WR Keenan Allen, San Diego Chargers

HT: 6-2, WT: 206, Born: 4-27-1992, College: California, Drafted: Round 3

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Jason Wood16.
Maurile Tremblay16.

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Overall: R Bush (32), V Jackson (33), Keenan Allen (34), M Stafford (35), C Spiller (36)
Position: R Cobb (28-WR10), V Jackson (33-WR11), Keenan Allen (34 - WR12), L Fitzgerald (37-WR13), A Johnson (38-WR14)
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Keenan Allen fell to the third round of last year's draft based on his relatively poor stopwatch speed, a questionable drug test result at the combine and some concerns about his knee. Once he got on the field, though, he put those concerns to rest. While he lacks the sustained speed of a classic deep threat, Allen is a surprisingly savvy route-runner for a young receiver, and he has excellent quickness into and out of his cuts. He is a smooth athlete with terrific body control and hands, all of which made him the Chargers' best receiver by far last season, and provide reasons for optimism heading into 2014. Allen made a number of big plays in big situations as a rookie, and finished as the #17 fantasy WR despite not playing much early in the season. Given that he'll start from the outset of the 2014 season, you can reasonably expect Allen to at least roughly match last year's numbers, if not improve on them, and you can feel good drafting him as a solid fantasy WR2.

2014 Schedule

1at Arizona Cardinals
2 Seattle Seahawks
3at Buffalo Bills
4 Jacksonville Jaguars
5 New York Jets
6at Oakland Raiders
7 Kansas City Chiefs
8at Denver Broncos
9at Miami Dolphins
Bye week
11 Oakland Raiders
12 St. Louis Rams
13at Baltimore Ravens
14 New England Patriots
15 Denver Broncos
16at San Francisco 49ers
17at Kansas City Chiefs

2013 Game Summaries

Week 2 - Allen’s name wasn’t called in the early going, but when starting WR Malcom Floyd left the game with an injury early in the second half, Allen came on in relief. He caught just two passes, but they came immediately after Floyd’s exit so the plays stood out. The first catch was a diving grab over the middle to convert a third down play. He dug it off the turf despite his jersey being tugged by the defender nearly the entire time. He was targeted near the sideline on the next play, once again diving at the ball. He felt the ball was caught, but it was correctly ruled that he had trapped it against the ground. Allen’s second reception was a longer gain where he was hit perfectly in stride. He made a hard cut to the inside to beat his man, who had stumbled trying to keep up.

Week 3 - Allen saw a few extra targets in last week’s game when starting WR Malcom Floyd left with an injury, so Allen owners were likely hoping for a similar story in this game. He did make one reception in this game, but since he lost yardage on the play it was certainly not a productive game for him. Additionally, he was called for an offensive pass interference penalty when he picked the defender. That negated an Eddie Royal touchdown, costing the chargers a critical four points when they had to instead settle for a field goal.

Week 4 - Allen quietly had a very solid game, overshadowed by the feats of TE Antonio Gates. On San Diego’s first drive, Allen made a terrific adjustment to go up high for a back shoulder fade pass to convert a third down pass play for a 31-yard gain. He later added a phenomenal sideline catch, which was one of the better catches you will likely see this season from a skills perspective. While leaning forward, he hauled it in and dragged his toes while maintaining possession, showing off great coordination and concentration, as well as some remarkable agility. The play wasn’t necessarily noteworthy except to illustrate Allen’s ball skills. Allen later got free in the end zone for a possible score along the back line of the end zone, but Rivers was under some heavy duress and had to throw the ball away instead of trying for the score.

Week 5 - Allen was extremely quiet in the first half, but really broke out in a big way after halftime (particularly in what some would call "garbage time"). Several of his catches were of the acrobatic variety, and it was sort of the coming-out party Allen owners have been hoping for all season long. He very nearly scored in the third quarter, going up high to make what looked to be a touchdown reception in the back left corner of the end zone. Upon booth review, however, it was determined that his second foot never touched the ground and his knee had come down out of bounds. Allen did find the end zone later in the game, however. He caught a slant over the middle as Oakland defenders converged to wrap him up. But he managed to shake free of the would-be tackler and sprinted the rest of the way to the end zone. He showed terrific strength on the play, one of several instances where he demonstrated that skill (he had earlier skied high above the defenders over the middle knowing he was going to take a big hit from several of them, but still managed to hang on as he came down with the ball). With the Chargers down ten and on a desperation drive late in the game, Allen caught back to back passes totaling forty yards. On that same possession, he got open in the back of the end zone, but Rivers didn't see him until it was too late. The ball was then thrown behind him, and picked off by Oakland. The Chargers got the ball back one more time, and Allen caught a long 30-yard reception over the middle. That drive soon resulted in a turnover as well. All told, 70 of Allen's 110 yards in the game came on the team's final nine plays of the game.

