WR Doug Baldwin, Free agent

HT: 5-10, WT: 189, Born: 9-21-1988, College: Stanford, Drafted: ---

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David Dodds15.
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Jason Wood16.
Maurile Tremblay16.

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Overall: J Jones (173), M Lee (174), Doug Baldwin (175), T Eifert (176), T Kelce (177)
Position: J Jones (173-WR59), M Lee (174-WR60), Doug Baldwin (175 - WR61), M Jones (178-WR62), A Hawkins (180-WR63)
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Overall: S Greene (174), Doug Baldwin (175), T Eifert (177)
Position: M Lee (167-WR59), J Jones (171-WR60), Doug Baldwin (175 - WR61), A Dobson (178-WR62), M Jones (179-WR63)
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Baldwin has the inside track to start for the Seahawks opposite Percy Harvin. He is a smart, tough player who made a number of clutch plays last season, but his lack of size and other measurable qualities may limit his upside potential. Baldwin may be best suited to play out of the slot, but he showed last year that he is competent lining up outside as well. Because Baldwin is a complementary receiver in a run-heavy offense, he can be had in the late rounds. He is a worthwhile fantasy prospect late in the draft, however, because he's demonstrated some playmaking ability, he's on the upswing of his career and has the work ethic to continue improving, and given Percy Harvin's propensity to miss time, Baldwin could be thrust into the Seahawks' WR1 role at some point during the season. Draft him as a fantasy WR4-WR5 with better upside potential than many receivers in that range.

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2013 Game Summaries

Week 1 - Baldwin has shown again and again that with the opportunity, he has what it takes to shine, which he did in this game. He made a couple of highlight reel catches, did a great job of finding the first down marker, and even added in a running play to round things out. Baldwin’s most memorable play was on a pass that was thrown in desperation to the sidelines. He came back for it and somehow caught the low and out-of-bounds ball, while dragging both feet in bounds. Phenomenal catch. He’s got speed, great awareness and focus working out of the slot, and great hands. Don’t expect him to put up 100 yards every week, but Baldwin was very involved in the offense, and he’ll continue to get his share of targets.

Week 2 - Baldwin only had only one target on the day, but made it count, once again showing that he is quickly becoming Wilson’s most trusted target – at least on broken plays. On 3rd and 12, with his QB scrambling, Baldwin was able to find an opening deep in the secondary, and had room to add a few yards, for a 51 yard gain. It was an odd day for the passing game, as a weather delay and shaky QB play conspired to sap all Seahawks receivers’ fantasy value.

Week 3 - Baldwin didn’t see much action, and only redeemed himself (to fantasy owners) with his only catch of the game, which went for a TD. So far this season, he has provided us with a highlight reel catch each week, and this week was no different. He made a great diving catch on a well thrown ball from backup QB Tarvaris Jackson, and slid into the end zone for the score. Prior to that, Baldwin was overshadowed in the slot by both tight ends, who were a large part of the short passing game.

Week 4 - Baldwin was the third option behind Tate and Rice, in a game in which the passing attack was non-existent, and yet he still came up with his requisite highlight catch. Baldwin leapt high at the sideline and brought in the ball while touching each toe down before falling down for a 24 yard gain. It happened fast enough that the play was originally ruled incomplete, but the replay showed just how precise Baldwin can be. It was a clutch play that got the Seahawks out from deep in their won zone and kept their lone touchdown scoring drive alive. His other catches were more routine, short; over the middle, and not much room to run.

Week 5 - Baldwin continued to be valuable to his team with timely catches and very reliable hands and route running out of the slot. He’s the most consistent of the bunch, and in fact was the Seahawks leading receiver this week, but rarely comes up with a truly big game. Baldwin was looked to often in the two minute drill. In the second half, he was targeted in the end zone, but didn’t really have a chance at the overthrown ball. Baldwin just seems to have a knack for getting open; and when he does, Wilson has a habit of getting the ball to the right spot. In this game, he was, stat-wise, the Seahawks number two receiver. If Sidney Rice doesn’t pick up his game a bit, we can expect Baldwin to fill that void. The other part of this equation is the health of Zach Miller. With Miller out, Baldwin had a few more looks than usual.

Week 6 - Baldwin was predictably more valuable in real life than fantasy against the Titans. He caught everything thrown his way, but was only targeted four times. His big catch was over the middle, a perfect throw caught in stride and taken inside the 5, for a 28 yard gain. Baldwin showed his smarts near the end, when he did a great job getting out of bounds with clock ticking down, rather than gain a couple of meaningless yards.

Week 7 - Baldwin’s skills are intact, but he did not get enough opportunities to make an impact, fantasy or otherwise. The Seahawks spread the ball out well, and this limits his stats every week. His lone catch was routine, a quick hit out of the slot position. He did well to find an opening in the zone defense, and added yards after the catch.

