Cory Undlin - Defensive Backs Coach - Philadelphia Eagles

Defense / Special Teams

CLE2007DB Coach3-423.9359.5272813120
CLE2008DB Coach3-421.9356.5311821108
JAX2010DB Coach4-326.2371.8182601107
JAX2011DB Coach4-320.631328313093
DEN2013DB Coach4-324.9356264122150
DEN2014DB Coach4-322.1305.1254130128
PHI2015DB Coach4-326.9401.6263742105
PHI2016DB Coach4-320.7342.7263432135
PHI2017DB Coach4-318.4306.5313850127
PHI2018DB Coach4-321.8366.5174300111
PHI2019DB Coach4-322.1332.3204230101

Defensive Categories

PPG = points allowed per game by the team
YPG = total yards allowed per game by the team
TO = turnovers forced by the team
SACK = sacks by the team
DefTD = interception/fumble return TDs by the team
RetTD = kick/punt return TDs by the team
PK = points scored by the team's kickers