Week 6 - Allen's breakout game really came a week ago when he went over 100 yards and a touchdown against Oakland. But since it was played late at night and perhaps not many people saw it, the reports were that he compiled all of his production in "garbage time". So he was an intriguing player coming into this game, on a national stage and against a solid pass defense. He did not disappoint, with a game-high nine receptions and a beautiful diving 22-yard touchdown reception. He played like a seasoned veteran, using his body to shield out defenders and create space, catching the ball with his hands, running very precise routes, and getting open almost at will despite the Colts realizing he was the top option in the passing game. Early on when QB Philip Rivers was struggling with his timing and accuracy, there were no such issues when he targeted Allen. On the touchdown reception, he beat the double team down the left side and curled it back towards the middle of the field where Rivers had led him. He ended up making a fantastic diving grab, then rolling across the end zone to keep himself under the football and assure the reception. Allen nearly added a second, similar, touchdown reception later in the first half, but the ball was underthrown just out of his diving reach. In the second half, the Chargers focused more on running the football but Allen still managed to pad his stats a bit more. On two separate receptions, he showed excellent strength and awareness by spinning out of would-be tacklers and fighting through hits to pick up nice yardage after the catch. Allen certainly staked his claim to be the team's top receiving threat, and in this game he certainly looked the part.

Week 7 - For the first time in three weeks, Allen failed to crack the 100 yard receiving mark. It wasn't for a lack of trying to get him the ball, as he got wide open on a couple of occasions. He picked up 26 yards over the middle when his man mistakenly left him to go cover Vincent Brown on the deep route. Allen ran an in route and the entire field was open for him. His next reception was actually a tough grab on a ball thrown well behind him. Allen made a nice body adjustment to slide down and reach behind him to make the catch and pick up the first down. Allen's afternoon was nearly punctuated with a touchdown on a freak play. He made a nice sliding grab, but nobody on Jacksonville touched him down so he got up and took off for the end zone. Since he wasn't at full speed having had to get up, he was dragged down from behind just before reaching the end zone. On that possession, RB Danny Woodhead saw an inside rushing attempt, but then the Chargers made a concerted effort to get the ball to Allen. He was targeted in the end zone on the next play. The ball was knocked away, but he drew a pass interference flag. On the following down, Allen was the closest man to the ball on a throwaway out of the back of the end zone (Rivers appeared to be waiting for Allen to break free). And on yet another pass play, he was the intended target on a slant that drew another flag (he was hit high by a defender), but once again the ball fell incomplete. So while he didn't actually get into the end zone, the team's focus was on getting him the ball once they were in position to do so. Just after halftime, Allen was seen being escorted to the locker room with the trainer. Soon after, he was back in the game and receiving a target along the sideline. He had his helmet pulled off his head during the route, but no call was made. And Allen didn't record another reception in the game.

Week 9 - Allen started off the game extremely quietly, and didn't record his first catch until there were just over three minutes left in the first half. With QB Philip Rivers under duress on a couple of occasions, Allen became his go-to option after showing the ability to get free from his defender. On one bizarre sequence, Allen was whistled for an offensive pass interference penalty that cost him a nice gain. What was bizarre about it is that replays clearly showed that Allen and the defender never even came close to making contact with one another. The situation was rectified several plays later, when Allen hauled in an even longer pass. His second half began poorly, as he dropped a wide open pass over the middle for what should have been a huge gain. But he tried running before actually securing the ball, as it bounced off his chest for a bad third down drop. There weren't many defenders around him either, and it could have gone for a big gain. His next target didn't go much better, as the defender out-muscled him for position and took the ball away for an interception. Fortunately for Allen and the Chargers, the team stuck with him. He made an incredible move off the line of scrimmage with a great juke move to shake his defender free. Rivers put it up for him near the corner of the end zone for a wide open score. Later in the fourth quarter, the team faced a key fourth and 2 with the game on the line. Rivers lofted it up deep for a once again wide-open Allen. He was targeted (and caught it) two more times on the remainder of that drive as San Diego drove for what they hoped would be the game-winning score. Once the team got down close to the goal line, however, they did not specifically target anything in Allen's direction.

