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HT: 6-4, WT: 210, Born: 8-3-1977, College: Michigan, Drafted: Round 6

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David Dodds16.0395.0600.045247.531.013.033.0331.00.0341
Bob Henry16.0389.0630.044807.
Jason Wood16.0395.0625.044657.
Maurile Tremblay16.0397.0641.044877.

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Overall: S Vereen (53), J Cameron (54), Tom Brady (55), M Floyd (56), B Tate (57)
Position: M Stafford (35-QB4), A Luck (42-QB5), Tom Brady (55 - QB6), N Foles (60-QB7), M Ryan (66-QB8)
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Tom Brady had a rough 2013 - well still great for almost anyone else, but rough for him and the Patriots in general. Still, Brady was able to produce some amazing stats given he was missing almost all of his big weapons for most of the year. This year, the receivers who were inexperienced are less so and the Patriots are hoping Danny Amendola can stay healthy, and Julian Edelman can stay productive. Even if one or more of those things go wrong, Brady has proven he can be extremely effective despite that. On the plus side, Rob Gronkowski has been cleared for full practice and appears to be as healthy as he has ever been. This is great news for Brady and the offense as Gronk is clearly Brady's favorite weapon. We know that Brady's closer to the end of of his career than the beginning but Brady has a few more years left of productivity. We don't expect a huge dropoff this season, but he's not the top dog amongst fantasy quarterbacks anymore.

Latest News

Buccaneers | Tom Brady to be sidelined for a few months (Wed Feb 24, 03:40 PM) - Tampa Bay Buccaneers QB Tom Brady (knee) probably will not be able to participate in any practice drills until June because of his offseason knee surgery, according to head coach Bruce Arians.

Our View: No surprise here. We all knew that Brady needed this surgery and he'll need the proper time to recover. He should be ready to rock and roll around the start of training camp.
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Buccaneers | Tom Brady could see extension (Wed Feb 24, 11:51 AM) - Tampa Bay Buccaneers QB Tom Brady could receive a contract extension in the offseason, according to general manager Jason Licht.

Our View: Brady is under contract for one more season, but he wants to play two more years. Expect the Buccaneers to oblige him with a new deal.
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Buccaneers | Blaine Gabbert primed to succeed Tom Brady? (Fri Feb 12, 12:37 AM) - Tampa Bay Buccaneers QB Blaine Gabbert is a realistic candidate to take over as the starting quarterback for the Buccaneers should Tom Brady choose to retire after the 2021 season, based on comments made by general manager Jason Licht on Thursday, Feb. 11.'He is one guy, my scouts and I talk about this a lot, he's just one guy that I love to watch throw every day in practice because he has got a cannon. He's very accurate with his throws as well and he can just really whistle them in in tight windows. If ... he had been forced to play more, I think that he would have really opened a lot of people's eyes about how talented he is, especially being in the same system for a couple of years,' Licht told the Pewter Report podcast.

Our View: Gabbert has been a bust to this point in his career. However, there is a chance the Buccaneers want him to take over when Brady is done. That could be after the 2021 season, or if Brady has his way after the 2022 season. Ryan Tannehill was able to turn his career around, so let's not discount what Gabbert could be. It's a longshot to be sure, but it's not impossible as the dirty little secret in the NFL is 'fit.' It's all about fit, and Gabbert seems to fit what the Buccaneers want to do.
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Buccaneers | Tom Brady to undergo surgery (Thu Feb 11, 04:40 PM) - Tampa Bay Buccaneers QB Tom Brady (knee) is scheduled to undergo surgery on his injured knee this offseason.

