RB LeGarrette Blount, Free agent

HT: 6-1, WT: 241, Born: 12-5-1986, College: Oregon, Drafted: ---

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David Dodds15.0100.03954.04.08.0567.00.069
Bob Henry16.095.04404.65.04.0358.80.078
Jason Wood16.0125.05004.05.012.0806.70.088
Maurile Tremblay16.093.04214.53.010.0797.90.068

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170 0.0 0 0.0

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Overall: R Tannehill (145), A Gates (146), LeGarrette Blount (147), H Miller (148), J Flacco (149)
Position: C Ivory (136-RB48), C Michael (141-RB49), LeGarrette Blount (147 - RB50), J Stewart (157-RB51), A Bradshaw (159-RB52)
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Overall: E Manning (159), LeGarrette Blount (161), J Flacco (162), J Manziel (163)
Position: A Bradshaw (155-RB51), T Mason (158-RB52), LeGarrette Blount (161 - RB53), L Dunbar (164-RB54), K Davis (165-RB55)
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The Steelers helped upgrade their depth at the running back position when they signed LeGarrette Blount in free agency. Blount was a battering ram for the Patriots last year as they made another deep postseason run. This year, Blount will serve as a primary backup behind second-year back LeíVeon Bell. Blount can be a dominant player running the ball between the tackles. Heís tough to bring down, running with instant power and burst as soon as he gets the ball. Blount loves to initiate contact, and he will run through arm tackles regularly because of his powerful lower body. Heís a big backóa true power back in todayís NFLóbut Blount also has good speed with the ball in his hands. This means heís more of a threat to break off a 20-plus yard run than some think. This skill set helps in fantasy leagues that reward points for big plays. Blount is a non-factor as a receiver, so the team will only use him as a two-down thumper. In case Bell gets injured, Blount could be counted on as a reliable starter for the Steelers and your fantasy team. He was nothing more than a part-time player for the Patriots until the end of the year last year. Even on this limited basis, Blount still finished as the 29th-best fantasy running back in 2013. Blount is a valuable handcuff for fantasy owners who add Bell earlier in the draft, and he might even take goal line carries, even though short yardage running has not been a strength of his. On the other hand, an August 20 arrest for marijuana possession could result in a suspension or demotion. The Steelers can be a tough organization on character issue players, so team punishment is an unknown.

2014 Schedule


2013 Game Summaries

Week 1 - After Stevan Ridley fumbled away two rushes, Blount started to see a few more touches. However, Blount was noticeably slower and more plodding than Shane Vereen and even Ridley, and after a handful of carries, he barely saw any time as Shane Vereen operated for most of the second half. There wasnít much to write home about here, as Blount didnít do anything positive that stood out, and barely registered over 2.0 yards per carry. Even when he was in, he was taken off on third downs, a clear indication that heís still not fully trusted in pass protection and catching the ball out of the backfield.

Week 2 - Blount came in to spell Stevan Ridley for the most part, and was largely ineffective on his touches since heís more of a plodder and tough yardage guy than anything else. He wasnít given the touch volume to see significant gains, and is clearly behind Ridley (and Vereen when healthy) in the pecking order.

Week 3 - Blount got plenty of work against his former team this week. The Patriots got up on Tampa Bay by two touchdowns by halftime and Blount ended up the leading rusher on the day. It was tough sledding for Blount early in the game with situational snaps, but he got on a roll late in the game as the clock-killing back of choice. The Tampa Bay defense looked like they wanted no part of playing tough against the run on the final couple of drives as Blount found big holes and plenty of yards after contact to close out his gains. He was not involved in the passing game and was not asked to pass block much.

Week 5 - With Stevan Ridley injured, Blount had a great opportunity to get solid volume in the running game. Instead, he decided to fumble and turn the ball over on a play you could see coming, as the ball was swinging wildly as he ran. As a result, Blount only saw 3 touches in the second half, and this was out of necessity since the Patriots were down to two healthy backs by that point. He did show a bit more burst than earlier in the season, but as usual, Blount ran hard and got what was blocked and not a whole lot more. He also missed converting a goal line carry, though he didnít have many places to go. Still, on the day, it was the costly fumble that will be remembered above all else.

Week 6 - If Stevan Ridley showed burst and vision, LeGarrette Blount showed the exact opposite, looking molasses slow and tentative on each of his carries. The shade-over-1 yard per carry is much more of an indictment on Blountís inability to escape tacklers and run with burst than it is on the run blocking line. It was clear he was operating just to spell Ridley in many cases, and thatís likely the way the Patriots will want to keep it if they want success on the ground.

Week 7 - Blount had 1 touch on the day that didn't include kickoff returns, which tells you all you need to know about the plodder. Don't expect much from him barring injury to the other running backs.

