WR Miles Austin, Free agent

HT: 6-3, WT: 219, Born: 6-30-1984, College: Monmouth, Drafted: ---

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2014 Projections

David Dodds15.
Bob Henry14.
Jason Wood15.
Maurile Tremblay16.

Average draft position

Current as of August 25th. [Full ADP list]

Overall: D McCluster (185), Miles Austin (186), A Dobson (187),
Position: M Jones (178-WR62), A Hawkins (180-WR63), Miles Austin (186 - WR64), A Dobson (187-WR65), K Thompkins (198-WR66)
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PPR Average draft position

Current as of August 25th. [Full PPR ADP list]

Overall: Miles Austin (196), J Locker (197), D Brown (198)
Position: H Douglas (187-WR65), K Thompkins (193-WR66), Miles Austin (196 - WR67), O Beckham (200-WR68), B LaFell (205-WR69)
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Finally addressing the wide receiver position despite knowing about Josh Gordonís failed drug test before and during the NFL Draft, Cleveland signed Miles Austin on May 15. His injury history and age make him a question mark to play significant time, but heíll be this teamís best receiver when heís healthy with Gordon missing the entire season. Unfortunately, thatís more a testament to this teamís lack of talent at the position than Austinís ability.

2014 Schedule


2013 Game Summaries

Week 1 - Austin appeared healthy and in-sync with Tony Romo to open the season against the Giants. While he saw just one target down the field against zone coverage, Austin was a reliable chain-mover for the Dallas passing game. When Tony Romo needed a play or a third down conversion is was either Jason Witten or Austin that made the play. Austinís game was made up of quick hitches, outs, and crossing routes that he created separation well at the line of scrimmage.

Week 2 - After a very active game to open the season, Austin took a backseat to Dez Bryant in the passing game against Kansas City. Austin saw just four of Romoís 42 targets, all of the short, possession variety. Two of Austinís receptions stood out. On one occasion, Austin was able to power through the defender after the catch for a first down. On the other, Austin adjusted to the pass behind him on a crossing route to hauling in the first down. In was a non-descript day for Austin and all Dallas receiving options but Dez Bryant had minimal involvement.

Week 3 - It was a quiet day for Austin as Dallas did not open up the passing game against St.Louis in the easy victory. While he caught two of his targets, he was tackled at the two-yard-line on one reception as a potential scoring chance and came down out-of-bounds on a deep target down the sidelines. On another occasion, Austin dropped a routine third down target around midfield late in the first half. While DeMarco Murray and others were making the most of their opportunities this week, Austin left some production on the field.

Week 6 - Austin was back on the field after a hamstring injury, but played quite a bit in the slot. Terrance Williams played on the outside in most two-receiver sets. Romo and Austin were not on the same page as passes were off-target and Austin also dropped a target. In the fourth quarter, Austin was targeted deep down the field that would have essentially iced the game, but Deangelo Hall tipped the pass away at the last moment. Williams appears to have the leg-up on the starter role and Austin need to develop into a dependable possession target on the inside.

Week 7 - Another week removed from injury for Austin and he is still operating from the slot primarily and behind Terrance Williams on the depth chart. Austin was rarely involved in the offense as Cole Beasley saw far more action as the third receiver on passing downs. Austinís first target was not until the middle of the third quarter, when Romo found him on a broken play, which was overturned by review after being ruled a reception on the field. Austin appears to be moving down the passing pecking order as Romoís chemistry with Terrance Williams and Cole Beasley builds behind stalwarts Dez Bryant and Jason Witten.

Week 12 - Austin was back in the lineup and on the field often against the Giants rejuvenated secondary. He did not see a target until the middle of the fourth quarter. He struggled on his first two targets as he got one hand on a wobbling third-down target, but could not haul it in. On another, Austin outright dropped a short target with two minutes to play in the game. It was a tough game for Austin as he appeared stiff and lacking explosion in the cold and windy conditions.

Week 13 - Austin was healthy and in the starting lineup against Oakland. He found space for a slant route, including yards after the catch, in the first quarter. After that, it was a non-descript day for Austin as two of his targets were tipped away in tight coverage and another pair of passes were well-outside his reach. More than his own production rising of late, Austinís playing time since getting back on the field from injury has cut into Terrance Williamsí production. Austin has struggled to get back to his once-dominant ways as an outside receiver and as the season winds down his days in Dallas could be numbered.

Week 14 - Austin got the start opposite of Dez Bryant against the Bears and delivered another quiet performance. With just four targets, Austin dropped one and could not haul in a back shoulder end zone target late in the game. One of Austinís receptions came late in the game with the result already decided. Austin has not regained that strong connection with Tony Romo since missing time with injury and has not flashed that difference-making physical ability either. Dallas struggled through the air this week and Austin did not take advantage of his few opportunities.

Week 15 - Austin was back in a split with Terrance Williams for secondary receiver opposite of Dez Bryant against Green Bay. Austin failed to gain any separation on his routes and had difficult making contested catches as well. Austin and Tony Romo recaptured that chemistry from years past on a back shoulder reception on the sidelines, but Austin was called for pushing off on the play. Late in the game, Romoís pass the Austin on a slant route was a little behind him and resulted in a costly interception. Austin has not looked right physically most of this season and against Grean Bay was more of the same.

Week 16 - Austin saw just two targets, one landing yards in front of him on a slant route as Tony Romo was pressured on third down. On the other, Austin corralled a low throw to convert a third down as Romo rolled out from the pocket.

Week 17 - Austin had a quiet first half, not seeing a single target against the Eagles. After a wide receiver screen and a wide open crossing route came Austinís most impactful play of the game late in the fourth quarter. As Dallas began their drive, needing a field goal to win it in the closing minutes, Orton targeted Austin on a slant route. With a clean pocket and throwing lane, the pass was behind Austin and intercepted, ending Dallasí comeback chances. Austin finally had a string of health late in the season with six straight games in the lineup, but tallied just 24 receptions in 11 games this year.