WR Kenny Britt, Free agent

HT: 6-3, WT: 218, Born: 9-19-1988, College: Rutgers, Drafted: Round 1, Pick 30

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2014 Projections

David Dodds14.
Bob Henry16.
Jason Wood16.
Maurile Tremblay16.

Average draft position

Current as of August 25th. [Full ADP list]

Overall: Kenny Britt (166), K Davis (167),
Position: J Matthews (158-WR56), B Hartline (160-WR57), Kenny Britt (166 - WR58), J Jones (173-WR59), M Lee (174-WR60)
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PPR Average draft position

Current as of August 25th. [Full PPR ADP list]

Overall: S Smith (151), Kenny Britt (153), J Stewart (154), A Bradshaw (155)
Position: J Boykin (149-WR56), S Smith (151-WR57), Kenny Britt (153 - WR58), M Lee (167-WR59), J Jones (171-WR60)
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2013 Game Summaries

Week 1 - Britt caught Locker's first pass as he settled down in a curl route deep in the Steelers' secondary for a first down.

Week 2 - Britt didn't see the ball come his way until the start of the second quarter, when Locker slightly overthrew him running down the seam. Britt was double covered as a safety came across to him with a cornerback a yard or two behind him. Locker tried to find Britt early on the next drive, but he threw the ball straight to the defender instead of the receiver whow as waiting for the ball underneath. Britt wasn't heavily involved in the offense, as his next target came late in the third quarter on second and three. Britt ran a slant route that was well covered, but Locker put the ball slightly behind him to give him a chance to catch it. The receiver couldn't control it however. Britt and Locker finally connected when Britt adjusted very well to a low pass from Locker six yards down the field. Britt caught a nine yard comeback route on the same drive. Two plays later, Britt caught a quick pass underneath before being taken down by an arriving defender. Locker looked for Britt in single coverage, but the ball sailed out over the sideline and the Johnathan Joseph was in good position either way. As the Titans were trying to drive into field goal range late in the fourth quarter, Britt caught a nine yard comeback route with Joseph draped all over him. He came free on the next play on a quick slant route, but Locker threw the ball too high so it bounced off of his finger tips.

Week 3 - Britt's first target came on Locker's first pass of the game, as he dropped a curl route when he was open underneath. Britt followed that up with a false start on the Titans first third down. Britt reacted to a hard count from Locker that was supposed to draw the defense offside. Britt started the game terribly and the boos from the stands grew louder when he couldn't catch a pass in the endzone. While the ball hit his hands, it wasn't a drop because he was trying to catch the ball over the defensive back. Had Britt made the reception, it would have been lauded as a very difficult catch, so it's tough to blame him on this occasion as much as the fans will have wanted to. Britt couldn't connect with Locker as he worked back on a short curl route on second and 10. The duo just couldn't connect on the day. Locker went straight back to Britt on the next play, a third and 20, when he forced the ball to him in tight coverage. Britt did well to initial get his hands on the ball, but couldn't keep it as he landed hard on his head from a high leap. Nothing was going Britt's way, as he was then flagged for an illegal block in the back on a big run from Kendall Wright. Locker looked for Britt in the fourth quarter deep down the sideline. Britt couldn't come up with the catch as the defensive back got tight to him and used his hands to knock the ball away. It was the type of play that Britt has all the ability to make however. Something he likely would have done before his torn ACL.

Week 5 - Britt did well to fight through coverage to give himself to catch a lame duck pass from Fitzpatrick late in the first quarter, but he dropped the ball after getting into good position. Britt and Fitzpatrick couldn't connect again in the second quarter. Fitzpatrick overthrew Britt down the right sideline. Britt spoke previously about being traded and he is playing like a receiver who needs a fresh start. He dropped a perfectly thrown pass from Fitzpatrick in the endzone in the third quarter. Britt finally caught his first pass in the fourth quarter when he worked back to the football on a curl route. Two plays later, on third and one, it looked like Britt caught a slant route under pressure to convert for a first down, but the ball came out as he went to the ground.

Week 6 - Britt saw the field late in the fourth quarter. He is far down the pecking order at this stage, but he caught a curl route for a first down regardless.

Week 7 - Britt's first target came late in the fourth quarter on a comeback route. He made an impressive reception falling out of bounds for an eight yard gain and a first down. Britt later drew a pass interference flag deep down the sideline. On that play, Britt pushed Tarrell Brown after the play but wasn't punished. On the very next play, he made sure to draw a flag as he knocked Brown to the ground after the play again.

Week 9 - Britt's only target in the first half resulted in an interception, but there was nothing Britt could do about it. Locker led Cortland Finnegan to the football with his eyes before he threw the ball straight to the defensive back.

Week 10 - Britt had one target in the whole game, it came at the very end of the fourth quarter. He looked disinterested in the ball as it came in low and instead he focused on grabbing the defensive back after the play to push him.

Week 12 - Britt was targeted on second and 21 in the second quarter, but he dropped a pass that could have gone for a first down. On third and three later in the second quarter, he dropped another pass deep down the field.

Week 15 - Justin Hunter was inactive for breaking team rules, so Britt got an opportunity to see more playing time. His first target came in the second quarter, as he stayed alive with Ryan Fitzpatrick when he broke into the float. Britt caught the ball in traffic just short of a first down. Britt could have marked his return with a touchdown, a very long touchdown, but Fitzpatrick overthrew him after he got behind the secondary. Britt nearly had another touchdown later on the drive, but couldn't hold onto the ball as he absorbed a big hit in the end zone. On the final play of the third quarter, two drives later, Britt caught a first down pass on a crossing route. Britt looked comfortable. More comfortable than he did at any previous point in the season. He caught a curl route before breaking a tackle for a seven yard gain.