Our View: Bruce Arians is describing this as a cleanup surgery, although there are reports that it's a little more than that. Brady should be ready to go in the offseason, although at his age and coming off a knee surgery we could see him somewhat limited in OTAs and minicamp.
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2014 Schedule

1at Miami Dolphins
2at Minnesota Vikings
3 Oakland Raiders
4at Kansas City Chiefs
5 Cincinnati Bengals
6at Buffalo Bills
7 New York Jets
8 Chicago Bears
9 Denver Broncos
Bye week
11at Indianapolis Colts
12 Detroit Lions
13at Green Bay Packers
14at San Diego Chargers
15 Miami Dolphins
16at New York Jets
17 Buffalo Bills
Bye week
19 Baltimore Ravens
20 Indianapolis Colts
21 Seattle Seahawks

2013 Game Summaries

Week 1 - A quarterback’s worst nightmares are constant pressure, drops and sloppy route running. Tom Brady faced all three against the Buffalo Bills in Week 1, yet still gutted out a win on the last drive of the game. Brady did show great rapport with Danny Amendola and Julian Edelman, but the offense did indeed come out looking like one that needs time to gel. When Brady did get time to throw, he showed his usual zip and didn’t have many mistakes, although one of the more critical ones was a fumbled snap on 4th down at the Buffalo 1 yard line. Brady’s lone interception of the day came on his lone target to Zach Sudfeld. Sudfeld couldn’t handle the pass, and it bounced off Sudfeld right into a defender’s arms. It’s tough to blame Brady for the play, but it still shows up as his fault on the stat sheet. Brady did account for two touchdowns, both to Julian Edelman. The first touchdown was a 9 yard leaping grab by Edelman with great ball placement by Brady. Edelman did well to stay in bounds, as his leap was vertical towards the back of the endzone. Brady’s second touchdown to Edelman was a much easier go of it, as Edelman found a soft spot between zone defenders in the endzone. Brady also did well on the play to sidestep pressure and sling it to Edelman. The other notable thing during the game is how much Brady missed Rob Gronkowski and Aaron Hernandez, as without them, there wasn’t an obvious, solid endzone target despite Edelman’s two touchdowns. The stat line may not show it, but Brady performed well.

Week 2 - Ever seen an angry quarterback? If not, watch the replays from this game. Although Brady wasn’t at his best by any means and received adequate protection, his receivers kept him from having a solid day for the most part. Victim of countless drops and questionable routes, Brady sorely missed Danny Amendola and Shane Vereen, as he only developed rapport with Julian Edelman on the day. Brady overthrew a couple potential touchdowns to Edelman and Kenbrell Thompkins, and those mistakes were squarely on his shoulders. Playcalling was also quirky at times, as the Patriots passed the ball in situations where they very well could have run the ball. Considering that the Pats didn’t score at all in the second half once rain started coming down more, it’s fair to wonder whether this factored in as well. Brady and company did show trust in the offensive line, particularly throwing on multiple plays from his own endzone despite the aforementioned lack of trust and rapport with his receivers. His lone touchdown came on one of the best play action plays you’ll see, throwing to Aaron Dobson about 15 yards from the line of scrimmage with no one near him that turned into a long touchdown. Brady also missed a couple other long touchdowns thanks to overthrows, and a few more thanks to drops and bad routes. Brady’s performance was probably mediocre in his book, but the receiver troubles dropped that grade to downright awful.

Week 3 - Once again, Brady and the New England offense was not the high-powered machine of recent years, but they did enough to beat a struggling Tampa Bay team rather easily. The passing game struggled early on as New England punts on their three first quarter possessions and totaled just 31 yards in the opening 15 minutes. After Brady was sacked twice in that span, the pass protection improved and Brady got the ball out quicker. The timing was better with his rookie receivers than in the first two games and Brandon Bolden was a factor as a pass-catching back. The second quarter was vintage Brady as he engineered two long drives for touchdowns as he consistently found the open receiver through his progressions. Despite just 139 total yards at the half, the Patriots had a comfortable 17-3 lead. It was an ugly third quarter for Brady as he missed Aaron Dobson coming wide open in the end zone on a double-move and subsequently threw a red zone interception right to Mark Barron at the goal line. Luckily for Brady, this was a game where the Tampa Bay offense could barely move the ball and were no threat to mount any level of a comeback. Brady and the offense were content to milk the clock with a few situational throws for first downs as they shortened the game in the fourth quarter. The chemistry with the young receivers has improved through three weeks, but the infusion of a healthy Rob Gronkowski and, later in the season, Shane Vereen will be welcome sights for Brady and the passing game.

