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Projections for: Projector: Scoring System:

1Matthew Stafford DET/53116.0357.0559.063.939617.0925.015.128.0880.8296.55
2Deshaun Watson HOU/102416.0347.0538.064.542567.9125.814.386.04543.4367.50
3Patrick Mahomes II KC/122416.0392.0608.064.548377.9634.216.064.02942.1404.65
4Baker Mayfield CLE/72416.0374.0595.062.943977.3927.217.258.01941.3338.65
5Joe Flacco DEN/103416.0360.0585.061.539856.8119.515.324.0610.6271.65

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