Week 9 - Baldwin wasn’t very noticeable in the first half (along with the rest of the Seahawks passing game), but did draw an important pass interference penalty near the end of the half that set up their only score to that point. Into the third quarter, he made a great catch on a deep comeback route at the sideline. He had another clutch catch in the fourth, for 28 yards, getting open with enough separation to gain yards after the catch. And he wasn’t done. Even with the slow start, he clearly became the team’s most reliable receiver in this game. Capping his game was the 10 yard score with just under two minutes to go in the game. It was a simple, short turnaround catch, but his awareness of the defense allowed him to make a quick evasive move to avoid the tackle and run in untouched. He made one more catch, in overtime, which put the Seahawks in field goal range.

Week 10 - Baldwin quietly impressed, as he’s done all season. He was used mainly on short routes, and caught the ball effectively in coverage, moving the chains often. Early in the 4th quarter, he added a 27 yard sideline catch for good measure. He’s expected to move down the pecking order when Percy Harvin returns, most likely next week.

Week 11 - Baldwin had two steps on his man (and actually had to slow down for the ball) on his first catch, a sideline streak for a 44 yard gain. His second catch was highlight worthy, as he out-leapt double coverage in the back corner of the end zone for the score. He’s an exciting receiver to watch, but with the return of Harvin, the Seahawks now have four very capable wideouts. The likelihood that Baldwin will lead the team in receiving in upcoming weeks takes a big hit all of a sudden.

Week 13 - Baldwin once again showed us all how underrated he is. He made a great catch on his 52 yard catch, gaining just enough separation to make a play and Wilson put it right on the money. Then Baldwin got wide open in the end zone and pulled in the cross field pass for an easy score. His other catches seemed routine, but were very tough catches in traffic, and he showed great concentration in hauling them in.

Week 14 - Baldwin had a chance when targeted down on a mid-field streak, but was covered tightly and didn’t seem to be quite ready for the throw. Mainly looked to on short-medium turn-around passes, when Wilson saw that he had a cushion in the zone.

Week 15 - Baldwin had a great day, with Wilson finding him open on numerous occasions. Most were of the ‘possession receiver’ variety, which didn’t give him much room to run, but it was clear the Wilson was relying heavily on him to move the chains on third downs. Baldwin made a big catch, wide open for 26 yard gain, which got them into the red zone. Followed by another, over the middle, going down at the six. Up to the 2 minute drill of the first half, he was the only Seahawks wide receiver with a catch (Lynch had the other receptions). Baldwin’s second half was quiet, but he importantly, he caught a slant at the 6, and ran/dove it in for the TD, capping off what was a very productive game for him, against a stout passing defense.

Week 16 - Baldwin didn’t get many chances in this one. His first target was just a bit overthrown. Then he caught a short pass over the middle. His biggest chance was on a deep jump ball, which he looked like he was going to come down with, but the defender gets just enough of it to knock it away. Baldwin returned a couple of kickoffs late in the game, including one to the 40, which set up the lone touchdown drive. On the Seahawks final offensive play, Baldwin was the intended receiver, and as he dove for the ball, it hit him and did a freakish bounce high in the air, allowing it to be intercepted.

Week 17 - Baldwin surprisingly was only targeted once, on a short out pattern. The ball was overthrown and he had no chance.

Week 19 - Baldwin, along with everyone else in the passing game, had a slow day. Despite the terrible weather conditions, his two catches showed that his hands are dependable in any conditions. The first catch was on a short crossing route and he was tackled quickly. Then, late in the game, he made an acrobatic catch near the sideline, and the replay clearly showed what great concentration he has, as he brought both feet down, and a knee – before going out of bounds.

Week 20 - Baldwin saved the day with a big return, long catch, and various other receptions to be just about the only thing that worked in the Seahawks passing game against San Francisco. He had a catch on a tipped ball that could have been picked off, and he snuck behind the defense when Wilson extended a play forever to finally create some sort of offense for Seattle. Baldwin got banged up and had to go to the locker room, but quickly returned and continued to impact the game. His kick return came at a crucial moment when the 49ers re-opened a one touchdown lead and allowed the Seahawks recapture some momentum after the 49ers quick answer to Lynch's score. He was an unsung MVP for Seattle.

Week 21 - Like the rest of Seattle’s passing game, Doug Baldwin had a quiet day as Seattle’s defense and special teams did much of the heavy lifting. Baldwin’s biggest play of the game came on Seattle’s second drive, when Baldwin faked a move to the inside, got Champ Bailey to commit, then broke to the outside for a wide-open 37-yard reception setting Seattle up with 1st-and-goal. After another short reception to open the second quarter, Baldwin wouldn’t touch the ball again until the fourth quarter, when he caught Seattle’s final touchdown of the day against a flagging and disinterested Broncos defense.