WR Justin Blackmon, Free agent

HT: 6-1, WT: 207, Born: 1-9-1990, College: Oklahoma State, Drafted: Round 1, Pick 5

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2014 Projections


Average draft position

Current as of August 25th. [Full ADP list]

Overall: J Cotchery (238), R Woods (239), Justin Blackmon (240), R Turbin (241), A Holmes (242)
Position: J Cotchery (238-WR76), R Woods (239-WR77), Justin Blackmon (240 - WR78), A Holmes (242-WR79), M Williams (243-WR80)
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PPR Average draft position

Current as of August 25th. [Full PPR ADP list]

Overall: J Cotchery (234), Justin Blackmon (235), C Sims (236), B Brown (237)
Position: D Thomas (231-WR76), J Cotchery (234-WR77), Justin Blackmon (235 - WR78), M Sanu (239-WR79), J Brown (244-WR80)
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Justin Blackmon's two year career has been one filled with a variety of headaches for the Jaguars. On the field he has enormous talent and can be that dominant game changer type of player the Jaguars so desperately need. The off field issues are likely going to find Blackmon suspended for a majority, if not all of the 2014 season. It appears that Jacksonville has already moved on from Blackmon as they just drafted two young talented WR's in the second round this year, taking both Marqise Lee and Allen Robinson. Blackmon has the talent to be a star WR in the NFL but it looks like some off field consequences aren't going to allow him to break into that star wide receiver role. The Jaguars and coach Gus Bradley already have given Blackmon's locker away as well and it looks like his days in Jacksonville are over.

2014 Schedule


2013 Game Summaries

Week 5 - Blackmon's first target came on the second drive of the game. He carried it down the field for a touchdown, as he ran past a Rams safety, but he only came free initially because of a blown coverage in the secondary. Later in the first quarter, Blackmon adjusted well to a screen pass before turning downfield and breaking a tackle for a nine yard gain. Soon after, Blackmon caught a backshoulder throw when Janoris Jenkins was in tight coverage. After Blaine Gabbert was replaced by Chad Henne in the third quarter, Blackmon caught a big pass down the sideline. Late in the fourth quarter, Blackmon caught a curl route for eight yards against off coverage.

Week 6 - Blackmon's first catch came just a few plays into the game. He caught the ball underneath after play action before breaking a tackle to get down the sideline. Blackmon made a similar play early on the next drive, but this time he ran a crossing route underneath. To start the second quarter, Blackmon ran a slant route against press coverage before running down the seam for a first down. On the next drive, Blackmon faked an end-around before catching the ball in the flat. He was able to run out of bounds for a five yard gain. A few plays later he caught a curl route for eight yards. On a deep crossing route, Blackmon extended well to snatch the ball out of the air before quickly getting down to avoid a big hit. If there was a feature back version of being a wide receiver, it was Blackmon. He added another eight yards on a bubble screen. In the second half, Blackmon opened the Jaguars first drive by beating the cornerback on a quick slant before running down the field. Slants were a major problem for the Broncos defensive backs, as he moved to the other side of the field to catch his second one in the third quarter. Two plays later, he caught a deep curl route for a first down. On third and two, Blackmon ran a deep out between two defenders to catch a big first down pass. In the fourth quarter, Blackmon ran a post route for a first down. With a defender on his back, Blackmon caught a pass over the middle for a 10 yard gain. Late in the fourth quarter, Blackmon was uncovered on a slant route but did well to avoid a big hit from an incoming safety.

Week 7 - Blackmon wasn't targeted until the second quarter. He caught a bubble screen for a first down and five yards. Later on the same drive, Blackmon couldn't beat Shareece Wright on a slant route, but he did draw pass interference for a first down. A few plays later, Blackmon caught a five yard pass underneath on third and eight. On second and 18, Blackmon turned a short crossing route into 16 yards. Blackmon wasn't as involved this week as he was in Denver last week, but he should have caught a touchdown pass in the third quarter. Blackmon didn't get his foot down quickly when he should have dragged his feet. In the fourth quarter, Blackmon caught a deep out for a first down between two defenders. Blackmon caught another deep out route later in the fourth quarter. He followed that up witha short curl route underneath off coverage.

Week 8 - Blackmon couldn't catch Chad Henne's first pass as he was tightly covered over the middle of the field. On first and 10, Blackmon caught a three yard bubble screen. Late in the second quarter, Blackmon dropped a wide open pass that could have gone for a touchdown. Blackmon converted a third and 11 on a deep out route at the first down marker. After a failed reverse, Blackmon caught a quick slant route for 10 yards on second and 11. Blackmon caught a pass in the flat before running upfield for a short gain just short of the first down marker.