Week 10 - Allen had his first really quiet performance in over a month. He had an 18-yard grab on the game's opening drive and later saved QB Philip Rivers from an interception by breaking up the pass at the last moment, but otherwise he did very little in the first half. With San Diego trailing at the half, Allen looked poised to put up big numbers against an assumed softer defense from Denver. But after a couple of early quick slants that connected for first downs, San Diego opted to look in other directions. With just five targets the entire game, it was a far cry from what we've seen recently from Allen. It's easy to forget he's still a rookie though, so games like this aren't entirely unexpected. The San Diego gameplan also had a lot to do with his lack of involvement, as they ran the ball 35 times compared to 29 passes.

Week 11 - Due to inactivity early and injury late, Allen's afternoon was a quiet one. Save for a brief flurry of activity early in the second half, Allen was kind of invisible. He was targeted on a deep ball midway through the second quarter, the first time his name was called all game long, but the pass never really had a chance to be completed. Early in the second half, he made a fantastic grab by shielding off his defender with his body and snatching the pass out of the air. Soon after, he ran a crossing route over the middle and found a very soft spot in the Miami zone for an easy reception. He finished off his dominating drive by making a reception on a comeback route. Unfortunately, his taunting penalty after the catch ruined what was shaping up to be a very nice drive both for San Diego and for Allen. Late in the contest, Allen was targeted on a quick slant near the end zone. He looked to be open on the play and might have scored, but he had slipped coming out of his route. He tried to recover and dive at the ball, but it was out of his reach. It didn't look serious at the time, but on San Diego's ensuing possession, it was reported that Allen was on the sideline getting his knee wrapped and ice applied. He did not return, although it should be noted that it was not the knee that has previously given Allen problems in his college days.

Week 12 - Allen was as busy as a player can be in the first half of this game. He registered eight receptions for 104 yards before the first half whistle had been blown, making every kind of catch in every kind of scenario. QB Philip Rivers continuously looked to him, particularly in third down situations. And Allen came through, again and again. His day began inauspiciously when his first reception actually would have gone for a first down, but he lost the first down when he stepped backwards and tried to dance around to pick up extra yardage. He would quickly make amends for that, and then some. Soon after was a slant over the middle for a big 29-yard gain (the slant route would be a recurring theme for Allen in this contest). Each time he made a catch, he did a nice job of using his body to create space between himself and the defender, something he is extremely adept at especially for a rookie. Probably his most impressive catch came on a ball thrown well behind him. Despite heading across the field to his right, he managed to reach back and snatch the ball out of the air with one hand, and all in one motion he immediately looked to turn up the field. He took off up the middle for extra yardage, and another first down. He showed excellent hands all game, and an uncanny ability to gain separation and/or find the soft spots in the defense almost at will. We know he's a rookie, but watching him Allen plays like a seasoned vet. His lone end zone target was a deep ball in which he put a very nice double move on the defender to get open, but Rivers overthrew him in the end zone.

Week 13 - Allen continues to play like anything but a rookie. In this game, he had eight total receptions and just about all of them came on different types of routes. Allen is certainly no one-trick pony. He shows an ability to get deep behind the defense, runs out of screens and follows his blocks well, and at times is simply dominant on intermediate routes. He made a fantastic first half grab along the sideline to pick up twenty yards on a ball that should have been intercepted. The defender looked like he lost track of the ball in flight, but Allen maintained concentration as he fell to the ground. There was a similar play soon after, as Allen made a remarkable adjustment to twist his body on a pass thrown high and behind him. He managed to snag it out of mid-air, then held on as the defender tried to stripe it out of his hands when the two men fell to the ground. He did have a costly fumble late in the contest, but fortunately Cincinnati fumbled it right back to San Diego several plays later. The Chargers showed they hadn't lost any confidence in Allen by going right back to him on the very next passing play. The rookie once again went over 100 yards receiving, and has thrown his name into the Rookie of the Year mix with his performance since being inserted into the starting lineup.

Week 14 - Allen had a phenomenal first half, but that was the extent of his damage. The Charger lead was so big that they didn't have a need to push it through the air after halftime. His first catch was a 43-yard bomb for a touchdown. The ball was slightly underthrown, but Allen made a nice adjustment to bring it in. Not only that, but he then managed to break free down the sideline with his defender chasing from behind. As Allen got near the sideline, he came extremely close to stepping out. But he somehow managed to keeping his foot in, then launched his body towards the pylon for the score. The play went to review (as all do) but there wasn't enough evidence to overturn the score. Later in the half, he made a catch off a quick slant and dove to the ground to avoid the hit. Ironically, he landed hard on his shoulder and immediately called for the trainer. He had to leave the game and went to the locker room to get checked out, but returned soon after showing no ill effects. He returned just in time to get wide open in the corner of the end zone for an easy score as no defenders stayed with him.

