RB Andre Brown, Free agent

HT: 6-0, WT: 224, Born: 12-15-1986, College: North Carolina State, Drafted: Round 4

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The 2014 season is looking bleak for Andre Brown, who was recently released by the Texans on 8/11/2014. Brown was signed in the off season and slated to be the primary backup running back to Arian Foster. He did not appear in the first preseason game, which may have been a clue to the direction Houston was heading. Brown could catch on with another team, but the possibility of having any fantasy value in 2014 and beyond is quickly dwindling.

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2013 Game Summaries

Week 10 - Andre Brown had a very productive game for the Giants on Sunday and looked to fit back into this offense perfectly after his injury kept him out for many weeks. Brown ran hard and he was determined to finish off every play for the maximum amount of yards available. Brown showed excellent vision also and always made the right read against the defense. Brown almost always got positive yards and fell forward after the first tackler hit him. Brown had a lot of carries up the middle of the defense and he consistently ripped off steady gains this way. His offensive line blocked well up front for the most part and he enjoyed some big holes. Brown was good at turning negative plays into positive ones as he could routinely dodge the first defender for Oakland. He always ran into the correct hole as designed and punished the raiders when they were out of position. He was a great weapon for the Giants to utilize and was excellent in the final few minutes at killing the clock. Brown knows the offense well and his vision will help him stay a productive back in this offense. He received the bulk of the carries, including goal line work, and Peyton Hillis was no threat to his production as the feature running back.

Week 11 - Andre Brown ran well for New York on Sunday but was slightly less effective than last week on the ground. Brown did not get terrific blocking from his offensive line and had to create most of the gaps himself in the defense. Brown got a lot of carries up the middle of the defense and was effective at converting situations into first downs. Brown showed a nice stiff arm on a run to the outside and ran with power throughout the game. Brown consistently pushed the pile and would not be tackled to the ground easily. Brown was also a decent option for Manning out of the backfield in the passing game, showing good hands as a check down for his quarterback. Brown was unlucky not to score on a carry in the redzone, falling just one yard shy of the goal line. Jacobs then was brought in to spell Brown and subsequently scored the touchdown. Brown finished runs well and was a great tool for the Giants to help kill the clock late in the game. Brown is not supremely gifted as an athlete but knows the offense very well. He also has great vision and picks the right hole consistently. Brown will remain the number one running back in this offense and the Giants will always try to feature the running game when possible.

Week 12 - Where the passing offense provided little, Andre Brown and the rushing attack devoured the Cowboy defense. Brown averaged 6.0 YPC and while heís far from a game breaker, exhibited tremendous patience and surprisingly quick feet. The RBís first four carries went for 33 yards, as he was the offense on the Giantís first three drives. Brown gave viewers a little taster of those feet early in the 2nd quarter as he shimmied his way through the hole and around a potential tackler in the hole on his way to a 10-yard gain. The show continued in the 2nd half, as the Cowboys never had an answer for Brown. His first carry picked up 10 yards on a draw before Brownís long on the day came on the following play. Running off the left guard, Brown took the handoff and waited patiently for the hole to open. The line parted like the Red Sea and the burst was evident immediately as Brown was able to get downhill for the 16-yard gain. Another drive, another successful run on the first play; Brown hit the line of scrimmage with essentially no hole to work with. Using his feet beautifully, the RB slithered through the tiny gap and was able to yet again get to the second level for a 12-yard gain. Brown saved his best for the Giantís final drive, however, as he used patience, his feet, burst and vision on the driveís 2nd play. Running right, Brown sensed the backside hole opening up, but didnít make his cut until it did. Wasting no movements, Brown cut and was downhill in one fluid motion on his was to another 10-yard run. As impressive as Brown was in his third game back, he also showed he still is working to get into game shape. After picking up 10 yards on his first carry out of halftime, Brown was clearly taking huge breaths and he eventually tapped himself out after another run the following play. Also worth noting, after relinquishing a goal line tote to Brandon Jacobs last week, Brown was the goal line back on Sunday and received three carries inside the Cowboy 10-yard line (two coming inside the five-yard line). Brown was also targeted four times in the passing game and caught all for targets for 11 yards, including a 10-yard loss on demolished screen where he had no chance on the play.

