WR Dwayne Bowe, Free agent

HT: 6-2, WT: 220, Born: 9-21-1984, College: LSU, Drafted: Round 1, Pick 23

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2014 Projections

David Dodds14.
Bob Henry15.
Jason Wood15.
Maurile Tremblay15.

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Overall: K Benjamin (107), D Williams (108), Dwayne Bowe (109), C Hyde (110), M Evans (111)
Position: R Cooper (105-WR38), K Benjamin (107-WR39), Dwayne Bowe (109 - WR40), M Evans (111-WR41), D Hopkins (118-WR42)
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Overall: P Rivers (101), B Pierce (102), Dwayne Bowe (103), K Moreno (104), M Evans (105)
Position: R Wayne (87-WR37), K Benjamin (98-WR38), Dwayne Bowe (103 - WR39), M Evans (105-WR40), R Cooper (109-WR41)
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Bowe failed to live up to expectations in 2013 for a variety of reasons. The only one of those reasons beyond his control was the performance of the Chiefs defense. Bowe saw a significant reduction in production for the first nine weeks due to the fact that the Chiefs were blowing out bad teams early and had no desire to force the ball into a receiver that doesn't specialize in getting wide open. Bowe's production saw a slight uptick in the second half and he was WR26 from week 11-16. He was even better in the team's playoff loss, putting up an 8-150-1. Historically Bowe has been about a 50/50 bet to hit 1000 yards and other than his anomalous 2010 (15 TD) he's averaged around 5 scores a year. He is good at using his body in traffic, but also has a maddening amount of silly drops. Bowe has struggled with a finger injury in camp and has been suspended for week one of the regular season due to a marijuana arrest in 2013.

2014 Schedule


2013 Game Summaries

Week 1 - Bowe's first target came with 2:47 left in half, an easy 6 yard grab on short out. Later on the same drive he caught a seven yard slant that was well defended. In the third quarter, Bowe beat his man on a 10 yard cross, and then spun past the defender for a fifteen yard gain. The Chiefs attack looks to be centered around taking what the other team gives them, and early on the Jaguars were not giving anything to Dwayne Bowe. If teams want to take Bowe out of the equation it looks like Alex Smith will let them. Junior Hemingway- Hemingway only had one catch, but it was a nice one. Hemingway ran a nice route across the back of the end zone and then caught a bullet from Alex Smith in the back of the end zone.

Week 2 - he Chiefs made a concerted effort to get Bowe more involved early in the game and it paid off to a certain degree. Alex Smith threw to a well-covered Bowe more than once in the first three quarters with mixed results. Bowe ran a great route on a 7 yard slant for his first catch and looked very athletic after catching a 15 yard post and turned it into a 27 yard gain. Bowe’s third quarter touchdown was relatively easy as he ran a short slant against soft coverage and Smith looked off the safety. Bowe disappeared after that because the Chiefs got cautious with a lead. One thing we didn’t see much of was separation from Bowe. Other than the touchdown virtually all of his targets came in close quarters. Donnie Avery- Avery was overlooked for much of the day, but did make a nice catch on a 31 yard gain, the Chiefs longest of the day. Avery ran a flag route in between two defenders in the zone and had to go to the ground to catch a low toss from Smith. His other catch was a good grab in tight coverage on a short cross.

Week 3 - Bowe's 1 catch for 4 yards may sound terrible, and it was. He was targeted twice in the first quarter and dropped both passes. The first was a 10 yard hitch that would have been a first down and the second was the only pas Alex Smith even attempted more than 15 yards in the first half. His only catch of the game was a short hitch on 3rd and 2 to pick up a first down with 5:38 left in the game. What's more, Bowe actually subbed out quite often with head coach Andy Reid explaining that nothing was wrong, he just wasn't a part of that package. One of these instances came with the Chiefs inside the ten yard line.

Week 4 - Dwayne Bowe finally got more involved in the Chiefs defense and delivered in the 4th quarter with a 34 yard touchdown. The throw was on the money, but what really made the play special was Bowe breaking two tackles to get into the end zone. Most of his other targets came against tight coverage, but Alex Smith seemed a little more willing to throw the ball in there. Bowe’s first catch was his only easy reception, a 13 yard gain on a slant against soft coverage.

Week 5 - Bowe's only catch in the first half came on a ball that was deflected at the line and actually lost yardage. Bowe didn't catch a ball that was intended for him until there was just over six minutes left in the third quarter. That catch came on a dig route, he nearly lost it but caught it again and shed a tackler to pick up a first down. Bowe's 17 yard grab on a deep curl was nearly a long touchdown. He spun upfield past the defender and just barely stepped on the boundary with nothing but open field in front of him. Bowe also caught short hitch at the 4 and battled his way to the goal line, coming up less than a foot away from the score. While Bowe didn't do a great job getting open all day, Alex Smith was throwing to well covered targets much of the day. Bowe was largely ignored until the team was behind in the 4th quarter.

Week 6 - Bowe's 3 catches for 46 yards all came within a 14 minute stretch of game time that saw the Chiefs either trailing or tied. His first grab on a short slant hit him right in the gut after he did a nice job to break free of bump and run coverage. His 17 yard grab on a back shoulder throw down the left sideline was perfectly executed. He was targeted in the red zone three plays later and drew a pass interference call that set the Chiefs up for their first score. Bowe's lone second half catch was an excellent diving grab on the right sideline that Smith threw under major duress. The Chiefs seemed concern with Bowe's involvement only when they were fighting for the lead. Once they had the lead he again disappeared.