Week 15 - Allen had an extremely quiet game in terms of volume, but he was fortunate enough that the two balls he actually caught ended up going for scores. There was some rare miscommunication early on between he and QB Philip Rivers which didn't do too much damage (the ball was thrown one way and Allen broke the other, resulting in an incompletion). But the two soon hooked up for a dynamite scoring play. Allen came across the field wide open from the left side. He got inside the 10-yard line and hurdled a defender who was going low for the tackle. Allen jumped over him from the 6-yard line and was met at the goal line by another defender and seemingly had no leverage to push forward, but he still managed to regroup and lean into the man and get in for the score. It was definitely highlight-reel type of score. Allen's only other reception can also be added to the highlight reel. Rivers hoisted a fade pass to the corner of the end zone, but it was a bit underthrown. Allen did a nice job of maintaining his concentration to cradle the ball in as he was falling backwards. The ball appeared to be juggled a bit (since it was underthrown and the defender was all over it), but he clearly maintained possession all the way to the ground for his second score of the game.

Week 16 - Allen has made it a curious habit lately of catching very few passes in the game, but making them count by finding the end zone. Allen had a very slow start to his day when he muffed a punt after trying to move his feet before he secured the ball. Opening the second half, there was a ball thrown a bit behind him that he was unable to bring in. It would have been a tough play, but it's still a catch he normally makes. He was then targeted on a deep ball in the end zone, but the ball was well overthrown and had no chance of being completed. Basically, on the rare occasions that Allen got any separation, Rivers couldn't get him the ball. Finally, he ran a quick slant from the 4-yard line (that may have featured an illegal screen/pick by fellow WR Eddie Royal) that got him into the scoring ledger. He ended up breaking free wide open on the play for the easy touchdown. Later in the game, he was WIDE open over the middle of the field around the 5-yard line and could have walked into the end zone if Rivers had been able to get him the ball. But Rivers, who was under heavy duress, fired it well behind him for an incompletion. Allen later got his hands on a fade pass into the corner of the end zone but was unable to secure it. The defender was all over him and he spun multiple times trying to adjust to it, but the connection was just a bit off.

Week 17 - Allen had a very quiet afternoon for most of the game, then one big play turned a ho-hum performance into a nice game. He actually cost the team a possession early on when he slipped coming out of his break on a pass over the middle. QB Philip Rivers put it where Allen should have been, but when he slipped it became an easy interception for the defense. He was also targeted on a deep bal in the end zone, but the ball was batted away by the defender at the last moment (it also may have been throw a bit short). But despite the early hiccups, he put on a nice performance after halftime. The man who reportedly considered quitting football earlier this year due to underuse, managed to refocus at halftime and make himself a part of the gameplan. He made a tough grab along the sideline and actually juggled the ball a bit, but did a nice job shielding the defender out. He then made another nice catch with his defender trailing him, then took off down the sideline for a big 38-yard gain. Those two plays alone accounted for more than half of his total yardage in the game. In the overtime, he made a big catch over the middle to pick up 12 yards on a 2nd and 15 pass play to help set up a manageable third down situation. Despite not earning the starting job until several weeks into the season, Allen closes out his rookie year as one of two favorites for offensive rookie of the year honors, along with Green Bay RB Eddie Lacy.

Week 18 - Allen has had a strong first season, and showed why on two receptions over the middle. He has the ability to make quick cuts off the line, get open, and then possesses great running ability after the catch. But Allen really didn’t have a chance to make much of an impact, as Rivers only threw it 16 times, relegating Allen to the role of decoy.

Week 19 - Keenan Allen was held in check for most of the game, with just 3 targets, 1 reception, and 19 yards through three quarters. In the fourth quarter, an injury to Denver cornerback Chris Harris left Allen covered by former Charger Quentin Jammer, and the Chargers wasted no time in exploiting the mismatch. While Denver tried to find a coverage that would work against him, Allen caught 5 passes for 123 yards and 2 TDs as he fueled San Diego’s comeback attempt, as the hole in the secondary allowed San Diego’s passing offense to finally come to life in time to make a game of it.