Bill Belichick - - Free agent


CLE1991Head Coach18.3201347321043.54623130
CLE1992Head Coach17.01712263216153.244292215
CLE1993Head Coach19.02021924244747.154272010
CLE1994Head Coach21.31852653624147.17121179
CLE1995Head Coach18.12222273892940.95125196
NE2000Head Coach17.32082463037042.754292615
NE2001Head Coach23.21903553294149.56033229
NE2002Head Coach23.825229832311139.557212020
NE2003Head Coach21.822627333610546.740191720
NE2004Head Coach27.323736934612151.968232023
NE2005Head Coach23.727131136912743.854231522
NE2006Head Coach24.122940127514048.643201227
NE2007Head Coach36.84043186209643.541372112
NE2008Head Coach25.62524053734249.03333278
NE2009Head Coach26.72873484649744.040332616
NE2010Head Coach32.330735834122947.252201636
NE2011Head Coach32.137127836037841.754281348
NE2012Head Coach34.833842536124444.948251735
NE2013Head Coach27.825441038311042.931241319
NE2014Head Coach29.329630831925141.837221940
NE2015Head Coach29.134735630523638.033161234
NE2016Head Coach27.632437135019346.361201430
NE2017Head Coach28.629942433018143.239231228
NE2018Head Coach27.32844034169445.447201515

Defense / Special Teams

NYG1990Def Coord4-313.2
CLE1991Head Coach4-318.6
CLE1992Head Coach4-317.2
CLE1993Head Coach4-319.2
CLE1994Head Coach4-312.8
CLE1995Head Coach4-322.3
NE1996Def Coord4-319.6
NYJ1997Def Coord4-317.9
NYJ1998Def Coord4-316.6
NYJ1999Def Coord4-319.3
NE2000Head Coach4-321.1
NE2001Head Coach4-317.0334354052113
NE2002Head Coach4-321.6336293442117
NE2003Head Coach4-314.9291.4414061112
NE2004Head Coach3-416.3310.7364641141
NE2005Head Coach3-421.1330.1183320100
NE2006Head Coach3-414.8294.3354301103
NE2007Head Coach3-417.1288.3314762137
NE2008Head Coach3-419.3308.8223001148
NE2009Head Coach4-317.8320.1283130125
NE2010Head Coach4-319.6366.5383553127
NE2011Head Coach4-321.4411.5344031143
NE2012Head Coach4-320.7373.6413652153
NE2013Head Coach4-321.1373294730158
NE2014Head Coach4-319.6344.1254021156
NE2015Head Coach4-319.7339.3214920143
NE2016Head Coach4-315.6326.4233400127
NE2017Head Coach4-318.5366184201156
NE2018Head Coach4-320.3359.2283021130

Offensive Categories

PPG = points per game scored by the team as a whole
QB = total fantasy points scored by the QBs on the team
RB = total fantasy points scored by the RBs on the team
WR = total fantasy points scored by the WRs on the team
TE = total fantasy points scored by the TEs on the team
R/P = percentage of the team's plays that were rushing plays
RB1% = percentage of the team's RB fantasy points that went to RB1
WR1% = percentage of the team's receiving fantasy points that went to WR1
WR2% = percentage of the team's receiving fantasy points that went to WR2
TE% = percentage of the team's receiving fantasy points that went to the TE position

Defensive Categories

PPG = points allowed per game by the team
YPG = total yards allowed per game by the team
TO = turnovers forced by the team
SACK = sacks by the team
DefTD = interception/fumble return TDs by the team
RetTD = kick/punt return TDs by the team
PK = points scored by the team's kickers