Week 4 - Tom Brady had a solid game overall, and looked improved upon what many would consider a subpar Week 3 performance relative to his lofty standards. Brady was given amazing protection by his line much of the game. He had numerous throws with several seconds holding the ball, and wasn't sacked once. Brady only attempted 9 passes during the first half, as the gameplan clearly dictated a run heavy approach. Results were moderately successful, but Brady started to throw it much more in the second half. Brady's first touchdown was a threaded bullet on play action to Matthew Mulligan between two defenders that most quarterbacks would have had no business throwing. This was after Brandon Bolden and Stevan Ridley missed touchdowns by inches on first and second downs. Brady's second touchdown was a beautiful diving catch by Kenbrell Thompkins, who Brady displayed much better rapport with, especially after Aaron Dobson went down with an injury. On the down side, Brady did miss Brandon Bolden twice on what would have been likely touchdowns in the redzone. Instead, he threw to other receivers as he never looked Bolden's direction, and the team ended up settling for a field goal. Brady also narrowly overthrew Josh Boyce on a go route that could have well ended up in a touchdown. Brady did see very solid success off play action, which made sense given the solid run game.

Week 5 - In what’s becoming a theme on the season, Tom Brady once again had an abysmal day by his standards. There were a few drops here and there, especially when rain started absolutely pouring, but he was off the mark on many throws with several missed chances. The pass protection he received was also pretty atrocious, especially in the first half of the game. This was a stark contrast to the majority of the season since the Patriots o-line has by and large held up well for Brady through the first four weeks of the season. Brady’s interception came on a duck towards the end of the game. By and large, this was a result of a massive downpour that started in the first quarter. It was blatantly obvious that Brady had no grip on the ball on multiple throws, so the interception wasn’t a huge surprise. It was, however, a poor decision given the weather and the fact that his receiver, Aaron Dobson, was double covered. Brady’s receivers weren’t getting the best separation during the game, but this was partially because routes weren’t given full time to develop because of the pass rush. The Bengals defense was stellar the entire game, and full credit goes to them in the effort. As mentioned, there were a few drops, including a dropped screen pass by Brandon Bolden that would have been a massive gainer. Brady also nearly threw a second interception on a throw that was well behind Michael Hoomanawanui, and would have had Aaron Dobson on a long TD had he and Dobson not miscommunicated mid-route. Julian Edelman did drop a tough touchdown catch on a fade route on the goal line. In all likelihood, the Patriots could have QB sneaked in the touchdown, and why they didn’t remains a mystery given how the offense was operating as a whole.

Week 6 - Sometimes, all it takes is one drive, play or throw to erase a forgettable day. On Sunday against the Saints, Tom Brady had exactly that. Prior to the game’s final drive with 1:13 left on the clock with no timeouts, Brady had thrown for less than 200 yards with no touchdowns and a pick. A lot of the same storylines we’ve seen pop up on the year showed up today. Brady was off on several throws, his receivers had a comedy of drops (including 3 straight brutal drops on what many thought would be the last drive of the game), and his pass protection was more Jekyll and Hyde this season than in any game in recent memory. On some throws against standard rush fronts, Brady had all day to throw. When the Saints blitzed, Brady was pressured and sacked often. In fact, he took a season-high 5 sacks against the Saints, and has taken 16 sacks already this season through 6 weeks. The most sacks Brady has taken since being installed as fulltime starter was 32 in both 2003 and 2011, a number he’s on pace to blow past. However, this year, Saints game included, Brady has been more hesitant on throws and late on several noticeable throws. His deep ball has also been atrocious this year, and Sunday was no exception. Brady narrowly overthrew a wide open Danny Amendola on what would have been a gimme 85 yard touchdown. He also hesitated on a deep ball to Kenbrell Thompkins, allowing the DB to catch up and bat the ball away. If he had thrown it when he saw it, the result would have again been a touchdown. Brady was also victim to some curious playcalling, including three straight goal to go plays from about the 8 that were all run plays, including a draw play to Brandon Bolden from the 5 on 3rd down. Why not take a shot with a throw there? What Brady did extremely well yesterday was avoid pressure on several plays to make key throws, including several first down conversions on third down. Credit also goes to the defense for giving the Patriots offense three possessions within the final few minutes of the game. Most people assumed the game was over when the Patriots turned the ball over deep in their own territory on 4th down with about 2:30 remaining in the game, but the defense held tight on the next possession to force a field goal. Then, Brady promptly chucked a completely baffling interception in the general direction of Julian Edelman on a deep ball into double coverage, forcing the defense to come on the field again. Once again, they responded with a 3 and out, giving Brady time to execute on what was the most memorable drive of a game this season across the NFL. Brady’s last second touchdown to Kenbrell Thompkins was a perfect spiral with perfect placement about 2 inches out of the reach of Jabari Greer. The rest, as they say, is history.

