WR Cole Beasley, Buffalo Bills

HT: 5-8, WT: 177, Born: 2-26-1989, College: Southern Methodist, Drafted: ---

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2014 Projections

David Dodds15.
Bob Henry16.
Jason Wood16.
Maurile Tremblay16.

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50 0.0 40 0.1


Cole Beasley has been called a poor man's Danny Amendola; which isn't saying much considering Amendola is known as the poor man's Wes Welker. What people mean by comparison is that Beasley is an undersized (5'8", 177 lbs.) slot receiver with good hands but not much explosiveness after the catch. Beasley was a contributor last year (39 receptions for 368 yards and 2 touchdowns) and should hold onto a roster spot in 2014.

Latest News

Bills | Cole Beasley finishes with one touchdown (Sun Nov 29, 06:34 PM) - Buffalo Bills WR Cole Beasley caught two passes for 25 yards against the Los Angeles Chargers in Week 12. He also threw a 20-yard touchdown pass during the game.

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2014 Schedule

1at Chicago Bears
2 Miami Dolphins
3 San Diego Chargers
4at Houston Texans
5at Detroit Lions
6 New England Patriots
7 Minnesota Vikings
8at New York Jets
Bye week
10 Kansas City Chiefs
11at Miami Dolphins
12 New York Jets
13 Cleveland Browns
14at Denver Broncos
15 Green Bay Packers
16at Oakland Raiders
17at New England Patriots

2013 Game Summaries

Week 4 - Beasley was active over the middle as a possession target against the Chargers. He displayed strong hands and caught all three of his targets. In addition, an offensive holding penalty negated a fourth reception on the day. With Miles Austin out, Beasley made the most of the additional offensive snaps.

Week 5 - Like Terrance Williams, this was a breakout game for Beasley against Denver. The Cowboys were in shootout mode from the very beginning of the game and Beasley saw an increase in snaps with Miles Austin out this week. Beasley was used mainly in the slot and gained separation with ease on numerous occasions. He was slippery after the catch as he shook the first defender for additional yardage on an out route and a slant route. Tony Romo looked for Beasley more often in the red zone and he converted a slot screen into an easy touchdown late in the game when Dallas took a 48-41 lead. With Dez Bryant, Jason Witten, and even Terrance Williams seeing more coverage down the field, Beasley saw advantage coverage to maximize his production from a small number of targets.

Week 6 - Beasley was productive as the slot receiver against Washington. He created early separation on his routes and got lost by the secondary at times with the plethora of other weapons downfield on passing downs. Beasley dropped a pass, but rebounded by converting a third down on the very next play.

Week 7 - Beasley continues to build a strong connection with Tony Romo on passing downs. He operates out of the slot and was able to gain separation on out routes with regularity as the outside receiver cleared out the zone. He displayed good footwork on the sidelines when needed and has the balance to elude the first defender for additional yardage when in a one-on-one situation. Beasley has exceled with his limited opportunities to this point, including this strong game against the Eagles.

Week 9 - Beasley continues to develop as a trustworthy possession target for Tony Romo. Minnesota defensive backs and linebackers struggled to stay with Beasley on short routes out of his break, which is consistent with what Beasley has done in recent weeks. Beasley has the savvy of a veteran as he rarely drops a pass, runs smart routes, and gains available yardage after the catch with regularity. All of those qualities were on display against the Vikings. The defense clearly played to prevent bigger plays down the field, which left Beasley and Jason Witten to perform well underneath the coverage throughout the game.

Week 10 - Beasley struggled to gain separation against the New Orleans secondary as Dallas had just ten completions for the entire game. He did not see a target until late in the second quarter as a slant route pass was tipped away on third down. It took a diving play in the second half for Beasley to corral his lone reception. The Cowboys passing game was out of sync, Tony Romo was uncomfortable in the pocket, and Beasley did not beat one-on-one coverage inside as he did in previous successful games. It was a tough week all around for Beasley to have much, if any, production.

Week 12 - Beasley had a quiet day as the possession receiver, but made his best play when the game was on the line. His only opportunity in the first half came on a third down. Beasley was unable to corral the tough pass in tight coverage. On the edge of field goal range in a tie game, Beasley made the play of the game. It was third-and-ten and Beasley’s double-move over the middle tripped up the defender. Beasley came wide open on the sideline and he converted the third down and continued the ultimate game-winning drive. As the situational possession receiver, Beasley exceled when Dallas needed it the most against the Giants.

Week 13 - Beasley was efficient in his possession role against the Raiders, beating single coverage on quick out routes and finding holes over the middle. On one occasion Beasley converted a third down in the red zone of a scoring drive. His quickness off the line of scrimmage is evident and is the basis for his continued production.

Week 14 - Beasley was one of the bright spots for Dallas’ offense as both of his receptions were in high-leverage situations. He converted an early third down with a full-extension grab on a slant route. In the second half, Beasley broke free in the back of the end zone as Tony Romo eluded the pass rush. The broken play gave Dallas some hope as the game was slipping away at the time. Beasley continues to make more quality plays than mistakes, especially on third downs.

Week 15 - Beasley showed burst and acceleration through his out-breaking slot routes, gaining early separation for possession targets. On one occasion Beasley made a great diving play on the ball, as he secured it effortlessly before reaching the sideline. A key play of the game came late in the fourth quarter as Beasley read a different coverage than Romo on an out route. Beasley throttled down out of his break as a defender occupied the field closer to the sideline. Romo threw to the outside expecting a full route by Beasley. The miscommunication led to an interception, ending Dallas’ final attempt to put the game away with a field goal.

Week 16 - Beasley caught both of his targets after half time against Washington. One was a designed wide receiver screen and the other a key fourth down conversion late in the game. Against zone coverage, Beasley found an opening and gaining yards after the catch as he immediately turned up the field.

Week 17 - Beasley saw one target in each half, hauling in a quick out in the second half and missing a tough low throw against tight coverage late in the second quarter. Jason Witten was Kyle Orton’s possession receiver of choice against the Eagles and Beasley did not see the field much.