Week 7 - Bowe was much more involved than he has been in past weeks, garnering the first four targets of the game. He caught two of the four passes, having one knocked away by a defender and the other overthrown by Smith. His 21 yard gain came on a wide open catch in the middle of the field. Bowe stumbled to the ground on his own or the play could have been even longer. Bowe's 16 yard gain on the Chiefs second touchdown drive was a great example of him keeping his route alive while Smith scrambled from the pocket. Bowe did the same thing on another short cross to pick up a huge 3rd and 5 in the 4th quarter. Bowe seemed to know he was a bigger part of the game plan because he was more engaged from the start.

Week 8 - Bowe was clearly not at full strength with a groin injury and was ineffective at best in the passing game. His biggest contribution was in blocking downfield. While he got good separation on a 7 yard hitch that he caught, virtually every other time he was thrown to he was blanketed by Haden. Bowe just had very little chance of getting open against a great corner with a bum groin.

Week 9 - Bowe had a much more involved day right from the start. He continually beat Bills corners with solid comeback or hitch routes. His best catch however, came on short out for a nine yard gain. Bowe caught the slightly low pass in stride with his hands and stayed on his feet to pick up a first down. On the next drive he caught a short cross underneath and stiff armed his man to the ground to pick up 12 yards and another first down. As good as he was early, Bowe had two drops in the second quarter including one where he was wide open at the ten yard line. Like most of the Chiefs' offense, Bowe disappeared in the second half, catching one pass for ten yards. It was a key grab that moved the chains and kept the clock running. Considering that Bowe compiled almost all of his statistics before the defense scored two touchdowns, it's very easy to believe his day would have been bigger had the game script been different.

Week 11 - Bowe saw a season high 14 targets and scored a touchdown, but he's definitely had better days. His biggest gain came on a beautiful diving catch against double coverage for a 26 yard gain. Bowe got away with a push off on his six yard touchdown, but it was an example of the kind of physical play he can use to create openings. Bowe finished off the first half with a 16 yard grab on a deep hitch for a first down and at that point it looked like the Broncos had no answer for him. Bowe saw five targets in the second half and didn't catch any of them. This was partially due to more attention from the Broncos, and Alex Smith just missed him a couple of times, but there were definitely some drops mixed in as well. Bowe returned from the invisible this week, but only to his maddeningly inconsistent level.

Week 12 - Bowe played his second solid, if not spectacular, game in a row against the Chargers. He gave the Chargers defensive backs fits with his physicality as illustrated on his first catch where he beat the corner badly off the line then hauled in a slant for a first down. His 22 yard 3rd quarter catch was more impressive, as a he caught a deep hitch, broke a tackle then carried another defender 4 yards down the field. Bowe's touchdown catch was a one handed catch over the middle as he fought off the defender with his other arm. The play showed a trust from Alex Smith that hasn't been there all year and focus from Bowe that is hit and miss at best.

Week 13 - Bowe was involved early and late, but as he's known to do he disappeared for a big part of the middle of the game. He destroyed Chris Harris at the line to find himself wide open over the middle of the field for a 24 yard gain on the team's first drive. He also showed good hands on a back shoulder throw from Smith for a 23 yard gain on the team's last drive. In between was nothing to write home about, including a high pass he let sail through his hands late in the game.

Week 14 - Bowe made several good catches on the day and posted his highest yardage total of the season. True to form he also dropped a short slant in the red zone, but that pales in comparison to his positive plays. The most positive was a five yard slant he caught and bounced off of two defenders before bounding into the end zone for a 21 yard touchdown. He also made two really nice grabs on deep posts that were thrown slightly behind him. Bowe was used almost exclusively over the middle of the field and Washington's secondary had a hard time reacting to his routes on a frozen field.

Week 15 - Bowe was involved early on but fell out of favor as the game script got out of control. He played big on a short slant, hauling in the pass for a first down with a defender draped all over him. His second catch was an easy grab on a short out, but his third involved a huge hit with Bowe doing a good job to haul in the pass. As has been the case in most of the Chiefs games this year, when the Chiefs need for Bowe disappeared so did his production.

Week 16 - Bowe may have been the only Chief to have worse day than Alex Smith. After catching a short hitch for nine yards on the game's first play Bowe was very unreliable. He had four drops on the day, including one in the back of the end zone that he attempted to catch with one hand. He was targeted heavily in the 4th quarter, hauling in a deep post and a short out, but he also continued to struggle with drops. On a day when the team needed him to come up big, Bowe showed the inconsistency that has plagued him throughout his career.

Week 18 - Bowe was outstanding at time and yet still maddeningly inconsistent. He made a nice catch on a throw behind him on the first drive and then finished the drive by taking advantage of soft coverage on a short slant out of the slot for a touchdown. While the coverage was soft, Bowe still used his body correctly as a shield in the end zone. On the next drive, Bowe made his best play. On a short slant he ran away from his man and broke two tackles in the secondary for a 63 yard gain. Bowe was fairly quiet for the next two quarters but made a nice adjustment on a 21 yard corner route in the third quarter. Bowe fought hard in the 4th quarter, breaking tackles and running away from defenders on inside routes. He also let a couple of catchable balls fall incomplete and failed to get his second foot down on the team's final offensive play that may have given them the win.