Week 7 - Stop me if you've heard this before - Tom Brady had an atrocious game. In what's becoming a disturbingly repetitive theme, Brady was a big culprit in the Patriots loss against the Jets. He overthrew passes, underthrew passes, and threw an ugly pick six on a wretched decision that should never have been considered. Brady seemed to zero in on Rob Gronkowski for most of the day, which is well and good - unless the defense knows it too. However, another ugly theme for the Patriots continued, which was simply bad pass protection. Brady was sacked four times and is still well on pace to shatter his record for sacks taken. The Patriots offense was also terrible on first downs, which led to many obvious passing downs and plays. In total, the pass to run ratio was 46 to 20, which is a recipe for failure in many cases, as the Patriots do well when both phases the game are in balance. The drops weren't as frequent as in games past. What was yet another trend is that Brady's deep ball is on par with the worst in the NFL, as his passes simply don't have the loft and touch they once did. He overthrew a pair of deep balls that could have resulted in touchdowns to Aaron Dobson and Rob Gronkowski. Brady didn't have a touchdown on the day as a result, as the running game cashed in a pair of scores from the red zone and the rest were missed opportunities for the passing game.

Week 8 - If you saw that the Patriots won a game 27-17, would you have assumed Tom Brady’s halftime statline would have read 6-8, 25 yards, 0 TD and 1 INT? Probably not. Halfway through the regular season, it’s clear Tom Brady has fallen into the low-end QB1 conversation as of now. The story was the same as it’s been over the course of the season – pressure getting to Brady, terrible throws, terrible decisions. Brady’s interception was definitely a bad throw and decision, as he threw at a smothered Rob Gronkowski’s direction and the ball was easily picked off. Though Brady didn’t zone in on Gronkowski and fail to make progressions like last week, it was clear he still looked Gronk’s way as his first read on most of his pass attempts. In fact, a big help to the Patriots was a throw into triple coverage by Brady that was a very poor decision. Luckily, the play was flagged as defensive pass interference on what most considered a questionable call. There were also a couple other plays to the massive tight end that were should-have-beens in Brady’s defense. One was another pass into triple coverage that was basically a punt that Gronkowski should have caught but dropped at the last second. The other was a 40 yard touchdown negated by a questionable holding penalty. Brady’s touchdown that counted was a 14 yard lob to Aaron Dobson. Dobson ran a great sluggo route, and Brady threw a nice back foot lob. More credit was due to Dobson though, as he was pretty open by red zone standards thanks to the route. Luckily for the Patriots, the running game was working far better than Brady was, and the defense and special teams also had stellar play across the board.

