WR Davone Bess, Free agent

HT: 5-11, WT: 193, Born: 9-13-1985, College: Hawaii, Drafted: ---

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2013 Game Summaries

Week 1 - Davone Bess played well in his first game against his former team, as can be seen from his stat line. Bess was part of four first down conversions throughout the game, proving his trustworthy reputation that he developed in Miami. Overall, Bess' hands looked steady, especially on a ten-yard catch in the second quarter that he went low for and came away with the first down. Bess seems to be the third down machine that every great passing attack has.

Week 2 - Davone Bess played exactly as one would expect a player of his caliber to perform, despite the Browns asking him to become a focal part of the offense. Bess did not have a catch longer than twelve yards, but did convert multiple first downs on underneath crossing routes. Bess did this against Ravens cornerback Corey Graham, who struggled mightily against slot receiver Wes Welker last week against the Broncos. Bess was able to get separation on underneath routes and showed enough speed to stretch short catches into first downs. Bess' only drop came on the Browns' final drive, which if caught may have sparked a Browns rally. Davone Bess excels when intermediate and deep threats open the underneath zones for him to run free in. However, Bess has struggled in that role due to the lack of surrounding talent to distract defenses.

Week 3 - Davone Bess once again proved to be a third down machine for the Browns, reminding many fans of Joe Jurevicius' days in brown and orange. Bess' favorite route is an out route to the sideline, as he connected with Brian Hoyer multiple times on the same route for first downs. Bess was often open due to the threat of Josh Gordon downfield, something that was missing in the first two weeks of the season. Bess also displayed athleticism on a leaping 15-yard catch in the 2nd quarter that Brian Hoyer overthrew, something you do not see often from Bess. Now that Gordon has returned, Bess has blossomed into the clear and reliable third receiving option in an offense that will frequently attempt 40-50 passes per game.

Week 4 - Davone Bess showed his reliability with a third down reception for his first down on the Browns first touchdown drive. Bess has a knack for keeping drives alive and displayed that well in the first quarter. He did have a mental lapse in concentration in the second quarter, letting a Brian Hoyer pass fall right off his hands without a defender in his general vicinity.

Week 5 - Davone Bess' only catches came from the hands of Brian Hoyer in the first quarter. Bess caught those two passes while running his signature routes the deep sideline out and the slant over the middle. Outside of those two catches, Bess was shut out by the Bills secondary. While Hoyer loved using his safety valve and possession receivers, Weeden uses his speed threats and big play wide receivers much more often than his smaller, possession receivers. Bess can still be a threat with Brandon Weeden as quarterback, however, the usage that Bess was experiencing with Brian Hoyer seems to be deep in the past now.

Week 6 - Bess failed to run to the markers and dropped a soft pass on a crossing route on the Browns second drive. For the second straight week, Bess was quiet and became a 4th or 5th option in the offense. When it comes to safety valves, Brandon Weeden prefers Chris Ogbonnaya rather than Davone Bess.

Week 7 - Davone Bess was quiet on Sunday, with his only positive gain coming on a short crossing route in the third quarter that Bess turned up field for 11 yards and a first down. While one expects sure-handedness out of Bess, that quality was not on display in the first quarter. On second and five, Davone Bess let a Brandon Weeden pass bounce off his hands, on what would have been a first down and possibly more.

Week 8 - Davone Bess had a bad day. The once sure-handed receiver came into the game with 5 drops, and only compounded his problems by adding three more on Sunday. Bess' only impressive play can on the first play of the second half, where Bess caught a Jason Campbell pass right between the numbers across the middle and gained a few extra yards for a first down. However, Bess dropped two first downs during Sunday's loss, including on fourth and seven with two minutes remaining in the game down three points. Before that, Davone Bess fumbled a punt (he filled in for the IR-bound Travis Benjamin) that would have given the Browns the ball near the Chiefs' 45-yard line. The Browns did get the ball back, but lost around 40 yards of field position and precious minutes late in the game. To add to his poor hands, Bess also lacked hustle on a third down in the fourth quarter, failing to seal a defender on a Chris Ogbonnaya catch that lead to a punt. Do not be surprised to see Davone Bess on the bench next week, as Rob Chudzinski is known to have benched players for poor performance before no matter their reputation.

Week 9 - Redemption is sweet. All three of Davone Bess' receptions were highly influential. First, Davone Bess caught the Browns first touchdown, a one-yard catch where Bess was sandwiched in the end zone but held on for six points. Davone Bess' second touchdown was quite amazing. Bess shook off cornerback Corey Graham on a short route over the middle, caught the ball, and broke the ankles of cornerback Ladarius Webb on his way to another touchdown. Finally, Bess broke off his route on fourth and two and with the game on the line and dove and corralled a Jason Campbell desperation pass. Bess got the best of Webb once again, wrestling for control of the ball and a crucial first down.

Week 11 - Davone Bess' sole catch came on short crossing route in the fourth quarter. Jason Campbell missed Davone Bess on multiple occasions, including on a for sure first down. However, what seems as the norm rather than the anomaly this season, Davone Bess dropped a pass. While the game was nearly completed by the time he dropped the ball, it is still disheartening to see a once solid pass catcher loss the redeeming quality in his game.

Week 12 - Davone Bess had another ho-hum day as the Browns WR3 on Sunday, tallying five catches as well as a two-point conversion. According to Mike Clay of NBC Sports, the Browns pass the ball on 84% of plays where Davone Bess is on the field. Bess is a passing down receiver and does not produce anything discernibly valuable to the Browns passing attack.