Week 8 - Youíve read it three thousand times by now, but LeGarrette Blount is so slow and plodding itís almost painful to watch. Prior to the fourth quarter, Blount had less than 2 yards per carry. He got the majority of his yards in the fourth, and got exactly what was blocked. His 19 yard run was all offensive line, as you or I could have probably gained at least that much on the play. It seems Blount is being used in a short yardage pound capacity as well as a clock killer type role.

Week 9 - LeGarrette Blount finally took a clear back seat in the Patriots backfield rotation, seeing his only real playing time on kick returns and in the closing minutes. He looked slightly more spry than usual today, and his touchdown was fascinating. He somehow squirted out of a pile and dragged some defenders with him. Blocking was solid, and he got what was in front of him.

Week 11 - Blount actually ran with some good power against the Panthers, picking up extra yardage on several runs. He received touches after Stevan Ridley committed a critical fumble, and got a bit more than what was blocked. He also displayed better vision than he has in most games this season, and perhaps earned a case for at least a handful of touches in games going forward, especially around the red zone.

Week 12 - LeGarrette Blount came in as the primary back after a Stevan Ridley fumble and promptly proceeded to fumble on his second carry. Unsurprisingly, that was Blountís last action of the day.

Week 13 - With Stevan Ridley inactive for fumbling issues, Blount did the Ďheavy liftingí with 12 total carries. He ran well, showing some decent burst relatively speaking, displaying decent vision as well. He was also the beneficiary of solid blocking, as has been the case all season. His 9 yard touchdown run saw a decent hole open up, but he also fought off a tackle to break into the endzone.

Week 14 - Blount actually looked decent against the Browns, showing better vision and slipperiness than in many weeks prior. He broke several tackles, found holes and ran tough. Perhaps more surprising, he actually caught a pass, and it went for 32 yards as there was barely anyone around him.

Week 15 - Blount showed decent elusiveness on the day, breaking tackles and showing better vision than he has in the past. Blount also caught a designed pass, which is a rarity for him. Although he doesn't have the burst of the other Patriots running backs, it's clear that he's the best pounder the Patriots have. If he's able to hang onto the ball and run like he did today, there's a role available for him in every game.

Week 16 - Blount ran with some of the best combinations of power, elusiveness and vision that heís displayed this season, finding holes many times and breaking tackles on a semi-regular basis. It seems heís really progressed as the season has gone on, and itís notable he was the first back to enter the game before any other Patriots running back. He also saw a season high in carries despite Stevan Ridley and Brandon Bolden being healthy. Shane Vereen did get injured late in the first quarter, but his role was filled by Bolden. Blountís first touchdown was a 1 yarder that was set up by a pass interference call in the end zone. His second touchdown was a nice 7 yard run which he displayed solid power to push his way into the end zone. Blountís run blocking was mostly solid on the day, save for one play which he got tripped up almost as soon as he received his handoff.

Week 17 - You can see it in the stat lines, but this was far and away LeGarrette Blountís best day as a Patriot, and likely his best day as a professional football player. He absolutely carried the Patriots offense on his back, rumbling for more than 330 all-purpose yards. Blount showed great vision and solid burst for a guy his size, and the offensive line constantly opened up holes which he attacked over and over. Not only did Blount elude defenders, but he channeled his inner Gronkowski on several runs and simply steamrolled defenders when the situation arose. Blountís first touchdown was a 36 yard beauty, where he cut a run back to find a hole on the right side after initially running left, then outran a safety (thatís not a typo) for the score. His second touchdown was another long one as he tiptoed and sped down the left sideline, again outrunning defenders and diving into the endzone with the grace of a newborn baby deer. Not only did Blount dominate the running game, but he helped the Patriots on special teams with two huge kick returns, totaling 145 return yards for a whopping 72.5 yard average. His lone blemish was a fumble, but luckily the Patriots recovered it. Blount played a season high 33 snaps, and itís pretty evident that as the season has gone on, Blount is looking better and better, which not many people expected.

Week 19 - Blount's final stat line is more impressive than his film against the Colts. He did score right after the first Andrew Luck interception, and generally proved to be stubborn and hard to bring down. Blount had easy, short scores to account for the Patriots second and third touchdowns. His fourth score - which was the back-breaker - was set up by his patience and then better-than-expected burst through the hole to leave a stacked box in his wake. Blount was the focus of the early offensive game plan, and he delivered. The offensive line opened up good holes for him, and Blount's footwork helped him slide at the point of attack to find the best angle to gouge the Colts defense. He also provided a few more runs as the fourth quarter ticked away to extinguish what little chance there was left of a Colts desperation comeback.

Week 20 - The Denver run defense made sure the darling of the Patriots recent run had absolutely nothing to show for it against them. Blount was consistently met in the backfield, and the Patriots abandoned the run by the second half for the most part, as Denver dominated time of possession. As such, Blount couldn't do much with his 5 carries.