Week 9 - It finally happened. Against a Steelers defense that wasn't exactly stout, vintage Tom Brady showed up in spades. Brady had good zip, was accurate, and looked comfortable in the pocket for the first time in recent memory. His stat line tells a lot of the story, but there were several plays he likely may not have made even a few weeks ago. For one, it's clear that his level of trust with Rob Gronkowski is much higher than any other receiver on the team, though his rapport with guys like Aaron Dobson and Danny Amendola looked much improved on this day. To the offensive line's credit, while they were still mediocre, two sacks were coverage sacks, and they gave Brady more time in the pocket than the last few weeks. Brady's first touchdown was a great play to Danny Amendola. At first glance, it simply looked like no one covered Amendola. However, Brady looked right and completely juked Troy Polamalu with a body fake, then fired to his left to a wide open Amendola. Rob Gronkowski's touchdown catch was a signature seam route. Brady immediately identified that pass rushing linebacker Jarvis Jones was covering Gronk, and simply lobbed it over the slower player. Brady's third touchdown was a great back shoulder pass to Aaron Dobson. It was noticeable in that earlier in the game, Dobson and Brady were off on a back shoulder throw. That was obviously corrected, and it showed. Brady's fourth touchdown pass was a deep pass to Aaron Dobson, who simply used his speed to beat two defensive backs and stick his hand up to signal he knew he would be open. There were a couple drops by receivers, but overall, the Patriots passing game was firing on all cylinders, and Brady had his finest game of 2013.

Week 11 - Tom Brady had a stellar game which will be overshadowed in the media by a questionable officiating call to end the game. The Panthers defense played well, pressuring Brady many a time. The windy conditions also ensured the Patriots didn’t attempt a pass beyond 15 yards until the final drive of the game. Brady’s lone touchdown was a slant pattern to Rob Gronkowski, who muscled his way into the endzone from 3 yards out, dragging 3 defenders with him. Brady also narrowly missed a touchdown to Aaron Dobson who was held by a defender to prevent the touchdown. In one of the best plays of the night, Brady executed an amazing looking play action fake and threw a strike to Kenbrell Thompkins for 36 yards. Thompkins reached the 2 yard line, and the Pats rushed it in for a score. Brady’s lone interception was on the last play of the game, and probably should have been called pass interference on the defense. Brady displayed as much zip and accuracy on his throws than in any other game this season, and this game was one of the few where we can probably say Brady did nothing to cost the Patriots the game.

Week 12 - For the third straight week, Tom Brady turned in a stellar performance, this one being one of his best ever. The Patriots started the game off in a quick 24-0 hole halfway through the second quarter, yet Brady’s second half saw him lead the team to 31 unanswered points as the Patriots became just the sixth team in history to come back from a 24+ point deficit. In the first half, turnovers made it so that Brady had very little time on the field, as did the Broncos’ solid running game. Brady was strip-sacked by Von Miller on a play that Nate Solder got completely whipped on, and ended up being sacked three times overall in the game. Brady also nearly fumbled a second time, but luckily the ball bounced right to him and he completed a pass to his running back. After halftime, the offensive line started giving Brady more time in the pocket, and he absolutely shredded the Broncos defense minus Dominique Rodgers Cromartie, who suffered an injury just before halftime. Brady’s first touchdown was a beauty into the wind on a 5 yard toss over the defender’s shoulder to Julian Edelman, who also made a solid catch. His second touchdown toss was an 8 yard strike to Rob Gronkowski, who basically boxed out his defender for an easy catch. The third touchdown of Brady’s day was a short pass to Julian Edelman, who completely faked out a defender then ran past two more for a 14 yard score. What made Brady’s day more impressive was that the entire third quarter was into the wind, yet he was throwing balls with a tight spiral and picture perfect accuracy and depth. Brady also narrowly missed two more touchdowns on slight overthrows to Edelman and Gronkowski in the fourth quarter. The only real danger of an interception Brady had was a hailmary to end the first half, and a ball Shane Vereen bobbled right into a linebacker’s hands that the backer somehow dropped. It’s now clear that Brady has turned the corner on his early season woes, and having his whole cast of characters healthy is helping out tremendously.

