Norv Turner - Offensive Coordinator - Carolina Panthers


LAN1990WR Coach21.62273913269042.848282516
DAL1991Off Coord21.419231728011646.48243825
DAL1992Off Coord25.622239331810350.581371621
DAL1993Off Coord23.52154033315151.062372311
WAS1994Head Coach20.01992503684542.84735209
WAS1995Head Coach20.41773493281747.26331144
WAS1996Head Coach22.81664062887249.869271417
WAS1997Head Coach20.42093483015345.234181511
WAS1998Head Coach19.92433153459241.530232118
WAS1999Head Coach27.72554633815046.15531279
WAS2000Head Coach17.62003702936444.362191713
SD2001Off Coord20.82022573537444.386322416
MIA2002Off Coord23.621743022410353.875221625
MIA2003Off Coord19.41782822668951.882401022
OAK2004Head Coach20.02192613769236.034281917
OAK2005Head Coach18.12232663706837.984292413
SF2006Off Coord18.61743452148949.779242223
SD2007Head Coach25.818739020616750.779181837
SD2008Head Coach27.428338831814347.258251324
SD2009Head Coach28.428636731917445.144271328
SD2010Head Coach27.628740434818745.74016929
SD2011Head Coach25.426238336415042.750261924
SD2012Head Coach21.922225331313443.640212025
CLE2013Off Coord19.325121335816433.833371027
MIN2014Off Coord20.321131632810750.047231522
MIN2015Off Coord22.820535224310751.067231526
MIN2016Off Coord20.424122533713939.346242025
CAR2018Off Coord23.532133037311042.585161419
CAR2019Off Coord21.32153853159237.992271918

Defense / Special Teams

WAS1994Head Coach4-325.8
WAS1995Head Coach4-322.4
WAS1996Head Coach4-319.5
WAS1997Head Coach4-318.1
WAS1998Head Coach4-326.3
WAS1999Head Coach4-323.6
WAS2000Head Coach4-316.8
OAK2004Head Coach4-327.6371182610106
OAK2005Head Coach4-323.9330.719361090
SD2007Head Coach3-417.8320.3484252118
SD2008Head Coach3-421.7349.9242731127
SD2009Head Coach4-320.0326.8263431146
SD2010Head Coach4-320.1270.8234730129
SD2011Head Coach4-323.6346.6213221122
SD2012Head Coach4-321.9326.7283872114

Offensive Categories

PPG = points per game scored by the team as a whole
QB = total fantasy points scored by the QBs on the team
RB = total fantasy points scored by the RBs on the team
WR = total fantasy points scored by the WRs on the team
TE = total fantasy points scored by the TEs on the team
R/P = percentage of the team's plays that were rushing plays
RB1% = percentage of the team's RB fantasy points that went to RB1
WR1% = percentage of the team's receiving fantasy points that went to WR1
WR2% = percentage of the team's receiving fantasy points that went to WR2
TE% = percentage of the team's receiving fantasy points that went to the TE position

Defensive Categories

PPG = points allowed per game by the team
YPG = total yards allowed per game by the team
TO = turnovers forced by the team
SACK = sacks by the team
DefTD = interception/fumble return TDs by the team
RetTD = kick/punt return TDs by the team
PK = points scored by the team's kickers