Faceoff: Mike Sims-Walker

August 9th

Jeff Pasquino: Mike Sims-Walker is the main target for the Jacksonville Jaguars, which makes him a strong fantasy WR2. Jacksonville may not be a powerhouse of an offense but they certainly have a few key pieces in place such as Maurice Jones-Drew. Thanks to a strong ground game quarterback David Garrard will have time to throw when he needs it, and his primary read on most passing downs will be Sims-Walker.

Jacksonville does have better options this year for the rest of the passing game. Mike Thomas looks to be the best option for the Jaguars as a second starting wide receiver this season, relegating Troy Williamson and Jarrett Dillard to battle for slot duties. Overall the competition is favorable for Sims-Walker, Garrard and the rest of Jacksonville's offense. Garrard had little else after Sims-Walker last season for viable targets. Now with 2-3 additional players about to step up for Jacksonville, Sims-Walker should get fewer double coverages from opposing defenses.

The upside is clear here - if Mike Sims-Walker keeps up the pace he set early last season for a full year he will be right there as a WR1 / Top 10 wide receiver in most scoring leagues. He has shown that when he is pretty much the only real option in a passing attack he can still be productive and even a modest quarterback performance from Garrard can provide him enough ammo to post solid numbers. If a solid option emerges from the likes of Thomas and Dillard for another wideout threat and maybe even an underrated Zach Miller from the tight end spot then Sims-Walker may push that coveted 1,000-yard mark. Comparing Sims-Walker to other WR2s being taken around his ADP and he provides both a higher "floor" for fantasy numbers with legitimate upside from his 2009 numbers.