Week 13 - Another day at the office for Tom Brady, and another tale of two halves for the Patriots offense. The Patriots managed a mere 7 points in the first half on Sunday, and put up 27 in the second half in a similar showing to the Denver and Carolina games. Though Brady was only sacked one time, his lowest total since playing the Falcons on September 29th, it was the usual up-and-down in terms of pressure allowed by the offensive line. 228 of Brady’s 371 yards went to Rob Gronkowski and Julian Edelman, a trend that may not stop any time soon. The lone interception on the day came on a terrible decision and pass under pressure. Brady floated a ball off his back foot in the area of Rob Gronkowski, but the ball had so much air and was so massively underthrown that a defender picked it off easily. On the positive side, Brady’s first touchdown came primarily because he had tons of time in the pocket (over 5 seconds). His pass was low in the direction of Rob Gronkowski, who made a sensational shoelace grab, doing nothing to dispel the notion that he has a catch radius from the ground to the sun. Frankly, the touchdown was all offensive line and Gronkowski. Brady’s second touchdown was an easy pass to Shane Vereen from 9 yards out, as the defense paid so much attention to Gronkowski that they somehow forgot about Vereen, who walked into the endzone. Vereen also narrowly missed a second touchdown pass when he bobbled a tough back shoulder throw. Still, it was a solid game for Brady minus a couple bad throws and one terrible decision.

Week 14 - For 55+ minutes, Tom Brady and the Patriots offense was stuck in mud. Brady had one of his worst, if not his worst, game of the season for the majority of the game, and the offensive line (specifically the left side and middle) were giving up pressure throughout the day. When Rob Gronkowski went down with a torn ACL and MCL and Brady was sacked and fumbled on the very next play, the offense was at what was potentially a low point for the season. Then Shane Vereen entered the picture and altered the course of the game. From 1 minute to go in the 3rd quarter til the end of the game, Vereen racked up a ridiculous 10 c atches for 132 yards. Brady started to find a rhythm with other receivers as a result, and those receivers made plays when need be. Both of Brady’s touchdowns were of the short variety, a 2 yarder to Julian Edelman and a 1 yarder to Danny Amendola after a questionable P.I. call. To Brady’s credit, once Gronk went down, he realized Vereen was in a constant mismatch the the Patriots offense and playcalling adjusted for much quicker plays and space work. Brady’s interception came on an awful decision to Josh Boyce, as he simply didn’t see a linebacker 15 yards downfield. The linebacker easily intercepted the ball, and that was that. Brady’s fumble was also an absolutely terrible decision, as he tried to flip the ball as he was being sacked but instead just ended up fumbling it to give the Browns the ball. It just was not a play you’ll usually see from a quarterback of that caliber. Throughout the game, Brady was plain off even on non-turnover plays, overthrowing deep balls, one hopping screen passes and more. It’s also worth noting Brady took two crucial sacks on different drives that knocked the Patriots out of scoring range. The box score doesn’t show it, but Brady’s stats were absolutely a product of his playmakers and less a product of his mastery of the quarterback position. v

Week 15 - Throughout the 2013 season, it seems like Tom Brady has either been on his game or off his game with a very small sampling of middle ground. Against the Dolphins, Tom Brady was just that. Decent. Not amazing, not awful. For the most part, he made good throws. He did miss some throws, particularly during crunch time. His offensive line protected decently despite losing Nate Solder to a concussion in the second half, kicking Logan Mankins to tackle and unknown Josh Kline to guard. His receivers did suffer a few drops. However, the biggest reason the Patriots only mustered twenty points was red zone execution (the lack of Gronkowski loomed large) and a relatively solid Dolphins defense on the day. Brady's first touchdown was a nice throw to Michael Hoomanawanui, but an even more spectacular one handed grab by the tight end that many NFL players would not have made. There wasn't much separation, but boy was the catch great. His second touchdown was a toss to Julian Edelman that saw Edelman zigging and zagging his way into the endzone. Without Aaron Dobson, Kenbrell Thompkins and Rob Gronkowski, the lack of height was evident, as no passing plays were converted near the goal line. Brady's interception was a bad throw and decision on the last play of the game.

