WR Mike Brown, Free agent

HT: 5-10, WT: 200, Born: 2-9-1989, College: Liberty, Drafted: ---

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2014 Projections

David Dodds15.
Bob Henry16.
Jason Wood16.
Maurile Tremblay16.


After signing with the Jaguars in 2012 as a rookie free agent, Brown spent all of the 2012 season on the teams practice squad. In 2013 he found a spot on the team and appeared in 11 games. Brown shows some grit in his game and is the type of player that is not afraid to work hard and let his play on the field speak for himself. He played his college ball at Liberty where he was the teams quarterback and when he tried out for the Jaguars in 2012 he impressed them and they returned the favor with an NFL contract. In 11 games last year for the Jaguars he caught 32 balls for 446 yards and 2 touchdowns. He is a prime example of hard work paying off. He will be competing hard in camp to solidify the 2nd or 3rd WR spot on the team. The door is wide open for Brown now with both Blackmon and Sanders suspended in front of him and with rookies Lee and Robinson coming in and having to show what they bring to the team.

2014 Schedule


2013 Game Summaries

Week 1 - Brown dropped his first target as he ran an in route underneath into traffic. Brown redeemed himself soon after on a third and seven when he caught a slant for a first down before absorbing a hit.

Week 6 - On third and 20, Brown caught a 19 yard out route and was stopped just short of the first down marker. The Jaguars ran a fake screen in the second quarter, which allowed Brown to catch a pass down the sideline for a first down. Brown showed some good awareness on a bubble screen as he escaped down the sideline for a first down. In the fourth quarter, Brown caught a curl route underneath as he kept working after his initial route.

Week 7 - Brown wasn't involved before his first reception in the third quarter. He ran a deep crossing route and found a huge hole for a 44 yard gain. He ran well with the ball after catching it. Brown has ascended up the Jaguars' depth chart with these kind of positive plays in recent times. On third and 17, Brown caught a pass in the flat for 10 yards. Brown came free underneath by the sideline again and again he turned upfield for a big gain. Brown caught another 16 yard pass late in the fourth quarter. He followed that up with a catch by the sideline that he carried down the field for another big gain.

Week 8 - Henne missed Brown with his first target on third and six in the first quarter. However, Brown drew a holding penalty against Carlos Rogers. Brown should have had a touchdown in the third quarter when he was wide open in the endzone, but Henne missed him badly so he never had a chance to get to the ball. After missing him earlier in the quarter, Henne found Brown after he came free wide open on a double move route for a touchdown. Brown caught a short curl route against off coverage on first and 10 for six yards. Brown came free again soon after for eight yards on third and nine.

Week 10 - Brown's first reception of the game came in the third quarter, as he caught the ball in space underneath before turning downfield for a big gain and a first down. On the next drive, Brown caught a deep crossing route for a first down.

Week 11 - Brown's first reception came late in the second quarter, as he caught a comeback route for 10 yards. Henne went straight back to him on 3rd-and-2, but the pass was off target. Brown caught a deep out route early in the third quarter.

Week 13 - Brown caught a curl route against tight coverage for seven yards on first and 10 for his first reception. It was his only target of the day.

Week 14 - Brown's first target came in the end zone on the first drive of the game. Brown was open and should have caught the ball, but misjudged it. A few plays later on third down, Brown had his first catch of the game against tight coverage for a first down. Brown caught an eight yard pass on second and 10 late in the first quarter. Brown caught a bubble screen in the third quarter that was stopped for two yards. Brown and Henne weren't on the same page throughout the game. Henne missed him twice in the fourth quarter, with one of those throws being bailed out by a pass interference penalty and the other missing a crucial third down conversion late in the game.

Week 15 - Brown's first reception came late in the second quarter. He ran a nice route, but was forced to make a tough reception against tight coverage from Stephon Gilmore for a first down. Brown missed time with injury a few weeks ago and hasn't looked the same since. He had another reception a few plays after his first, but he fumbled the ball in the flat after bringing it in. With Brown trying to make up for his mistake, he fumbled the ball again on his next target. Leodis McKelvin punched the ball out briliantly from behind. The ball bounced around before it went back to Brown.

Week 16 - Brown had a rough day in Week 15, but Chad Henne went to him immediately at the start of this game. Brown ran a post route and caught the ball confidently for a 20 yard gain. If Brown was lacking in confidence, it wasn't showing on the field. He made an excellent reception by the sideline to set up a third and one in the first quarter. After a fake screen late in the second quarter, Brown made a nice catch for a first down. Brown capped off an excellent first half for him individually as he caught a bubble screen for a touchdown. It was only a few yards out, but Brown set up his blocking well before fighting through tackles to score. Brown didn't have a great game running routes down the field, but he was going agianst very good cornerbacks.

Week 17 - Brown wasn't given any real opportunity to catch the ball in the first half. The young receiver has shown ability whenever the ball has come his way this season, save for a few fumbles, and he did so again in this game. His first catch, in the third quarter, was very impressive as Henne threw him an inaccurate pass on a deep out route. Brown made a similar reception a few plays later for another first down.