Week 13 - Andre Brown ran tough for New York on Sunday night and was productive as a fantasy player despite not rushing for big numbers. Brown was limited as a rushing weapon and the Redskins did a good job of taking him down quickly at or near the line of scrimmage. The Giants were not able to block particularly well for Brown and the Redskins penetrated the backfield frequently. Brown's biggest play by far was a big run off right tackle for the touchdown. Brown got excellent blocking off the right side and had a huge hole to work with as he scarpered his way just over the goal line for the score. Brown was also a good receiver out of the backfield for Manning, apart from one drop. Manning looked his direction often as he progressed through his reads and Brown was able to get open in the flat consistently. Brown was effective in short yardage situations but wasn't able to rip off chunks of yards like in previous weeks. The Redskins defense focused on him whenever he was in the backfield and were determined to minimize his impact on the game. Brown did manage to get a second rushing touchdown in the second half. Though somewhat controversial as the play was challenged, Brown did a good job of extending the football forward after pushing his way towards the goal line.

Week 14 - Andre Brown had a mediocre performance on Sunday against the Chargers but most of it was not his fault. The Giants fell behind big in this game early and the offense struggled to get into the redzone. Brown posted a respectable yard per carry average but most of the yards were gained when the Chargers were playing the pass due to the lopsided score. Brown got many carries up the middle early for small gains. Brown enjoyed some success running off the left side of his offensive line and they did break open some decent holes for him as the game progressed. Brown did have a costly fumble however, losing the ball as he was tackled to the ground. Brown scored some big runs in open territory late in the game but the game was out of reach at this point. Brown was a good option out of the backfield as a receiver for Manning but was mostly just a checkdown option. Unfortunately for Brown owners, Hillis entered the game when the Giants were in the redzone and they seem to favour Hillis' more powerful style in short distance situations.

Week 15 - Andre Brown had 11 carries but had absolutely no room to work with on Sunday afternoon. The Seahawks penetrated the backfield instantly on almost every play and Brown could not escape the swarm of defenders. Brown and the Giants tried a variety of running plays; up the middle, tosses, sweeps but none were effective. Brown ran tough and fought for every yard that was available; he just had no help from his offensive line. The passing game was highly ineffective also which made the running game very difficult to establish. Brown had 4 catches out of the backfield from Manning but these were mostly simple check down patterns and Brown never had any room to work with after the catch. Brown faced a very stingy Seahawk defense that completely overmatched the Giant offensive line. The Giants tried to keep with the running game despite the lopsided scoreboard but the ineffectiveness was obvious.

Week 16 - Andre Brown struggled heavily on the ground against Detroit for many reasons. Detroit's defensive line had a very aggressive style that frequently penetrated the Giants offensive front. Brown was routinely met or near the line of scrimmage with no room to work with. Detroit also swarmed to the football quickly when they saw a running play and never let the Giants establish any semblance of a running game. The Giants tried to keep with Brown throughout the game but it rarely had any success. Brown ran up the middle and tried the outside on toss plays but the result was the same every time. Brown did have a nice catch on run out of the flat for a big first down that helped the Giants get into field goal range late. Occasionally Brown was able to find a crease running on stretch plays but Detroit was determined to minimize his impact on the game. Brown's game came to a screeching halt late in the game however. Brown fumbled the football on a big hit up the middle and got a concussion on the same play which kept him out for the remainder of the game.

Week 17 - The Giants played somewhat cautiously with Andre Brown as they gave the majority of the touches to teammate Peyton Hillis instead. Brown was taking a beating early in the game and found very little running room. The Giants could not sustain blocks or open holes for Brown and the Redskins swarmed him on almost every carry. Brown had one decent weave inside up the middle of the defense but subsequently had a terrible fumble. Brown got gang tackled in his own half and eventually coughed up the football as he was going to the ground. The Giants tried giving him carries on a variety of running plays but he simply couldnít find any rushing lanes often. The subpar passing game of New York did not help matters as the Redskins crowded the box with defenders. Brown had previously been the feature back in this offense but the fumble and injury concerns likely caused the Giants to turn to Hillis instead as the game progressed. Brown has had some success rushing this season for New York but still was highly inconsistent on a week to week basis. The Giants clearly need help on the offensive line and better quarterback play from Eli Manning with fewer turnovers would result in a far easier time on the ground for running backs like Brown.