Week 16 - Tom Brady did exactly what he needed to do against Baltimore, as game flow dictated a combination of runs and solid defense for the Patriots. As a result, Brady had a mere 26 pass attempts on the day, his lowest total since 22 attempts against Miami on October 27th. The Patriots went up 14-0 by the end of the first quarter and never looked back, allowing Brady to control the game flow with relative ease. The defense also continually put the Patriots in solid field position and consistently harassed the Ravens offense, capping the day with two defensive touchdowns. Brady did have a couple underthrows on intermediate and deep ball, but also could have had a much bigger day thanks to a deep ball drop and pass interference in the endzone on a 40 yard pass. Brady’s lone touchdown was a short toss to Shane Vereen, who received lagged one on one coverage thanks to a solid pick play by Michael Hoomanawanui. Overall, a solid if unspectacular day for Tom Brady, which was exactly what the Patriots needed.

Week 17 - There are times when as a quarterback, all you have to do is manage a game and not turn the ball over. With the way the running game was operating and given the absolutely sloppy rainy conditions, that was what Tom Brady needed to do. With that said, this was a subpar game by his standards, as Brady was off with his receivers on many throws, showing communication errors abound. Combined with the tough weather, this wasn’t a day for the New England passing game. His counterpart, Thad Lewis, arguably had a more effective game, as this was Brady’s lowest yards per attempt since the October 20th loss to the Jets. All but two of Brady’s completions went to Shane Vereen and Julian Edelman, and he only completed passes to four players. It’s worth noting Aaron Dobson went out early in the first quarter and never returned, and there were also a few drops partially due to the weather. Brady’s lone touchdown was a short swing play to Shane Vereen with textbook execution and results. His interception was also on a throw to Vereen, though it was almost all Vereen’s fault, as he bobbled a pass and allowed a defender to snag it off the bobble. Pass protection was adequate on the day as Nate Solder returned. Logan Mankins suffered a scare as he was assisted off the field, but returned later in the game to keep the line intact. Brady’s only sack of the day was arguably because he held the ball too long, but credit the Buffalo defense for solid coverage on the play and throughout the day.

Week 19 - Brady wasn't asked to do much in this game, but when he was, he usually came through. Early on, Brady had easy short passes to convert first downs, and the establishment of the run helped fuel the play action passing game. That play action pass broke through for a long gain to Danny Amendola, right after one of the moments when Indianapolis tightened to within a score. Brady enjoyed good protection on most passing plays, and he was very comfortable in the pocket. He did move under pressure once to convert a key third down in the second half, but mostly, Brady handed off and watched his running backs rumble through the Colts defense in this one.

Week 20 - The numbers don't look all that bad. 277 yards, two total touchdowns. Dig further though, and you'll see this was one of Tom Brady's worst games in the latter half of the season. Let's talk about the bad. Brady was pressured in spurts throughout the game, and the Patriots rushed a mere 16 times versus 38 pass attempts (credit to the Denver run defense and Denver offense controlling time of possession here), a stark contrast to how they'd been winning over the last several weeks. Brady also missed a few key plays. The biggest one was a missed deep pass to Julian Edelman that would have easily gone for a long touchdown. Instead, he overthrew Edelman, and the Patriots eventually punted. This happened in the first half, where the Patriots could only muster 3 points. In fact, the Patriots didn't get on the board until Denver was in prevent mode, and as such, the game wasn't as close as the score indicates. Brady's other big miss was another overthrow to Austin Collie towards the end of the first half that would have put the Patriots in scoring range and given then some halftime momentum. Brady also sailed a wide open Edelman on a possible touchdown score, and although he hit Edelman for a score on the very next play, one wonders if the altitude combined with his regressing deep ball did him in. He did have some nice throws, as all quarterbacks do on most days, but with Peyton Manning carving up a Talib-less Patriots secondary, Brady needed to be on his A game, not his C- game.