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QB Robert Griffin

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Outlook: Robert Griffin's 2013 season didn't go as planned, but that shouldn't deter fantasy owners from betting on him in 2014. Griffin rushed back from a torn ACL and was clearly never 100%, particularly when it came to trusting his legs. Mounting losses fostered tension with Coach Mike Shanahan, culminating in Griffin's benching and ultimately Shanahan's firing. Griffin gets a new lease on life with head coach Jay Gruden. Gruden managed to turn a middling talent like Andy Dalton into a 4,000-yard, 27-TD passer...imagine what he can do with Griffin. Combine that with the addition of DeSean Jackson and you've got every reason to think Griffin will bounce back into the top tier of fantasy QB1s.

QB Colin Kaepernick

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Outlook: Colin Kaepernick was the 49ers' second-round pick in 2011. He didn't play much as a rookie, but he filled in when Alex Smith was injured midway through the 2012 season, and he played himself into the permanent starting role. Over the past two seasons, Kaepernick has led the 49ers to two NFC Championship appearances and one Super Bowl appearance. Kaepernick is an accurate passer with a good arm, but his fantasy production has been limited by the 49ers' run-heavy style of offense. Kaepernick himself is an excellent runner (941 rushing yards over the past two seasons), but he won't be a top-tier fantasy QB until the 49ers attempt closer to 500 passes (rather than the meager 417 they attempted last season). Expect him to be a worthwhile fantasy starter, but near the bottom of that range.

QB Tony Romo

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Outlook: While some may debate Tony Romo's place in the pantheon of NFL quarterbacks, no one can question his value in fantasy circles. He's among the league leaders in career completion rate, yards per attempt, and TD%. The entirety of his supporting cast returns from a season when Romo threw 3,800 yard and 31 touchdowns in 15 games. New play-caller Scott Linehan is going to call a more aggressive attack and that means more passing attempts than last year's 535. Assuming his recovery from an offseason back procedure progresses well, Romo is among a handful of valuable fantasy QB1s that can be had for a fair price on draft day.

QB Jay Cutler

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Outlook: With another year of experience, the Chicago offense should take a step forward this year. The offensive line is the best it's been in a while and the rookie right side will begin their second season together. Brandon Marshall and Alshon Jeffery are the best one-two punch that Cutler has ever had and if he can stay healthy, Cutler should really thrive in a Marc Trestman offense. Look for him to finally silence the critics and return to prominence in both the NFL and fantasy circles.

QB Russell Wilson

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Outlook: Russell Wilson has outperformed common expectations from day one in Seattle, beginning with a terrific rookie training camp in 2012 and leading up to a Super Bowl championship in 2013. Wilson has all the characteristics that Pete Carroll covets in a quarterback: he is smart, coachable, accurate, mobile, and creative. He has shown the ability to put up big passing numbers when his team gets behind (as demonstrated, for example, by his 385 passing yards in the 2012 playoff loss to the Falcons), but such situations arise infrequently. Seattle is built to win with defense and a strong running game, and Wilson doesn't air it out enough to be a top-tier fantasy QB. Consider him a low-end QB1 or, preferably, a high-end QB2 with decent upside potential if the Seahawks' defense, for whatever reason, is much less dominant this year than last.


David Dodds's projections

Colin Kaepernick296.0470.0357223.09.085.04805.00.000.0376.6
Russell Wilson287.0430.0343625.010.090.04823.00.000.0368.0
Tony Romo346.0541.0403630.014.024.0381.00.000.0363.6
Jay Cutler345.0560.0407128.015.029.01161.00.000.0359.1
Robert Griffin308.0490.0358222.014.081.04464.00.000.0351.7

Chris Smith's projections


Bob Henry's projections

Russell Wilson291.0455.0370028.011.078.04403.00.000.0393.0
Colin Kaepernick286.0470.0366024.09.087.05103.00.000.0378.0
Tony Romo347.0555.0400030.013.022.0401.00.000.0364.0
Jay Cutler343.0550.0410027.016.038.01801.00.000.0359.0
Robert Griffin300.0500.0360022.014.088.05103.00.000.0353.0

Jason Wood's projections

Tony Romo405.0630.0475531.015.015.0550.00.000.0399.2
Russell Wilson295.0450.0375026.010.085.04504.00.000.0392.5
Colin Kaepernick286.0467.0361025.011.085.04755.00.000.0386.0
Robert Griffin330.0530.0380022.016.090.05504.00.000.0369.0
Jay Cutler342.0550.0420028.016.025.01151.00.000.0363.5

Maurile Tremblay's projections

Robert Griffin347.0562.0403224.017.097.05141.00.000.0369.0
Tony Romo349.0555.0418129.014.019.0501.00.000.0366.1
Colin Kaepernick267.0446.0350724.012.078.04383.00.000.0357.1
Jay Cutler355.0568.0416327.018.029.01351.00.000.0353.6
Russell Wilson266.0420.0335425.012.078.04132.00.000.0347.0