had a tough game against the Steelers. He nearly had a fumble early in the game and then turned the ball over legitimately later in the first half, which staked Pittsburgh to a 14-3 lead. Bush rarely saw a well-blocked opening on the interior and after the lack of ball security, Joique Bell saw plenty of playing time over Bush for the remainder of the game. In fact, Bush’s best stretch of snaps after the fumble was when Bell limped off the field with an apparent ankle injury. In addition to Bush’s fumbles and lack of efficient on his touches, he also nearly created an interception. In the red zone, Stafford targeted Bush on a slant route from the slot, Bush let the defensive back cut off his path and get a clear look at an interception. Luckily the pass was dropped, but Bush’s lack of fight for the pass was a disappointment. The best chance Bush had to get into the open field was on a swing pass with no defender in sight, where Stafford overthrew him. Bush also slipped down without contact on multiple occasions as the Pittsburgh turf was quite worn throughout the game. Bush will have better games, especially in the comfortable confines of the Lions home dome.

Week 12 - After a sluggish game in the elements last week, Bush was back in his comfort zone in the home dome. While he was agile and showed good burst, the gaping holes and open field were not there against a determined Tampa Bay front seven. It was tough sledding on interior running plays outside of the occasion solid gain if a cutback lane presented itself. Off-tackle was where Bush made his gains, with a 15-yard gain in the first half and blowing past a run blitz for 39 yards later in the game. On his lone red zone carry, Bush was stuffed at the line of scrimmage. At times patience for his blocks eluded Bush, but in general there were few holes created by the offensive line. Unlike in previous games, Bush was not actively used as a slot receiver or on routes other than in the flat. On his lone screen pass from the slot, Bush dropped the target. From volume and his two big gains, Bush had a good statistic line against Tampa Bay, but overall struggled to be the typical sustaining element to the Detroit offense.

Week 13 - Bush was in his element, back on the home indoor turf and against a beatable opponent in Green Bay. His slashing style was on display early, finding cutback lanes with regularity. His only blemish was a red zone fumble that was a centerpiece to Detroit’s struggles early to convert sustained drives into points. Bush also made a great play as a split-out receiver, executing a double-move before a big gain down the field. In addition to converting a goal line carry, Bush was tackled at the one-yard-line after bursting through the line of scrimmage on short-yardage. A multiple touchdown game was in the cards for Bush this week. In the second half, the passing game and Joique Bell replaced Bush as the efficient cogs on offense. Bush ripped off two impressive runs, but was general held in check over the final 30 minutes. The fumbling remains an issue, but Bush’s ability to pile up yardage as the main weapon on offense was on display against Green Bay.

Week 15 - After the pre-game scratch last week in Philadelphia, Bush was back to his old self on the fast track in Detroit. Baltimore made their share of stops against Bush in the run game, but Bush still found the open field on a handful of attempts. Bush’s burst was evident when he reached the second level, exemplified on his red zone touchdown run to stake Detroit to an early lead. Bush did his best against six-man defensive fronts as he lowered his shoulder against the solitary unblocked defender on multiple occasions a few yards downfield. His vision to see cutback lanes was evident. In the passing game, Stafford overthrew Bush over the middle on one occasion and a pass behind him led to a tipped pass interception on another. Bush eclipsed 100 total yards for the eighth time this season in 12 starts. Additionally, Bush is on pace to join Jamaal Charles, Matt Forte, and LeSean McCoy as running backs to rush for 1,000 yards and gain 500 yards receiving this season.

Week 16 - It was a forgettable game against the Giants for Reggie Bush. He struggled to find running room on the interior early in the game and he did not break a tackle on the ground. To top it off, Bush had the ball punched out for a first half fumble. Joique Bell played well and eventually overtook Bush for the majority of touches in the second half. Bush totaled just 44 yards and outside of accelerating for a first down on an outlet reception, did not make a positive impact this week.

Week 17 - It was tough sledding for Bush on the interior. Minnesota’s defensive front was active and penetrated into the backfield with regularity. Outside of a couple solid gains of near 10 yards when a huge hole opened up, Bush was bottled up on the ground. Bush was active in the passing game, but was tackled without much chance to run after the catch. The lone exception was a red zone target with Bush split out as a receiver. He cut into the middle of the field, broke a tackle, and bolted the final 15 yards for the touchdown. The score salvaged a decent game where Bush barely eclipsed 60 total yards on 19 touches. In the second quarter Bush winced as his gingerly held his shoulder going to the sideline. He was back into the game later in the quarter.